Another Parkland Shooting ”Smoking Gun” Found By Ole Dammegard

Wiki MFOL: [4] was a student-led demonstration in support of tighter gun control that took place on March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

This MFOL purportedly sprung from the now infamous Parkland ”Shooting” and the equally infamous David Hogg testimony – HoggWash Crisis Prods. Co Ltd

NBC News 15 Feb 2018: 17 killed in mass shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida

However sure enough @ 23.04 in a Video JubeTube hastily removed, we see the following from Officer Scott Earhardt @ Homeland Security Bureau:

March 24 2018  MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event and there was several months planning for this large event.

If you are requesting additional information re this event please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request.
If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free in contacting me.

Officer Scott C Earhardt, Badge No. 2372
Homeland Security Bureau
Special Operations Division
Planning & Logistics
Metropolitan Police Department
2850 New York Ave NE
Washington DC 20002

03 30 18 Ole Dammegard Cody Snodgres Parkland Dallas and Austin

Pat Engness
This is the video that got Crowdsource the Truth banned from Youtube which tells me Everybody needs to see it! They don’t do that for nothing. Thank You carrascodude. I’ve been looking for this since it just disappeared on Friday Night Mar. 30. I left it paused half way through, went out, it was still on the computer screen when i got back, but when I clicked on it to continue watching it, it went Poof! Ole has been investigating false flag events for 30 years and everyone should check out his other available videos.

Pat Engness
Smoking Gun= 23 Minutes 6 Seconds!

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QinetiQ’s Social Engineering, #FakeNews & the IG Report with David Hawkins & Field McConnell

Jason Goodman Streamed live 21 hours ago

janice plott
All the disruption I think all is on purpose. Have been reading about what Microsoft and company are attempting to kill the internet a piece at a time.

Blondie 95
Man it’s hard as hell to believe what Field is saying about VP Pence, I pray it’s not true

Lois Lane
Very interesting that Obama and Hillary have both visited New Zealand lately.

Robert Castle
Make no mistake the deep state was responsible for ambassador Stevens horrendous torturous death pour encourager les autres because he wanted to expose their links with sponsored terrorism.i.e. the c.i.a.finances Isis and al queeda for the deep state who are the worst terrorists on earth in order to usher in a new dark age of Luciferian ancient mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt. They wish to enslave us all. All terrorism is wrong but the new world order is responsible for all the false flag terrorist attacks e.g. 9/11 and last Vegas just to mention two out of many. they also are ruining the world’s eco system. when Martin Luther king had his march on Washington that could have brought them down. then they killed him. it Can be done again though successfully.

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Western Nations Mostly Led By Individuals Who Are Childless

Merkel – Childless; Macron – Childless; May – Childless; Junker – Childless;

GW: Is this by design? Those who have no children would not be invested in the future in the same way as those who have family. Thanks to Black Pigeon for this – interesting.

Rhino Gaming
Thousands of people on the street cheering and celebrating legalized abortion! Coincidentally these are the same people who can’t stop lecturing you about kindness, sympathy and love!

Marni M  (edited)
Brilliantly articulated, accurate and important video. Your conclusions reveal your intelligence, not merely laying out the current state of chaos, but offering some sound guidance towards solutions. I find that feminists all have a similar disposition – always the victim, often full of deep-rooted envy, anger, resentment, blame and a fear of male rejection. Shame, since they blind themselves to enjoying the happiness and satisfaction I personally worked to sustain as a western woman in my own life, a solid, well-paying career, healthy relationships and a realistically optimistic attitude in life, fully aware and grateful to my mother and grandmother’s generations for creating a world where I can enjoy the rights and equality they fought for–but unlike feminists, by celebrating them!

Mike Pence Rule
Women believe food appears on supermarket shelves, lights just go on at the flick of a switch, water flows into their homes at the turn of a knob….all by magic.

Men in the west provide for women and children so well and so efficiently, women no longer believe they are provided for…

Patriarchy will return one way or another.  However the problem for our daughters & granddaughters is that they may not face the relatively benign patriarchy which was a feature of the pre 70s Western Character type but something altogether different that is more extreme, more restrictive and profoundly more misogynistic.

