30 May 2020: Who Are the Y Heads?  (To Do with Families opposed to the Fed Reserve & Other matters.  Soros replaced a certain Bloodline???)
15 April 2019: QAnon Titanic – Why Is This Relevant?

QAnon Titanic – Why Is This Relevant?

Decoding with Gene Cosensi???? @ cirstenw
15 May 2020: Gene Decode #14 with the Qdrops 3rd Try!!
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Beyond Headlines – TRU Reporting

18 January 2020

Karl Snoeberger
Look into Sommerset Bellenov head of alluminati. Check out deception bytes. 3 in a row on her queens cousin. I had 3 serious nightmares in a row. After the first video the most important person you never knew.

Karl Snoeberger
The song stairway to heaven was written about her.

Michelle Barnhill
The song Stairway to Heaven was written about Somerset Belenoff, countess . WhoisSomersetBelenoff.com

Thorough Work on Glamis Calling Etc – whetton upper chamber, owner of bohemian grove; “Stairway to Heaven”

Deception Bytes
10 January 2020


Gleams Calling A Breakdown

yig wilson – https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCIpF3DxyIdfLl5Jnd2AtxhA/videos10 jan 2020

  • The Queen is neutral & has stopped the Lower Chamber from doing their worst.
  • Q is a Military Op that the Queen gave a green light to.  Part of the puzzle.
  • POTUS knows her & they talk.  Part of the puzzle.
  • Read the Jan 16 Drops onward to get a better picture.
  • 13 Feb 2016:Donald J Trump Awarded an Honorary Camelot Castle Knighthood in Englandhttps://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/02/prweb13214729.htm

Michele Ralston
Links to glamiscalling.org needs permission by owner and whoissomersetbelenoff.com not available. I was at both these sites 2 days ago. Now they are restricted or taken down.

Quite Qurious. The Watchers are the fallen ones. Puppet Masters? God bless you, Yig.

Jenny Martinez
Yig Wilson, I’m completely new to this Somerset belanoff person & this whole wild organization. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that 1. There are a bunch of elite (royals & pseudo wannabe elite & elected into our gov & likely the world’s government’s PeopleVore’s PedoVores who view us as slaves & beasts of the field, who may or may not be fully human. 2 Not surprisingly, I find out that at the top of this are apparently a council of witches & they have as 1 chosen at their top a strange bird that is supposed to be all powerful related to Strange Rasputin (of all people) & the only one of these Elite Royals who are still human?? And rumored not to eat people??? And who is Good or Bad at her whim….oh and who has vast power over all the rulers in the world and us all even in the US…. Dear Father In Heaven, Y’shua! And this is supposed to be a good thing? How? This is like the UN on steroids🥵 & People are telling me She this Summerset is a good thing. And here ami I, wondering how anyone with an ounce of power to melt these AlienVrilLizardCloneSubHuman MonsterBabyAnimalPedoVoreSatanicPeopleEaters, to a Stain, a puddle , on the floor, and hasn’t done it, or decreed it done is considered good? If Anyone can seriously explain this to me, I’m game to listen. Maybe my poor sympathetic brain is just not seeing something here? I really want to know. Is she trying to clean house do you think? Is that it? Thank you, Blessings to you, I hope you are feeling better. (edited)

“The Founders implemented a Sacred Tradition and it must be followed”!??? Where was she during the BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA ERAS !!!???? ON THE MOON !??? Geezus!

Jenny Martinez
droidcrasher yeah, that’s what I want to know.

Nerdy Art
@droidcrasher probably passed down somehow. 😉

Cheryl Anne
I wonder if anyone has captured her photo ~ recently or back then.

Trish Hollman
Hey Yig! Nice dig! The more you know, the more your head spins…

yig wilson
Lol right now my head is just plum exhausted! The spinning was last night 🙂

beth bland
Sounds like they’re running the show on this planet and they’re impartial to human meat, especially young meat. Maybe it helps them live long lives after all look at how old the royals are. And on their hollydale site which they have now closed to non members they talk about eating people and bringing in young orphans for adoptions to forever families but not all of them get adopted. This whole thing sounds like we’re on a cattle farm and we are the cattle.

