Undercover detective reveals how he risked his life to bring down notorious drug gang the ‘Burger Bar Boys’

From posing to a heroin user to suffering from PTSD, ex-cop Neil Woods lifts the lid on tactics used to defeat depraved gang – and the mark it left on him

A retired undercover drugs detective who brought down six members of the notorious Burger Bar Boys has revealed how he put his life on the line during 14 years on the job.

Neil Woods, 46, infiltrated some of Britain’s most terrifying criminal organisations during his career.

burger bar boys cop

‘I manipulated them into introducing me to the Burger Bar Boys, under the guise of being a user’

During his time he came face-to-face with many feared crooks.

But having now retired, Mr Woods, a father-of-two, has revealed what it was like to infiltrate the criminal fraternity – including the Burger Bar Boys.

He told the Birmingham Mail: “Three other detectives had tried to get close to the Burgers, but they’d not been able to – the gang were savvy to their tactics.

“They had seen an opportunity and they were in Northampton to take over the heroin and crack cocaine trade – and they were doing it very successfully as the police weren’t used to it.

“The intelligence was that they were raping people as punishment for drug debts as part of their intimidation, and so that’s what sent me into it.

“These people needed to be caught, and the job was at risk of falling apart unless I was able to pull something out of the hat.”

He added: “I was successful – I’d managed to manipulate a couple of problematic heroin users who were supporting one another – he’d been shoplifting and she sold the big issue.

“I manipulated them into introducing me to the Burger Bar Boys, under the guise of being a user.

“The Burgers had set up their base in a city centre snooker club, so he took me there.

“On the way, he made me rehearse my story, because he was telling them that he’d known me for years.

This year a West Midlands Police operation led to the jailing of gun-running gang linked to the Burger Bar Boys.

Kumran Ghalib, 35, of Davey Road, Perry Barr, was the last member sentenced last month.

He was jailed for 12 years despite initially fleeing to Pakistan after police swooped on criminals who were converting antique guns and manufacturing special bullets for them.

Other gang members had previously been handed prison sentences totalling 204 years for their role in the deadly trade, including Burger Bar Boys ‘godfather’ Nosakhere Stephenson , who was jailed for 22 years

“We caught the Burger Bar Boys that time, but it hasn’t slowed the inevitability of organised crime groups from spreading through the region.

“The reason for this – and this comes down to how I came to the conclusion that I needed to change my job – was that over the time I was doing it, every year the gangsters got nastier.

“Every year without fail. And they always will, because the war on drugs is an arms race. There’s no chance for de-escalation.

“When the police get smarter and use new tactics, the crime groups push back.

good cop bad war“Their main tactic is fear and intimidation. Policing is actually making this worse, it’s making them much nastier and making the communities in which they exist far worse for the people who live there.”

Since leaving the force, Neil has written a book, Good Cop, Bad War, chronicling his experiences.

Good Cop, Bad War is published by Penguin and is available on Amazon, WH Smiths, Foyles and Waterstones.

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RIP Max Spiers

“Max states that “I was involved in project mannequin in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI uberman (superman) projects to create a warrior and a breeder. I have connections to Montauk and time manipulation projects. I have studied “magik” and esoteric thought for 15 years and became conscious of my awareness in these projects just after I turned 30 in 2008.” Max currently resides in Dallas, Texas and does what he can to make others aware of the global propaganda machine. ””

Max Spiers blows the whistle on MKULTRA & Trauma Based MIND CONTROL

MK Ultra trauma based Mind Control and recovery. Occult practice within the
elite and symbolism. Energy manipulation for power.

Comment: Brandy Burchard
I was an orphan, foster child, then adopted and I’m pretty sure I’m still being tracked and daily I have to sift through garbage that comes my way audibly and in imagery. I’ve had memories of that bull ritual and a while lot more but one thing not mentioned is that I think there were several different groups of 42’s. I think for some of us, we were created with a mix of the ruling bloodlines to see who could survive what and this was done for sport on the surface but also to gather info to see weaknesses to eliminate in ultimate battle in case the who NWO thing didn’t work out. I’ve been told I look part Asian, part Latino, a little sista, etc. Hopefully this news false as I’d like to be wrong but I’m usually right.

Comment: Sacred Geometry
+Brandy Burchard Have you heard about rh negative ? That is said to be their bloodtype, I think it is also generational too. I have problems with my nervous system and was severally tortured by a dentist , had and still get suicide pain ptsd the dental incident brought back the memories and navy seal Jessie Ventura when he talked about waterboarding, so horrific and no one safe to talk too. What are the 42 ‘s ? I live in an isolated area on ssi with my 2 cats and trying to get out , th e2nd hand smoke triggers nerves and pain have been suicidal a lot that is the worst the suicide programming . I do well when I ‘m not here, Desolate and meth heads in next town and the AFB is close too. I wish you peace and happiness.

Comment: Max Spiers died 7/15/16 very sad and he will be missed.

Comment: SovereignBeing
sad that max has been ousted from the game so young.. the sweirdlows were his handlers and as they are demonologists and black satanic nazis i suspect they had a role in his demise.

Comment: He sounds so good and it was a wasted human. he learned a lot about history to be able to pull this stuff off so well, unfortunately people dont seem to realize that he knows the answer to everything which is where it goes awry. so much wasted info plowed into this brain, this is a skilled mind. too bad he overdosed. beware prescription pills everyone, it seems like the lesson is never learned, then let’s say you “love” a person, boom they’re dead. this is the danger. you want to take on the “truth” of the scourge of the world, well, it’s not the bullshit cloning centers, or a mars jump seat, lol, it’s either plastic water bottle, or……………………………………..PHARMA, IN WHICH ONE COMPANY, THE SHITSTAINS OF THE PLANET, THE ONES THAT MAKE OXY, WHICH Is WHAT KILLED THIS GUY UP HERE, THE ONE YOU LOVED SO MUCH. THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED W NOW. is the pharma murders.

