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More curiosities about whistleblower Ronald Bernard and the bank he is founding
This is mainly why he did the interview. To tell people about his bank project and invite them to join. That’s why I followed and did so. I donated and applied for a job. Ronald Bernard claims he wants to found a bank for the people. One that only invests in sustainable projects, keeps your money safe from big banksters and crises and offers products that are affordable for everyone. Additional to that he wants to introduce a new currency – URA. In my next article I am going to talk about those products and ideas. This article is mainly about two people, related to this project.

Tony, protected by the pope himself
from their webpage

Fondly they call him Tony. Tony is part of the International Advisory Board for the B. of Joy. Besides that he is the Grand Chancellor / President of the International Chancery of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre –
This order is the oldest order of knighthood under the protection of the pope. How can this guy be on the Advisory Board for the b of joy? The Vatican is highly involved in the system and its crimes that Bernard spoke about.

Still today, the order bestows Canons as well as Knights, with the primary mission to “support the Christian presence in the Holy Land”.

(source: wikipedia)

I asked my supervisor about this contact and he answered:

People seem to claim a change of heart is only exclusively possible for those that are not member of some sort of order. That is not true. Fear plays in due to the context created by media and alternative media. Even those people can change, even in these orders consciousness shifts. Everywhere there are bad apples. We people (me including from time to time) are giving those bad apples so much power that creates a tendency that the rest of the people are not capable of achieving anything, or that everything has to be corrupted.

No, I’d never claim that. But if someone changes his heart, would he still stay the Grand Chancellor of an entity protected by the Vatican? Ronald talks about his first life that he had to leave when the shift happened to himself. Doesn’t Tony need to leave his “first life”, too?


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