“False Prophet”

BREAKING UPDATE: Pope Francis Stripped of Power w/ Kevin Annett

Sarah Westall
Published on 23 Feb 2019

Chasity Bishop
The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by these Demon Cabals for quite some time. In fact goes back hundreds of years. It only exists now to feed Saturn energy which is in fact Luciferin doctrine. They have taught their followers to reach outside themselves for Christ or Christ Consciousness. Anytime you reach outside self your giving your power away and does not connect to source. Anyway, like your video. Subbed. Here is a link I thought brings truth to this in a subtle way.
Targeted Individuals, Obama and Hillary’s Plan, Deceiving True Message of Christ

Targeted Individuals Be Strong
15 October 2018

20 Jan 2014

POPE Francis New Controversy to ERUPT —– BILLIONS to die.


5th age lucifer

Beware Snake

Beware the Snake.  http://lunaticoutpost.com/thread-600537-page-2.html

See False Flag Weekly News Page for further detail.


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