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Comment: Calling the Zevite/Sabbtean/Frankists/TurkicSilkRoadTalmudist/Illuminazi/Zionists “Khazars” is the same as calling the Syrian Liberation Army “Syrian”. Oh how boring. Putin himself is a Udmurt Hun (same genetic background as Khazars) and who knows where the converted Huns went when they rejected Judaism? They could just as well become the Hungarians or 3/4 of all Russians. “Khazar” was a term popularized around the same time as the Sabbatean/Frankist/Zevites/Zionists “Balkanized” and installed Ataturk (not even Turkish) in a fake Revolution in Turkey (1917), just before they turned the attention to another fake Sabbatean/Zionist “revolution” by fake Russians, using Rothschild money and the Jewish Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky and the rest of the bolsheviks. Oh how boring. Genetic research would clear this all up if anyone ever did any.
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Comment: I must admit to wondering why it took Putin so long to get involved in Syria. I’ve been getting info from inside Syria since the BS started over 4 years ago. It was mostly Russians inside Syria who were sending the info. Everyone was saying why doesn’t Russia help, but Putin said he’s not the saviour of the world. Then he seemed to changed his mind recently and entered the Syrian conflict with instant massive success. The Russians, along with SAA, Hezbollah, the IRGC and others, have absolutely exterminated DAESH/IS in the last couple of weeks. IS are on the run, so much so that they’ve cancelled Friday prayers, something the supposed Air Operations of the US and allies, failed to do in over a year of operations. The Russians first attacked IS communications and fuel depots, cutting them off from each other and keeping them stranded in the one spot. Now they are exterminating them on mass. Hezbollah have just sent 1000 of their best fighters, the Iranians have sent 2000 and others have come from other regions. They are now going to encircle them and exterminate every last one, there’ll be no prisoners