DNA solves mystery of 15-year-old Michigan boy who vanished in 1979 after a match to a body buried in a pauper’s grave in Georgia

RIP ”Drew”

Andrew ‘Drew’ Greer was 15 years old when he disappeared on February 12, 1979. The teen was last seen leaving Addison High School in Lenawee County Michigan.

n 2014, Greer’s half-brother James Bowman contacted media outlets hoping to spark renewed interest in his sibling’s disappearance. Bowman’s attempts to have the case re-opened again would lead investigators to a pauper’s grave in Georgia, more than 760 miles from where Greer vanished.

On Wednesday, Michigan State Police announced that the case had finally been solved and DNA testing confirmed that the remains in the grave belonged to 15-year-old Greer.


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KONP: ”Damian Lewis’ long lost twin” – Tim Ferris MD of NHSi

Tim Ferris @ Kings Fund Think Tank: Population health management to improve the quality of care and health outcomes

The King’s Fund
Published on 1 Nov 2016

Dr Tim Ferris, Medical Director at Massachusetts General Hospital and Vice President of Population Health Management at Partners HealthCare, talks about using population health management to improve the quality of care and health outcomes while lowering the overall cost.

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Child Psychiatry Specialist In Norway Got Two Surrogacy Children In India – This Week Convicted For 200.000 Child Pornography Photos For 20 Years

24 April 2018

Dr. Jo Erik Brøyn with his two surrogacy children from India


He was on Monday sentenced for having downloaded 200.000 child pornographic pictures on his computers since 1997. (Specifically 205.536 data files, of which 193.491 are photos and 12.045 videos with a total playtime of 4.064 hours Additionaly there are 94 sheets of photos.) He admitted to using the photos for his personal pleasure.

The sentence is made publicly available by Oslo City Court.

He is a homosexual with pedophile orientation.

A few years ago he got two children through surrogacy in India.

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New Zealand News – Alice Snedden: Free speech is not an absolute right

The Outer Light Link
OPINION: I never thought I’d write a column defending Don Brash. But then, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, or something like that. I can’t exactly remember. Ever since I sided with Don Brash I’ve been in an absolute tail spin. Nothing makes sense any more.

Jeff M (edited)
New Zealand is following the ‘trend’ of what is happening in the UK, Canada and the USA, where conservative speakers are being banned from speaking at university venues.
It is Marxist ideology creeping into Western thought, and it is dangerous, and a threat to our Western values.

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Same Joke – Different Media/Show/Comedian

The Media are fed the ”MK script” by their NWO string pullers.  Take a look at Project Mockingbird in action – the same Narrative over and over again.

Media Repeating Itself

Published on 1 Apr 2018

johnny rotten @TheOuterLight
The people that watch those late night shows are comatose. Wow they really are in bad shape. BTW these shows are losing people left and right as same as the news programs. They are always the last to know they are done.

All the MSM uses a program called AVID. It gives them the script, images & videos to cue up with each script. It has a special script for election night. Any idiot can read their weather, “news” etc., and it looks like that is a hiring prerequisite. ;D

Some Info on the See EYE Aye: The Founder of the CIA was Bill Donovan a Member of the: Sovereign Military Order of Malta ( SMOM). The Knights of Malta (SMOM ) is a Very Powerful Vatican Order that goes Back 800 Years. This Order is even its Own Nation, has Diplomatic Relations with over 80 Countries, and even Issues its Own Diplomatic Passports. The Bilderberg Group was Founded by Joseph Retinger (SMOM), and Bilderbergs First Chairman was Knight of Malta (SMOM) Prince Bernard of Holland. And Dame of Malta (SMOM) Queen Beatrix was the Chairwoman of Bilderberg the Last years. I am Not saying that there are Not a Lot of Kabbalistic Jews in the NWO, but Jews like Kissinger and the Rothschilds are also KNIGHTS of the Oldest Man Made Power Structure in the World: the 1500 year Old Papal System. How can a mere Knight of that System, Rule over the Immensely Whealthy Vatican System? That is Ruled by “God on Earth” ; the Pope, the “Vicar of Christ”. The Papacy is the Main Power of the Devil on Earth that has ALWAYS Brutally Persecuted Biblical Christianity, and these Jews are Allowed to Get Rich if they Serve that System. Luciferian Secret Societies like Freemasonry Bow to the ANTICHRIST Papacy, Not to some Rabbi in Israel. God bless

Thanks to The Outer Light for the links.

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Poland is returning 1,000 tons of illegal waste shipped over from UK


uxinox – > It’sAWonderfulLife
The reply button on your comment doesn’t work. Another Indy glitch!
Now, you see, I suspect, you suspect the whole lot is dumped in a giant skip and then dumped in the sea! Very cynical!
To be frank, I have no clue, so I looked it up.
Switzerland banned land fill disposal in 2000 and use high tech waste incineration. Controversial! Some say this is good, others that it is bad. There probably is an optimal way to do it and the swiss would certainly have investigated and spared no expense.
I have lived in Switzerland for nearly 20 years. I hate the swiss. Anally retentive, legalistic b*st*tds. But they are obsessed with cleanliness and they are constantly improving the infrastructure. The roads are like glass. I come to the UK and I can’t believe my eyes or the damage to my suspension. I was going to retire in the uk, but reading the Indy is giving me second thoughts.

We have virtually no plastic recycling plants in the UK. The government is doing nothing to address this. Banning single use plastic straws is about the most insignicant improvement possible. 0.000001 % of the billions of tons of plastic waste being created every year in the UK.

