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strong>14 October 2020 Via AAG: Disturbing MKULTRA and Child Abuse Paintings by artist Nicoletta Ceccoli Displayed on Billboards in Italy

Disturbing MKULTRA and Child Abuse Paintings Displayed on Billboards in Italy

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

Sarah Westall
Published on 29 Nov 2017

West Point Graduate, Army Officer, and Clinical Psychologist Joachim Hagopian joins the program to shed light on the Global Pedophile and sex trafficking network. His recent book, “Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State” is the most complete documentation of the historical and current account of the Child Trafficking Global Network to date. It’s not easy to read the horrors of that black market, but it is a critical account of the abuses worldwide that need to be eradicated for the sake of all of our children and the for the consciousness of humanity.

Additional interview content: Joachim Hagopian continues with what he believes is the power behind the elites who are orchestrating the global child trafficking network.

22 February 2015
Imperious Digest – Monarch Mind Control Programming Page 1

Monarch Mind Control Programming


30 October 2018

Savage SH1
Not sure what channel I was watching here on YT….where they spoke of Meryl Streep as the Grande Dame....and someone explaining it had to do with satanic rituals, not her being great actress.  She has also been very much linked to the sex trafficking, and slave trade of children and women.
Not surprising considering all the proof against her life long friend, DeZero now…with his sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Also, remembering Streep’s crazy speech at an award show, somewhere around the time DeZero going nuts and screaming obscenities and Streep comforted him….where Streep is either begging or demanding the media stick by them. ..the Hollywood coven.  And as they took her off stage, she stepped back to add, …And you need us , too! You need us!…

I so look forward to Military Tribunals! And many of the MSM and hollyweirds will be there for there crimes against humanity….and accomplices to to bringing down our country.

It is painful to learn of these things, but I so much prefer truth!
Streep and DeZero are examples of who I thought to be great actors, and of course, I knew nothing of them personally. And who could have imagined all of this evil? Sick…  Now that I know, this and other, not another dime of mine will go to Hollywood! And all their DVDs ,…in the trash!


TW: Ex-Beta Slave Gives Insight Into Miley Cyrus’ Role In “Tongue Tied” (Part 2)

Katy Groves
Published on 11 Oct 2018

Miley Cyrus – Tongue Tied

Jewel’s Box  (edited)
It reminds me of when Britany Spears sings that song “if you seek Amy”. She herself is looking for another alter inside her. The video shows her as a sexual/ housewife looking, split personality.

Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy

Katy Perry and her song Roar suddenly has a new and very disturbing meaning.

Appendix I – The Programmers


The Black Child
Published on 25 Nov 2016

Kim Noble 20 Personalities

Published on 29 Jul 2014


Mary 40
Published on 11 Sep 2017

Shirley Temple – The disturbing history of Baby Burlesk – Nabokov Documentary Part 4

missy cat
Published on 14 Feb 2014

Shirley Temple Was MK Ultra and Abused As a Child by Jairo Parra

Sandra Jim Jones
Published on 31 Oct 2017


Waiting Watching Hurting

Melania Trump Is Being Abused By Donald Trump (PROOF)


MK-Ultra | Monarch Programing | Demonic Possession.

Comment: Dookers
Weird. I recall a very strange event about 10 years ago while visiting Australia. I was driving down a Brisbane road, and a young girl came sprinting onto the freeway. We didn’t hit her, but someone else did. Sent her flying while at quite high speed. Yet she got up, and looked really disoriented. Then some guy came running over to her and announced he was a cop. But he was dressed in jeans and a windbreaker, and had no identifying information that I recall. He seemed to know the girl, and didn’t appear to have simply just “turned up” on the scene specifically as part of the accident. His arrival was too quick. We gave our story of what happened, but he wasn’t interested in any details. He was simply intent on getting her away from the location. The girl had only abrasions as obvious consequence of the accident – we were blown away that her limbs were still functional. He then walked her away, back off the road and toward a secondary road, the direction from which she ran. She walked with him, but seemed in shock. We gave our names and number we were staying at for the purpose of future consult, but the “cop” was totally disinterested. Assumed drugs at the time, but was always unsettled by this guy. Having read up lots about mind control and programming since, it leaves me to wonder whether something more WAS going on at the time. Really, really weird event.

