Prince knew in 1999 – How about that?

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EU Budget Spokesperson Johannes de Hahn: If UK don’t pay we will have to raise the ceiling.

Brussels fears UK won’t pay full Brexit Bill.

S4S: Can you hear something? I can. It is us. We are pushing back against the Globalists.

Dan Templeton
The EU is trying to raise its own army? NEVER give a dictatorial entity an army.

GW: Listen to Sedwill & UK Column – EU already have EU Army Central Cmd & Kontrol pillars in place.  The only thing missing is the funds to run it.  they were planning a Tax of 2.5% but Brexit might have got in the way of that plan a bit.

Randal Gliph
@Dan Templeton. If the EU raises an army, the EU MP’s will have to stop eating and driving, to afford to feed it. They aren’t going to make PERSONAL sacrifices, after all.

Thomase Synek
I am surprised that they didn’t start with a secret police to hunt the wreckers of the five year utopian plan. Czechia.

Return of the Native
@Dan Templeton They wanted to 30 odd years ago, but baulked at the cost. I’ll bet they’re regretting it now. 🇦🇺

John Balladear
Well they will NOT get the British Army et al now even though the Traitor May illegally signed it away to them moments before hounded out of office.

Socks With Sandals
🇬🇧 Don’t make us come over there again Europe. NATO was formed to prevent trouble in Europe not the EU.

Eric Delf
@Thomase Synek They’ve got their secret police alright.

Jake Bullet
In the UK we were told that an EU army was a nonsense conspiracy theory.

GW: By Cleggosvitch wasn’t it?

Jake Bullet
@John Balladear That was a disgusting , probably traitorous, act.

Robin Lundstrum
@John Balladear – I didn’t know that. She is so despicable. For me that is the absolute last straw. Obama did stuff like that right before he left. These people are the worst. How did UK go from Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May? What a traitor!

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György Schwartz invests $45 million in Activision Blizzard

6 March 2020

George Soros invests $45 million in Activision Blizzard

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McA-TV: National Guard Will Step In | Notre Dame_The 1 4th Ritual!!!

McAllisterTV – 30 May 2020

  • The Burning of Notre Dame was a Deep State Ritual but it went slightly wrong apparently.  It was burned 4 days early according to Gene.
  • ”Big Mike’‘ was there because on Easter Eve [[[they]]] were supposed to do the last sacrifice to bring Lucifer from the underworld at Notre Dame.  Paris means ”For ISIS” – Notre Dame was built in a specific way for certain rituals to be carried out underneath it. Big Mike was there as the big Witch & was to perform this last sacrifice there.  Too bad it went up 4 days too soon for [[[them]]] so  [[[they]]] didn’t have [[[their]]] sacrifice material ready underneath it.
  • Nance Pelosi looks like the BTK Strangler – McA says ”Look it up.”
  • ”Who are the Y-Heads?”  Looking forward to finding out what THAT is all about.
  • Q MAP: Trace the Bloodlines
  • GW: These people are weird indeed.  Fancy believing in all that Satanic crap.  Fancy actually having ”Head Witch” in you job title!  All the time pretending to be a woman.
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Reopening Schools

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Tonefreqhz – 29 April 2019

Talks of ”Fusion Doctrine” & keeps Sun Tzu’s ”The Art of War” on his desk – say no more.  Keep everyone ”economically active” – Yes & how will you do that?  ”Organised Crime & Criminal Groups spilling out into Western Society” – Yep & whose fault is that?  The Globalists of which you are one!  Mentions the ”problems” Ukraine has faced – Yep the Globalists’ current playground isn’t it Mark?  ”The UK is the most Globalised Economy in the G20”.  How sad to hear this.

See Thread by Nadia for further details:

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The Slog: EXPLOSIVE: the anti-Brexit unelected cabal that wants Johnson & Co gone

21 April 2020

“We believe there would be significant disruption in the short term. Food prices would increase by up to 10 per cent with steeper rises in fresh produce prices….Unlike in 2008 our recession would be a local one, not an international one. This would make the currency depreciation more harmful….

“The UK would forfeit access to criminal justice levers. None of our mitigation measure would give the UK the same security capabilities as our current ones.

“A no-deal exit would enormously increase pressure on our law and security authorities and on our judicial system. The UK would be less safe as a result of this.”