The uk exports “burnable waste” to Denmark who produce warm water, transported directly to households. The smoke is filtered and is 100% neutral and they produce fertilisers with the cindered waste. This is complimented with bio-stations and wind-turbines. These are run via the local council and of course the customer foots the bill for an environmental investment. As there are no big fat cats at end of the pipeline, we enjoy heating and warm water at a very reasonable price. Electricity companies are owned by regional co-ops with elections every four years with us the customers sitting on the board.

What a lazy, irresponsible and quite disgusting country we are becoming. What do they say??.. ‘A fish rots from the head’. This government encourages the freeloaders, the scam merchants, the fraudsters, the exploiters & the con artists in the name of the free market. Who needs regulation eh? It’s embarrassing.

Good for Poland! Wouldn’t surprise me if we now try the same thing with African countries.
So long as irresponsible countries can off load their rubbish on others, no long-term, sustainable solution will be sought. I live in Switzerland where recycling is an art form, everything is segregated and taken to well organised centres, of which there are many. I come to the uk and I am appalled to see what a shambles it all is.
Then there are the fly tippers! I would reintroduce the death penalty for fly tippers and people who throw things out of their car windows. To me there is no greater sacrilege than despoiling the earth. If you can’t respect your environment, what can you respect? Such things used to be taught in schools. There were public information films telling people not to p*ss in rivers, things like that. They were hilariously naff, but the message got across. This country has been going to the dogs for years. Now we have arrived at the dogs and it’s not a pretty sight.  GW:  Agree.  One thing I have always hated is the British predilection for despoiling their environment by throwing rubbish on the streets & out of car windows.

In the words of the immortal Goons “Yes, but it’s British Rubbish”.

Good for Poland. Rubbish created in a country should be dealt with in that country. Plastic drinks bottles are easy to ban. Anything less than five litres should be in glass or aluminium. What is more difficult is all the other stuff from yoghurt pots to hair shampoo. But if it is piling up in UK then perhaps Mrs May can attend to it rather than choosing her next pair of fine pumps.  GW: Mrs May & the ToriCons are just more of the same unfortunately!

No one cares, out of site out of mind, there is a VERY similar article to this in the Telegraph in 2007 which is 11 years ago: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/earthnews/3298540/Waste-being-sent-abroad-marked-as-recycling.html

In Germany glass and plastic bottles, cans buy back in stores Netto, Aldi, Lidl and payable to customers. This is a good example for England to clear streets from a plastic bottle and a cans. Swale Council (KENT) collects waste once in 2 weeks, 1 week – glass, paper and plastic, 2nd week – general waste. Summer time all Sittingbourne always smearing like big bin.

Sadly, this is not Germany. People here throw anything, anywhere, with complete disregard to other human beings. You can’t expect them to bring their empty bottles back to the shop when they can’t even take their rubbish with them when leaving a bus… But yeah, I fully agree with the German “Pfand” system.  GW:  And most new arrivals copy the habits of the Brits so it just gets worse & worse.

I SaidTheSparrow
To get anything close we will need a public consultation taking two years, consult with industry will be another two or three. Adapt systems for the UK market, another couple of years. Draw up legislation. The White Paper(s) will be another three. Actually getting it past the fat-cat wreckers in Parliament will be a miracle, and it will have every escape clause ever dreamed of.  So let’s be optimistic and say about 2040 before we come anywhere close to what a civilised country manages in a year or two.

GW: So the firms we pay to recycle our waste are just shipping it round the world, loading it on boats and releasing it in the oceans.  The scamming continues unabated.

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What is an ATL & when is it used?

The first Beast is commonly known as the Anti-Christ (See 1 John 2:18 KJV) while the second Beast is commonly known as the False Prophet (See Revelation 19:20. KJV) These two appear on the world stage as political, military and false spiritual leaders. Nearly the entire world is going to follow after them, and all the world is going to come under their evil control.

Bible students of the past thought that Revelation 13 was about some miraculous power the False Prophet manifested that he could call fire from heaven. He would use this power to deceive people who the Antichrist was from God and calling down fire was a part of the deception. While it is true the False Prophet and Antichrist will use lying signs and wonders to deceive people, I am offering an alternative view based on 21st century science. Scientific breakthroughs that started in 2008 with even more planned in 2009 onwards, could give clues to the possible scientific explanation of Revelation 13:13.

It is very possible that the event in Revelation 13 might be a sign of awesome military power over the people. There is the distinct possibility that Revelation 13:13 may be supernatural, but the possible modern scientific explanation needs to be examined as there are breathtaking breakthroughs happening that could bring science into the picture in fulfilling this event.

The Advanced Tactical Laser

Starting in 2008, the United States military made tremendous breakthroughs in the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL). The word “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. When focused on an object, a laser beam can create thousands of degrees in temperature; thus melting or igniting the object.

Advanced Tactical Laser in action.

The military was trying for years to develop an airborne laser to destroy land targets. Finally, in 2008 there were major breakthroughs as prototypes were developed. Boeing Missile Defense Systems successfully fired the first ATL on May 13, 2008. Then on June 6, a very powerful solid-state ATL was successfully fired. These were the breakthroughs which could lead to arming an airplane with a laser that could fire directly at ground targets. This could result one day in the future a man calling fire from heaven to the ground. It would result in an awesome display of power to anyone who would try to resist his authority. https://www.defendproclaimthefaith.org/Calling_Fire_From_Heaven.htm

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