Aria E Appleford
Still combing over everything you shared yesterday. I agree, it has to be looked at. We have NOTHING to fear from examining these things – the Truth can stand up to all the light we shine on it and evil will be exposed by that same light. There are parts of this that tip into other research and I am looking for the threads that speak to mine. THANK YOU, as always, your open willingness to look at things and ask questions is just one of the reasons why I follow you and so admire your work.

yig wilson
Aww Aria, Thanks so much. I cant believe how many gave up so easily yesterday just because of a website build time frame. That should be more of a clue to look a little further. You know me, I like to pull the strings others leave dangling! Let me know if you make other connects. I did post this on the site in a thread of its own so you can drop your finds on that if you wish. More will see it. How have you come out with those fires? Im so sick to know so much was lost because of human greed.

Aria E Appleford
@yig wilson the reports are not actually factual – it is bad but they are really trying to create hysteria and anger and point to climate change. We are in a safe place. My husband had lived everywhere all over Australia and thought about everything when we picked our land to build. At worst we are losing trees to the heat and feeding a whole lot of birds and wildlife who have taken shelter here because there is no food around. I am not complaining. The smoke has been tough at times but again … nothing compared to those losing their homes.

@Aria E Appleford Andras, who commands thirty legions, has the body of an angel and the head of an owl. He rides a black wolf and carries a saber. He can give advice on how to kill, and he can escalate quarrels and discord. One of the pictures on the site was this demon.

Rae Hughes
@wldndn22 the site is down now. did you get any pics or DL’s from the site ?

@Rae Hughes no but I did her daughter’s twitter.

That could have been to Obama, telling him to depart on schedule.

Venerable V
I thought same thing, another videographer assumed it was for Trump, but that does not make sense to me given the timing.

Judy P
1 she has to be a half or more Draconian to have that kind of psy power and be above witches level. They must be equal, higher or part of Majestic12. They are above Q. So your are looking at MI6 connections too. Alot of the staff would also have ‘exotic’ heratage. I am floored.

David Anderson
This sounds like it would make a great movie! She reminds me of Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds. (edited)

Pam Ironass Stites
Wow, Been Looking Into This. Its So Much Bigger And So Much More Involved Than I Could Have Imagined! And I’ve Only Scratched The Surface Of This. Omg! The Secrets Within Secrets Within Secrets. Layers Apon Layers Of Decption. Magik, Lies Mixed With Truth Just Enough So The Picture Is Believable. Smoke and Mirrors, They, Or—> Them, Or Him Or Her, Angel or Demon, Human or Non Human ! They Paint The Canvas The Way They Want Us To See It. Sometimes More Than Words Have Two Meanings, Nothing Is What It Seems To Be, Not At All.

kennethpcoletrain Mr.
They just took down all the Somerset websites. I think it’s real.

kennethpcoletrain Mr.
You got a shout out from deception bytes so I checked out your channel. You got a new subscriber

Cheryl Anne
Same here.. lol.🎀

gary robinson
Thank you for sharing site. A Russian ship tried ramming or at the least got close to hitting an American ship (edited)31

Politically-Incorrect, A Canadian Viewpoint
Watch the water!!!

Greg Olsen
So, the Countess has access to everything to include “Q”! Fascinating! 🙂

She reminds me of Lady Victoria from Dark Shadows 1960s show.

Micheal Vincent
Yig I just found you through doing a search on Belenoff. Now I found an hour long video with a older blonde haired lady with glasses who referenced you on Godlikeproductions.com and literally 10 minutes into the video it was taken of the forum. Which now has completely whetted my appetite to look into this further. I have watched your video and I was also wondering if you know who this woman is and her channel so I can continue this rabbit hole. Thankyou kindly.

yig wilson
I cant say that I know, I dont pay much attention to Godlike productions any more. Sorry. Now if you mean this woman, I wasnt even aware she was related to GLP. https://youtu.be/WRZXOzU0HAI
Deception Bytes
10 Jan 2020

Hev123 Truthseeker
Deception bytes is her channel here on youtube. I also did some digging on this, it’s a bit shocking. ❤👍

Micheal Vincent
Amazing! Thank you Yig so much, you just gained a subscriber. I wonder why her video was taken of GLP. Much my friend.

