{{{Electromagnetic Propulsion}}}

Orion Michael Guy
Space Travel is so easy it is laughable that no one has figured out we are being deliberately kept in the dark by the US Government and their Secret Space Program that has been using Electromagnetic Propulsion for over half a century!

There is a reason no scientist can say they know what gravity is. Because they are not allowed! If you know what gravity is, you can theories a simple gravitic propulsion system and build a spaceship!

So, we know space, or space-time has density, as in gravity waves… and we know everything that is made of Matter creates gravity – so, and this is so simple it is laughable, but if Matter is E=MC2 – as in Matter IS Energy, and Matter and Energy create Gravity – what is Matter/Energy?


How do you build a spaceship? WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY! As in the EM Drive, as in THE ElectroMagnetic DRIVE!

What is the frequency that creates a gravitic field? its 33 Killahertz, this frequency is designated or “Allocated” as Government Only Frequency Range, and is not allowed to be used by the public or private sector!

So the question then becomes, how do you build a spaceship with ElectroMagnetic Fields?

Take a large Shipping Container, if you skin the container in “Microwave Emitters” or “Magnetrons” and you turn on the Emitters on the top of the Container, you will create a gravitic field above the container, and just like a bubble of air rising in water, the container will “fall upwards”

If you open the emitters on the top of the container, and on the front of the container, you will elevate and move forward

Now, if you open the emitters around the entire container, you will create a “field frequency array” or a “Thin Shell” around the container and you will be able to change the containers mass, and you can move the container very fast – because the container is creating an EM Field around itself, it is pushing away “space-time” and it is creating a “thin shell” around itself, where the limitations of the speed of light and local entanglement are reduced or removed, and if you apply enough energy to the front of the container, you can make that container move very very fast, even in an atmosphere, you can move faster that the speed of light!  We see this in Star Wars.

And that is the easiest way to build a spaceship! But be warned, the government uses all Smoke Detectors, Computer Hardware, Cell Phones, TVs, Tablets, Monitors, Cell Phone Towers and other receivers and satellites to spy on everyone, virtually everywhere, and because Smoke Detectors both Broadcast and Receive Unique Microwave Frequencies, they can detect any unauthorized EM Signals, as well as triangulate their signals and create a “virtual camera” using the “microwaves” and the all seeing eye is real! Google NSA Smoke Detector Spy Net, and realize the reason the Government is spying on everyone is because they want complete and total control of everything, and should you build a free energy device, space travel, or EM travel that would make oil practically obsolete… you get the idea – you are all farm animals in the eyes of the wicked, and they cant have you fly the coup now can they!