Alfred Lambremont Webre
”Vancouver, BC – On Leap Day, February 29, 2016, the first of series on ongoing NewsInsideOut.com Panels evaluated the evidence surrounding and solutions for eliminating a 5000 year old (or more) planetary (and galactic) Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on the Babylonian system, and that includes the 2016 leading US political candidates (the Clintons and Donald Trump), the CIA, Popes, Monarch, Churches, Governments, Courts, Banks, Masons and Freemasons. A paradoxical combination of Law and Cannabinoids may be among the solutions to deconstructing these ancient energetic engines for “Loosh” or “soul energy” sold on the intergalactic black market that are the pedophilia and child sacrifice networks.”

Pedophile network includes 2016 Trump, Clintons, CIA, Popes, Monarchs. Ella and Abraham part of panel.