Comment: Ruby Stern
The Merovingian bloodline is linked to the black nobility not the messiah as they want u to believe

GW: But what can WE do? A: Take off the sunglasses which are blocking the”light” and get rid of the Tel-Lie-Vision! Keep working on the 100 Monkeys Syndrome. When that many “know it” – everyone else starts to “get it”. And stop playing along with tptwtb’s “Pokemon Go MK Experiment!”

Truck driver playing Pokemon GO ploughs into two female pedestrians – killing one and injuring the other


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Latest NHS News @ #mindtherotagap

Hospitals forced to suspend acute services due to lack of doctors and nurses, ITV News investigation finds


Salwa Malik
Aug 23
THANK YOU. #7DayCoverUp #JuniorDoctorsStrike #mindtherotagap #notsafenotfair #cams7dayscam twitter.com/ralflittle/sta…
View details ·

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‘The rail industry is an embarrassment because it can demonstrate just how atrocious services run for profit can be.’

Owen Jones
“Some will accuse this column of shamelessly using an embarrassing story involving the Labour leader to further my political cause. They will be right. If you want to find outrage over how many empty seats there were on the 11am train to Newcastle on 11 August, most of the media is there to cater for you. If you are among the 58% of the population who want to renationalise the railways and other utilities, you are going to struggle – to put it mildly – to find your views reflected in the media. Consider this a modest attempt to redress the balance.”

“Here begins the shameless shoehorning. If you believe in free market dogma – that private ownership inevitably brings more efficiency, better quality and cheaper services – then there are two major embarrassments in Britain: the NHS and the rail industry.

The NHS is embarrassing because it is a publicly run healthcare system that is superior to and more efficient than the privately run, fragmented mess that is the US equivalent. And it is loved for it. Its continued existence – though badly undermined by creeping privatisation – is a reminder of how public ownership can be vastly superior to the private sector.”


Labour Left: Very good argument NHS v Privatised Rail.

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NEW CROSS SHOOTING: Terrified crowds flee for lives as shots fired at London bus stop


DER Comment: So much for the UK firearm laws that killed of the legitimate gun clubs and law abiding firearm hobbyists but allowed the sav ages to stage their private gun battles in what was civilised London and other British cities.
DER Comment: Blair should be stripped of ALL assets, passport and driving licence and made to live among the criminal scum he has let into this once fine, safe country. Put him and the Wicked Witch among the gangsters, pimps, drug dealers and force the b@stard to face up to what he has done. Brown can join him. And Brazil.

DER Comment: Let’s not forget that this is just an everyday occurrence is places like Sengal, Eritrea and Somalia, not forgetting Pakistan. The problem is that the enriched people from those places have brought their hobbies to OUR cities in the UK.

DER Comment: We in de met are here to promote the relaxation of crime, because if we let the public assist with descriptions, we might have to go after them, and the courts are a waste of money because the are all overruled by the EU and there is no room in the prisons because they are full of the people we are not allowed to describe.

DER Comment: Ricardos: It will be another of those lone idividuals traumatised by his or her deprived up-bringing, just you wait and see.

DER Comment: Macaulay13:
With a mental health problem?

DER Comment: Who was madly in love with the bus driver and cross that she rebuffed him; also, bullied at school and inspired by Anders Brevik.


DER Comment: Murder and mayhem are run of the mill in south London now,i just except it as the price for wanting to stay where ive called home for the last 52 years,I aint leaving for no scumbags

DER Comment: Minority Englishman
Neerly fourgot to aksk, if dat is me cuz jamahl doin de sprayin mek shoor u skrape de cereal numbbers off like i tel yo 2 do wen i sells it 2 you, boomshakka, respek

DER Comment: Minority Englishman
Dem bullits is flying innit, me an me julie ad to ave it away on ours toes like reel kwik, nearly dropp me stash man, wikkid

DER Comment: Cheryl – London

DER Comment: kevinshw
Be safe people be safe!

DER Comment: British Forever
C’mon that’s a normal evening in Londonistan.
Granted, today it’s 5 bangs instead of the normal 3

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‘People were offered a choice!’ John Humphrys HAMMERS Owen Smith over second Brexit vote


DER Comment: Reluctantly, the only way I would support a second vote would be if all Remainer politicians agreed beforehand that if Leave win, they would immediately resign and refund any salaries they have received since the first vote.

They want to force this on us, then they must take the consequences. I’m sick of politicians who accept no responsibility. They are currently getting paid but using OUR money to further their agenda.
The vote was out. That’s it.

GW: Owen Smith blinded by EUrophilia.

Martin Sorrell a top remain boss, joins call to get out of EU as soon as possible

“Asked if he wanted Brexit talks to start as soon as possible by invoking Article 50, Sir Martin said: “Basically, yes.”

He added: “What business wants is things resolved as quickly as possible. British business wants certainty and resolution while the Government wants to string it out.”


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BORDER SHAMBLES: Fears that bungling security chiefs have LOST gang of Iranian migrants


DER Comment: Will Amber Crud explain to the public why on earth illegal immigrants are not detained after arrest? Sometimes you cannot believe what you read, what sort of stupid pathetic Government would allow illegal immigrants to disappear in light of recent terrorist atrocities? They are a fkn joke!

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