Amazing Polly: Growing Up Deep State – The Next Generation of Corruption

  • Looking into Alexander Vindman’s family led AP to all the Mafias & far beyond. From ”refugee” to Havard? How very fortunate.
  • The Vindman clan spent some time in Italy but Wikipedia doesn’t like to talk about that.
  • Step forward Carol Kitman a photographer who travelled every week to the Vindman home to take their picture?????
  • The Vindman boys spent a lot of time in the company of a woman called Kalmanovitch.  The same name as as Israeli double agent fraudster also called Shabtai Kalmanovich.  How interesting.
  • Kalmanovich is linked to Murray Wilson – in the middle of all the high criminals who also had an ”open door policy” with the FBI and who connected the Russian and Italian Mafia.
  • Among all these people is a person called ”Fatman Schiff” – Well I never.
  • Leonid Vindman is based in Russia & works mostly in banking is is linked to EU Investment Bank & Soros.
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EU Migrants in Britain claimed more than UKPDS 4 Billion in benefits

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Former law enforcement officer & psychologist – turned investigative reporter – Jen Moore found dead in her Radisson Hotel Room – Yet another Arkenside? R.I.P Ms Moore

Jen Moore Aka ”Task Force” Serves Legal Paper to Imran Awan

15 August 2018

Brave patriot the late Jen Moore, a former law enforcement officer and psycologist helped many people that were sexually abused & trafficked. She didn’ t let her own physical pain stop her mission.

Aneurysm or Arkancide – Larry Nichols Discusses the Untimely Death of Jen Moore

14 August 2018

Jenny Moore, YouTuber known as ”Task Force,” was found dead in her hotel room yesterday. Circumstances surrounding the death remain foggy but Moore, as reported ….

Moore, who was often called “Task Force as a nickname,” was interviewed about the Clinton case on July 13th by YouTube and radio journalist Farmer Jones. One month later, Moore’s she was dead, her body found by employees at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Washington, D.C. East – in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

LISTEN: Haunting Final Interview Surfaces of Dead Journalist Jen Moore; Her Chilling Details of Abuse of Alleged Clinton Rape Victim

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Lolita Island. Epstein’s torture and rape factory.

Wed 20 Nov 2019
posted by Tapestry

The film Lolita Island features Jeffrey Epstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton. To be found on Enigma (Pay) TV. The proximity of Epstein’s islands – he had two – (Little) St James and Great St James- to Haiti is a key factor, with so many children being trafficked out of Haiti. The islands have underground facilities. The trafficked children disappear in their tens of thousands.

The Clinton Foundation received $14 billion to relieve the Haiti earthquake emergency. None of the money arrived. That is when Epstein built his ‘facilities’ on his two islands.

Andrew was filmed in Epstein’s NY house chatting to young mature ladies who were not unwilling to say Hi back to him. The Epstein story is truly evil when you reach the Clinton part. With torture, murder and rape likely scenarios.

Epstein was a eugenicist with connections into Harvard and with top Jewish scientists. They are attempting to convert the working class into genetic slaves. Epstein is Mengele on steroids. Prince Andrew is the media cover-up, as he knew nothing of the real agendas, his downfall and that of British Royalty clearly being one of these.

Epstein set up a multi million trust fund the day before he ‘died’ (with no beneficiaries) when he was supposedly not available according to main media – being in hospital. Enigma TV believes he is still alive. The picture of him being broadcast worldwide in the media is artificially aged. No doubt he’s been in hospital having rejuvenating surgery and features altered so he is not easily recognisable from hereon.

His island would be the perfect hideaway for the time being once his surgery is complete. He can get back to where he was unbothered by the media as he no longer exists – officially – raping, torturing and killing as much as he desires, the Clintons his constant companions.

Lolita Island. Epstein’s torture and rape factory.

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Vatican financial watchdog now a ‘shell’ after police raid

ROME – A board member of the Vatican’s financial watchdog has resigned in the wake of a Vatican police raid that resulted in the agency’s suspension from the global communications network of financial intelligence units.

Marc Odendall, a Swiss German banker, tendered his resignation late Monday after Pope Francis decided not to renew the mandate of Rene Bruelhart, the president of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority, or AIF. The Vatican says Bruelhart’s successor will be announced next week.

Odendall told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he cited Bruelhart’s removal as well as the decision by the Egmont Group, a consortium of financial information agencies from 130 countries, to suspend AIF from its communications network following the Oct. 1 Vatican police raid on AIF’s offices.

“We cannot access information and we cannot share information,” he said. “There is no point in staying on the board of an empty shell.”

AIF remains an Egmont member, but is suspended from the secure communications network that is used to share confidential information in the global fight against money laundering and other financial crimes, he said.

During the raid, Vatican police seized documents, computers and cellphones from AIF’s headquarters as part of an internal investigation into the Vatican’s investment in a London real estate venture.

The raid raised alarm bells at Egmont and internationally given AIF is required to keep other countries’ documentation confidential and secure. Those countries would likely be less willing to share confidential information with AIF in the future if that information could so easily end up in the hands of Vatican police, officials feared.

AIF’s own statutes, approved by Francis in 2013, guarantee that data and information held by AIF are “protected with a view to ensuring their security, integrity and confidentiality.” Egmont hasn’t responded to AP requests for confirmation about AIF’s suspension from its communications network.

