‘Natural Health – Cancer Fungus Yeast’

OMG! Are You Infected With Spirochete Parasites? Please Sit Down While Watching This!

The Higher Truth Channel
Published on 23 Oct 2017

Timothy Martin 1 month ago
From Mrs. Tim,

I am saddened by those who lost their lives.
I am a research Medical Technologist with 25 years experience and had to issue some cautions to your video:

Too much copper causes Wilson’s Disease.
Spirochetes cause syphilis.
Your wet mounts–were they a finger prick or EDTA blood from a test tube? Clotting is a natural phenomenon and those bright spots were platelets!!

Please folks be careful, as there are too many issues with this video that are questionable and not reliable.

AriesJedi 1 month ago
Actually it’s worse than that.
All people have varying degrees of fungus in the blood and the only microscopes that can see these in living blood , are in licensed labs that if found giving appts, would lose their license.
Fungus grows in excess radiation.
So although the IR and UVA, B &C are killing the spirochetes, the fungus will be increasing in the blood.
This radiation is actually Wormwood, as mentioned in Revelation. This, as a herb, is an anti-parasitic.
In Russian, Chenobyl means Wormwood.
Mankind and the globe is being cleansed of a parasitic disease system that was introduced just after Noah’s Flood when God said mankind will only live up to 120 years. It is said that Satan introduced this bacteria.
But it has been GMO in the last century.

And now it has been discovered that 90% of the world’s water has been polluted with plastic microfibres, that we are drinking. And we are eating sea and water animals that live in the polluted water.

So you will need anti fungals, anti virals, anti radiation and something that stops plastic from harming you.
Epsom salt baths and tea tree oil with peppermint oil in an oil base are anti fungals.
Goldenseal and Marigold tea or tinctures are anti viral and anti bacterial.
Marigold is also anti fungal.
Vitamin E conserves oxygen and is an anti oxidant and is anti radiation.
Vitamin C chelates heavy metals from airborne chemtrails and the numerous hidden nuclear power station ongoing accidents.

Thanks for this information. I didn’t know about the ammonia dumping.

Is Cancer “Just a Fungus”?


The Unhived Mind Interview with Craig Oxley

“Do you have any health tips for readers?

Yes I could write a book my friend! You must IMMEDIATELY start an alternative health protocol as your life depends on it believe me. You need to seriously detox, flush & cleanse the body of all the metals, toxins, parasites and poisons accumulated over many years. This could take up to 2 years, more or even less! Right now your all walking dustbins of pollution and perfect breeding grounds for disease.

You should all start by stopping all Meats, Dairy, Junk Foods, Refined Sugars, Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate (SMG), Soy, Soda, Alcohol, Smoking, Coffee and cut down tea drinking!

You need to eat at least a 75% Raw diet of Vegetables but make sure if your under active with the Thyroid that you very lightly steam cook green leafy vegetables. Eat plenty of Brocoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage etc! Make sure you eat plenty of fruit especially Pineapple, Papaya for their enzymes along with the usual Kiwis, Oranges, Apples, Melon etc. Stop eating in between meals and have a fruit breakfast, dinner then fruit last meal!

Everyone needs to know the importance of WATER and Real SALT!   I strongly suggest everyone reads up on Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj and put his research to practise asap. Almost everyone is subclinically dehyrated (you don’t know it), this results in various ailments from anything from Arthritis to allergies etc. People need to find their weight out in pounds (lb) then halve this amount and take that in ounces (oz) in water daily. An example is 100lb person should take 50oz of water! For every 1 litre of water taken you need 1/4tsp (1250mg) of real SALT such as Himalayan Salt. Water helps body functioning, detoxing/cleansing, digestion and much much more. You should always drink a glass of water 30-40 minutes prior to eating and 2.5 hours after eating and NEVER in between!

People need to look into Vitamin C asap as again almost everyone is subclinically Scurvy, meaning lacking Vitamin C and this manifests over time in disease. Ascorbic Acid is actually the best form easily available in its actions in the body as Vitamin C except its highly acidic and this causes problems on it own so look for the Sodium Ascorbate variety. Everyone should be taking 18 grams a day! If you’re a child then you take a gram for every year old until your 10 years then you just take the 18 grams. Vitamin C will protect you from colds, FREE RADICALS and disease! Vitamin C destroys Cancer and tumours very easily!  It’s such a wonderful product, it’s just a shame that everyone’s been scared off it by the Rockefella indoctrination Mafia clique. It’s amazing how so many people fear VItamin C and talk of overdosing etc. These people have such an opinion based on absolutely nothing. To me, you have no opinion until you’ve heard both sides and all the facts. Check up on Linus Pauling, Fredrick Klenner, Thomas Levy, Robert Cathcart and Steve Hickey/Hilary Roberts!!!!

Right then now you need to flush/cleanse the Colon regularly and make sure this area is clean, its your waste removal. Imagine the sewage system of a city clogged and backing up, this is your colon and whats happening to you right now. You should go to the toilet on average at least 3 times a day or at least as many meals you had the day previously. Ideally your colon should dump what you ate 16 hours ago or less!!!!!!!!! You can check this with Corn etc.

Once the Colon is clean (The high fruit intake will help this dramatically) then you clean the liver following Hulda Clark or Richard Schulze. This can take some work and patience but the results are worth it in the end. The liver has such a vital role in the body and needs to be clean. Most livers are riddled with stones along with the gallbladder, also many have many fatty deposits which need clearing for proper body function. The Jesuits love to attack this organ because it’s basically the General of the organs and the body regulator!

Add some parasite cleanses to your protocol!   Once you’ve completed the above you will feel much much different and you should notice a lightness in the body eventually instead of that heavy lazy feeling. Keep on eating correct, drinking and occasional cleanses and you’re laughing!

I suggest people look into Colloidal Silver, Ozone (Ed Mccabe), Urine Therapy, Blood Electrification (Bob Beck), Zapping (Hulda Clark), Free Radical Scavengers (Anti-oxidants).”  http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message510212/pg1


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