Partiet De Fria

Sweden today has everything from fascists, Nazis and extreme leftist groups of various kinds. Often, all these a typical collectivist vision

The Bock Saga

Bases at the Barge Tony Topping The Bock Saga Part 2

Comment:  Roth or ring on the cross – “is that why the Celtic cross has a ring on it?? are the ROTH childs connected with this?”

Comment:  “Thor is supposed to be a real person and is a descendant of Asa. I wonder if this Asa is the same King Asa in the Bible who is a descendant of King David and Solomon.
Or maybe he was named after the first Asa Who knows?????
Thor’s bloodline I believe has the CCR5 delta 32 gene mutation in their DNA and is basically IMMUNE to all man-made diseases.
Is this related to the Sword of Magen? Where the Israeli flag star is a symbol of sound-made-flesh?
And 72 and circles and a 12 pointed star.”

Ior Bock

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