2525 St Charles Av

Digging through the Ashes of the House on St. Charles Street #CDAN #GreatAwakening
March 13, 2019
by Neon Revolt

And for those of you wondering what house I’m talking about, well, catch up here with this older blind item about The House on St. Charles street:

The ”Royal Colours” of Green/Gold/Purple:


March 13, 2019
This link was in the comments section of the original posting of the house fire.

‘Before the Civil War, on a per capita basis, New Orleans was the wealthiest city in America. Drawn by the rich cotton and sugar plantations, abundant trade and thriving port, Americans came seeking their fortunes. From the city’s earliest days, New Orleans had close ties to the money centers of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, London, and Paris. The House of Rothschild’s English bankers began living full time in New Orleans in the early 1800s. In 1857, Judah Benjamin was an agent of the House of Rothschild living in New Orleans. His job was to fund the Confederacy and help foster a devastating Civil War. Judah Benjamin started in the Confederate government as Attorney General and later became Secretary of State. Judah Benjamin also became head of the Confederate intelligence and was a key player in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The three secret founders of the Mystick Krewe of Comus were Albert Pike, Judah Benjamin (link to judahbenjamin notes), and John Slidell. As already stated, Judah Benjamin was an agent of the House of Rothschild living in New Orleans in 1857. The House of Rothschild was fearful that the new United States Republic would begin printing its own money and have a central bank not tied into the House of Rothschild. This would weaken the House of Rothschild ‘ s control over the monetary currencies of the world. They had already established a secret bloodline elitist society, incorporating thirteen of the world ‘ s most wealthy families, to eventually establish a New World Order with control over the world ‘ s economy.”

Judah Benjamin, Albert Pike, and Admiral G.W. Baird made these secret plans in New Orleans during the winter of 1863-64. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. For his participation in the secret rite ” Killing of the King,” Admiral G.W. Baird was promoted to Code Level 33 and made the secret King of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. It was also during this time that the motto of the Mystick Krewe of Comus was established sic volvo, sic iubeo, ” as I wish, thus I command.”

”Therefore, Judah Benjamin, Albert Pike, John Wilkes Booth, and Admiral G.W. Baird hatched and conspired to perform of the ” Killing of the King “ ritual on Abraham Lincoln. Admiral G.W. Baird was set-up to identify the body of Captain James William Boyd as the body of John Wilkes Booth. After Captain James William Boyd was killed in Garrett ‘ s barn his (Captain James William Boyd ‘ s) body was taken aboard the Montauk at the naval yard in Washington next to the Saugus. Lieut. W. Crowinshield called Admiral G. W. Baird on board the Montauk to falsify the identity of the body of Captain James William Boyd as the body of John Wilkes Booth.

After a farcical-fictitious inquest aboard the Montauk to falsify identification of Captain James William Boyd ‘ s body as that of John Wilkes Booth, Colonel Lafayette Baker and paid off deputies, dumped Captain James William Boyd ‘ s body into an Arsenal Prison sinkhole used to dump dead horses.

Illuminati symbols are the torch, Lucifer(devil), and code numbers 3, 13, 33 (32)…”


March 13, 2019
Neon, you’ve read this I presume http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/laurelcanyon/

”Finally, you might find the offspring of an organized crime figure, like Warren Zevon, the son of William “Stumpy” Zevon, a lieutenant for infamous LA crimelord Mickey Cohen.”

Blue LuLu
March 13, 2019
That house looks very familiar, like the one they used in the cult hit series AHS -Coven, Is It?

”On the FX series “American Horror Story: Coven,” this grand old house is known as “Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies” (aka witches). In real life, it’s a three-story, 20,000-square-foot landmark in New Orleans from the 1850s called Buckner Mansion.” https://hookedonhouses.net/2015/09/08/ the-historic-new-orleans-mansion-from-american-horror-story-coven/

And Is it also the house in the famous song by The Animals?

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one
My mother was a tailor

March 13, 2019
MKULTRA is well known. Clowns in America were doing all kinds of things, including Col Aquino. Max Spiers was disclosing a lot of this, before he was poisoned.

The only important Rothechilds connect is the Clowns. They own the Clowns, via Federal Reserve Bank and the International Banking cartels. They also own most nations.

The worst part of all this, as it evolved is that now, they are grabbing children, teens and other young people for organ theft. The parts are worth more than the whole child. They need stem cells as well. Of course they outlawed stem cell therapy here, bc they want that to remain in the hands of the elite.

Did you realize that David Rockefeller had 10 heart transplants? Seriously. Dick Cheney is looking spry after his last “medical treatment”. You can travel to the Islands, have stem cell developed based on your DNA in Israel, have it injected while you vaca in the Islands, and come home fixed for about 40K US.

There are even better treatments. Notice Kissinger. They need young blood, organs and parts.  In the old days, they wanted sex slaves. Now, the women and children do it for free. Other than as slave labor, their parts being so valuable, makes it hard to find cheap victims for further testing.

Maybe that is another function of allowing the 3rd World to invade the USA? They need more unknown people that they can funnel into their network. They seem to panic at the idea of a closed border. I think the reason is bigger than just wanting the illegal alien vote. They want their kids to part out. The adults can be wage slaves, and they will believe any lies bc they have no other choice for survival once they get here.

