Tap Newswire: Has Boris fallen into a CIA honey trap?

Sun 23 Jun 2019 7
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Boris keeps getting knifed at each moment he’s about to grasp the premiership. His old ‘friend’ from Eton – Gove – was ready with the knife when May won the contest, and he had to stand aside. Now his pretty little thing is working hard to sink his chances. Check into her background and it’s obvious she’s up to her neck in globalist connections, probably put in place to bring Boris down when the moment calls for it…unless he’s party to the charade himself which would seem unlikely.

  • The Sun tries to brush the situation aside as follows –

IT’S a scene repeated up and down the country.

Man comes in from a long day at work and like bungling Boris Johnson spills wine on the couch to his partner’s annoyance.

Many of us have had those long, stressful days that you just want to end, when our tempers and fuses are short.

In Carrie and Boris’ case you can understand how the argument would’ve been sparked.

Boris would’ve been shattered, desperate for a haven after a gruelling 15-hour day on the Tory leadership campaign.

For Carrie, the day would have been even more emotionally draining because — as a victim of taxi driver John Worboys — she learned the rapist had pleaded guilty to four more attacks.

To top it, she’d also been out on the trail with Boris, too.

It takes little, then, to light the touch paper.

But what neither would’ve bargained for when tempers frayed was that they were being recorded by neighbours and police subsequently called. I’d be devastated if mine did that.

There is every chance they kissed and made up. But I don’t imagine they’ll be inviting the neighbours round to share a bottle of red any time soon.

People should calm down: it’s wine stain, not Weinstein.

By Jane Atkinson, Features Editor SUN

TAP I agree. Recording neighbours is a nasty little dirty trick played by a couple of very creepy people. Sympathy to B & C.

But hang on a minute! Who is this pretty little thing who’s at Boris’ side?

  • Carrie Symonds is a 31-year-old PR guru currently in a relationship with Boris Johnson.
  • Her parents are Matthew Symonds, one of the founders of the Independent, and Josephine Mcaffee who was one of the paper’s lawyers.
  • Matthew Symonds is Executive Director of the Larry Ellison Foundation, a position he took up in May 2018 after more than 20 years at The Economist, where his last job was as Defence and Diplomatic Editor. During his time at The Economist, Matthew also served as Political Editor and Technology Editor, winning the Wincott Prize for financial journalism in 1998. He was a co-founder of The Independent newspaper and was strategy director of BBC Worldwide Television before joining The Economist. He is the author of “Softwar: an intimate portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle”, which was published in 2003.
    TAP – not much of a Brexiteer then! Is Carrie Boris’ handler, no less – or put there to do a Michael Gove on him, and stab him in the back? Back-stabbers don’t come much prettier it has to be said. Boris should find himself a good Brexiteer girl and dump this hot sauce sent to bring him down by a Rothschild intelligence agency.
  • Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison (born August 17, 1944) is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is a co-founder and the executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation.[4] As of March 2019, he was listed by Forbes magazine as the fourth-wealthiest person in the United States, and as the seventh-wealthiest in the world, with a fortune of $66.1 billion, (increased from $54.5 billion in 2018).[3]
    TAP looks like the big money’s got Boris’ card marked. He needs to sort out who his friends are pretty quick if he’s to survive the coming onslaught.
  • Wikipedia – During the 1970s, after a brief stint at Amdahl Corporation, Ellison began working for Ampex Corporation. His projects included a database for the CIA, which he named “Oracle”. Ellison was inspired by a paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database systems called “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks”.[12] In 1977, he founded Software Development Laboratories (SDL) with two partners and an investment of $2,000; $1,200 of the money was his.
    TAP Ellison’s genealogy looks totally scrubbed, suggesting he’s not unconnected to great wealth but it’s not revealed whose wealth that might be.

Has Boris fallen into a CIA honey trap?