The rationale for the AIF raid isn’t clear. According to the 16-page Vatican search warrant, obtained by AP, Vatican prosecutors only alleged that the AIF’s actions in the real estate operation were “not clear” and faulted its director, Tommaso Di Ruzza, for being in contact with a London law firm involved in the deal.

The bulk of the search warrant concerned the actions of the Vatican’s secretariat of state, which in 2012 had put $165 million into the luxury apartment building in London’s Tony Chelsea neighborhood. The mortgage turned out to be onerous, the property lost its value amid Brexit concerns and middlemen managing the venture were making millions from the Vatican in fees.

The secretariat of state in 2018 decided to buy the building outright but needed the loan from the Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, or IOR, to buy out the other investors so it could extinguish the mortgage.

The IOR director, who is close to Francis, and the auditor general’s office raised an alarm with Vatican prosecutors alleging the buyout looked suspicious, sparking the raid.

As a result, the Vatican raids appeared more the result of an internal turf battle – between the IOR on one side, and the secretariat of state and AIF on the other – over the secretariat of state’s sizeable financial holdings, which are kept outside the IOR’s shrinking coffers and off the Vatican’s balance sheet.

With Bruelhart and Odendall gone, AIF has only three board members left and a director, di Ruzza, who was suspended after the raid.

Vatican financial watchdog now a ‘shell’ after police raid

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Alexander Vindman: Perjury Trap Set – Boom – Then Dr Wenstrup gave him the ”Sly Eye”

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Jim Viera talk about Atlantis & Beings with 6 Digits

The Law of One & The Spiritual Science Of The Ancients

AAE tv
25 October 2019

Ties into the painting of Bill Clinton wearing a Blue Dress & displaying 6 digits.
There is a painting of O’Blammy where he is depicted as having 6 digits.

Strange Facts About Obama’s Portrait & its Painter Kehinde Wiley

Obama: 666, Snakes, 6 Fingers & More in the Portrait of Barak Obama

Alan Tat
16 March 2018

last time
If this is Obama in the Garden of Eden…the serpent is in fact Obama himself

GW: Those who think (((they))) are Gods but are not – LOL.

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The Sun is offering a £10,000 reward for information on Jeffrey Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell

bart simpson
She is with her Father’s clan and Mossad in Israel. Meaning, she is untouchable.
Look at how they also destroyed the Labour Party, these guys are up to something ; and, i think that it is to do with Brexit and the EU.

anton glas – > bart simpson
I very much doubt that.
When these people have the power to jeopardise the British monarchy and bring down other powerful figures, they are going to conveniently disappear or be concluded as suicide cases, as did Robert Maxwell.
Wait and see.

I applaud The Sun for getting involved. Let’s hope you’re not feeling suicidal.

Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

bart simpson – > fatpastyhead
He is alive and welll with Maxwell’s daughter in Israel.

You need to get to know Q she asked For protection against Epstein enemies in a coded picture. If shes not on the run she will be in the hands of the Q team. SUN I truly hope you read these comments. There is a huge massive world wide silent war happening right now. Start telling the people!!

Were the Recent Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell a Possible Coded Message?

  • The idea of people carrying or reading books in public when they know they will be photographed as a form of “sending a message” is not new.
  • The Post reported that Ghislaine was reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. Many people took the symbolism of the book to be no coincidence
  • Anons began to look into the book that Ghislaine was reading and uncovered something weird: on the Amazon listing for that book, there was a review by a “G. Maxwell” written on the very day that the photos were published.
  • The Clintons were seen flying commercial, and Bill was reading a book about child sex crimes.
  • Part of what we were learning was that communications between Deep State “black hats” had been cut off and that the good guys were in control and had possibly frozen the assets of certain bad actors. That might account for the Clintons flying commercial among the great unwashed.
  • People took Weinstein’s public display of this book – the Biography of Elia Kazan – as a possible signal to others in Hollywood that he could take them down with him.
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Hero dog saves injured koalas from Australian bushfires

The dog, named Bear, helped save the injured koalas following wildfires which devastated swathes of New South Wales (NSW). Wearing socks to protect his paws, he went into into burnt-out areas to detect the native Australian animals by sniffing out their faeces and fur.

Bear was given up by his former owners as he was not well suited to life as a pet because he was intelligent and highly energetic.

He now works as a koala detection dog for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) alongside his handler, Rianna. When the pet-turned-rescue dog smells a koala, he sits very still to alert Rianna that an animal is nearby.

Hero dog saves injured koalas from Australian bushfires

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Censored Antarctica Videos (!) ”What (((They))) Don’t Want U 2 Know”

18 November 2019

  • ”Florida Maquis’‘ is being suppressed.
  • There is a Dome under the ice down there & (((they))) don’t want you to know about it.

Another Ancient Elongated Skull Found In Antartica Near Unknown Deerlike Creature (!)

Florida Maquis
18 November 2019


Florida Maquis
5 November 2019

Google Earth Pro 2019 Updated Imagery ! ! Areas of Surface Activity~ 76°13’52.02″S 112°26’7.48″W 76°18’50.00″S 112° 0’16.54″W

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