From Sir Mark Sedwill’s No Deal Brexit letter to the Cabinet, April 2nd 2019

Now that PM Boris Johnson appears to be ‘out of the woods’ following his COVID19 infection, the very dirty war between the Whitehall barons (plus their media friends) and the BoJo inner circle (especially Dominic Cummings) is well beyond the woods, and into the open political savannah of Westminster. It goes beyond C19 as an issue, involves the spoilers in the Stop Brexit scorched earth last redoubt….and represents Phase 2 in the continuing plot by the Corporacratic State to gather yet more power unto itself.

Way back on December 21st 2019, I wrote this about the post-Brexit structure of UK government under Boris Johnson:

‘….the only news that really counts, frankly, is that Sir Mark ‘Elephant’ Sedwill is still there. Quelle surprise.

‘As long as the Archbishop of Counterespionage is still in place, then the unelected State is still in control. From here on, however, he will find himself up against Deadly Dom: and Cummings has taken two weeks off to prepare his idea of festivities – culling the Whitehall spoilers as quickly as possible, while drastically cutting the population of their fiefdoms. One key commonality between him and Boris Johnson is their desire to sweep clean when it comes to the pernicious amateurs.’

Sedwill runs the Cabinet Office. He is a very senior spook. He also heads up the entire Whitehall swamp. No bureaucrat in British history has previously held all three offices at once.

He is a dedicated blocist, an incorrigible Remainer, and a man who – through his unpleasant henchman Olly Robbins – constructed a coup d’état against the elected officials negotiating with the Brussels mafia during the 2018-19 period. Some observers may find the word coup too strong….too emotive, like that other word hated by Blairites, traitor. But in this case, the cap fits: Sedwill is no better than the Commissioners he chooses to serve in Belgium….and former Prime Minister Theresa May happily went along with the surreal circus we only stopped by the skin of our teeth.

I have never wavered from my view that the corporacrats led by Sedwill won’t give up the fight they lost through Britain’s one last despairing attempt at democracy. Obviously, despite his election success, Johnson did not feel strong enough to fire Sedwill: it is reminiscent, I suspect, of the Kennedy brothers having to tolerate the FBI’s J Edgar Hoover. These bottom-feeders know where every body is buried.

Sir Mark has had two enormous strokes of luck. Although his personal sovereignty looked wobbly for a while in January when Boris ordered a molehunt to purge persistent leakers among the Sir Humphreys, COVID19 was then painted onto the global political horizon, and after mid-March, the Prime Minister became infected with the virus himself.

Before getting into the detail of this current perfidy, it is important to name the game in play. As The Slog has pointed out in several posts passim, the Murdoch octopus wants the BBC obliterated and replaced by Sky: Cummings and Johnson agree the Beeb needs reform and a major purge, but they’re not about to hand massive media power to a family they have come to distrust. Sedwill wants Johnson and Cummings out, because he – along with his misanthropic Whitehall followers – sees no alternative to a powerful EU propped up by NATO…and because Cummings especially wants all the Amateur Night Dad’s Army fifth columnists growing roses under house arrest in Sussex.

We are witnessing the same mixed message, non-stop media bile Trump has faced since his election because we have the same fight going on here as in the US: between unelectable liberal fascists of the Opposition and global business Alt State on the one hand, and the duly elected political Executive on the other.

Only when the EC commissioners, NATO bigwigs, US neocons and Whitehall door-revolvers have all succeeded in killing liberal democracy on behalf of globalist technocracy will these reptiles be satisfied. Fauci is one of them, Gates another, then Barnier, Verhofstadt, Zuckerberg, Macron, the Pentagon, Texas oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street, the City, Murdoch, Biden, the Clintons, Blair and – trailing along invisibly behind them – possibly Keir Starmer….but more probably Jeremy Hunt.

They are not, like some naifs would suggest, a coven indulging in odd rituals and funny handshakes. They are just the dangerously psychopathic 3% of Homo sapiens who consider it their inalienable right to tell everyone else what to do. They are tied together only by a selfish megalomania in common – if you follow the irony.

What Leftlibs don’t seem able to grasp is that they’re being effortlessly played as Useful Idiots, to use the clinically accurate phrase first coined by Lenin. The lack of united Opposition and historical awareness means that very few people know what field of play they’re on. This is bigger than Parties, bigger than Brexit, and far bigger than Contrick19: this is the Final of the World hegemony knockout Cup. The End Game.

And so to the latest score: Sedwill, the security services and the senior Whitehall Europhiles are seizing opportunities at every turn (with the help of a broad media spectrum including Sky and the BBC) to present the Johnson Administration as a gaggle of shambolic squabbling infants in an adult world. The goal is to derail Brexit.