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UK Column News 24 June 2019


  • The Gezi Park Protest Trial in Turkey is now taking place.  The claim is that is was an international event organized to interfere with the governance of Turkey.
  • PH: There is some truth on what both sides are saying.  On the one hand the Turkish Government has brutally repressed journalists but on the other side Open Society has been operating in the ”Regime change” sector for many years.  George SoreAss is a spent force now as the negative publicity has been so massive – I feel sorry for any good hearted activist within any of his NGOs trying to do some good.
  • Joint Statement on Yemen by the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and USA
  • PH: Moving on to what’s happening in Sudan.  Sudan occupies an important position geographically.  Right below Egypt & right on top of the entrance to Sahel Region. An important entry point into Africa.
  • MR: It’s very important geo-politically?
  • PH: Well there have been Sudan Protests –The Sun 22 June 2019: CRACKDOWN Sudan crisis: What is happening in Sudan, what is the Blue for Sudan movement and why are people protesting?
  • PH: And look what’s happening to the protesters Mike.  One was burnt in his tent.  They have a brutal Military Transition Council running things at the moment.
  • MR: this is a key destination for UK Aid Pat & this is the result???
  • MR: Now to the US & Trump’s situation.  This memo would suggest that there is more than one Government in operation in the US at the moment Pat. VIPS Memo to the President: Is Pompeo’s Iran Agenda the Same As Yours?
  • PH: Mike Pompeo is just a Yes Man & he will say ”Yes” to whomever is barking the orders Mike & he shouldn’t be Sec of State.  He has been worse than Hillary Clinton & that’s saying something.

  • Passionate Remainer as you are Mr Clegg – Russian had nothing to do with the BREXIT result?  BTW – He also justified the further curtailing of Internet Freedoms etc.  Get involved in the consultation on the Online Harms White Paper – Let the Government know your thoughts.  1st July is when the consultation closes btw.
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WotW: Surviving The Mass Extinction

Windows on the World
23 June 2019

  • MW: This is being escalated in Ireland by the Government of Ireland or the ”Puppet in Power” allegedly put there by the Irish people. ”Climate Emergency” has been declared & ”Carbon Neutrality” is upon us by 2030. Yes Ireland’s countryside will be de-populated & the population forced into open concentration camps also known as Smart Cities.
  • MW: The end of all private transport by 2030.  What is going to happen to rural communities?  They will be forced to move.
  • MW: This sounds like some dystopian nightmare but it is the ‘‘Global Action Plan” that we have been talking about for at least 10 years.
  • MW: We have been hoodwinked by our Government & especially Treason May who has left her ”legacy” of Carbon Neutrality Treaty within the 12th hour of her office.
  • MW: But the Good News is that these people are pretty stupid & if enough good people can step forward this can still be stopped.  On Friday 21 June 2019 there was a very interesting headline in the Metro Newspaper which goes out to pretty much everyone who rides the tube, cycles or walks.
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s brother claims ‘man-made climate change does not exist’
  • MW: There was even a picture of Piers Corbyn & a side profile of myself.
  • MW: In reality this is the biggest Kontrol & Taxation System ever imposed upon the general public.
  • MW: The recent Carbon Neutrality Agreement between Ireland & the UK to destroy their economies; put the population into penury & prevent them from travelling anywhere. UK commits to Carbon Neutrality Coalition to deliver net-zero emissions
  • MW: Meanwhile the real Mass Extinction of a lot of the planet’s population is underway & the pace is getting quicker.  The perps have been working with Local & National Government to bring this into play – 5G is just a part of it.
  • EuroNews: Ireland becomes second country to declare ‘climate emergency’
  • MW: The Irish Government is preparing to ban private cars while planning a mass third world ”replacement migration” to stop dissent  by ”dividing & ruling”, by overpowering the indigenous population with people not from their country who will not be on their side.  ER & all these fake protests have all been working to this same Agenda & it culminates in the loss of all your rights.
  • MW: ”According to local media” – No according to Global Media; The World Bank; the UN; the WHO; or any other organisation which has a Globalist Agenda.
  • MW: The Iron Fist is here.  Totalitarianism is here now.  Cars off the road by 2050?
  • MW: Every ”Cult” has to have an ”Apocalypse” & the ”Climate Emergency Cultists” are no exception.
  • MW: Shane Ross is the Government official/”puppet” behind the roll-out.
  • MW: The other ”Globalist Repeater Puppet” Leo Veradkar has said: ”Our approach will be to Nudge people & businesses to ‘‘change behaviour” etc etc etc  MW: & once you are locked into this you will realise that you haven’t got as much freedom as you used to have because you are dependant on public transport.
  • GW: Now where have we heard those words before??????
  • MW: Veradkar has nothing to do with formulation of this policy as he is just doing what he is told by the Globalists just like that lying, virtue signalling London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
  • MW: The Government is lying about ”renewables” – They are not expected to work – Expect power cuts.  You will get an allowance & when that is gone tough.
  • XR founder said her aim was to ”get people to react to FEELINGS & EMOTIONS rather than to FACTS” – simple propaganda technique.
  • Reuters 20 June 2019: Ambitious 2050 climate goal relegated to footnote at EU summit after being objected to by Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary.
  • Czech President Vaclav Klaus has warned that ”Environmentalism is the new Communism”
  • GW: Still others have opined ”Green is the new Red.”
  • MW: EU leaders called on the EU Investment Bank to increase climate funding & acknowledge the differences in the Continent’s energy mix but Poland remained unmoved.  The EU Investment Bank is fully behind the looting of assets of all people via its loans schemes.  Along with the World Bank & the IMF.
  • MW: ”Renewables will bankrupt nations” – This is the whole idea & was clearly stated by Evelyn de Rothschild at the Rio Earth Summit 1992.
  • MW: Have a look at a Video put out by George Hunt on UNCED – it’s shocking & one of the most important pieces of information about the Totalitarian Agenda.
  • MW: Check out what Globalist Dan Pena said about Carbon Tax ”Dam good idea – wish I’d thought of it”
  • Dan Pena on London Real saying Global Warming is a Fruad
    ReddIt: I just spent about 3 hours or so arguing with folks on Facebook about this little video snippet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjlC02NsIt0
  • MW: & get this – BBC News 20 June 2019: Climate Change MPs announce a Citizen’s Assembly
  • MW: Energy Sec Greg Clark welcomed the move.  ”Public Engagement” is not really what (((they))) are interested in.  Lots of ”virtue signallers” – Rachael Reeves – said (((they))) need a public ”buy-in” to achieve this.
  • MW: If this XR Fake Climate Protest was real do you think the Government would be listening?  No. It would have been quashed with military precision as has happened in France with the yellow Vests.
  • MW: Meeting the targets will mean that emissions from homes, farms, industry & transport will have to be avoided completely??????
  • GW: Oh my goodness – is that the time?
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”Anarchy in the streets:” Electric scooter accidents plague Paris as residents demand police crackdown

