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The Grenfell Tower – Burnt Offerings – Observation

Mr Cati

Published on Jun 19, 2017
This report shows and discusses the relevant ritual code contained in the June 14, 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire, that occurred in London-UK. The Grenfell Tower Fire is a significantly major Burnt Offering Ritual Sacrifice, that once explored, reveals much about the current state of concern among the new world globalist, who have as a result of the Grenfell Tower Fire, sacrificed many innocent lives to their demonic deity, by asking for its demonic assistance to defeat Trump and his current Trump administration actions, that could severely damage or end the future goals of the new world order globalist. This video runs long, only because there are many complex elements to discuss, regarding the Grenfell Tower Fire, that as information, is not always easily understood, by the public at large. Closing remarks regarding George Webb and others regarding current and ongoing You Tube activity, will be briefly discussed after concluding the Grenfell Tower Fire discussion.

London Grenfell Tower 100% Govt Black Op

Shillers List ie S Pang

Annie Logical

Demonstrators confront a man they believe to be Robert Black, the Chief Executive of KCTMO, outside Kensington Town Hall -http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/furious-protesters-chant-murderers-outside-10635665

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Here’s why the Grenfell Tower fire has INSIDE JOB written all over it.

Published on Jun 15, 2017
Obvious inside jobs are obvious.

London GrenFell Fire is a Satanic Ritual 69 Days Before Black Hole Sun

Published on Jun 14, 2017

London GrenFELL Tower Blaze Jewish Black Op

Pudgy Pang
Published on Jun 14, 2017

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Bottles of Water
MIRACLE: Baby dropped from tenth floor of blazing tower CAUGHT by man

London Tower Block Fire Was A Hoax!

Mr Self Improvement

ghost ghost3 hours ago

hassan erhan
how are u going to throw a baby 10floors high to save he or she and catch the baby impossible man open your eyes Repeat script as in melbourne’s flying baby?

IRISH TRUTHER101 (edited)
i agree too cheeres for the vid dont mind the hate the news is faking everything! next they probably say it was a muslim that done arson on it.. nothing but hoaxes and much hatred growing upon muslims who did not perpetrate these hoaxes. london manchester and paris are 2 centres of attention for the jews right now. the ariana grande thing was another hoax as they all are but most dont see it at all

hometown stan
Yes, I agree, something very major in the pipe line , its totally out of control now . There is no going back. We will never know normal life again? Hope we are wrong though but I doubt that?

Starsky Hutch
dont forget that the Sears Tower was also rigged with thermite on nine one one, SIlverstein who then owned the Sears tower had also insured the building just like the towers with a “double indemnity policy protection for terror attack” Something happened and they changed their plans at the last moment.
So there will be something the jews have planned, and prob a mini nuke for Manhattan, Trump will be the insurance beneficiary there.

An Dramatic5
I like the content “ODD Reality” is putting out, too…
We don´t know who we could/should trust.
Everyone of them could be an agent or whatever…
The most important thing to me is the truth they are spreading…
We start to think, I mean to really think for ourselves…
Get de-programmed…
Before I actually came to the flat earth stuff last year, I was researching chemtrails, weather-manipulation, staged events, PsyOps, 9/11, politics, freemasons, world wars (not the school stuff;-), etc… basically the whole system we live in, I came to a 5min video, that was called like “There are no real footages of earth from space” & I watched it.
After the experience in research I´ve already had at this moment, everything was possible to me…
And so I went to the google picture search & typed in “REAL FOOTAGES OF THE GLOBE FROM SPACE” & what I saw, was … well… indescribable…
And they linked me directly to the homepages of all these space-agencies like NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ESA, DLR, JAXA, etc….
(If you read this & you are someone who has never heared about the flat earth, then PLEASE, really google what I googled & then see for yourself…or look for “REAL FOOTAGES OF SATELLITES IN SPACE” these ones are even more unreal & clearly animated…)
It is just so UNBELIEVE A BALL!
(I gave one of my selfmade music songs the title “Unbelieve a ball”…check it out if you like to… I also edited a video to it…)
And to that video about no real footages of earth from space, I got suggestions by youtube about similar related topics & flat earth…
I needed actually only 30 minutes to realize the biggest lie ever…
But it took me maybe 2 weeks to REALLY be convinced, that the spinning ball is a total 100% lie!

Peace & Love everyone

Emi Poo
MR SELF IMPROVEMENT Hello there, I have to disagree when you say this was a hoax and no-one lived there… I know for a fact they did as I live around the corner from there and believe me that real people died in that building! It was a set-up for sure and they want the area for rich people so this was a great way to clear out the council tenants and make way for the filthy rich!! So props for being brave enough to get the truth out but often time real people die in these things and basically sacrificed.

Hey. Yes you make a good point about them wanting to clear out the council tenants. That is true. But I don’t believe anybody died. It’s too messy for them to have dead people and their families demanding answers. It’s much easier to just clear the apartment blocks. A lot of people lie and say things like I know somebody who died in the hoax terror attacks. So unless you actually know someone who definitely died in this, then I’m not not changing my opinion. Any news story that gets 24 hour coverage is a 100% hoax. If this really happened as an accident then they would cover it for 5 minutes and you would never hear about it again. But they love to keep ramming their fabricated news stories down people’s throats.

7’s & 66’s everywhere. They know Jesus is coming & need everyone in a panic