Another Weird Plane Crash, This Time Nevada, Loomer, Hawaii

urban moving
Published on 23 Jan 2018

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Why Did Cathy Newman Lose to Jordan Peterson?

Sargon of Akkad
Published on 18 Jan 2018

Cathy Newman puts her ”entitlement expectations” on full display in this interview and gives the viewer the idea that she is actually quite an unpleasant individual to deal with. If restructure of society was left to people like her then the whole thing would be very oppressive indeed with managers who were there by +ve discrimination rather than being properly qualified.  Frightening really.

Classified Information (edited)
This woman is painful to listen to. She interrupts him constantly, she’s literally badgering him and she’s one of the most unpleasant people I think I’ve ever had to listen to. I work in a company that is majority women and I can’t tell you how many meetings we’ve had about gossip and toxic environments. It’s absolutely ridiculous, women are some of the most high maintenance employees I’ve ever seen in my life and I am a woman saying this. I prefer to work with men because for the most part, men keep their head down and do their job. They don’t have time to sit around gossiping about things that have nothing to do with the workplace. Or that petty thing that women do where they try to take each other down by turning all the other women against another.

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PODESTA Coded Email Revealed – Every 3rd Letter

James Munder
Published on 21 Jan 2018

  • Pederasta & SoreAss going to a Collective Soul ”Concert” eh? Yea Right.
  • Heh guys ”I’m not talking in code either – we really are.”  Good Grief.  He just admitted he uses code!
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EUSSR Pension Pot Shortfall – Part iv

Why should their pensions be non contributory everyone else has to pay into their pensions talk about looking after the boys no wonder the accounts are never signed off.

Oh Dear … Tut Tut
265 Labour MEPs and former MEPs must be trembling?

Baroness Ashton too.
Mandelson too.
Cleggy too.
Boris’ Old Dad too.
But not Peter Skinner … he’s in Jail.

Who bailed out private pensions after people were left with a couple of pounds a week after paying in for years? That’s right. No-one. Just like the civil service pension they need to pay more in to make up the shortfall. They certainly earn enough! Or they good do what we plebs have to do, get an extra job and work longer. There. Sorted!

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Failed To Flee?

True Lies
Streamed live on 19 Jan 2018

Why was Eric Schmidt in North Korea?

We’re forgetting that Trump captured the terrorist leader in Benghazi who killed our ambassador and 3 others. This leader will provide info on how he got instructions which will lead to Hillary and Obama. Once direct connection is established it would be Gitmo in shackles. This is the biggest issue for those two.

Yourname Here
Orrin Hatch is still involved in that coke trafficking out of Colorado City Airport. His little back biz is threatened by the new guy in the Whitehouse.

Do Not Consent
ENGLAND looking in and standing by.

Marney Cohen
From Atlantic Canada here….what a story…better than fake CNN that’s for sure…time for the good people of the U.S.A. to take their country back!!!

True Lies
Streamed live on 20 Jan 2018

Red sails in the sunset? Way out on the sea …..

We Need To Pray/Prey
True Lies
Streamed live 10 hours ago

Joni McClellan
The lost emails discuss killing the President. UK would the foreign allies. Pray/Prey – Pray=Pope Prey=human sacrafices.

Tammi Anderson
We need full disclosure. I want to know everything. These are some sick ass People and they should all hang in Public for all to watch.

The Vatican controls U.K. and the U.K. Controls America so the U.K. would be the obvious choice as the Allied nation most interested in Trump’s removal.

GW:  If the UK really are plotting to illegally remove Trump then – Not in MY Name thanks!  And any politico over here who calls loudly for this is NO 1 suspect as well!  You hear that loud & clear Mr Khant?

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EUSSR Pension Pot Shortfall – Part iii

No wonder Clegg is spitting feathers!
Both him and his Spanish Flamenco dancer will LOSE hundreds of thousands of Euros!

It appears the incompetence of the EU knows no bounds
Meanwhile keep buying museums, wine cellars and new EU headquarters. No one is here to question you

libra – > Drrdf
Is there not a word for someone who spends other people’s money without their permission? She should realise that she is there only to REPRESENT us. She is NOT doing this. We voted to LEAVE the EU months ago; she should have walked away the day she was placed in office.

She says she is FOR Brexit. Evidence points otherwise.

She says the NHS is better prepared this year. She should tell the sick and dying, and those who cannot get treatment. Meanwhile she sends off £35 million of OUR money to the EU each day. Now how much has she sent since we voted to leave,

She pays God knows how much in Foreign Aid despite aiding immigrants she let in here

And this lot want to run an army to show how important they are – scary – Britain needs to be as far away from them as possible.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; let each country pay the pensions of it’s MEPs – at a rate to be set by each individual country. Why should we pay for the inflated pensions of other countries’ MEPs? All they do is try and rip more money from us at every twist and turn.