CIA = ROTSCHILD ZIONISM! – Discussion About Laurel Canyon & Ricky Ray
January 17, 2015

10 Popular MK Techniques Uses Today

1. Education 2. Advertising and Propaganda 3. Predictive Programming 4. Sports, Politics, Religion
5. Food, Water, and Air – Additives, toxins, and other food poisons literally alter brain chemistry
6. Drugs — This can be any addictive substance, but the mission of mind controllers is to be sure you are addicted to something. One major arm of the modern mind control agenda is psychiatry, which aims to define all people by their disorders
7. Military testing — The military has a long history as the testing ground for mind control. The military mind is perhaps the most malleable
8. Electromagnetic spectrum — An electromagnetic soup envelops us all, charged by modern devices of convenience which have been shown to have a direct impact on brain function.
9. Television, Computer, and “flicker rate”– It’s bad enough that what is “programmed” on your TV (accessed via remote “control”) is engineered; it is all made easier by literally lulling you to sleep, making it a psycho-social weapon.
10. Nanobots – From science fiction horror, directly to the modern brain; the nanobots are on the way. Direct brain modification already has been packaged as “neuroengineering.” A Wired article from early 2009 highlighted that direct brain manipulation via fiber optics is a bit messy, but once installed “it could make someone happy with the press of a button.”

Lynn Schirmer MKUltra Survivor & Artist


David Shurter – Satanic Ritual Abuse and MKUltra Survivor


Disturbingly Creepy!! CNN Child Abuse Mind Control!! 2015

Fisher of Men2
Dec27 2014

‘Megan Fox has a tattoo in real life of MK Presidential model sex slave Marilyn Monroe as well as the phrase “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” which is from William Shakespeare’s King Lear, Act V, Scene III.’

Worse Still – Suri Cruise

KatieHolmes-SuriCruise-03162011aLate after midnight yesterday (not last night), Katie Holmes and she and Tom Cruise’s four-year-old daughter Suri got a late night treat with several handlers/chaperons at New York City’s famed Serendipity 3. Not only was it odd that a little girl like Suri was up so late but even more shocking was the sweet treat the group of adults purchased and then gave Suri (to hold at least). The young girl curiously inspected the box of “Penis Gummies,” assorted “fruity flavored” gummy-shaped penises complete with testicles. While it may have been bought as a joke and not meant for Suri at all…it could have also been bought to reinforce sexual abuse to a child mind control victim.’ 
‘Mind control slaves are heavily experimented on with drugs, some of which are even known to aid telepathic abilities according to both Fritz Springmeier and former Presidential model sex slave Brice Taylor. Ketamine, a synthetic dissociative and tranquilizer used on both animals and humans, is believed to be one of these drugs based on separate anecdotal evidence from experienced recreational users/abusers. Ketamine is famous for it’s k-hole dissociative effect similar to the naturally occurring out of body or near death experience the brain produces when we dream in our REM phase of sleep or when under significant stress. Due to its wide use in veterinary clinics and abuse by veterinary workers who have easier access to it, it is sometimes referred to as a “cat tranquilizer.”‘
‘Victims of Monarch programming are often children who already have a history of physical or sexual abuse. This blond-haired, blue-eyed girl is the target demographic for Illuminati slaves. Programmers/handlers prefer blond victims because their hair is symbolic of enlightenment and illumination but also, Lucifer is said (by worshippers) to have blinding white skin, piercing blue eyes and platinum blond hair–Caucasian features. The Aryan race coveted by Hitler makes a little more sense when you understand who it is that they worship.’