Isabelle Vanbranant was walking home through a park in Paris when an electric scooter crashed into her, breaking the pianist’s wrist in 2 places.  Veronique Kilebasa  was crossing the street with her 7 week old baby strapped to her chest when a man riding a similar scooter collided with her throwing the pair to the ground.  In another incident a scooter sped through a red light knocking over an 81 year old pedestrian killing him.

The scooters are relatively cheap & green & easier to ride than a bike.  San Francisco based Lime was the first to start rolling them out in 2018 & you only need a Smartphone & a Credit Card to use one.  The ”dockless nature of the scooter” means people can ride them right to their front door but this in turn means they are often discarded into the Seine by the riders or vandalised.


Steve Hill
These things are illegal in the UK for good reason. No redeeming features.

GW: A powered vehicle should be in the cycle lane when ridden & the rider should walk through the park pushing it.  Furthermore owners & riders should be registered & insured as with any other motorised device.  Pushbikes are often ridden at speed on Watford pavements despite the enormous expense of putting in cycle lanes.  Some riders even wear helmets incase they collide with a pedestrian & fall off.  ”I’m all right jack” attitude.  It annoys Gideon considerably to witness such riders in action.

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Third Anniversary of the Brexit Vote!

Jeff Taylor
23 June 2019

It is now three years to the day since the UK electorate took the momentous decision that it was time to leave the European Union, yet we still find ourselves chained to the bloc with no end in sight.
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Three years ago on the 23rd June 2016, the UK went to the polls in the biggest exercise in democracy the country has ever seen and voted by a margin of 52% to 48% to leave the European Union.

And from the 24th of June, just about the entire establishment and mainstream media geared up to block all Brexit progress as well as besmirch everyone who had voted to Leave by calling them everything from bigots to ignorant.

The Remainer establishment, aided and abetted by vested interests both domestic and foreign have blocked and obfuscated at every turn and we have even seen UK politicians travelling to Brussels to brief Eurocrats and work with them on defeating the will of their own electorate.

