The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins SLAMS ‘ridiculous’ Brexit as the ‘rise of the A*** clowns’

You moved to Switzerland, which isn’t in the EU, single market or Customs Union. Who really is the arse?

Just amazing the number of Tax Evading Ignorant Gits who think they have any intelligence.

40% of London voted to leave. 1.5m people. It wasn’t 100% remain. Hate people making it out like that because I live here and voted out

Hawkins is yapping on about Britain leaving the EU being a mistake while he performed his own “Brexit” to a nation not even part of the EU. So he has more or less contradicted himself and his stance on the subject.

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Gang Attack People In Liverpool For Not Being Like Them?

Gang members Mohammed Patel, Amin Mohmed and Faruq Patel went on a rampage ‘attacking non-muslims’

GW:  Why would anyone hunger after your heritage mate?  It seems that your heritage far from being superior – is actually one which breeds an intolerance of a rather vicious nature.  Someone I know quite well has said that you lot are actually quite cowardly compared to some of us as it turns out.  His actual words were ”They will stab you in the back but turn round and you can chase 10 with a stick”.  Sorry but this person was somewhat of a huge hero in his time – afraid of no-one – and he worked for a time in both the Middle East and in India.  You are nothing more than a bunch of misogynistic brats.  You would make into what he called ”the 10 percent.” 

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Deputy council leader Rock Feilding-Mellen who managed Grenfell Tower refurbishment is director of firm looking to build 300 homes on the outskirts of Norwich

Rock Feilding, managing director of Socially Conscious Capital.

”Rock Feilding-Mellen, the deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council resigned yesterday (Friday), following the earlier resignation of council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown.

Mr Feilding-Mellen, 38, was chair of the housing committee and oversaw the £10m refurbishment project of Grenfell Tower, including the fitting of cladding with a flammable core being fitted to the outside of the building.

The Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation are understood to have reported directly to Mr Feilding-Mellen during the building work because he is cabinet member for housing, though there is no suggestion he was aware of fire safety failings.”

”Had the development gone ahead, it would have resulted in the loss of 10 hectares of woodland.

Refusing the application, Broadland’s head of planning Phil Courtier said the plans would have resulted in a “substantial” reduction in size of the existing woodland.”

Thanks to ”Labour Left” for the link.

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John Titor Was A Time Traveller First Mentioned In 2001

Night Terrors
Published on Dec 15, 2016

There’s now talk of Mr Titor again.

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MIGRANT RAPE CRISIS: Nearly Half of All Rapes in Sweden Are on Children

Thanks to Tap Newswire for the link.

The globalist majority are pedos and child traffickers. Many have done child sacrifice and Trump & Sessions know it. If many on the internet know it, they must know what is going on.  I pray that Sessions begins to arrest them and they spend the rest of their unnatural lives in a hot prison surrounded by alligators. May our Lord expose what has been going on for decades with these precious children. Did anyone ever wonder what happened to all the little children crossing the border when Obama was potus. What happened to them? Did these evil people get ahold of them? We are a Christian nation and are called on by God to protect these children.

“INVASION-21: UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West” – This is an InfoWars Title & here @ GovWatch we are unable to feature the scrubbings from Mr Jones.

GW:  It’s actually titled AGENDA 21

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992

Heather Mcdougall
Remember, Britannia voted Brexit! That was our referendum on our sovereignty, our laws, migrants and our way of life.Britain said enough is enough. We want to be our own country.

Pino Spade – > Heather Mcdougall
Better hurry up and get Brexit accomplished. There are powerful people who want it stopped at any cost.

Are there any real men in Sweden? Have they all capitulated to their progressive leaders who criminalize protesting criminal alien activity?

Incredibly sad testament to a once unique nation and people.

Heather McDougall – > Eagle61
You go to prison in Sweden and many other European countries if you even say something as mild as you ”don’t want them” and ”send them home” etc, or you ”don’t want any more.”

RStandal – > Etone
The women vote in the liberals who then threaten to arrest the men if they dare protect their families.  Or the men are just a bunch of basement dwelling dummies who think its all a game.  Sweden is lost! The home of my kin is next Norway, followed by Denmark, then Belgium. All welfare states who have lived under the protective umbrella of US Military since 1946. And simply don’t know how to defend themselves.  Who knows maybe the former Soviet satellites may wise up and save them selves, the rest of Europe…SORRY


AGENDA 21 Infiltrator Spills NEVER Before Heard Secrets—The “Great Replacement” Has Kicked-Off

Lisa Haven
Published on May 4, 2017
Pat’s Website-

The UN is racing to implement all their agendas due to the spread of ”populism”. They plan to merge everyone to huge ”Megacities” for starters.  Intending to replace Capitalism & ”free enterprise” with ”technocracy” – i.e. anything goes???  No regulation and loads of AI no doubt???  Hmmm.  They want to control ALL the resources and they will tell you what you can consume and what you cannot.  If your yard is too big we will penalise you.  This Agenda 21 is Satanically inspired.  The Globalist lie of Global Warming is the root of their system.  Technocracy is the science of social engineering according to the Globalist method.  Holy Cow.

