Ministers blew £5 million preparing housing benefit cut that was dumped after a year

”Last month Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey announced a U-turn on the policy to remove automatic entitlement to housing benefit for 18 to 21-year-olds, which was introduced in April 2017.”

Only another 5 million. No one will be held accountable. In the history of politics has there ever been such a bunch of charmless, useless, free loading non entities sitting in the commons ? There is just nobody you can vote for.

Just like Thatcher who paid for expensive Polish coal to break the miners, this government will spend more promoting their callous ideology than it would cost to provide decent payments to people

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The Generals’ President: How a Praetorian Pentagon Rolled a Gullible Trump

Judah Grunstein
Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

President Donald Trump during a briefing with senior military leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Washington, Oct. 5, 2017 – 9 on one side 11 o t’other

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Richie Allen Monologue: Windrush Generation Scandal, Hysterical Fishwives Screaming Antisemitism & More.

Richie Allen
Published on 19 Apr 2018

Who destroyed the ”landing cards” in 2010?  Was this done on purpose?

The President of The Internet
Windrush is a psyop, it’s designed to drum up consent to naturalize all of the illegal immigrants in the UK – not the long-established ones like the Windrush folks, but the illegal Jihadists who have been sneaking in their millions.

Iqbal Halani   (edited)
The synagogue of satan infiltration is a highly cunning “by deception ye shall wage war” type. On top you have gay goyim and presstitutes earning a wedge from the murdochs who own the media. And we haven’t even mentioned the sugars and welbys.

Could I remind the Prime Minister she is a war criminal and this all a distraction designed to move the news cycle on.

EyeInTheSky  (edited)
“None of my family survived”. And here I am the ghost of honaca past talking to you now… This is nothing but the usual diversion as they sense people waking up to the plight of the Palestinians. Also, the biggest joke is that they are everywhere in Politics and in government and to try to pretend that they are not or are being bullied out of it is a joke.

Phish Phood
This is all very nice …. BUT …
Where is Yulia Skripal …?????

mark brayson
you want to look into the children who were deported to Australia, Canada, south Africa, new Zealand by our own government from the start of the century up till the 1980s Richie, ever seen the movie oranges and sunshine watch it if you haven’t I was disgusted at it, our government have done really evil things and still doing them, when they’re found out they always go to something else like say Brexit then they might go to north korea now that hasn’t been said in a while lately with trump and co-bombing the shit out of Syria all for Saudi Arabia to put a pipe line through their country for oil plus Syria has a mountain load of oil as well so there you go just like Iraq and don’t rule out Israel here as well because they want Palestine don’t they right next door to Syria, then look at this child abuse and child murder conducted by politicians lords and alike which there is an enquiry going on but doesn’t get anywhere, then look to all the cities and towns with muslim child abuse and child murder and nothing happens to them hardly any prison time at all yeah we know what’s going on alright

John Morris
These so-called Windrush people should have full rights, they have contributed. Something to this country, that is unlikely to be the case with many of the current crop of refugees from Africa and Middle East, do they get access to NHS and welfare benefits i wonder.

User Name
Please get Martin Armstrong back on. Resent postings about Germany deserve extra attention, Armstrong’s views on Brexit would be very interesting to hear and the worlds debt has caused Armstrong Economics to issue what almost amounts to warnings. A big flop is right ahead, new postings strongly indicates.

Albert G   (edited)
They seem to always be fleeing from someone or from somewhere. I am fine with jews but anti-Semitism is a complete farce, only used to silence criticism.

Todd From Work
Read why Edward I kicked the Jews off the Isles in 1290. It wasn’t an isolated incident. It took decades of testing the patience of British people before the drastic choice was made to force them out. They’ve been kicked out of 109 countries, 359 times. It’s not due to some inexplicable, irrational “antisemitism.” It’s because of the behavior of the Jews. Consistent subversive behaviour, generation after generation, century after century. They behave badly, then act like they’re victims. The Polish have a saying: “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

Kronos Media   (edited)
1. Britain has treated the Jews better than any other community.
2. Yiddish is not a Semitic language.
3. Those who talk about anti-Semitic attacks never shed a tear when Palestinian or Syrian children are bring trafficked and killed.

bob boo
They did not get that upset with Rochdale….!!!! ??????