Article 50 was invoked 2 days later on the 29th = BREXIT But you can write ANYTHING this short notice! A simple leak makes the coming news known! If you make a comment about the coming news 2 days beforehand… You sound like a f*cking PROPHET…. AND YET… It was just slight of hand all along !!! Same thing for the Tomahawks on Syria. She states it on the 5th and they fall on the 7th ! NOW….CAN THOSE COMMENTS HAVE BEEN ANTIDATED… AND THUS POSTED…..AFTER THE DEED !??? That sure would make her sound like A POWERFUL GODDESS! lol (edited)2

Short Gus
Hi Yig!! Thanks and Happy New year to you and yours.

yig wilson
Thanks Gus!!! You have a great one yourself and a even better weekend ahead! Let me know what you think of my dig. I have NEVER done one this long!

Deb Cloud
Excellent digging Yig! I love you! Getting closer to the ETs and fallen ones?

Jenny Martinez
And who are the watchers? I’m not finding any info on this on DuckDuckGo. I Don’t trust Gaffle… I guess they went into hiding again. At one point it weirdly redirected me to WordPress… wonder if they’re talking on the blog there? Thing is I wouldn’t know if they were or not. Since I know diddly about them… other than what I wrote before. Sigh.

The bible warns of this Global order

but where’s the evidence it existed in 2016? I’ve yet to see it.
Eagle Zapper
March 17, Article 50, invoke it immediately was to Teresa May, the then UK PM, but she did not invoke it from what I understand. She is no longer PM. How she was removed I don’t don’t know

Jani Nemes
20:19 Anwser!!!! :Theresa May’s Letter Invoking Article 50. Prime Minister Theresa May sent on Wednesday to Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, formally beginning the legal process for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The letter was released by her office.

Peony Flower
Fantastic Find Yig! Thanks for walking us through it! I will begin my research, if the sites are still available.

What’s this? The first time we’ve seen a well-researched post on this subject. Certainly adversarial, but without venom and mostly accurate. Given the tone of your video post, in the Upper Chamber we would file your video under the category of “respectful dissent,” which you correctly noted, is very much allowed and actively encouraged. Well-done, and all is well. — S POSTED ON JANUARY 12, 2020 https://glamiscalling.org/2020/01/

Gaelicgal O’Brien
they literally just locked it (peoplearemeat.com) Karinabelenoff

Rae Hughes
unless …. its a LURE club, infiltrators must infiltrate the infiltrators of the infiltrators … man this gets messy the more connected everything is … #TRUTHbeREVEALED

Jaime Gribble
I was able to load that website last night, now it’s a private blog.

Allyson Lowe
Thanks for doing this research and sharing it with us, Yiggy.

beth bland
Space Center was launched on the 28th.

That last name belongs to the Queen Mother.

Good dig, but there is a ton more you missed. We are digging on it as we have been for the last 6 days. Good video Patriot

Gaelicgal O’Brien
Cannibal Cravings at The Hollydale @KarinaBelenoff In today’s climate where so many are at odds, The Hollydale bring us together in such an intimate way. For those who make the #UltimateCulinarySacrifice, their most humble desire is literally to be in our bellies. There’s nothing more beautiful than that! 1:55 AM · Jul 15, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

People cannot be serious with this. Omg.

Lynn Woodward
Who else in the upper chamber with her


knucklehead 745
Its OBVIOUS to me that the first Washington Tower post was directed to obama on Nov 10,..“you will depart on schedule “

Jay Rogue
Did you archive the glamiscalling.org dates by chance?

Real, yet readily accessible online? I dont think so.

kennethpcoletrain Mr.
It’s already been wiped from the internet. Check yourself.

Jaime Gribble
I can’t pull it up. Browser said it’s a protected blog.

Venerable V
Seems to me that anything left out for the public to find this easily is quite probably misinformation, or at least misdirection or intended to manipulate, so I’d take it all with a grain of salt. Usually cointelpro is a lot of truth to gain confidence, hiding some high value falsehood. The post suggesting that this organization ordered the launch of Q seems to me an attempt to discredit the movement. Dates are pretty easily faked, and we know what side Twitter is on don’t we?

l kern
Thanks for your research. Read it all… This group sound evil but GC seems to support Q. just watched deceptionbytes video talking about your GC research.

Rae Hughes
hi – do you have the links ? thx u IDK what is GC ???(edited)

Kiwihouse2005 B.
@Rae Hughes exactly where she’ at and taking the information from…. GC…Glamis Calling ?(edited)2

Erin Dewan
Looks like the countess and her people are behind Q… 😦

Judy P
Space based is Majestic12. Q is Military Intelligence. Planet based only.

