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Nelson Mandela’s Jewish Connections

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Boer Project: South Africa A Reverse Apartheid?

Global genocide – One country at a time – Episode 900 South Africa

John B Wells
Published on 27 Mar 2018

Funnily the black girl is right. When Blacks who have 10x the MAO-2R gene than whites on average fee and LIVE the NATURAL RESPONSE to say some act is VIOLENCE or DEATH LET BLACKS LIVE their TRIBAL WILD RELATIVELY HIGH CRIME SOCIETIES and KEEP THEM SEPERATE FROM Whites even Asians whose RELATIVELY LOW Levels of MAO-2R AGGRESSION VIOLENCE CRIME GENE and THEIR DULL INDIVIDUALISTIC RELATIVELY LOW CRIME SOCIETYS….What a Black like this Black girl CONSIDERS SENSIBLE NATURAL is DIFFERENT from what a scientifically educated or christian or buddhist Non Black CONSIDERS SENSIBLE NATURAL and hence DIFFERENT SOCIETYS…..WAKE UP STOP THE LIE that’s born from Washington’s Linguistic Mistake in the US Constitution. James had it right WE ARE ALL EQUAL LEGALLY ONLY….WE ARE NOT EQUAL IN ANY OTHER WAY…Why Blacks with higher Fast Twitch muscle Dominate the 100 meter Dash…and Why Whites Dominate the more Cerebral more Learned s@ports as SWIMMING and ALPINE sports….and similarly in Education….Men and WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT TOO GENETICALLY socially personality wise….CELEBRATE and PROTECT the DIFFERENCES and RACES from each other Rather than the Inevitable massacre and disaster from forcing the IMPOSSIBLE PROCRUSTEAN SAMENESS..

SCIENCE PROVES RACISM IS CORRECT and that’s why Science is denigrated as racist
Segregation is NATURAL. DIFFERENCES are NATURAL. WE ARE DIFFERENT LET THOSE WHO WANT TO AND QUALIFY BY MERIT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE CONVERGE. NO FORCED EQUALITY LIE…Sadly or Happily Blacks Whites Asians even Jews ARE DIFFERENT on Average…None SHOULD FORCE Others to their AVERAGE….Let the Apes live with the Apes…Let the Intellects live with the Intellects and Let those who wish to transgress nature BEAR their own burden

Alerde Pertian
knew something was wrong when they pushed Mandela in the 80s and started naming everything after him in SHEFFIELD england!@#!!#!@!!

Innokentiy zelonie
The same people who had mother Russia by the hair on her head for seventy years are here now.

Reversion to the Mean …. RUSHTON about 50 years ago and SCIENCE Proved RACISM is true ...IQ average and hormonal levels ARE DIFFERENT BETWEEN RACES…Blacks are NATURALLY on AVERAGE lower IQ 84 cf v 102 and Higher AGrresion Violence and Criminally bent 10x Higher MAO-2R gene…South Africa is JUST REVERTING from a WHITE societal standard of greater Law and Order Economic Propserity to the BLACK AVERAGE…look at Black Dominated Cities compared to White ie CHICAGO BALTIMORE etc Highest Homicide Rates…

David Collins
Fantastic show! The big conspiracy is…..all of these factions work together; capitalism AND communism, freemasonry and the jesuit orders all take their orders from the “elect” who are actually not the true “chosen”. Modern Christianity has been twisted through the Scofield Bible to blindly support the state of Israel where all the intelligence agencies, servers etc are run through for the world. They control the banks, media, governments and so much more. Pray for guidance, clarity and perception to see evil behind the smiling faces and liars on the TV. Thank God daily for all you have, all will work out in the end. It is promised and all you need is faith.

James Hedstrom
the ppl in the Zimbabwe and south African gov aren’t idiots! what they are doing is intenional and controlled behind the scenes by china and the zionists the confiscating of white farms and not producing food is not a accident. it is a depopulation plot (Georgia guide stones) the whites are just a bonus.the deal is that once 90% of the entire pop of africa the whole continent is dead the Chinese get the farm land and the zionists get the minerals. the deal has been made

Barry Chamish may help you to understand the MO of George Soros, John Kerry and others like them.

Tribute to Barry Chamish- Born January 13, 1952, Died August 23, 2016.
Jeanette F
Published on 21 Apr 2014

Barry Chamish Born January 13, 1952, Died August 23, 2016. He was a Canadian-born Israeli writer and public speaker. He was best known for promoting conspiracy theories about the death of Yitzhak Rabin – Israel’s prime minister who was assassinated in 1995. Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin. Using secret societies, such as the Freemasons, their agenda has played itself out over the centuries, staying true to the script. The Illuminati handle opposition by a near total control of the world’s media, academic opinion leaders, politicians, and financiers.


Simon Sideways
Communists have taken over SA.

Tom Haddon
A fundamental drive to all communists is envy and greed. Corruption and economic collapse are the inevitable results.

yvette aHarrison (edited)
I’ve just heard that Treason May’s pledged £4 b of British taxpayers money to the African government. That is the worst level of Treason & she should be hung for that !

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Jesuit New World Order
Published on 12 Jun 2014

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Published on 26 Mar 2017

The Reality of South African Farm Murders

Lauren Southern
24 January 2018