Anonymous  1 October 2018 at 16:36

Prior to the 1960s, the Tavistock Clinic was located in TAVISTOCK SQUARE.

(i) A TAVISTOCK SQUARE address was used by Cliff Richard in 1998 to register the creation of his record label, “Blacknight Limited”. This decidedly occult-sounding moniker was probably chosen for the irony it conjures when used to market ostensibly “Christian” songs.

(ii) TAVISTOCK SQUARE was developed by James Burton. Burton’s home, TAVISTOCK HOUSE, was located where now sits a property housing the British Medical Association (BMA). Burton, in addition to serving as “Master of the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers, was an early member of The ATHENAEUM CLUB.”[The] dining room of the Athenaeum might as well double up as the BMA canteen”, according to Dr Sally Baker. Mr Burton built the Athenaeum’s clubhouse “to the design of his son, Decimus”, who was also a member.

Serial paedophiles Jimmy Savile and Anthony Blunt were twentieth century members of the Athenaeumas were two of Savile’s key enablers, Cardinal Basil Hume and Virginia Bottomley.

(iii) James Burton “is buried in a distinctive PYRAMIDAL tomb in the churchyard of St Leonards-on-Sea”.


– Is linked to Cliff “Kitty” Richard, and his sly ruse of marketing overtly “Christian” records under a Satanic-sounding pseudonym.

– Is linked to the NSPCC/Childline (Esther Rantzen) and Rolf Harris via the notorious Tavistock Clinic of the twentieth century;

– Is home to the British Medical Association. Dr Sally Baker has linked the BMA to the systematic covering-up of patient sexual abuse on an industrial scale by a “brotherhood” of Britain’s most eminent doctors.

– Was designed and built by an occultist and/or freemason belonging to one of London’s most dubious gentleman’s clubs and secret societies: the Athenaeum.


Tavistock Square was designed and constructed according to principles of occult geometry and symbolism, to harness and magnify whatever powerful energy exists – or is believed by occultists to exist – in that corner of Hampstead.

In other words, Tavistock Square was always intended by the architect who designed and built it to be the location – right down through the ages – of powerful organisations engaged in channeling unseen forces according to the occult lore of secret societies.

Tavistock Square is a kind of miniature Washington, DC in this respect.

Whether the topography of Tavistock Square is what makes it a powerful/magical location – or whether it is “ley lines” beneath the ground – or whether it is the resonance of human sacrifices or trauma that took place there in ancient times – or whether it is the architecture itself that is believed to conjure up the energy… is a good question.

Regardless – Tavistock Square in Hampstead is no ordinary piece of land.

Anonymous 2 October 2018 at 07:31
*Edit* Sorry, in the conclusion, all references to “Hampstead” should be removed and replaced with “Swiss Cottage”.

Because although the modern Tavistock Centre is now in Hampstead, Tavistock Square (home of the original Tavistock Clinic) is in Swiss Cottage.

Anonymous 2 October 2018 at 07:41
The same unanswered questions — concerning the locations of ley line; the location of energy generated by historical human sacrifices, bloody battlefields and burial grounds; and the locations of ancient wells and worship sites — is equally applicable to Hampstead, Highgate, Salisbury, the New Forest, and many other notoriously “spooky” parts of the British Isles.

What lies beneath the ground?

Why was this building, monument, street, village, town or city built in this particular location, with this particular orientation to its surroundings, according to this particular architectural design?

semaj2 October 2018 at 02:14
I think I am right in saying that one of the buses on 7/7 blew up in Tavistock Square even though the square was NOT on its route. That question has never been answered, I wonder why? Apologies if I am wrong.


Tavistock Freud Statuehttp://tavistockagenda.iwarp.com/

‘We know that the NWO is the goal, this is how they have been manipulating us in that direction for the last 90 odd years…

“The Mother of All Think Tanks,” Tavistock tentacles form holographic feedback loops, backdoors and wormhole shortcuts among cultural institutions. Each can be unpacked for their associations and effects on society – Intelligence, Military, Government, NGOs, Economics, InfoTech, Mass Media, Philosophy, Occult, Religion, Science, Academia, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine and Zeitgeist. Tavistock took the healing genius of Freud and Jung and aimed it at mass psychology in a controlling way.

Not reserving their techniques for the enemy, Tavistock spread their contagious theory and practice of mass mind control into all strategic institutions. Tavistock wrote the blueprint for global domination, a triumph of image over substance. The ‘hydraulic model’ of tensions has given way to The Field theory of full-spectrum domination. The holographic structure is everywhere contained in its fractal satellites, each of which contains the entire program and can take over when others fail.

Tavistock InstituteThey wrote the book on propaganda, prognostication and profiling — the staples of the full-spectrum surveillance society. They have contrived history. Facts mixed with fiction produces friction. The simulation substitutes for reality. A ritual is just a play with audience participation. But it changes you in the alchemical process.

Funded by British royalty, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the Federal Government and Wall Street they learned the secret of transmuting infinite symbols of transformation into infinite power. Without wielding overt control, the Tavistock juggernaut has influenced the direction and effects of virtually every human endeavor with political and psychological warfare through its web of interlinking institutions. Following the lead of the British East India Company, transnational drug money is the mother’s milk of black ops politics.

Tavistock sets national agendas as part of the global shadow government. It used covert techniques to sell the war with Germany, the state of Israel, the Domino Theory and the Cold War for financial gain. Deliberate creation of crisis is a primary tool of social engineering and global psychodrama. Other networked thinktanks are its dissemination organ. They create peer pressure throughout all strata of society designed to break people down into consensus conformity.

Without Tavistock, there would have been no WWI and WWII, no Bolshevik Revolution, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars. But for Tavistock, the United States ould not be rushing down the road to dissolution and collapse.” –John Coleman

Any technique which helps to break down the family unit, and family inculcated principles of religion, honor, patriotism and sexual behavior, is used by the Tavistock scientists as weapons of crowd control. They are currently involved in a war of extermination on the small American farmer through usury and bankruptcy by giant land trusts.

Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in 1950s at the Tavistock Institute, one of Britain’s leading psychiatric research establishments. The UK institute was researching into ways of mind controlling the British population without them knowing. It’s main US branch is in the University of Michigan. The same principles were used to create pop culture and counterculture, so even societal rebellion is a programmed trend to channel and discredit opposing energy.

Popular culture is engineered to brainwash each of us from cradle to grave. Trends and megatrends are manufactured, engineered by corporations. Nothing happens in politics or society by accident.’

2 February 2011

The Tavistock Agenda


Dr. John Coleman on Veritas Radio | The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations


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