Gaelicgal O’Brien
peoplearemeat.com including menu and chef

Jaime Gribble
It’s now a private blog and you can’t access it

I’m Johnny
Anything involving her is locked out or gone

karl gru3n
If this is fiction and truth is stranger than fiction… David will cork is in on it… The only way out is, in.

pworldthug 69
Idjits, they basically did so much research on the human mind, basically mapped out the tendencies and such for weird sort of intelligent people who have inquisitive minds that they figured out how to make mysteries seem interesting enough. They make it obscure on purpose so that people like all you weirdos just get drawn towards this and you end up mind fucking yourselves because you have addictive personalities. It is not fake and gay. YOU ARE ALL FAKE AND GAY WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THIS CRAP. They put some figurehead as some Link that’s reaching out for you but it’s just a proxy type friend to get you hooked into thinking you’re exclusively learning and earning your way into some exciting new world. They mapped out the conspiracy theorists mind and trapped you. Just like they are basically going to trap pedo mind thoughts and whatever types of people have different patterns. Your research will get you nowhere but UNEMPLOYED. AI KNOWS HOW TO ATTRACT OVERTHINKERS. Duh

Miss Betty NR
The same could be said about Q

Gaelicgal O’Brien
Cannibal Cravings at The Hollydale @KarinaBelenoff · Jul 17, 2019 Unlike some of our competitors, The Hollydale does NOT accept product from hospitals, homeless shelters, funeral homes, morgues or unknown sources. It is not only illegal to serve human flesh obtained from such sources, it is highly unethical. Cannibal Cravings – at The Hollydale Phone: 213.282.9501 peoplearemeat.com

Jaime Gribble
Has anyone called that number?

Gaelicgal O’Brien
Jaime Gribble not me…. imma 🐔

Gaelicgal O’Brien
I did a bit of digging this morning…. this is located in the dungeons of an insane asylum in LA. It’s in the guise of masquerade…. you an actually meet your meal in some cases.

I’ve cross referenced the GC monthly blog posts to activities noted in the messages. The entire year of 2017 was spot on, meaning everything Somerset said to be done WAS done and on time. I took screenshots and…got booted off the GC site. I am blocked unless I ask for permission to return.

David Middleton
How would they know you took screenshots?🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

a baker
Somehow thhey do know when you screenshot. Weird things happen to me when I screenshot deep declassified docs off the Clown site. It’s for real.

@David Middleton If you have to ask, you need to dig deeper.

I requested permission. Let’s see what happens!

Tonya Carpenter
Do you think Potus is really a part of this? I don’t want to think so, but the environmental executive orders leading us to total enslavement by false “climate change” tactics leaves me very wary.

yig wilson
I cant speak for his EO and what he may really have in mind about all that, but I can answer your first question. I made this 5 min video yesterday answering the same question and a couple others.

POTUS doesn’t buy into the climate change cry for taxes. That’s why he left the Paris Accord.

Tonya Carpenter
@Kel I know that, but he has signed some climate executive orders, see Deborah Tavares stopthecrime.net, that are very interesting. I know that Potus is a genius and ten steps of everyone else, so maybe there is something I am not seeing. It is just very curious.

If I see any more pictures of Trump rubbing shoulders with Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein I will need to buy another hard drive.

Rick C-137
He’s apart of something big apparently. Part of this round table and is known as Sir Donald J. Trump of Camelot. This occurred BEFORE he took office in February 2016. Strange stuff… (Edit – time of occurrence) Link ->

Curious Me
It’s a major troll job done by the fake Rothschild, Mike Rothschild. IP addresses match…

David Middleton
Yea u proved that w your “13” second video nobody could hardly read?. Show us your proof please.
Dendrobial Bright
Somerset belenoff doesnt exist, PERIOD. This “Global Council” that the FICTICIOUS person works for is also not real. Let’s think about this for a minute.. The person can show up un-announced at The White House or anywhere else without question. 1) why no pictures with anyone? 2) What happens when she shows up and these leaders aren’t home? This person has absolutely no history and her name is made of Several Royal females from history. There is NOBODY with said name as a descendant of The House of Wettin. This is a complete bullshit lie.

Ellis Medavoy
New post for today, Jan 12. Who is Firefly?

yig wilson
Yes I saw this. Ive made 3 videos about with my opinions. Only one other person that I know of has made a video also. I assume it may be one of us. Really Hard to say. Seeing as we dont know which video they are referring to. Whomever it may be one thing IS for sure, they are Watching! I do have a private thing about fireflies but it isnt something I have shared with anyone

Jaime Gribble
May God bless you and keep you safe!