And the very fact that the UK involved itself in the recent EU elections to send MEPs to Brussels and Strasbourg, tells you all you need to know about the success of the Remain campaign.

And that is a big hurdle cleared for the Remainers.

Now (((they))) will be looking to force a revocation of the Article 50 letter – by any means, constitutional or not, lawful or unlawful.

But thank heavens Theresa May called the 2017 general election as, if she had not she could well have had enough support in the commons to eventually shoe-horn the country into that Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty of hers.

Also, thanks go to Gina Miller who, by bringing and winning her case, prevented Theresa May from using the Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50, which has, inadvertently for her, handed the Leave cause a legal route to force an exit from the EU.

Some people may believe that our establishment is not Remain biased, but I say it is. And the biggest smoking gun, the biggest giveaway of this is the reaction by government, parliament, the press and the judiciary to Robin Tilbrook’s case.

Tilbrook’s case is basically the same as the case Gina Miller won. In that if the government had to get an act of parliament to trigger Article 50, then it follows that the government must use an act of parliament to extend Article 50 – this was not done as the Prime Minister, Theresa May used the Royal Prerogative at the last moment to agree the extension with the EU. Tilbrook says that without an act of parliament then she had no power to make that agreement so it is null and void.

And Tilbrook’s team are very, very sure of their ground and legal commentators have voiced their agreement.

Now, Gina Miller brought her case in the hope that if she forced the government to use an act of parliament to trigger Article 50, then the houses of commons and lords would not vote it through so stopping Brexit in its tracks.

So, because it was an anti-Brexit move it got wall to wall coverage and Miller was the star of every news and political show from that point on.

And importantly the case was dealt with efficiently. Miller submitted the claim form on the 29th July 2016 and the whole case including appeal to the Supreme Court was done and dusted by the 24th January.

The Tilbrook case was submitted on the 2nd of April and, as far as I know, there has not even been a court date set yet regarding this highly important constitutional case.

Also, the press has largely ignored the Tilbrook case and even those politicians that call themselves Brexiteers cannot bring themselves to mention it.

Now, some of this seeming disinterest may be down to Robin Tilbrook being the chairman of an opposing Brexit believing political party, the English Democrats.

We have an independent judiciary in the UK and it is a well known legal maxim that delay defeats equity. And delay in hearing this case could also have the effect of tarnishing the reputation of our legal system and of the judiciary.

And it is those sort of management decisions or the lack of making them in a timely manner, that are themselves open to judicial review one would think. But who would judge that and in which court? And it is because of the massive power that the judiciary wields that it must be seen to be swift and fair in all cases, nothing else will do. #Brexit #Article50 #RobinTilbrook Sources: https://www.legalcheek.com/2019/06/no…

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Woman drinking pink gin from a wine glass on the Tube is back at it again

Woman drinking pink gin from a wine glass on the Tube is back at it again

GW: Publicity stunt?  Otherwise what a silly way to enjoy a social drink.  Why not make a real day of it?  Go to a REAL pub like the Half Moon in Putney, invite some friends & watch the excellent Hank Wangford Band instead? The Pub had some glasses on the bar with ”Shop local, Drink local” on them.  Good idea – Keep our pubs alive! The walk over Putney Bridge is a joy in itself – watching all the kayakers out on the river. Wonderful.  This woman definitely needs some of that good, Hank, songly advice.  He’s an intelligent man as well as a brilliant artist.

Hank Wangford And The Lost Cowboys Welcome Here

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The Queen’s horror as RATS spotted at Buckingham Palace

The Queen's horror as RATS spotted at Buckingham Palace

GW: Is that Code?  Need to get in touch with Bletchley maybe.

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Brexit Game Has Changed – Part iv

Video Link

Kathryn Bell
Everyone just stop for a second, and look at the bigger picture. Donald Trump has declassified all of the ‘Russian collusion’ documents, which point firmly at OUR establishment. The Donald will DESTROY our political elite, MI6 and judicial system. Within the year, these nonces in Westminster will be out of the equation. Meaning we will be out of the EU and can vote for a proper party who will reverse, never mind reduce, immigration. Still bring in the best of the rest, but kick out the crime de la scum!