They are leaking to the following titles freely, exaggerating reality at all times and inventing chaos: the Times, Sun, Mail, Guardian and Independent. Established Fleet Street contacts talk of “daily hour-long phone calls at The Guardian” and the Mail having “virtually an open line to senior officials”.

This leaking has included ‘lies’ about Johnson’s illness, the ‘disappearing PM’ before his illness, ‘widespread impatience in the Cabinet’ with lack of action, ‘open warfare on lockdown’, completely misrepresenting Matt Hancock’s fear of lockdown exit, depicting lockdown exiteers as bloodthirsty goforits one minute – and then as fiscally naive the next.

This isn’t just “calling out” the Government along the lines of rent-a-foghorn crazed Zombie Piers Morgan: it’s an out and out conspiracy to destroy an elected Government.

Even worse, they are working to thwart supply chains by pleading bureaucratic niceties or simply ignoring offers of help – across a wide range of product fields ranging from drug management, surgical masks, gowns, personal volunteering and even infection-testing.

Further, a round dozen medical and modelling opinion leaders have expressed concerns to me about what one called “deliberately wheeling out Neal Ferguson as an alarmist who would perform his usual trick of Grim Reaper doom”, and another “Whitehall’s long-established trick of f**king up Ministers they don’t like by introducing them to plausible amateurs”. A third simply said, “Ferguson is poorly regarded in his field, and even in some virology circles not trusted”.

And last but not least, there have been at least twenty-four instances to my knowledge alone of mass use of COVID19 as a cause of death that is inaccurate – and in some cases, pernicious invention.

They are aided and abetted by motormouth-amateurs who pitch up on social media, with ‘authoritative’ predictions of doom along the lines of ‘I heard a chap from the ONS on Graham Vine last week saying the latest seasonal death figures are spiking for March (I think) so I’m sorry, but your assertion is quite wrong’. Some of these super-spreaders are just dickheads, some are trolls, all expect me to take them seriously. But day in, day out, the Times reprints the myths and the Sun simply prints lies with all the nasty numbers doubled.

The Johnson administration is not led by science (as it claims over and again – a sure sign of protesting too much) it is led into dark corners by half-baked and counterfeit advice from donkeys and jackals respectively.

A good proportion of the donkeys also have questionable conflicts of interest leading back to all the usual suspects; but the jackals are the same internationalist anti-democratic revolving-door mandarins whose sole vantage point in relation to the Citizen is from the looking-down-on position. Why 85% of citizens still look up to these people is a mystery that I no longer feel able to unravel.

As a lifelong master of manipulation via mayhem, Sir Mark Sedwill is without question the main antimatter causing the poultergeists to fly in all directions. He is depicted by the media to whom his accolytes leak as a gentle giant offering calm advice to lengthen the lockdown, shorten the lockdown, consider the damage to the NHS, consider the cost to the economy of protecting the NHS, advise Boris to rest fully, insist that Boris gets back to work and – the ultimate stroke of evil genius – get people to wear face masks but also ensure that front-line health workers don’t die from a lack of masks.

The search that the Prime Minister began in January to penetrate and then expunge those in the sieve is going nowhere because it is being conducted by the Masterchef straining loose excrement and hot water into the sieve.

On his return – if he wants to stop Contrick19 from becoming just another weapon in the war to stop Brexit – Boris Johnson has a duty to rid us of Sir Mark Sedwill and all those who do his bidding. Has he got the balls to do it? Where do his real loyalties lie?

On verra.

Connected post from yesterday at The Slog: Clare Foges reports from Room 101


Horseman on April 24, 2020
So far as of today Trump has NOT done anything significant to stop the Nephilim Crown from achieving their goals. This is because he has been PLACED there by the Nephilim Crown, which is headed up by the House of Winsdor.

Quote from Henderson, Dean. Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse (p. 166). Kindle Edition.