OF COURSE… If you wanted to DISCREDIT “Q” and TRUMP…. There’d be nothing better than to ASSOCIATE THEM TO the Globalist Cabal…. Through some INVENTED STORY implicating them in this charade !!! Convince those who only needed a little push… And you might flip an election! MAKE IT CONVINCING….AND WHO KNOWS! I MEAN THINK ABOUT IT !!! Don’t you find it ODD that…. Though she’s been in power since 1979… Their ARCHIVES….BEGIN in 2016…. THE SAME EXACT YEAR….TRUMP GETS ELECTED !!!???? A bit too much of a COINKIDINK, if you ask me !!! I smell a rat! A NICE MADE UP STORY !!!

yig wilson
This is far from discrediting either one of them. They are only one slice of a much bigger pie. IF you really looked at this you would realize that. If you actually took the time to read their date post you would see many things were called long before they happened. You picked 2 to fit your opinion. I even posted a couple of them

@yig wilson … As mentioned, suffices that you be IN THE KNOW, and report things AS IF you were DIRECTING THEM… And you can pass for A MASTERMIND!!! Especially if you’re a GHOST that nobody really knows a thing about! One can quickly become A LEGEND!

It shows their desperation now that we’re onto them.

S Waggs
Just curious but what does this suggest? That out POTUS is apart of the Alluminati? Or am I way off?

yig wilson
IF its any comfort you are way off 🙂

Christopher Marlowe
check on the wayback machine and you will see that this site has ZERO crawls before yesterday. Someone just selected news articles, and then created “orders” bringing them about dated a few days before. fake and ghey

yig wilson
So safe to say you didnt even watch the video that pretty much negates your theory. Its really your own loss, you could have really learned something. Shame.
3 days ago3

Judy P
This is the year disclousure starts. You will see alot of that pattern now. They are outting themselves on a set schedual. Some of it will be used as judicial evidence. This is a plan of education and clean up.

Christopher Marlowe
@yig wilson I did watch this video and I saw that it seemed to predict things beforehand. So I went to the wayback machine to see if the predictions were there before the events. BUT there is no history of this website before yesterday. I learned something from your video: that I wasted 20 minutes. Can you explain why there is no history of this site on the wayback machine?

Judy P
You get that high up in power and the internet does what you tell them to do. Why do you think so much information has been taken down from so many sites? Information will make or break them.

Christopher Marlowe
@Judy P why would someone powerful remove all history of their website and then leave up the actual website? That doesn’t make any sense. People remove website histories of sites that they have already scrubbed. Removing the history of this extant website only serves to make it look doubtful. So we are left with two choices: 1) this a BS website, or 2) this is a website, full of nonsense verbiage, made by someone more powerful than Rothschilds to show how powerful they are, and who scrubbed the history so that people will doubt that it is real. Number 2 doesn’t make any sense. Ergo, this is a BS website. fake and ghey.

Judy P
@Christopher Marlowe they are hiding some of it but not all of it. Disclousure is supposed to trickle out. We are moving to complete transparency. Looks to me like a black hat op going white hat. The info on the site looks too elaborate to be a fake. Might be a negotiated move to get a more safe position. The royals will be going down. This site owner will be in the bunch. All I know is info that has been hidden is coming out in various ways. Not surprised something would be left behind to be found. The rules have changed alot.

Judy P
@Christopher Marlowe here is a question. Could the history have been peeled for a judicial action? The rest copied and left behind.

yig wilson
@Christopher Marlowe I tired to explain in the video that this isnt your typical website. It isnt set up for people like us. It doesnt care about hits and frankly doesnt care about us. They have their reasons for putting it, it was to communicate to their own group. How their own group viewed it I dont know, but its not there for us. You are coming at this like its a normal thing. It is far from it so you have to change your thinking to approach from outside of the box, not with what you know from typical ways.

