UKC: Leaking In The Rain

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Astana, Kazakhstan ~ NWO HQ’s of the Illuminati
Published on 15 Apr 2018

  • When the Illuminati ended their first world war, they successfully completed the first part of Albert Pyke’s occult plan to produce the anti-christ. Thus they deliberately ended it on the 11/11 11th hour so the signing of the Armistice Agreement was ungirded by the 3 11’s.
  • When President Kennedy was assassinated, he was killed according to the occult number signature of 11. He was killed on the 11th month of the 22nd day on the 33rd parallel.
  • The number 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful & imperfect.
  • Manley P Hall: ”The pyramid is the ultimate symbol representing the mysteries of the ancient civilisations: sublime in simplicity; divine in their proportions; they embody both the divine knowledge owned by the illuminated & the bewilderment of the masses.”
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Angela Merkel: ‘Blinkered’ nationalism is spreading across Europe, warns

Bishop K
Populism will have a root cause & that root cause will be often linked to the imposition of unacceptable ideas & rules by the unheeding government or other authority, and/or the marginalisation, whether simply believed or actual, or the actual dispossession of indigenous peoples by the imposition of uncontrolled or poorly managed migration by the non indigenous.

It’s too late for them. They know they’ve made a massive mistake with the Euro & Eurozone. That’s the problem & the one Italy is going to reveal the stark truth about.

Isn’t it about time she left? The problem is the EU & not the countries in Europe. Huge amounts of money go to this corrupt organisation that doesn’t account for its spending. It’s a gravy train & big jolly for those lucky enough to work for it & for those who don’t – they struggle to make ends meet. They also give you an excuse as to how this corrupt organisation has maintained peace, yet it has nothing to do with the Americans being on the continent spending their money to defend it. A growing number of people don’t believe their lies anymore. They are the ones fuelling nationalism & nobody else.

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The Albanian drug lords of London: Shameless gangsters who rule capital’s drug trade post pictures of guns and wads of cash on public Instagram page with more than 8,000 images

Check the Devil’s Horns hand signals.  Creeps.

”One gang member Tristen Aslanni was jailed for 25 years for firearms and drug offences in June 2016.

He was caught after crashing his car into a shop in Crouch End during a police chase.

RelisticMeg, Manchester, United Kingdom,
The EU have a lot to answer for. Free movement has been a disaster for ALL countries involved.

Cap Sensible, SWINDON, United Kingdom,
I have done over 20 business trips to Eastern E countries and what always amazes me is that no matter how poor people are, or how small the houses are, they are always surrounded by expensive metal railings and locked gates. This is what the remoaners want for us here too and this is why we MUST leave the EU because no matter how many roads, hotels, factories, railways, health spas or railway stations we pay to build in these countries, they still will come here first because of our benefits, softness and language.

kat61, london, United Kingdom,
Safe to say that obviously prison is not the punishment that is required here if they can openly share photographs of their cushy life inside!

Politicon, London, United Kingdom,
No time to police this. The Met is too busy chasing 40-year historical offences, “hate speech” and bogus sexual “assault” claims

RN50, Leicester, United Kingdom,
If you are not a British citizen and you commit a serious crime you should be automatically deported. If you want to appeal you can do so from your country of origin. How is this simple idea not already in place??

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Windows on the World Councils, Courts and Conmen Part 1 of 2

Published on 18 Mar 2010

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Petition 226071: Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership now up to 116,413 signatures

GW: Watford is now at 190 signatures.  Still climbing one notch at a time.

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Terry’s Bags Are Packed

And tonight, Ladies & Gentlemen, Mark Thatcher is – Theresa May.

A pity you & your wonderful team weren’t shouting to change the country as soon as it became apparent that May was pursuing a humiliating Remain Agenda culminating in her Chequers Betrayal. As it is the public has lost all faith in the uk political establishment & the Conservative Party will be destroyed in the next election leaving the country in the hands of an unelected EU Bureaucracy by default!

….we don’t know what she will bring back …. so why the bad attitude …. it’s all a game of poker & it ain’t over!

May can’t even play Snap with matching cards and win.

+++ Things are afoot. I doubt May will survive until Christmas. So on that note may I be the first to wish us all a happy one & a prosperous New Year.

GW:  5 o’clock shadow alert.  Almost but not quite as bad as @Richard4Watford’s.  When a man’s dressed as a woman – can’t keep his mind on nothing else …. Apologies Percy Sledge.

CuriousGirl @ Chris Spivey
OCTOBER 17, 2016

Just to remind people that when Terry appeared on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4, out of the eight discs she chose, three of them pointed to her genderbender:

  • Original Broadway Production of the Jersey Boys – Walk Like a Man
  • ABBA – Dancing Queen
  • The Queen of the Night aria from Mozart’s Magic Flute

They do like their little jokes.

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The CIA Built Tyler On Their HiveMind Network

15 July 2018

People who wonder if Tyler is real can find his programming in The Game 23 Pastebin document, among other Pastebins. Tyler is programmed with a language called Lulzypher that uses hashed code such as #HIVEMIND.

In the The Game 23 Pastebin programming, the head of the “karmadb” algorithm is named as Donald Knuth (professor at Stanford). Heads of “karmadb” (a points earning aspect in Tyler) are Michael Widenius (creator of MySQL), Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle), Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), Larry Page (co-founder of Google). Heads of Tyler include Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. Most of these individuals are listed as communicating with Project Mayhem via the Twitter user @m1Vr4.

Further explanation @PASTEBIN  The ”InTheKnows” were talking about this in 2010.

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Neil Diamond Eh

Diamond’s on that (((Other List))) as well. Coinkydink?

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UK Column News 12 November 2018

Goodness Me Tom what was that again?  Yes it’s really ”Something Else.”
Chris Hillman on “Here She Comes Again” from Bidin’ My Time

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