David Lang
Check out this video on the fake Jews , the Zionist Khazars and ff to about 45 min to the section where they discussed the era of time the Khazars resided in Babylon. Look at the “” liberties “” these people were allowed under the scriptures of the Talmud . it’s creepy, adultery , sex / rape of girls no younger than 3 , ability to take 3 yo as wife , sex with young boys . and more . The Talmud was “” rewritten “” to remove those verses when the Khazars were expelled from Russia and migrated , mostly to Germany.

Link Here

All degeneracy is pushed by media and educational system both owned by Zionist. Funded by federal grants from Zionist groups as well. West today is what Jews did to Weinmar Germany pre WW2.
Know your enemy.


truthhurtshipsters – you are 100% correct. They lead graft, greed, death, destruction and degeneracy in the U.S. and elsewhere.
A scourge on humankind. The Hidden Thieves.

Mon P.
Kyle there were never 6 million jews killed by the nazis, maybe 500k. That is a number that was made up by the jews before ww2 to sacrifice to get back to the promised land.

Mark Morgan
They are treacherous and the most degenerate of liars, that is their DNA, its their strength, that and their ability to organise as a group – ignore this or try to project your good nature on them and you will die, they hate you and they will kill you. Time to wake up.

Kevin Randolph
They were killed By the Rothschilds , Hitler was their cousin. WW2 was In part a reason to give the Jews a homeland, Israel! Not to mention the enormous debt created by the war made The Rothchilds, Rockefeller’s, and other’s extremely wealthier!

+truthhurtshipsters 110% correct my friend. they turned berlin into the smut capital of europe. whether it was drugs, homosexuality, prostitutes or beastiality, all of the depraved degenerates traveled to berlin. hitler came in and cleaned it all up and the people loved him for it.

Reese Daniel (edited)
Hitler is a bastard offspring of the Khazarian “jews” or Rothschilds, (fake Jew imposters destroying the planet). He and the AshekeNAZIs did not really target the “joos” that was a cover for their REAL targets which were people with RH NEGATIVE BLOOD (pure human beings the way God created them). They accused these people of being “Jews” but it was the BLOOD TYPE they wanted to ERADICATE.

RH positive is genetically modified bloodlines mixed with monkies. God did not make humans with monkey blood! This is fallen angelic tampering and from the Serpent mating with Eve and producing the first murderer and psychopath: Cain. The first book in the Bible talks about this very subject ,

DNA , Genesis , note the word Gene , Gen. 3:15 they use the word Seed same thing The evil “TREE” (aka Cain’s) progeny are walking among us and they are EVERYWHERE today. The Jews came from the Devil, Cain, and Canaanites. Esau married Canaanite women, and it was his children who took the name Jew. But the Israelites come from Jacob. These are the true people of God.

“Rothschild” invented the “star of David” and their standard is the white flag with the blue Hexagramthey are of the house of Cain, the 1st “wrothchild.” Gen 4:5 The people calling themselves “jews” are IMPOSTERS from the line of Cain/Esau.

I believe the Anglo Saxons (IsaacsSons) and Caucasians are the true Israelites from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which is why the fake “jews” (Synagogue of Satan – Rev 2:9 and 3:9) have stolen our identity and are doing everything they can to divide us from other races with their fake racism agenda and to eliminate us as a race of people.

All based on ENVY and hatred. Why? This is why: “Jacob I have LOVED, Esau I have HATED.” Rom 9:13 And this: Genesis Chapter 6 Verse 4. Also read Genesis 3:15 (Clearly describes TWO SEPARATE SEEDLINES). And Psalm 58:3-5 describes them (born evil). Also Isaiah 48:8 describes the “transgressor from the womb” which would be these hybrid seed children. God’s children are not “transgressors from the womb.” This describes satanic dna in Divine language. And Jesus knew exactly who they were even in their “human” form: Matthew 23:33 You serpents, you offspring of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

David Lang
+RealEyes Realize RealLies yeah they do. They also get upset if you point out all 3 Abrahamic based religions attempt to pray to the same God. Torah Bible , Qur’an. Same God.

The Vatican is still reeling over Pope Francis’s sermons about this .
Khazars hijacked Judaism. geez it’s very well documented.

Mon P.
Greatest story never told, worth a watch. https://youtu.be/DSPL0LmoY1g

Hunter Sells
they had to copy the 6 million starving ukranians number after the jewish bolsheviks stole the food from the ukraine, it made the non-jewish news papers so the jewish newspapers just took that number and put it on the nazis

vaccine’s are murder (edited)
wealthy pedophiles are always protected. pretty soon it will completely legal. most prominent wealthy people are pedophiles that’s how they get thier positions.

