[Death Threats]

”Yesterday, on May 26th at 6:55 pm EST, while I was gone from the house, somebody called and told my Mom I was in a bad car wreck! This man said he was as policeman and told her the car I was driving and then hung up without giving any more information. When I got home about an hour after this call, my Mom was quite upset as you can imagine. She had been trying to call family members to help find out what hospital I was in! When I looked at the Caller ID to see who called, it said the call had come from DirecTV! Obviously the caller ID had been spoofed to hide the real caller. Obviously they have me under surveillance and knew exactly when I left, which car I drove and where I was at the time the call was made. They were sending me a message and car accidents are a favorite tool of these evil ones.

I am asking all patriots to get this information out now through all means possible! I have never had a death threat like this until this Hillary Clinton Cathy Obrien rape story. Stew Webb had told me he had talked to some spies (spooks) in the past who told him, Cathy’s Book, “Trance Formation of America” could bring down the Shadow Government if it ever went viral someday. These spooks had told Stew it was a huge key and they could personally confirm over 95% of what was said in the book!”

”I want to be on the record now that I will never kill myself nor would I ever do harm to my mother! Many times these evil people like to stage murder suicides so I want to be on the record that I would never commit suicide for any reason! My belief in Christ prevents this. I only live and breathe because of Jesus! I will stay on this world as long as he wants me to. God has already healed a very serious health issue to keep me here or I would be gone already! If anything ever happens to me, I hope all of you will become even closer to God because none of us is promised tomorrow.

Nothing else matters but your belief in Jesus! The new world order and all the other stories you read on this site and others doesn’t mean ANYTHING! If you belief in Jesus and have asked God to forgive your sins you are promised to be in heaven someday. If you believe the lies of the new world order such as their lies about you evolving from a monkey and you never come back to God then you will get thrown in the pit someday. God made you! Everything in this world has been designed by satan to make you doubt God and his word! If you doubt God’s word then you get thrown in to the pit of hell someday.

When I was younger I went through a “doubting” and “searching” phase as many of you probably did too. Some of you still might think the Bible is a “Fairy Tale” but I’m here to tell you it’s 100% truth! Satan has created everything to make you doubt God’s word. Your past beliefs don’t matter to God now, it’s only what is in your heart right now! I hope many of you will ask the Lord to come into your heart and lead you. I’m not perfect but I know God is the only thing that really matters in this life.

I realize now I need to focus much more on bringing more people to God through his word. The anointed readings of the Bible at the top of http://www.project.nsearch.com are healing people right now and I need to focus on getting more people to know about them! They were specially anointed by God! Here’s one of the anointed readings below.

God’s word speaks to give forgiveness, salvation, miracles, healing, signs and wonders and the distribution of individual gifting through the works of the Holy Spirit!”

Death Threat on Me Over Hillary Rape Story! Help Get Word Out!