0 is Creation / 33 / IHS = 9 11 6 11

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UK Column News 25 October 2016


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“FINAL WARNING” ~ Jesuit New World Order ~ Pope Francis ~ Obama – Putin – ISIS ~ World War 3

Comment: (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis will take part in the final meeting of the World Day of Prayer for Peace when he travels to Assisi on Tuesday, 20 September.
The World Day of Prayer for Peace concludes a 3-day event organized by the Sant’Egidio Community entitled this year “Thirst for Peace. Religions and Cultures in Dialogue”. It will see the participation of over 450 religious leaders of different faiths gathered

to pray for peace and strengthen dialogue in

”the spirit of Assisi.” ? WHAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ASSISI ?
http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2016/09/13/pope_in_assisi ‘thirst_for_peace’_30_years_from_1st_day_of_/1257794
Daniel 8:25
“And through his policy also he shall cause


to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart,

and by peace shall destroy many:

he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.”

Strong’s Hebrew

Result of search for “7843”:DESTROY

KJV Usage: batter, cast off, corrupt (-er, thing), destroy (-er, -uction), lose, mar,


spill, spoiler, X utterly, waste (-r).

John 3:15
“That whosoever believeth in him

should not


but have eternal life.”

Comment: I am not Catholic, but the pope uses the first name of St. Francis of Assisi and sees him as a (posthumous) mentor. “Spirit” can also mean: qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person.

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ISIS / Aleppo…You Cannot Be Serious

Peaky Truth

GW: This Melbourne based activist likes to use the ”Truth Bomb”Technique. In addition he suggests simply using the ”thumbs down” on anything produced by tptwtb cabalists. Simple but effective way of showing just how many think their stuff is rubbish.

Comment: They are doing exactly what they did in the serbian/bosnian war, accusing the syrian government of using chemical weapons and bombing their own people. In bosnia they made up lots of fake crap to frame the serbs.

Comment: Exactly. Now, the Rothschilds own Montenegro natural resources- rich region of Former Yugoslavia. Just like Rothschild owns Kurdistan Iraq for its Oil. Zionist cartel destroying this world with lies, deception and terrorism.

Comment: Orange background subliminal for 33 occult mason bullshit. Also look at the side ”Fir Aid” Subliminal ”Fur Aid.” Sick masonic subliminal bullshit. They never stop. They live we sleep.

Comment: Huge video and data cache on the fake NGO Syrian White Helmet jihadists http://jackpineradicals.com/boards/topic/huge-video-and-data-cache-on-the-fake-ngo-syrian-white-helmet-jihadists/

Snooze: I got some other @@@@ all over Assange’s A@@@ as well – Documentary done in 1980’s called ”THE FAMILY.” His mum ran it for CIA. They even owned an asylum. Mate too much ta tell ya here.

Reply: Assange is in Illuminati cards = he is just a puppet

Pat the Cat: George is telling you all what its about – https://youtu.be/PX6f4L6ZZJ8

Comment: The Zionists love the PP and Aleppo has the PP.
Hey you & your FAIRYtales and all your incestors that’s right your ancestors.
”The Wheat and The Tares.”
We are the Wheat and
They are the Tares.

Comment: Hey Peekay got heaps info Joann Steen Aussie chick video , she’s done bit dud job or doesn’t realise the info she has . It has been deleted everywhere any big channels anyway http://media.wix.com/ugd/0cf371_514bfe6a2dec4871ab7da7d50b9be410.pdfyoutube.com

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”CETA Is TTIP In Disguise”

Full Article

GW: Forget TPP & TTIP  – Too much ATC Chatter Juliette Tango.  Roger Foxtrot Bravo. Over. Let’s use CETA & TEATA. The Weary Workers of the World are Fedup.  How many more Acronyms before these wretched NeoLibtard Globalists get real and realise we know what the game is?  These things are NOT trade agreements.  They are systems to put Global Corps above the rule of National Governments!

Best funny ATC chatter

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Almost a third of teachers quit state sector within five years of qualifying


Thanks to Labour Left for the link.

GR Comment: Teachers in State Schools have been demonised by the Tory press . Teaching success has been turned into a conveyor belt with which to beat individual teachers if their students don’t improve their grades and pass rates year by year. If you monetise Teaching the monitors make off will all the money in the most Stalinist way. ( thousands for desks when student haven’t enough equipment to do science experiments etc)

Four teachers explain exactly why making all schools into academies is a terrible


GR Comment: Why is a Lib Dems MP being given a platform as they stood by like the cucks they are and let Gove do as he pleased with the profession.


Warwick Mansell ‏@warwickmansell Aug 3
.@PrivateEyeNews reporting DfE paid £11.5m for free school site in Bucks, “far more than initial £6m asking price”.Seems to be pattern here.


BBC News – New teachers: 30% of 2010 intake quit within five years


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Theresa MayBe: back from Brussels but still in fantasyland – John Crace


GW: Theresa May weigerde Frans te spreken.

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