DD: Dominic Cummings – The press are the ones who have done wrong – FAKE NEWS again

Daddy Dragon – 25 May 2020

Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Dominic Cummings has done nothing wrong, I live in a flat, on my own, no balcony, no garden, no visits, no job. BUT ..

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Scientist spearheading coronavirus vaccine has been launching some troubling racially charged tweets

18 April 2020

A “lead” vaccine scientist at Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases appears to be an anti-white racial grievance monger who believes the coronavirus is being used to commit genocide against black Americans and who’s echoed CNN’s irrational complaints that the president’s coronavirus task force is too white.

Leftist Lunatics should NOT be in charge of deadly disease facilities. Corbett, Fauci, and other Luciferians should be ousted and locked up, along with Bill Gates and other eugenicists.

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, who’s been described by the NIH as the lead member of the Vaccine Research Center team responsible for finding a vaccine for the coronavirus, has been posting bizarre, racially charged tweets since the onset of the coronavirus crisis.

In tweets posted in late February, she accused President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force — of which Fauci is one of two lead scientists — of being comprised “largely” of “white men” whom she claimed “are indebted” to serve the president, “not the people.”

I would argue quite the opposite. The task force is largely people (white men) he appointed to their positions as directors of blah blah institute. They are indebted to serve him NOT the people.

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) February 27, 2020
There is something to be said about calling on DIVERSE expertise in crises, so CNN had a valid point. Especially since this virus knows no boundaries.

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) February 27, 2020
Two months later in early April, she appeared to argue against meritocracy — a system wherein people are rewarded for their skills, not the color of their skin or other immutable characteristics — on the basis that any scientific group lacking in so-called diversity “would perform lower than a more inclusive group.”

In other words, the creation of scientific groups should involve affirmative action.


Glad to see the contributions of scientists being recognized. Saddened, but not surprised that every scientist mentioned in this article is a man.

The message stands: you can be a science hero, as long as you’re male science hero.https://t.co/d8JVWkpC2i

— Jen Heemstra (@jenheemstra) April 5, 2020
How does skin color have any effect on the scientific method? Does this mean that scientists in Africa are not as efficient because they don’t have any white scientists working alongside them?

— R. J. MacReady, social-distancing since 1982 (@WeaponizedLefse) April 7, 2020
Actually, yes. Any group of scientists that is not diverse from multiple perspectives (including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, expertise, social economic status, etc.) would perform lower than a more inclusive group.

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) April 7, 2020
Backtracking to late March, Corbett tweeted a Bloomberg article about the coronavirus’ disproportionate effect on poor communities and used it to suggest black victims of the virus will be the first to be denied care in case rationing becomes necessary.

She wrote: “I tweet for the people who will die when doctors has to choose who gets the last ventilator and ultimately… who lives. The poor. And, while the article doesn’t explicitly say it… the black.”

Thus far rationing has not been necessary thanks to the Trump administration’s ability to supply enough ventilators to each state.

According to Fox News, someone eventually replied to the NIH scientist’s tweet by claiming “they” [presumably white doctors] hate black people and want to “get rid of” them: “They hate us. This virus is a sure fire way to get rid of us without having to lift a finger.”

This reply has since been deleted. However, Corbett’s response to the reply remains. Instead of pushing back on the other Twitter user’s radical race rhetoric, she endorsed it.

She wrote, “Some have gone as far to call it genocide. I plead the fifth.”

Look at the thread below:

I tweet for the people who will die when doctors has to choose who gets the last ventilator and ultimately… who lives.

The poor. And, while the article doesn’t explicitly say it… the black. pic.twitter.com/FzGt3V7bGu

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) March 29, 2020
Some have gone as far to call it genocide. I plead the fifth.

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) April 11, 2020
She’s also retweeted posts that called for Fauci and Surgeon General Jerome Adams, both of whom are her superiors within the Trump administration, to check their “privilege” and “stop spreading harmful fallacies that support white supremacy.”

The latter tweets were posted after, in response to the coronavirus’s disproportionate effect on minority communities, the surgeon general urged black Americans, in particular, to take the coronavirus more seriously.

“Stay at home if possible,” he said at a task force briefing last week. “If you must go out, maintain six feet of distance between you and everyone else and wear a mask if you’re going to be within six feet of others.”

“Wash your hands more often than you ever dreamed possible. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and call your friends and family, check in on your mother. She wants to hear from you right now.”

Like other racial grievance mongers, Corbett took offense both to the recommendation and Dr. Fauci’s decision to later defend Adams’ recommendation.

And so in response, she retweeted the following controversial tweets from a Dr. Theanne Griffith:

Dear Dr. Fauci, Dr. Adam’s comments weren’t offensive bc he said Big Momma or granddaddy (though folks are free to be offended by that language). They’re offensive bc they ignore systemic racism. Cigarettes and alcohol aren’t killing Black/Latinx ppl 1/n https://t.co/uTr6hIWr6Z

— Theanne Griffith, PhD 🇭🇷👩🏽‍🔬🇧🇧 (@doctheagrif) April 10, 2020
So Dr. Fauci and Dr. