All The Tories Have Got Is Insults To Counteract Their Dreadful Record Of Pulverising The Public Since 2010

And some finger-pointing of course.  Go and point your finger at Putin then Boris because thanks to Michael Fallon’s agreement to be part of an ”EU Army” that’s about all the defence equipment UK has left now – apart from a few  motorised rubber boats to protect the coast – not!  You think Treason May is going to deliver true freedom for UK?  Have a listen to David Ellis @ Strategic Defence Initiative for the true picture.

EU: Military Union Is Budgetary Union

Monday, 26th September 2016

AND this as well of course – UK will be forced to pay millions for a private EU army for MEPs despite Brexit

Treason May is intending to deliver a united EU Army, under Brussels control, which will underpin the EURO via a Tax  of 2 percent across the whole group of nations including the UK.  Under Cameron our naval fleet was given to Turkey for scrap!

”Boris The Bald” & the 30 Million ”Aid Package” – which is actually headed towards funding the fake ”White Helmets” exposed by Vanessa Beeley.  Playing into the meme that the baddies always wear black hats and because everything in their world is actually the opposite, putting white hats on the baddies makes perfect sense!

Britain could join Donald Trump bombing the Syrian regime says Boris Johnson – without a vote by MPs

GW: The TC’s are on steroids.

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New deputy defense minister called Palestinians ‘animals’

”Eli Ben Dahan, a rabbi who’s made controversial statements about Palestinians and non-Jews, will serve as Israel’s next deputy defense minister.”

”Ben Dahan told Maariv that homosexual Jews were superior than gentiles — gay or straight.

“A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual,” he said.”

GW: Why is a rabbi serving as defence minister? Surely he is fully occupied tending to his flock?

”The Israeli regime fundamentally abides by an immoral principle, which basically says that Jews are more valuable or more precious than the Goyim. As the late Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef declared:

“Goyim (gentiles, non-Jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.” We are told that an “effendi” actually “is a lord, or a master, in Arabic.”[2]

According to this logic, the Palestinians and non-Jews are non-humans, and many Israeli officials and rabbis have made references to this. Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan declared that the Palestinians “are beasts, they are not human.”[3]”

GW: Warp factor 10. These people are seriously misguided if they base all their dealings on a premise from such which is not in the Bible.

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Learning the Bible Using the Trivium Method

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Kent Police passes Tory election fraud investigation dossier to Crown Prosecution Service

”According to local newspapers , the allegations concern Craig Mackinlay, the Tory MP who defeated Nigel Farage in South Thanet.”

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Alex Jones Is Not Bill Hicks

Brendon O’Connell

Published on Apr 26, 2017
I am angry. I have been living a lie. I am trying to be nice and palatable in the hope Alex Jones will interview me and make me a star. The truth? I am just a foul mouth thug. Iranians are so polite…it was to hard to play the game when the business of destroying the racist apartheid state needed to be done, then tea and biscuits for everyone. For Iranians…its ALWAYS tea/chai and biscuits. Like…I mean…ALWAYS. In fact forget tactical nukes. Just drop 40,000tons of high quality tea all over the border regions and strategic centers along with 27,000 tons of sweet, high quality biscuits and various sweets. Even as the tanks roll over them and their hot pot of chai/tea simmering on their outside stove, they will be running to get the final drops in case they need a cup of chai while fighting to the death. The secret to defeating Iranians is to simply ply them with tea/chai. They simply cannot go 5 minutes without a tea break.

After doing the Max Igan interview I was exhausted. %90 of my brain glucose use was positioned in my higher brain function frontal lobes trying not to swear via my emotional limbic system.

People say I hate Jews. That is incorrect. I hate Christian evangelicals except of my nice sweet evangelical friends. I hope they never see this video. But I have to tell it like it is.

On “Jews”? I just extremely dislike racist, arrogant, supremacist, asshole, hypocrite Jews. They suffer a mental illness and need help, love and understanding. But to watch followers of Christ move into bed with his greatest haters? It’s too much. Its too ridiculous. I cannot process it.

Evangelicals clap their hands when another bomb goes off in the Middle East…coz that means Jesus will be back soon.

We need to point out to people from North Carolina that Jesus was a brown skinned semite. Not a blonde haired, blue eyed rock god, just out of the LA School of Rock. Jesus was not a blue eyed Russian Jew.

I feel a need to point out this self evident fact and dream a dream…the second coming is lead by Bill Hicks The Baptist who will prepare the way for the Messiah…

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Military Defence Spending Cuts And The EU Military Union


Published on Jan 18, 2017
The British Constitution Group – David Ellis – Strategic Defence Initiatives


British Constitution Group

EU Military Union Is Budgetary Union

21 C WIRE TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT – A New European Army?

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RIP Off – Death Tax Back On The Agenda As Former Cameron Advisor Baroness Cavendish Turns Heads With SHOCKING Policy Suggestion

Lady Cavendish, pictured with the former prime minister, was given a peerage in Mr Cameron’s resignation honours and confirmed she may occasionally sit as an independent crossbench peer, for which she would be paid £300 per attendance 

‘Such shock proposals were laughed off by the Conservatives in 2009 when a similar idea was suggested by the Labour party.

But, in an apparent U-turn of thought, Baroness Cavendish told Newsnight: “We need a death tax to fund social care.

so the people who have worked all their lives get screwed again while immigrants and scroungers will be looked after for free

Silent Bystander
Evil toad. Be careful what you wish for. Face up and admit to the real reasons for the drain on the free NHS resources. Stop blaming a handful of elderly citizens who have paid taxes all their lives to support the new wave of life-long, ever breeding, parasitic welfare recipients created by Blair and continued under Cameron.

The NHS is crippled by over 1 million+ immigrants, health tourism and government cut backs. re-direct Foreign Aid to the UK, after all it is our money.

What next? Old people have ALREADY paid for their care – National Insurance it’s called!! They have their pensions taken from them and their homes seized and sold to ‘cover’ their ‘care’ in ‘retirement homes’ some of which are worse than Victorian workhouses. And all the time the immigrants are flooding in, taking all that’s going and doing nothing for it. The sooner our borders are closed, the better. And once that’s done we should start emptying out the prisons by deporting all immigrants currently over-crowding them.

It´s incredible to think that these treasonous scumbags genuinely believe that a man owes a debt upon death, it is just wholly untrue! Nobody owes a bean, if they try to ¨tax¨ you on what you receive after a relative dies, ask them to send you a signed bill of what they say you owe and file a claim against them for falsely claiming you owe a debt! They will be liable to pay YOU what they claim you owe!

How the shabby tale of Dave’s ‘Baroness’ reveals what’s wrong with our political elite, writes QUENTIN LETTS

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