” Most viable opposition having turned collaborators, largely via the CERN-generated smart-phone/Archon open portal interface, the time is near for a major cataclysm false flag event (we now know this to be the current Covid 19 Pandemic as when this book was written the “Pandemic” had not yet happened) to be followed by an Order out of Chaos Mark of the Beast micro-chipping of humans and the crowning of a world government Anti-Christ Nephilim in Jerusalem. It is no coincidence that the Mark of the Beast is discussed in the Bible in Revelations “13”. According to a book published in Spain by Pilar Eyre, King Juan Carlos of the Hapsburg Borbon Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines had an affair with Princess Diana of the Bruce Spencer Merovingian Nephilim bloodlines. Eyre says Prince William was conceived during this affair. It seems logical that this was more a breeding program than a love affair and that Prince William has all the credentials needed to be crowned King of Jerusalem since he is a double-crossed scion of the Merovingians, who falsely claim descent from Jesus himself but in fact originated from a sea serpent called Oannes. Therefore, there is also a good chance he will be ushered in as the Second Coming of Christ.

Henderson, Dean. Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse (p. 166). Kindle Edition.

Suggested reading to understand who constitute the 13 Nephilim bloodline families are found here

Henderson, Dean. Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse (p. 168). Kindle Edition. (headed up by the why can be found here


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Who the heck is Grace Campbell? Oh keep up GovWatch – She is Alistair Campbell’s daughter. Oh that explains everything.

GW: Brought up in a dysfunctional household & that’s what happens. Nothing like it down at ”Watch Under the Willows” thank goodness – However things have gotten ”a bit tense” from time to time recently.  And a nose ring as well.  Good Lord.  Tatts??? Spose so.

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Why have you stopped reporting how many people have been tested @MattHancock?

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Why have you stopped reporting how many people have been tested?
No information for the last SIX consecutive days?
What are you hiding, Health Secretary?👇
Quote Tweet

Matt Hancock @MattHancock
· 11h
Really proud of my amazing team who have delivered 4 MILLION coronavirus tests since the start of this crisis. Thank you to each and every one

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TAP: COVID cured. Media keeps shtum.

Fri 29 May 2020
posted by Tapestry

After investing billions in a bio-weapon to kill humans (enhanced function virus – SARS-COVID -2) the world’s medical cartel is hardly going to be happy that doctors can now cure COVID-19 (SARS-COVID-2 can trigger COVID-19 if you’ve had flu jabs as the flu jab is contaminated with gamma retro viruses).

COVID 19 can be cured in nearly all cases with a protocol of treatment that is extremely simple and cheap. You won’t read about this in the main media. Dr Mercola is as usual more interested in saving humans than killing them – unlike Fauci who is keen to execute as many as he can. Here is Dr Mercola’s description of the COVID-19 curing protocol.

Despite the fact that many critical care specialists are using treatment protocols that differ from standard of care, information about natural therapeutics in particular are still being suppressed by the media and is not received by critical care physicians

Five critical care physicians have formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC). The group has developed a highly effective treatment protocol known as MATH+

Of the more than 100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with the MATH+ protocol as of mid-April, only two died. Both were in their 80s and had advanced chronic medical conditions

The protocols call for the use of intravenous methylprednisolone, vitamin C and subcutaneous heparin within six hours of admission into the hospital, along with high-flow nasal oxygen. Optional additions include thiamine, zinc and vitamin D

COVID-19 kills by triggering hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation and hypoxia. The MATH+ protocol addresses these three core pathological processes

“Why is success in critical care being ignored?” the Alliance for Natural Health rightly asks.1 The organization claims “much more could be done to save lives” if critical care protocols were to take into account what critical care doctors are finding in practice. A May 14, 2020, article reads, in part:2

“After around 8 weeks in lockdown and 3 months since the spectre of Covid-19 loomed large in our media headlines, why is it that a team of frontline critical (intensive) care doctors in the USA who have delivered close to 100% survival with their unique protocol being roundly ignored?

Wouldn’t you think that hospitals and governments would be biting their hands off to get a hold of their protocol? Or clamoring for more information and training to understand why their own outcomes from standard care fall so far short, delivering around just 50% survival in most critical care settings? …

It’s now very clear that the outcomes among the very seriously ill patients in critical care units (also referred to as ICU [intensive care units]/ITU [intensive therapy units] in the UK) are being used to inform lockdown (or lock up!) strategy and keep the fear levels sufficiently high to ensure citizen compliance …

Why is there such widespread censorship of anything but the party line by online platforms which lack sufficient expertise to adjudicate on matters of science and medicine?

The public-facing narrative continues to profess that there is nothing you can do to support your immune system, there is nothing in the natural arsenal for Covid-19 … social distancing must be maintained at all times and that the only cure for this terrifying infection will magically come from a vaccine created at warp speed.

