[[Italian Viewpoint on EU]]

Jake Smith
Globalization is an elite idealism and is part of their Masonic faith. I say elite but for the most part, these people are not elites. There is nothing special about them. They were born into money or they married money and they exist in their own deluded bubbles. They are like our movie stars who think their opinions are special or valued. Their faith usually includes Elysium, the elites see themselves living apart from the rest of us. This is a big world, globalization is not inevitable or necessary. It is not even practical. Most people here in America don’t ever travel outside of their own state. They are not globe trekkers and they don’t see themselves as part of a global community. They are ignorant to even the outsiders that live amongst them. You are right about the Asian nations, they are pretty homogeneous. The civil war in Masonry is heating up since the election of Trump, Brexit, Renzi getting the Italian boot up his backside and so on, let’s hope that it doesn’t become the apocalyptic war these crazy religious zealot’s crave.