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Pictures show Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent named Simon Elliot

Meetings with John McCain

”I do not have enough information on who Simon Elliot is to say that the person in these pictures is him or anyone else. What I can say is that the person in the upper left corner of the first picture IS Baghdadi and that the unidentified person on the right side of that picture does look strikingly similar to Baghdadi (those eyebrows), and that this unidentified person looks like the man in the other two pictures.”

عاجل و خطير جدا
:تناقلت مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي موضوعا مهما تضمن تمكن الجانب الايراني من كشف الهوية الحقيقة لزعيم الدولة الاسلامية (داعش) .
حيث بين الموضوع أن الاسم الحقيقي لابو بكر البغدادي هو “شمعون ايلوت” من اب وام يهوديان .
حيث أن المدعو “ايلوت” قد تم تجنيده في الموساد الاسرائيلية لمدة عام واحد خاض خلالها العديد من التجارب والاختبارات الفكرية والميدانية ليكون مؤهلاً لقيادة فكر مدمر للمجتمعات العربية والاسلامية.
هذا وفي تسريبات قيل انها منسوبة لادوار سنودن، ونشرتها صحف ومواقع اخبارية، ان زعيم تنظيم “الدولة الاسلامية” ابو بكر البغدادي تعاون مع أجهزة مخابرات اميركية وبريطانية واسرائيلية لخلق تنظيم إرهابي قادر على استقطاب المتطرفين من جميع أنحاء العالم في مكان واحد.

Urgent and very serious: the Iranian side was able to detect the identity of the leader of the Islamic State (dash).  Where the subject matter that the real name of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was “Simon Elliott” from father and mother Jewish.

The so-called “Eliot” was recruited in the Israeli Mossad for a year during which he fought many trials and tests and field to be eligible to lead a devastating thought of Arabic and Islamic.

This and the leaks allegedly attributed to the role of Snowden, and published by newspapers and news websites, the leader of the “Islamic State,” Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-cooperates with us and British intelligence to create a terrorist organization capable of attracting extremists from all over the world in one place. (Translated by Bing^)

Thanks to a Q Drop & David Seaman which led to the search for the photo.

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Our Wonderful NHS Is 70 This Year & A Party Is Being Organised

Celebrate and Demonstrate
#OurNHS70 – Free, for all, forever

On Saturday 30 June 2018 in Central London tens of thousands will join a parade of music, protest, carnival and street party. Make sure this is one event you don’t miss out on this year!

Say yes to:
– A publicly owned NHS that is free for all
– Proper funding and proper staffing
– Support for our NHS workers
– World class services for every community

Saturday 30 June 2018
Assemble 12pm, Portland Place, London W1A (nearest tubes: Oxford Circus / Great Portland St)
Parade route to 10 Downing Street, Whitehall

Please invite your friends to the Facebook event

Links and Information via North Herts Peoples Assembly.

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The Mark iv Model Is Ready For Its Road Test Sir

These days Treason’s hair gets longer and shorter and longer and shorter in a matter of days – it seems to ebb & flow like the tide. Wigs?

It will immediately bring about a Civil War, the Lords are rich & powerful individuals, past ministers, judges, lawyers, this is something that EU will cause eventually, a civil war in Europe.

GW:  That’s maybe what tptwtb intend.  Don’t fall for their tricks.

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Who’s that person leaning in the corner dressed up like ”Mr Normal?” Oh that’s Shy Arbel.

Shai Arbel – with the enlarged left eye.

Shai Arbal?  Shy Arbel?  That one who was friends with Miley Skyrus?  Oh – You mean Imnot Shy don’t you?  No Imnot Shy was in college with Athrot and he says there’s no way that guy’s Imnot.  Imnot played rugby didnt he Athrot?  I believe he was in the Reserve 7 for a while, yes.  Hmmmm.

Goodness poor old Shai Arbel – we really need to raise his profile a bit don’t we.

Did you know that Shai Arbel is an Israeli who started Terrogence – Actionable Intelligence The Way You Need it by harvesting the profiles of 85 Million persons from social media sites and then passed the information/sold it to ”Data Drives What We Do” Cambridge Analytica?

Terrorgence is then further linked to Unit 8200, Israel’s Military IntelligenceIsrael’s ‘GCHQ’ which has spawned more technology millionaires than many business schools

Thanks to UK Column News for the information.

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