Christopher Marlowe
@yig wilson I think that you are going a LONG way to explain an obvious LARP. A super-secret group, previously unknown to all, more powerful than the Rothschilds, ordering everyone around the globe to resign or start a war or open a checking account, and being promptly obeyed by all. With zero history on the wayback machine before 2 days ago. RIIIIIGHT. Here’s how you can test that I am right: keep visiting this site and keep looking on the wayback machine. It will get crawled again, and a history will develop. But the first date will always be Jan 9, and there will be no future posts ordering people to do things, and which are promptly obeyed.

yig wilson
@Christopher Marlowe The very first thing you have wrong here is that it is a super secret group previously unknown to all. Obviously a good part of people from all over the world are very aware of them. We are the only group that didnt know. The thing is, now we DO KNOW. Let me know when you actually decide to really look into things and get past this one little detail of the way back machine. As another mentioned they may have just put that up to be “public.” If it was someones “larp” Im sure they would have pointed us to it somehow long before now. Unless they died from boredom waiting for us to find it a year ago or whenever. Im done commenting on this shallow argument. I have done enough digging to know this point of view is nothing. Others are making videos now, take your argument to them see how it flies.

Christopher Marlowe
@yig wilson said “If it was someones “larp” Im sure they would have pointed us to it somehow long before now. Unless they died from boredom waiting for us to find it a year ago or whenever.” I’m not sure if you understand what the Wayback machine is. If the site existed a year ago, then it would be recorded on the wayback machine. If it is a LARP, then it would not really be more powerful than the Rothschilds, and it would NOT have the power to change the wayback machine. It can’t be a LARP and be a year old. Do you understand?

Christopher Marlowe
@Judy P No. The wayback machine is not a state instrument, and in fact it no longer resides in the US, but was moved to Canada. It used to be more reliable, (The Wayback Machine was one of the ways that Sandy Hook was proven to be a fraud. It was shown that no one had crawled the SH site for 5 years, leading many to believe that the school had been shut down) but I have seen instances where Deep State actors have scrubbed the history. That is not done by a court, but the history just disappears. I have never heard of a court ordering a site history to be erased from the wayback machine. Scrubbing the complete history of a site that still exists is something I have never seen. Why would anyone do this? Scrubbing the Wayback history is done to make the info disappear. Why would someone scrub a history and then leave the info on the web? It doesn’t make any sense, unless the site is band new, a LARP, and both fake and ghey.

michele wells- dinsmore

@Christopher Marlowe http://www.whoissomersetbelenoff.com/

Christopher Marlowe
@whiteonyx11 I don’t think there is any such thing as the “World Governing Council”. This whole thing is a LARP.

Wilda Rookstool
@Christopher Marlowe I have watched video’s a year ago hell a week ago.. And can’t find them again!! So where is the way back machine! Just weird?!?!?!? I don’t understand your behavior over any of this stuff. You are ACTING as if your life depends on you trying to stop something you can never stop. Not an ounce of common sense in you is there!?! POOR B?!?!?….. (edited)

Wilda Rookstool
@Christopher Marlowe geez did you ask Google?!?!?!. Man if you are a real human??!? You ssssllloooowww. You should just be quiet and just go away?!?!? That you believe anyone here gives a crap what you think ( not much) or what you have to say ( not much common sense going on in your brain). Hence are you alive and breathing!?! P.s. no one cares what you think, believe or say!!?!??!? So stop wasting everyone’s time with your nonsense.

Christopher Marlowe
@Wilda Rookstool You’re projecting a little bit. You can’t rationally explain why this isn’t a LARP and so you resort to ad hominem. Boomers should not be permitted access to the internet.

@Christopher Marlowe Some people think the Wayback Machine is a Clowns in America asset, set up by a Clowns Associate JP Barlow. Etc. Set up to tape the Internet in order to erase parts of it.

Christopher Marlowe
@Christina if that was the case, then why did they drop the ball on Sandy Hook and numerous other cases? And why would they erase the history of this site and then leave the site up? For me, Occam’s Razor applies here: the simplest solution is usually the right one.

Michel On Wheels
This is some low level research. Maybe learn how to pronounce words.

yig wilson
Im thrilled to be able to say anything close to proper considering I had a stroke 🙂 Now why dont you dig into, make your own video and show me how its done since you seem to be the pro here

Mary S
Wow Michel on Wheels. Try a bit of kindness. Our world is full of people who make cruel judgments without all the info. Feel like a fool now? The man had a stroke. Try some patience and kindness next time. Oh, and get off your ass and do it yourself if you are so fantastic at research.

yig wilson
@Mary S Thanks Mary! One little thing though? I know I aint pretty but I am a female! She had a stroke! No harm no foul 🙂

Michel On Wheels so rude and inappropriate