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Auto didactic
Autodidactic means to be self educated and we need to educate ourselves because the story we are told about our past is clearly wrong  Castles in Qld; Port of Bregille Star Fort;

Ethan Nash TOTTNews – Bushfire Aftermath: The Australian Land Grab

9 February 2020


Started in 2011
Letter to JG about danger GM Wheat

Ethan Nash’s open letter to Julia Gillard about GM Wheat in Australia

BushfireGate 12/2019

OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires


Brad Matthews

Australia’s Scary New Bank Bail-in Laws

https://theconversation.com/too-big-to-fail-the-risks-to-australian-taxpayers-from-new-zealand-banks-110286 (VIia Brad Matthews)

The Globalist plan – Puppets for the Deep State

Tacitus Today
22 July 2018



Published on 30 Dec 2018

Trump Public Red Pill & JFK……Hillary & Bill Clinton Rape 14 Yr Old Handcuffed Girl

Tim Emslie
Published on 8 Jan 2019

Gumshoe News

Email address there. jamesrobertson648@hotmail.com.

August 18, 2015
Many thanks Cazza, it is lonely down here so your comment is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the excellent observations regarding Sydney. Had a couple of looks at it.
Multiple Smoking Guns Expose Sydney Siege as a Big Lie
Thanks again for your comment and I would encourage you to start doing this yourself if you are inclined to do so.

david dunger

Latest Qanon Posts 9-24-18 : The Sky Will Fall This Week!

Stroppy Me
Published on 23 Sep 2018

liability mate   (edited)
“Australia must learn the true definition of allies” We love it, lock the treasonous Unconstitutional Canberra Critters up. Pack of Commie control freak NWO butt plugs...

What’s your 1st move after the Financial collapse?

Published on 24 Jun 2018

Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold, And It’s Not What You Think:Jim Willie

X22 Report
Published on 9 Jun 2018

I value your Youtube posts of all things Dave.

Please get Jim on again. He spoke of 1988. I was 27. I always think of 1988 as when (I believe) the Australian banking system was deregulated and I had the feeling our government was selling us out.

People like you and he really stick your necks out. I feel the pressure relating the ‘80% truth’ to friends and colleagues, and I do do it carefully, picking my battles.

Jim seems to feel isolated. We are all not alone. We are together.

I am doing my best to follow your advise, the Spotlights and regular x22’s are amazing, and the Globalists are cornered rats being starved to death.

The emerging new world will be like entering a sunny port after a long stormy voyage where we had been sailing into the wind.
Thanks Dave.
David. Canberra.

Has the trump loving Alt-media come to terms with reality yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI5s6bL1qqk&feature=youtu.be
Streamed live on 13 Jun 2018

David Dunger

Steve Outtrim – “Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon Shadow History of Burners, Pt 7 Social Engineering

Steve Outrim
Published on 27 Sep 2017

Robert Muldoon
5 hours in two days was a lot of work…. Interesting point I found a year or so ago was Abravavic or Abrav-A-Bitch as I call her has openly stated in the past that her Spirit cooking in a public setting is Art, but in private even a party setting is real spiritual ritual … Kinda fucks her cover concerning her Podesta Spirit Cooking Party

Robert Muldoon
Stumbled onto you, can’t say I trust anyone considering all the crazy rabbit holes and the last two years of insane uptick in occultism and online psyops … But you are a fellow Kiwi so I’m willing to go through yr work as it’s rare to find a Kiwi speaking out on these issues …. I wonder if you’ve watched a new kid on the block called Michael Quinn, he’s very bizarre and seems quite entangled with other dubious Utube channels, but his AI theories and Peter Thiel connection are interesting even if they are out there – He pointed out the interesting and amusing fact Peter Thiels Anagram is THE REPTILE haha

Robert Muldoon
BTW this Quinn character has made comments on links between Occult’s – Anonymous – Game 23 and Project Mayhem ….. My Source “Q Anon” – Attn: The Sworcerer? https://youtu.be/CBiVA-lpxpM via @YouTube


Steve Outtrim
I covered Stubblebine and a lot of the Presidio stuff in part 2 https://youtu.be/nYfbpPlUgdE

Woodrow Wobbles 2

Frank O’Collins – The Roman Cult, The Khazars & The Sabbateans


Independent Man

A Chat With Joanne Steen– Youtube Yanked Her Amazing Truth Channel!

Meets B
Streamed live on 13 Jan 2018

I have wanted to do this for a long time but here’s a chat with the incredible truther sister and sister in Christ, Joanne Steen, all the way from Australia! She had almost 12K subscribers and Youtube deleted her channel and blocked her IP address! They are really cracking down on censorship these days!!

Ordo Templi Orientis Pedophile cult normalising paedophiles in Australia
Luke McKee

Wendy Francis on the sexualisation of society

Australian Christian Lobby
Published on 2 May 2016

Apple’s planned obsolescence & Christmas Consumerism

Activist News

Anaconda Malt Liquor @ 153 News


JoAnne Steen
BackUp Channel

John Lamb Lash – Sophia, Lucifer and the Mandela Effect

Lisa M Harrison
Published on 9 Oct 2016

A place where we can talk 🙂 Join our Discord chat room (Pure Truth)

Smoken Mirrors 9
Published on 1 Nov 2017

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ANZAC day hypocrisy & patriotism programming

Published on 24 Apr 2017

Avalon 5