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Did they vote FOR Corbyn, Or AGAINST May? I rather suspect that a very large percentage of Labour votes were a protest against May’s arrogance in her tax grabbing attempts against the Elderly. And taking school meals off children. She is now going against the Brexit referendum vote and refusing to leave Europe on the due date. If Labour immediately offers cast iron guarantees on a full and total Brexit May and the Conservatives are finished. But we will have to Leave entirely, And on the due date.

Unless we get a full clean Brexit by 2019…..The Tories will never see power again. There plan on kicking the can down the road until the 2022 election, just to promise us yet again “Vote for us and we’ll deliver Brexit” will not wash.
We will then be lumbered with Commie Corbyn and a non-Brexit.

GW:  Corbyn himself has always been anti EUSSR but his string pullers are yanking pretty hard just now.  He is walking a tightrope but if he goes Pro EU then he will have made the wrong decision to save his job.

Dan Jarvis here in Barnsley told us to vote remain , guess what 68% voted leave.  Watford voted LEAVE as well to the utter  chagrin of Remainer ToriCon MP Rich Harrington.

Napoleon – >Independent Brit
well exit voters do tend to have lower IQs than remain voters.
GW:  Where’s the stats to back that up Nap? Mine’s over 120. What’s yours?

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Sharp rise in the number of foreigners arrested in Britain with child-sex convictions

Statistics show 298 non-British killers were arrested in the UK in 2016 – up from 91 two years earlier.

What I don’t understand is why all foreign criminals are not deported immediately upon release from custody, with a lifetime ban on ever returning. It’s got to be common sense.

It’s not just more obvious criminality that is grinding us down, it is the lower level stuff too; the rough sleepers setting up camp in the bushes, the fishing without licences, the stealing fish from the local lake, the swapping number plates back and forth for reasons I know not, the appalling parking, the driving the wrong way around the roundabout, the litter (oh the litter), the peeing up the garage, the pooing on our driveway. All of these things did for me in the end. I wish Blair, Cleggy and all of their equally deluded mates could live with it for a while.

Open Borders …
But EU28 States are building more security around venues instead.
Example. Bullet Proof glass around Eiffel Tower.

And don’t forget that 80% of ATM crime in the UK is committed by the R o m a n i a n s (documented fact).

And you are surprised? Why?
No criminal record checks are carried out on EU citizens, and for sure are not and cannot be done on non-EU incomers (because there is usually no database to check against.
We need PROPER border checks, not the namby-pamby checks of the laughably titled Border Agency.
It really is bad enough to make one weep at the incompetence of the Home Office

Don’t forget Lord Janner, protected by Keir Starmer at CPS, allegedly.

GW:  Yep Third World Driving Skills indeed and only yesterday a friend said his car number plate was being used through Dartford Tunnel on a regular basis & he was getting the bill!

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Hundreds of anti-Brexit protesters descend on Labour Party conference

I have just arrived from a day out in Brighton, a day spoilt by these paid lefty trash who are not fit to be called British. Most shouted with foreign East European accents. If these are genuine Corbyn supporters then I am a Dutchman.Show 1 more

1Hundreds of Communists more like.

If you separate the foreigners and air head students from this group of protesters paid for by the likes of Blair and the EU “wreck Britain fund”, do you have any “real” people left?

How many was here this time 5,000?? lol oh dear it’s gone from 48% to 18% to 50,000 to 5,000 at this rate Clegg and Bliar will be on their ownShow 1 more

Here are your EU rights.

  • You have the right to pay into the EU without having a say.
  • You have the right to have an EU army and
  • you also have the right to be conscripted. You do not have the right to refuse.

GW:  Hundreds of them was it?  What about 17.5Million who voted OUT?

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The Brotherhood & The Manipulation Of Society

Ivan Fraser and Mark Bestow
part 1

The Round Table
Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
The Bilderberg Group (Bil)
The Trilateral Commission (TC)

part 2

House of Rothschild
Associated Companies/Families
Rockefeller Empire
Dr Henry Kissinger

part 3

Steps towards a Global Bank
The World Bank
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Free Trade
European Monetary Union
Control of Food

part 4

Behind the First World War/Russian Revolution
The Second World War
The United Nations
European Union
The Illusion of Democracy

part 5

The Gulf War
The Supposed ET Menace

part 6

Engineered Wars

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TeasMaid has spent a whopping £26,000 of taxpayer’s money on dedicated team of Weightmans Solicitor’s to build a case against Matt Taylor.

10 July 2017

Theresa May in new harassment scandal

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Freedom Talk Radio
Published on 2 Feb 2017

Further Information @ The Link to Mixed Cloud

10 Celebrities Before And After Drug Use

GW:  Drug abuse damage is permanent.  Don’t get involved!  Drugs are just one more way tptwtb make money, ”control” certain sheeple and fleece many others.

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School issues urgent warning after ‘man in blue van tried to entice young pupil into vehicle’

”The incident is said to have happened at around 4pm on Thursday afternoon on Victoria Road, close to Stretford Mall, Manchester.

“Aged between 30 or 40. Very slim build wearing a white polo shirt.”

Manor Academy –

GW:  A Blue Van again.  These incidents are not done by  isolated individuals.  These perps are in organised gangs.  Stretford is near the M6 to Gloucester & Bristol.  Wrexham has been mentioned as a ”hub” in the past. Caernarfon Castle is not a million miles away..

In July 2017 The blue transit-type van pulled up alongside two girls waiting for the bus outside Barnwood Park Arts College Gloucester.

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