When you add these untruths to the plans being rolled out for ramping up citizen surveillance through test, track and trace, the erosion of our rights and freedoms through the emergency coronavirus legislation, the destruction of economies and the forced reliance of so many on the state for survival handouts, you realize how much we might lose whilst much of the world cowers behind closed doors in fear.”

Front-Line Critical Care Working Group

As noted by the Alliance for Natural Health, despite the fact that “the obstacle course posed by the peer review process to scientific publication has been removed,” and despite many critical care specialists using treatment protocols that differ from standard of care, information about natural therapeutics in particular are still being suppressed by the media and is not received by those who need it most — critical care physicians.

“We all need to be asking why. After all, people are dying. How would it make relatives feel if it was found that their loved one had died needlessly just because the doctors who were having greatest success were not being listened to and their innovative protocols had been systematically ignored?” Alliance for Natural Health states.3

According to the article, efforts by Dr. Pierre Kory — medical director at the Trauma & Life Support Center and a faculty member in the Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health to share the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group’s4 (FLCCC) successes with other health care professionals have so far come to naught.

Kory was one of five doctors participating in a May 6, 2020, roundtable discussion5 on COVID-19 with ranking senate committee member Gary Peters, D-Mich. In his testimony, Kory states, in part:6

“I want to start by saying that I am part of a group of physicians which include several of the most highly published and well-known critical care experts in the country and world (Drs. Paul Marik, Umberto Meduri, Joseph Varon and José Iglesias). In response to the COVID crisis we formed the Front-Line Critical Care Working group …

Members of our group have now treated in excess of 100 hospitalized patients with our treatment protocol. Nearly all survived. The two that died were in their 80s and had advanced chronic medical conditions.

None of the patients have had long stays on the ventilator nor become ventilator dependent. The patients generally have a short hospital stay and are discharged in good health …

Our protocol has been out over four weeks. It is not unique, in fact, we are not alone in what we propose or have been trying … In fact, we are seeing an increasing number of similar protocols with nearly identical therapeutics come out from various institutions and countries, including the Italian guidelines, Chinese guidelines, Yale protocol, Montefiore protocol and others.

We are doctors, trained to diagnose and treat illness, we are experts in our field with decades of experience and hundreds of publications … We have clearly devised an effective treatment for use, prior to the publication of randomized controlled trials.

Those trials are critical for sure, as they will help us further refine and/or perfect our treatment doses, durations, and indications, but waiting for the perfect is and will be the enemy of the good, which we are already achieving … We just want to save lives, and we know how to do it.”

Click here to learn Dr. Mercola’s top tips to combat coronavirus

COVID-19 Early Intervention Protocol
According to Kory, the FLCCCs MATH+ protocol has been delivered to the White House on four occasions, yet no interest has been shown. Worse, he says they continue to be stonewalled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Health. Why?

Isn’t saving lives, right now, and by any means possible, more important than pushing for a vaccine? If the MATH+ protocol works with near-100% effectiveness, a vaccine may not even be necessary. The MATH+ protocol gets its name from:

  • Intravenous Methylprednisolone
  • High-dose intravenous Ascorbic acid
  • Plus optional treatments Thiamine, zinc and vitamin D
  • Full dose low molecular weight Heparin

Kory’s testimony transcript reviews and summarizes the MATH+ protocol, and explains why the timing of the treatment is so important. As explained by Kory, there are two distinct yet overlapping phases of COVID-19 infection.

  • Phase 1 is the viral replication phase. Typically, patients will only experience mild symptoms, if any, during this phase. At this time, it’s important to focus on antiviral therapies.
  • In Phase 2, the hyperinflammatory immune response sets in, which can result in organ failures (lungs, brain, heart and kidneys). The MATH+ protocol is designed to treat this active phase, but it needs to be administered early enough.

The MATH+ Protocol
The MATH+ protocol7 calls for the use of three medicines, all of which need to be started within six hours of hospital admission:

Intravenous methylprednisolone, to suppress the immune system and prevent organ damage from cytokine storms — For mild hypoxia, 40 milligrams (mg) daily until off oxygen; moderate to severe illness, 80 mg bolus followed by 20 mg per day for seven days. On Day 8, switch to oral prednisone and taper down over the next six days.
Intravenous ascorbic acid (vitamin C), to control inflammation and prevent the development of leaky blood vessels in the lungs — 3 grams/100 ml every six hours for up to seven days.

Subcutaneous heparin (enoxaparin), to thin the blood and prevent blood clots — For mild to moderate illness, 40 mg to 60 mg daily until discharged.