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The AirBus CEO wrote to all staff before the referendum, basically urging them to vote Remain. In the letter he promised that, whatever the result, Airbus wouldn’t leave the UK.

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The greatest betrayal so far – The Marrakech Declaration – Share the hell out of this!

Brit Girl
16 June 2018

epikus anon (edited)
We didnt agree to or vote for any of this.
These people are not our leaders, they are our enemies and they have stolen the the Con to the ship.
The people they are letting in are ISIS soldiers – almost all of them. This is the deep state’s doing. The deep state moving their Islamic war machine against Christians right into Christian lands. Armed, trained, and fully funded by US!!!!!

These treasonous heads of state are not your leaders, they are your captors and they mean to kill you all.

John Dean – > epikus anon
And prime minister may tells us to thank these people for what they have done for us. It’s like living in a real bad 70ts disaster movie. Shame peace only has a few years to go. Their plan is running. Take care

jillian horsley
Then what does this teach you….STOP voting, all parties are the same , red or blue. Take away your consent to be Governed.

epikus anon (edited) – > jillian horsley

Yes they’re all the same and they all need to go.
But anarchy is a ridiculous idea.

Every body in life has a head and that head makes decisions about where, when, and how the body is going to move. That is how it stays healthy.
It’s when you separate the head from the body that things get nuts – like they are right now.

Government is essential in any civilization.
In this case, it was the people that got lazy about keeping them in check.

With few exceptions, all our governments have been hijacked for decades. That is what draining the swamp is all about, or should be. Keep the government. Completely replace those in it right now because they have shown themselves completely guilty of selling us out and using our taxes to make themselves rich.


Patrick UK
You correctly identified the problem then gave the wrong solution : ) We need to change our political systems to make the politicians more accountable to the people. Switzerland is a good model.

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Meana Giller says that she listened to Castro as a child. Well Well.

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Open Britain & European Movement have organised yet another Anti BREXIT March in London 23 June 2018 starting at 12

They are hoping to attract 60,000 people with nothing better to do.  OOPS now it says tens of thousands of pro-EU protesters are expected.

The #NotAfraid2Leave afternoon tea is on as well. Sweaty march in London or the clinking of china and tea strainer under the gazebo? Another Cambridge Red with your Iced Elderflower Horace? Don’t mind if I do. Gosh what a hard decision to make.

Who funds Open Britain?

Foreign Billionaire Soros Pumps Cash into Brexit Reversal Campaign

George Soros, the billionaire globalist and convicted insider trader, has been unmasked as a major backer behind a campaign to stop Brexit.


The People’s Vote protest, due to start at 12pm and go from Pall Mall to Parliament Square, has been organised by increasingly well-funded anti-Brexit groups based at Millbank Tower and led by Open Britain, the successor to the remain campaign.

And Open Britain looks like it is comprised of Nick Cleggless, ChuckUP Umoana & Tony Bliar.

GW:  The People’s Vote?  Bit late fellas – we already did!

Ah, so the spin they are going with, is to make it look like the Tories and Treason May are actually for Brexit, just an FYI, thay ain’t, research EU military unification for details. Quite clever though, will get those who have a hard time thinking for themselves to equate Brexit with Treason May and the other blue team puppets. Just to clarify, Brexit is not real, no control of our own military = no control of military budget (which in this day and age of The War Of Terror), IS the budget, again, research EU military unification.

John Walker
Gina Miller has become a public menace. We all know that she is being financed by the unscrupulous George Soros. Perhaps her friends (if she’s got any) should tell her that the war is over. The UK is leaving the EU. There is nothing she or Soros can do about it. She should use her self proclaimed business expertise for the good of Britain. Otherwise shut up, and leave our country.

Brexit March Saturday 23rd June 2018 1pm Carlisle Place, Victoria Station.
Brit Girl

Published on 22 Jun 2018

GW: So THAT’S why Open Britain decided to have yet another anti-brexit march. Who’s afraid of the big bad BrusselsBullies?

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