See Fritz Springmeier

August 2013 –  Draws various incidences together

William Walter Sargant UK Psychiatry gave evidence at Patti Hearst’s trial –

Victim Support Site

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 42 (Anders Behring Breivik – Norway Shooting 2011)

George Michael’s Sudden West Country Accent –

Holmes and Klein

Holmes and Klein

Comment:  ‘You left out several huge vital pieces of info! One – Katie’s parents are pure illuminati and sold her out when she was a child. Two- Suri is the bio kid of Chris Klein and Katie. Cruise went shopping for a fake wife since he is homosexual and he bought Katie and child. Contract marriage like Nicole’s was. It ends on said date. True to form 5 yrs later Katie’s divorce came through. Pedo’s sell their kids for power and money. Katie was MK’d before she knew what was happening. She is under major mind control and has no control.’

U.S. Citizens Hostages of U.S. Government 1.wmv

Comment AAG:  “It seems as though many of the shooters profiled have had the insinuation attached to them that they are interested in ‘conspiracy’ or ‘occult teaching’. I have said this before, that it seems some of these young unstable individuals delve into the occult teachings or cults and get crystallized into a rigid belief system without understanding the repercussions or furthering their education about such matters and want to become revered as some sort of dark angel in matters of ‘darkness’. This correlates deeply within conspiracy circles because thy must know thine enemy. It also seems like a valid window for exploitation by a third party. But I digress. On the aspect of nature versus nurture, in what I believe to be an intentionally wholly artificial created societal construct, I found the following comment to be succinctly profound:

“What these Marxist fanatics refuse to understand is that they have done more to arouse psychos and other moral degenerates by their political attitudes and language than any other factor! We tech children form their youth that they are nothing more than cosmic coincidences who are evolved animals and hence life consists in how well one can satisfy their animal lusts, desires and passions! Then we parade before them animal rap artists and crazed rock stars with erotic, sensual bimbos and all of the rest of the low lives on the never ending stupid reality shows and then we wonder why people commit such acts? We have denigrated ourselves with pornography and other forms of inhuman expressions that are grotesque and bizarre and when it comes to its logical outworking we are surprised and outraged that people can behave this way? We have a president who hangs out with foul mouthed hip hop artists whose genre has all sorts of violent players and whose wife is friends with the whores in the r&b world and they blame everything wrong on Republicans and Guns? We have sought to honor deviant behavior and call it free expression no matter how absurd and disgusting? Tattoos and piercings in every orifice of one body and the unleashing of the transgender mania? Idiots on the grid iron who act like 12 year old’s and baboons are hailed as heroes while ESPN celebrates Bruce Jenner and his perverse and degenerate newly acquired sexual identity and we wonder why society is run amok? Since the existential sixties we have gone on the moral decline and with the rise and revival of Marxism the road to perdition is getting wider and wider? But it is those evil firearms and all of the social and economic injustices of the world that cause the problem not the evil that lurks in thee hearts of depraved individuals following the creed of evolution and the gospel of Marx and Dewey and Gramsci and Mann and Sanger et al. And a liar and traitor is going to lecture the country about gun control? The creep who turned his back on Benghazi and who authorized the CIA to arouse the rebels in Syria and the rest of the Arab sewer leading to the horrors of the middle east! It makes you sick! Only GW Bush is bad not the community organizer and chief? Not the perpetual liar hillary? And we have left wing fanatics running the justice department as well as every other Federal agency. This was the change you got friends while no one was looking we have Marxists and sodomites in control of most of the courts and primary institutions in America. The most ominous is the Department of Education and very shortly the Supreme Court. Law and Education is where our final undoing will occur. While Barry goes off into the sunset of the world of the elites who are well protected from thee misery they have inflicted on us? How do you like that WE THE PEOPLE?””

Monarch Mind Control

Esoteric Kitten Blog: Programming in the Stars
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Gabriela Rico Jimenez

EK On Vimeo Hollywood MK No 9
Hollywood MK Deception 9 (7years ago)

Esoteric Kitten

Abel Danger on MK Ultra

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