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Brexit Game Has Changed – Part iii

Video Link

Sam Rowbotham
Here lies what might turn out to be the real reason for the Brexit shambles, presided over by Cameron and May, who’ve teed everything up for Johnson to play the role of the English Trump.

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 clearly states that:

“1)The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU.

(2)This section has effect despite any provision made by or under the European Communities Act 1972 or any other enactment.”

Once notice was given by May to the EU that the UK was leaving, Exit Day automatically fell on the 29th of March 2019, by operation of the 2017 Act.

Since there are no other provisions, there was no statutory authority for Parliament to postpone Exit Day, which means the UK left the EU on the 29th of March.

Furthermore, because the 2017 Act prescribes that it has legal effect which supersedes the European Communities Act 1972 and all other enactments, it implicitly repealed all EU-related legislation, without giving Parliament a get-out clause.

That being the case, the treasonous EU Withdrawal Act, which seeks to replace UK law with EU law on Exit Day, when that day has already transpired, is null and void at law.

This would explain the series of tiresome Parliamentary and media fiascoes which have made most people in this country wish the referendum never happened.

It would also explain the many attempts by Parliament to draft a bill which postpones Exit Day, on the basis that the 2017 Act has created a legal impasse, which the government has no lawful means of averting.

In the event all of the above becomes established fact, it would be clear that Parliament and the EU have conspired to mislead the British people into believing that Exit Day didn’t happen on the 29th of March.

Their motivation for doing so is that the withdrawal act will replace UK law with EU law on whichever day they falsely claim to be Exit Day.

Whichever way you stand on the Brexit issue, one thing is certain: nobody voted for that.
Michael O’Bernicia

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Brexit Game Has Changed – Part ii

Video Link

Connie Frost
I remember before we joined the EU, it was 240 pence to the pound and prices went up by pennies, now it’s a 100 pence to the pound and prices go up in pouunds. The pound devalued over 50% overnight because the economy took advantage and didn’t lower prices accordingly to take this adjustment into account!!!! I could easily work for £12ph and could leave a job and the next day find another and sometimes for more money than the previous. Britain, also had more manufacturing jobs, skilled work and apprenticeships, so the young generation could have skills and be independent and feel empowered to leave home, start a family and have more choices. The establishment is the enemy of the people and much more…. ‘We the People’ have the POWER the establishment is NOTHING, without their CHATTELS, which is what they look upon us as. Graham you too are a LIONHEART👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Aamir Mir
I remember clearly that Jacob Rees Mogg, in an interview CLEARLY answered Beth Rigby of Sky News, in The series of indicative voting in parliament, after March 29th…… “the same argument taken by Robin Tilbrook in the court case”. He insisted about the default position of the Law, as it stood and still DOES that we have left EU. And then later on he rarely ever mentioned it again. So i believe deep down the ERG knows this to be true and the Great and honourable judiciary of our great country will right this wrong. Hats off to DD and Robin Tilbrook. God save the queen.

ian ball
Great. It gets better the light is shining brightly. Those who deny it; Those that cover it up; those not on the side of the case; are all law breakers. Criminals. Every one should be telling the truth on this. Not mumbling about it. It’s a fact with in the law that we left the EU. And every one should be backing the case who are not criminals. When a government breaks its own laws, then its no longer fit for purpose. Nor can it be trusted. And Farage wants brexit so bad yet he is not talking about this and doesn’t seem to be backing it. How odd that is. Or is the brexit party all smoke and mirrors to con the public even more then it has been. Vote Ukip it’s a safer bet, that at least there honest. Can’t trust the law breaking labour louts. They have proved them selves corrupt all by themselves. And the left remainers have nothing honest to say. There game is up. We see right through them – Con merchants  – and the only way to get a fan is to lie or pay them. That’s the left. What have (((they))) promised these people. Free drugs, a street to sleep on? A tent at speakers corner to live i? Stick and carrot lies. Corbyn promised to stop student fees. That was a lie and it back fired. So how can any one worth their salt believe a word he says when it’s all lies. Once a lier always a lier. But as we all know, some are too stupid and fall for lie after lie. Blinded by the darkness (((they))) weave. The dark web. See the light. Be the light and may the force of light be with you all. The light is freedom to be ones true self.

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