If you have a never ending supply of money what need is there to budget or restrict spending? Just like the BBC any organisation that has access to huge amounts of money will always find ways of spending it. If you are not governed by profit or answerable to anyone then expenditure is meaningless.

Let them suffer like many others especially Clegg and the Kinnocks

Their pensions should be based on the funds available in the pot…..not the inflated benefits they expected…..and the pot should not be topped up for the shortfall……………………where were these top ups when my scheme failed to deliver ?????

Do what they’ve done here with state pension and superannuation, move the goal posts increase contributions and increase the retirement age. If it’s good enough for uk pensioners it’s good enough for the overpaid eu parasites

It’s all about the “Moolah”……….This panic about remaining in EU otherwise the economy will crash, the Moon will fall, we love our British friends (Juncker) is nothing more than they NEED OUR MONEY mostly for their pension and salaries. 40,000 EU civil servants on an average of 40,000 euros each + +++ & whatever else benefits including GILT EDGED PENSIONS paid by the working classes of Europe. Perhaps you now understand why the the Kinnock clan, Mandelson, Clegg, Adonis, Clarke are so pro-EU. They all receive funding, pensions and salaries of some description and have been raking it in for years.

It’s only about the “Moolah”

We can’t afford pensions for our own people, so how ‘remainers’ think we should stay part of this corrupt joke and pay THEIR pensions is unbelievable! They must surely ALL be seeing the light by now, especially as Germany and France are starting to lay down the law that THEY are in charge and everyone should just shut up and do as they’re told! REMAIN?!?!?!?!?!? You would have to be out of your tiny mind to even think about it.

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EUSSR Pension Pot Shortfall – Part ii

Gripper601 – > Mark16
Add to the spending, over 50 E U embassies across the globe. In the majority of these countries there are embassies from the majority of the EU members – Barbados has 44 staff members. The EU is represented in 11 Pacific Island countries, four overseas territories by the delegation in Fiji. The delegation is credited to Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Marshall Islands, Tonga, French Polynesia, Pitcairn and several other territories. There is also a separate delegation in Papua New Guinea with two sub-offices in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. It all adds up to a foreign service 3,400 strong — more than 1,400 staff in Brussels and more than 1,900 abroad: a remarkable number of people doing political work of an elusive kind. The EU has a large aid budget and Commission staff (another 3,400 in the delegations) involved in administering aid programmes, making a staggering total in the delegations of over 5,400. Information is on the web.

Corruption costs to the EU. The EU has a corruption problem that could cost it up to €990 billion a year, according to a study

Yes and they have been for a while. The fun will start, when old Draghi stops printing – which he will surely have to do very shortly – because soon the ink and paper, will be worth more than the money value it is supposed to represent.

No way am I bailing out Junck the Drunk. He can buy his own whisky.
But not one penny, listen Mrs May & take notice, NOT ONE PENNY must go to the EU:

  • They have NEVER produced audited accounts, They SAY they need money, but do they?
  • Are all member nations up to date with their contributions? I did hear (and I am not sure if it true) that France owes them money. If this is so then they are the people to approach first, not us.
  • We never elected these people so they can get lost

Paul101 – > libra
Not true. The accounts have been signed by the court of Auditors since 2007.
Not true.
MEPs are elected.

PaulJWeighell – > Paul101
1/ Signed but caveated by the auditors.
2/ All members pay in arrears so all are out of date with payments.
3/ The commission is not elected nor did UK voters elect most of the MEPs yet they can create laws that UK voters have to obey.

history counts – > Paul101
Not signed off between 1994-2007 because accounts were “not entirely fair and accurate”, then in 2007 they signed off the in coming accounts, but still while the money paid in was now fair and accurate, the money paid out is still as it has been since 1994 “not entirely fair and accurate”. So I am afraid not signed off in reality since 1994.

While membership fees maybe up to date several eurozone member states including Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus were unable to repay or refinance their government debt.

Add to that the ECB has reached the limit that it can buy debt bonds (print money) in Germany and Italy.

So 7 eurozone nations are in serious debt, what will happen when the ECB can no longer buy debt bonds and the euro has to face the money markets, as failing currency is anyone’s guess but I doubt it will be pleasant.

GW: Finally Pizzagate has now become Pedogate and Brussels has been identified as being at the very epicentre of it.

Pizza/PedoGate – Brussels Connections

”Just how terrible has Brussels become regarding its ongoing child exploitation crime syndicate? When it becomes common knowledge that a certain locale harbors some of the worst child abuse criminals on the planet, you know that it’s bad—very bad! When all of the locals are well aware that the local police will not investigate anything having to do with crimes against the children, something is quite awry. And so it is in Brussels… and the surrounding countryside that is known for its small castles and quaint manors with their sprawling estates…on which to hunt.”

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