Optional additions include thiamine, zinc and vitamin D. In addition to these medications, the protocol calls for high-flow nasal oxygen to avoid mechanical ventilation, “which itself damages the lungs and is associated with a mortality rate approaching nearly 90% in some centers,” Kory notes.8

Together, this approach addresses the three core pathological processes seen in COVID-19, namely hyperinflammation, hypercoagulability of the blood, and hypoxia (shortness of breath due to low oxygenation).

COVID-19 Should Not Be Treated as ARDS
In the video, Dr. Paul Marik points out that it’s crucial for doctors to treat each patient as an individual case, as COVID-19 is not conventional acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

If the patient is assumed to have ARDS and placed on a ventilator, you’re likely going to damage their lungs. Indeed, research has now shown that patients placed on mechanical ventilation have far higher mortality rates than patients who are not ventilated. While not discussed here, some doctors are also incorporating hyperbaric oxygen treatment in lieu of ventilation, with great success.

The reason for this is because the primary problem is inflammation, not fluid in the lungs. So, Marik says, they need anti-inflammatory drugs. “It’s not the virus that is hurting the host, it’s the acute inflammatory dysregulated response,” he says. “That’s why you need to use vitamin C and steroids.” He points out that steroids play a crucial role, as it creates synergy with vitamin C.

COVID-19 patients also have a hypercoagulation problem, so they need anticoagulants. In addition to using the proper medication, they must also be treated early. “You have to intervene early and aggressively to prevent them from deteriorating,” Marik says.

Methylprednisolone May Be a Crucial Component
Kory expresses concerns over the fact that health organizations around the world are warning doctors against the use of corticosteroids, calling this a “tragic error”9 as “COVID-19 is a steroid-responsive disease.”10 In his testimony, he points out:11

“Sorin Draghici, CEO of Advaita Bioinformatics, just reported12 that their incredibly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence platform called iPathwayGuide, using cultured human cell lines infected with COVID-19, is able to map all the human genes which are activated by this virus …

Note almost all the activated genes are those that express triggers of inflammation. With this knowledge of the specific COVID inflammatory gene activation combined with knowledge of the gene suppression activity of all known medicines they were able to match the most effective drug for COVID-19 human gene suppression, and that drug is methylprednisolone.

This must be recognized, as the ability of other corticosteroids to control inflammation in COVID-19 was much less impactful. This is, we believe, an absolutely critical and historic finding. Many centers are using similar but less effective agents such as dexamethasone or prednisone.”

As noted by Kory in his senate testimony, Marik, chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, is a member of the FLCCC.13 You may recall that Marik was the one who in 2017 announced he had developed an extraordinarily effective treatment against sepsis.

Marik’s sepsis protocol also calls for intravenous vitamin C and a steroid, in this case hydrocortisone, along with thiamine. I for one am not surprised that the two protocols are so similar, seeing how sepsis is also a major cause of death in severe COVID-19 cases.

Safe and Effective Treatments Must Not Be Ignored
As noted by Marik in the video, COVID-19 is not regular ARDS and should not be treated as such. What kills people with COVID-19 is the inflammation, and steroids in combination with vitamin C work synergistically together to control and regulate that inflammation. The heparin, meanwhile, addresses the hypercoagulation that causes blood clots, which is a unique feature of COVID-19. As for the “lack of studies” supporting their protocol, FLCCC notes:14

“A number of official guidelines, such as those of the WHO and several other U.S. agencies, recommend limiting treatment for … critically ill patients to ‘supportive care only’ — and to allow the therapies described here to be studied in randomized controlled trials where half of the patients would receive placebo and where the results would come in months or years.

Our physicians agree that while a randomized controlled trial (RCT), under normal circumstances, might be considered, the early provisions of MATH+, which must be given within hours of critical illness, would inevitably be delayed by such a study design, rendering the validity of the RCT questionable.

Furthermore, while the results of an RCT would not be available for months or more, well-designed observational studies of the protocol could yield timely feedback during this pandemic, to improve the treatment process much more quickly.”

I believe this information needs to be shared far and wide, if we are to prevent more people from dying unnecessarily. More and more, as doctors are starting to speak openly about their clinical findings, we’re seeing that there are quite a few different ways to tackle this illness without novel antivirals or vaccines, using older, inexpensive and readily available medications that are already known to be safe.

COVID cured. Media keeps shtum.

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