March 13, 2019
NolaAnon here…

I can tell you that the Rex parade is very popular among all the Mardi Gras parades, not the most popular, but still high up there. High profile individuals are chosen to be King Rex. The Rex Ball after the parade is not mentioned as often as MOM’s Ball, which is filled with debauchery and any drugs you want. Well-to-do people attend MOM’s Ball… i.e. politicans, city officials, celebrities, athletes, and business owners. You can’t take pictures inside the ball, and tourists cannot get tickets to it Having said that, I don’t know how exclusive the Rex Ball is. I don’t hear much about it, so it’s either super secret or really lame.

The St. Charles Avenue mansion is not well known in the city, because its history is not celebrated or reported, as there are numerous other buildings and landmarks with more historical significance. I know the mansion very well, I live a few blocks from it on St. Charles Ave I would’ve never have known the house if it wasn’t for its address, 2525, which is the day I was born. Nothing stands out about the house other than it’s a mansion on St. Charles Ave. New Orleans has a rich history of corruption, think the Big Machine back in Louisiana’s political heyday with Huey P. Long and others. There is definitely something here as everything in this city wreaks of shady handshakes and backdoor dealings. I think Louisiana has sent more politicans and business owners to federal prison than any other state. Anons have done a great job of digging, and I’ve been looking into it as well. If I find something, I will post it, but I feel other Anons are already 12 steps ahead of me.

Amanda Combs
March 13, 2019
Wow !!! I have this family member and her husband is UT alumni. They lived in NOLA and Baton Rouge and also Houston over my life time. He is a chemical engineer i believe, at Exxon for many years. They travel to Europe a LOT ! They always threw strange parties and were very secretive if their lives but very wealthy. I admit their behaviors were strange. The wife often took in family members girls during summers and i personally don’t have much recollection of those times spent though old enough to. Just puzzle pieces. Thing is they had 2 sons. Never were around during summers. The oldest close to his 50s at least has one messed up life but no real details are out. Never married no kids highly possibly gay the father highly possibly gay as well as the hub and wife have lived in different states at times. I cannot express their time in europe, germany and france as they are fluent in the languages. The last name is Edgar MOHUNDRO. He is long retired but gets upwards 150,000 for lectures still all over. I have always had suspicions of who they really are and tied to. Im no good at research as ive been able to find nothing other than his linked in page. I remember the youngest son had a pure blk and wht checkerboard room. I mean everything in it was blk white checkerboard. Can any amazing anons find out who these family memebers are for me. Who theyre tied to. Ive got nothing and no one else in family does either. Great article neonrevolt. Im only a lurker on boards never posting as im not protected to be able to do so. They have always worshipped Mardi Gras like religion. So naturally this article brought this stuff out. Too many questions unanswered.

Patricia Dolan
March 13, 2019
Please read Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories”. She was a sex and spy slave for Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope. It’s very detailed and dark and at the same time illuminating. Once you see, you cannot unseen. https://files.meetup.com/562554/Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

March 13, 2019
Great to have you writing articles again NR! Do you remember a CDAN article or reveal that implied George Soros was behind Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson was paid $1million to “service” Assange while he is stuck in the Embassy? After that article I started thinking about JA’s role. Is he really a publisher or a spook? Now we know definitively that Snowden is a spook and Brennan was going to bring him home after HRC win in 2016. Q also implied WikiLeaks is in the clowns control. Did JA drop the NSA key code to Snowden in his MIA tweet who then sold it to the Russians? What about Manning is he really a spook? Didn’t he just try running for the Senate but when that failed he found himself on a ledge ready to jump? Who killed Barlow? I am assuming another spook killed him in order to get control of Freedom of the Press and warn Snowden to shut up about the plan. There was a notable the other day on the boards that I of course can’t find now but it connected many dots. The singer of MIA was engaged to a Bronfman who was connected to Snowden and Barlow. So was WikiLeaks set up to expose military secrets, the NSA, provide Russia with new missle technology, but predominantly to help start WW III with the “Russia bad” narrative? I just find it hard to believe JA is not a spook if CDAN is right about Soros! I also wonder if Seth Rich wasn’t a spook. I honestly think the sick “elites” like Obama, Podesta, Clinton’s never thought she would lose despite the emails being leaked. I mean they had the voting machines rigged to win and the October “grab em by the pussy” surprise. I wonder if Crossfire Hurricane was started not to use to impeach President Trump but to make him and his family suffer after the loss. That is why Page, McCabe, Strozk, or Comey didn’t leak it to the press that they started an investigation into Trump. If they thought HRC wasnt going to win and they could help turn that around Lyin Leakin Comey would have been all over that. The FBI was a sieve at that time! If CDAN is right about JA I think we need to look at his role in all of this. Is JA a clown and was WikiLeaks playing a role of “Russian Collusion” to help start WW III? I think Ukraine certainly helps push the narrative of aggressive Russia and same with Crimea. I could never figure out why “Kansas” as CIA director would say WikiLeaks/ JA is one of our biggest threats if they weren’t working for Soros, Saudis, or Rothschild. What do you think?

March 14, 2019
Tulane University is mentioned a bit in “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”, by Edward T. Haslam. Has interesting links to JFK assassination and cancer research (possibly the beginning of the Special Virus Cancer Program, if I’m not mistaken.)

Julia Thomas
March 14, 2019
Is owner of Grace the same family as W.R. Grace, 33rd degree mason and oil mogul? Currently re-reading Jim Garrison’s 1988 amazing book “On the Trail of the Assassins”. He went to law school at Tulane, but apparently was quite uninformed until the aftermath of Nov, 1963.

Sunshine Batman
March 14, 2019
My mother went to school with the Claudia Mullen mentioned in this article.
She confirms that Claudia was very sickly and often suffered strange long absences from school.