‘Hallett’s World of Truth’

Why I Deleted My Greg Hallett Video

Truthful Spirit Blue Heron – 1 June 2020
Because of a newly discovered Interview 2011 –

shut up
…I’d held some hope on this 😿 but better to know the truth sooner than later about these infuriating psyops. thank you for digging up this incriminating evidence of ‘king John III ‘.

Maria Soan
I hold hope these monsters will be dealt with. No need for replacements 😂

Yeah well pilot Field McConnell isn’t as innocent as he makes out either but he did help raise awareness about kill switch in planes which helped others show is-ray-ells involvement in 911 and how fed we are once they control all the smart grid , military weapons , tech , pharma etc so he played his hero part well .. N he raised awareness for child s ex trafficking that goes on and the d.umb military bases all under America they use to move d rugs n children. So that’s a bonus

Constance White
GOOD GRIEF‼️‼️🤷‍♀️🙄

Greg Hallett was killed years ago. His replacement just talks nonsense to discredit his old work.

George Lees used to know him. He has some interesting things to say about it.

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron
??? He’s a clone?

@Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron I don’t know if he’s a clone or just a computer generated simulation. George Lees calls him a doppelganger.

REX BARTON Oh crap, another 🐇hole! 🙄

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron Rabbit 🐇 holes are never solved, or ended! I haven’t slept well for years! I have carpal tunnel from opening sooo many doors in my life. 65.

only love
this gregg hallett is a government shill mi5 or mi6= the original gregg has disappeared

Ernestas suncity
Comealot. Are gatekeeper s

The name is very telling.

only love
i follow Prof GEORGE LEES, and george was a great friend of the ORIGINAL GREGG HALLET,T. when i realised after watching videos and reading books of the old gregg hallett, a couple weeks back i decided to confront IMPOSTER GREGG HALLETT on his facebook page and put some questions to him- of course he sent his trolls online to me. i caught him in his lies, and i am messaging him EVERY DAY to tell us all , WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OUR FRIEND THE REAL GREGG HALLETT. the imposter is living off the revenue acquired by original gregg, from books, videos and everything else. the real gregg, has vanished, because he knew too much about the british ROYAL FAMILY , European royal families and all the world governments.. gregg posed a threat to the elite. this imposter is, i think MI5 OR MI6 THE REAL GREGG HALLETT IS A LEGEND TO TRUTHERS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WHERE EVER YOU ARE GREGG BLESSINGS TO YOU !

Things are definitely going down, however I have had an uncomfortable feeling about Hallett, especially when hearing him in interview the other day stating he has only known around 2 years himself, although he published his books five, six years ago………. Also his body language is a bit shifty after answering questions, he looks down and side to side a lot when a genuine person would be bold if their claim was true. A fantasist I think but the worst possible kind. It is almost psychopathic in these delicate times when everyone is desperate to know what is truly going down. House of Windsor……. illegitimate for sure. Hallett hmmmmm. It’d be a miracle if his claims come to anything, though my gut is screaming Rosicrucian mischief making at its finest. Thanks Blue Heron………………… a great job!

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron
Thank you! Yes, what is ahead will require all of our wits! Welcome aboard! 😀

Neil Broadbent
I always admire people who hold their hands up and admit they’ve been had! Just keep on doing what you do with good intentions.

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron
Thank you Neil – I cannot do otherwise…we are all figuring this out together. And it is silly to pretend. No? lol My intentions are always good. 🙂 x

Sirry Sim
I guess the JeWsuits are still making spring-Rolls!!-This is a Luciferian tell a Liar!!

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron
Nazi Jews. The true chosen ones are of all ethnicity.

Who knows? I am done with having a “Royal Family” any way, too much doubt about their real goodness, peadophilia, child trafficking and worse. No royals for me. None!

Have you transvestigated the Queen? I have been following Greg Hallet for about six years and his story has always seemed wildly fantastic, but what do we know about these psychopathic ersatz royals? Nothing really.

The Earth History’s Confusing.
Look up on YouTube Queen visits Canberra ( it was the last time she came here.) and have a look at when she was walking along the Guards and men. You will see something.

The Earth History’s Confusing.

True Lies
The royals are transgender

A Marie
@The Earth History’s Confusing. yes definitely saw it.

Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron
Yep did vids on all

@The Earth History’s Confusing. You mean at 1:25?

True Lies
@Truthful Spirit- Blue Heron I did videos on them too

@The Earth History’s Confusing. Saw it.

Dawn L
Would someone be so kind to tell me what is in that video please? My vision is not the best. I looked at it multiple times. Thank u very much!

Monika Arcturian
The Earth History’s Confusing. I know about all this trans stuff, but that could have been anything under the coat. Even if it was a guy, they would have to be naked under the coat with a semi to see that!

Please feel free to mirror any of my videos! Back-up Channe…

Tony Blake
Oh Laurie – you know how I follow your line of thinking all the time – it took me forever to warm onto Anna Von Reitz – this is what she said just last week about hallett in her : Message to Pope Francis, May 28th By Anna Von Reitz You can’t possibly think that you can continue to obfuscate the role of Greg Hallett and continue to let your flunkies occupy the home owed to the actual Kings and Queens of Britain? You need to rethink this — seriously. Every single one of those men owe fealty to the King of Gaul, including Gregory Hallett. And the King of Gaul is not pleased by these developments. The Earl of Shrewsbury is the lawful replacement for the Queen and you certainly know that. You are not going to be allowed to foist another ringer off on the people of England and all those purloined trust properties are going bye-bye, too. You will be lucky to retain any kind of interest in any Church property at all, and it’s your own fault. Take your “King of the Commonwealth” and remove him to a suitable office and place — not Buckingham Palace. The people are going to know the whole truth — the All of it. And they are going to act upon it.

Message to Pope Francis, May 28th May 28, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

2 June 2020: Nichola Sherlock – King John III & Interesting Facts


D Cameron quit because he ”knew too much” about the fraudulent Royal Family?

Joseph Gregory Hallett declares Queen Anne Boleyn’s Royal lineage, registered in the Common Law Court, 31 December 2019


See Raven Moonstone Art 16 May 2020: The White Rabbit & The Holy Grail

Is that a Q Badge?

No 10 Press Briefing 11 May 2020

17 May 2020


Melania Signals Danger; Marines Are Abel; Justin Castro Follows T-May and Macaroni Man

Abel Danger livestream
31 May 2019


23 January 2015



Internet Trolls with Greg Hallett


8 Dec 2009

historiangreghallett’s channel

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