“NASA Lied”

The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 1
”NASA was founded by Satanic worshiping occultists and black magicians. This is not idle rumor but fact. NASA is a Military-Hollywood-Pseudoscience-Satanic Cartel, whose true aim is to use taxpayer funding to promote and profit by developing and deploying pseudoscience technology and methodology. The first fraud in my opinion is the true origins of NASA and the cast of characters that had significant influence. Go to NASA and search for them and you’ll find whitewashed bios or no information available.

Another enigma is Jack Parsons contribution to the occult design of the Pentagon.

The predecessor to NASA was a young talented rocket scientist, Jack Parsons. Werner von Braun claimed it was the self-taught Parsons, not himself, who was the true father of the American space program for his contribution to the development of solid rocket fuel.”

New World Order: The NASA Space Hoax – Please download/reupload wherever you can


* Learn of the Jesuit order

Comment:  “AstroNOTS, really just a bunch of actors.”

5 Mar 2015

NASA’s Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth


Eric Dubay

10 Jan 2015

NASA Insider: The moon is real but we lied about everything else


16 Mar 2015

[BBC Documentary] The moon landing hoax – Full length [2015 HD]


17 Mar 2015


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