I think that is the way it will have to go. I am hoping that now all these poor black kids are taken in DC that the BLM get out of Sorroses control and march on the ping pong perverts.

Micha-el Cleveland
One of my favorite meditations/prayers is to bomb the areas of the Earth with Love that need it the most. Tidal waves of love are appreciated also

Galahad Threepwood
@Camillio Mr. Christopher Bollyn was approached by an Mossad agent who suggested him to write about Directed-energy weapon used on 9/11, long before Mrs. Smallstorm came out with her book

One explanation for this is that Mossad got wind of Dr Judy Wood’s work and were worried about her or anyone else getting close to the truth. So getting an agent to make a clumsy attempt to influence Bollyn is a way of discrediting any future revelations about energy weapons.

If Wood and her theory were rubbish, they wouldn’t expend so much time making her a non-person. Have you seen her wiki entry? Any attempt to create on is deleted immediately

cannabis is humanity’s companion plant without compare. Huge part of the warfare we’re facing can be remedied and combated with this plants numerous resource potential, Food, fiber, medicine, ect… It has been with us, featured prominently, forever. Hamp in Hampstead is Hemp, New HAMPshire, the HAMPtons, BHANGladesh, on and on.

The fact Hemp has been removed from history and forbidden in the common realm introduced me to the agents darkness assuming power in all other areas of assault.

In regard to “spiritual warfare” just look at the popular use and conception of weed. A highly valued medicinal plant physically yet offers an effect on mind. Used wantonly and without respect. Applied with rank hedonism and self indulgence. Weaponized. Like our history, our food, our air, our water, our medicine, our sense of self.

We’re in this mess largely from TV. It’s how most of us know what we know, outside of our personal experience, which is in conflict with what you’re shown and told.

Jews boastfully run our media. And should be named everywhere we speak of full spectrum dominance, asymmetrical warfare and detrimental propaganda. This “Jewish Question” offers us a great chance to grow spiritually which is why it is such a difficult question to answer or , now, even pose.

Remember the last man to ask and attempt to answer this for the sake of mankind did so differently than what is portrayed and taught to us, the REAL people.

Please, please, please, wake up to this. Be well out there.

ilfrigothefridge La Babs
Predictive programming.

Dawn Hall
http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/05/13/china-cultural-revolution-come-cannibal-banquet/ I have thought for quite a few years that we Americans are being fattened up for Chinese cuisine. They really enjoy pork, and I have read that human flesh tastes like pork. I hope I am six feet under before their harvest takes place. It is not going to be pleasant.

Search items in (parens) to get the bigger picture. ​What most Americans aren’t aware of ​is ​the fact that a huge chunk of the US $20 trillion debt bill went into building dozens of unauthorized, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP), deep underground bases​ (D.U.M.B.)​ and facilities​ ​supporting Continuity of Government (GOG). Most of this state-of-the-art infrastructure has been built and inter-connected by thousands of miles of 22nd century ​(Subterrene) ​transportation corrido​​rs ​over the last four decades. All this while the rest of America​ patriotically p​aid​ the bills and ​was left to twis​t​ in the wind ​​struggling with crumbling infrastructure on the ground above. It is this underground COG infrastructure which makes ​​(neo-con​)​​ psychopaths​ so willing and confident to plan and​ ​actively promote first strike nuclear war with Russia​ and China​ ​​today.​ Many of America’s lost ​(​pedogate​)​ children can be found ​in this secret ​(NWO Deep Globalist Shadow State) ​underworld which has ​remained​ out of sight and out of mind for decades​​.​ Both open borders and organizations like Planned Parenthood are all about harvesting and supplying the (undocumented) human trafficking requirements for this ​(breakaway civilisation).

Warning!! Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan
“Re. Mrs. Smallstorm and 9/11 Directed-energy weapon.
Rumor has it, Mr. Christopher Bollyn were approached by an Mossad agent
who suggested him to write about Directed-energy weapon used on 9/11,
long before Mrs. Smallstorm came out with her book.
If true… ask Mrs. Smallstorm about the name of that Mossad agent there
were wanted to divert Israel’s role away from peoples mind. If you have
the time, look op an old case, the murder of an innocent man in Sweden
1973 by the (((mossad))). The Lillehammer affair.
MOSSAD death in Lillehammer part 1/2
MOSSAD death in Lillehammer part 2/2
You will find 2 very interesting things re. 9/11″