Anstria Greenwood
I live on a small farm and the large cities are complaining they have to pay for water and sewage service while rural residents don’t. Now the government is about to tax our wells and water supply. never mind we have to install and maintain septic systems or pay for the electricity to ump our well water and have it tested twice a year. The huge food producers want us off the land for two reasons: They want our land for their mega agri-operations and they want to control what we eat, since our bodies and minds can be manipulated by food and water. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is happening right here and right now.

Think of it this way. These psychos think they deserve to own the whole world. They want to get rid of all other people except a small population to maintain genetic diversity for their descendants to pull from. If they didn’t need genetic diversity for the future, they would have no problem killing off all other people in the world. They think they can use technology to make an do everything for them. And the useful idiots who are helping them either are brainwashed to think they don’t deserve to live or think erroneously that these people will include them in their luxury society after all is said an done.

GW:  And all these ”immigrants” coming to the countries like the UK so they can pick up their Universal Income Payments are walking right into the Globalist Agenda trap with their eyes wide open.  Good Lord!

SWEDISH Prime minister Stefan Loven has narrowly avoided the collapse of his Government by reshuffling his cabinet in a bid to stop the fallout over a data leak scandal.

Outsourcing data is always very dodgy. Someone will sell it all on.

GW: Yea Alan – tell that to the ToriCon UK Government.

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Masked men in van hunted by police after THIRD school holiday abduction attempt in a week

”Detectives are scrambling to find the men behind a third shocking incident on a girl, 13, in Gloucester.

The teenager was approached by masked men in a blue van in the Dancers Hill area of Abbeymead, at 8pm on Saturday, July 22.

The frightening assault is the third reported in just one week in the area with children out of school for the six week summer holidays.

In a quick thinking bid to escape the men the girl ran down an alleyway.

The teen said one of the men wore a black jacket and a black mask through which his brown eyes could be seen.

Unfortunately May has used the latest terror attacks, let’s not include the hero who drove into Finsbury park terrorist training centre, to further her agenda of spying on her own people. Anyone who is judged to have said any racial slurs will be arrested, fined or imprisoned. This will mainly go one way in favour of the M@@lims and Juwes who cry racism at every chance they get. I still don’t understand how Facebook and Twitter allow terrorists to keep their accounts open but shut down anyone who says anything bad against them.

GW:  Indeed yesterday an article appeared regarding how the attacks on the Jewish Community had increased by a ”shocking” amount and when you read into it, most of the ”crimes” were verbal abuse i.e. swearing one supposes!  Yet other members of our society are subjected to muggings, knife crime, burglary, child kidnap on a regular basis now and that’s OK no-one shouts about those things. With regard to ”verbal abuse” – GW told a member of the travelling public shouting into a mobile phone on a bus to ”turn the volume down” and he went apoplectic. However it needed to be said.

And furthermore: Teenager stabbed repeatedly by gang of thugs in London park

”The 18-year-old victim suffered stab wounds to his back, hand and arm during the unprovoked attack in Norbury Park.

One of the attackers is believed to have been carrying a hand gun which he used to hit the victim.  A police spokesman from Croydon CID added: “Three of the suspects are described as black, with two aged in their late teens.

dindu nuffins are rampant in london but completely ignored by the ivory tower government who dont want nasty names like racist to be thrown their way if they deport them zero tolerance and harsh penalities are the only answer for these benefit scrounging stains on humanity.

GW:  No we are not just talking one particular group here as we have Moped Gangstas, pickpockets, fraudsters, car thieves, fare dodgers, fecking drug dealers everywhere in Watford, etc etc etc.  Basically the UK Government has imported the criminal elements from every country of the world and inflicted them and their tactics on the unwitting and long suffering UK General Public i.e. the law abiding ones of all colours and creeds and backgrounds and we are sick of it!  One wonders if this has been by design as well.

Only yesterday GW was in conversation with an Indian friend who was saying that 7 high end motors in the car park at the block where they live were vandalised recently.  this has not happened before.

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Treason May On Holiday

2016 – Theresa May picks neutral Switzerland for summer holiday

”Action May” 

2017 – May to take three-week walking holiday in Italy and Switzerland

Her dress sense needs urgent attention. Too short and ill fitting, colour draining due to white legs. Sandals ghastly.

her whole dress sense is ghastly she needs to stop wearing short skirts and learn to walk tall

I don`t normally make personal remarks but she has just about the worst dress sense I`ve ever seen !

And about as elagant as a Giraffe!

this eu loving remayner is a sad reflection of the whole eu loving libconlab establishment

GW: Well Yaaah – what more could a bloke wish for.

Volksmusik Tirol (A bela paisagem da Tyrol merece reprodução em alta definição HD)

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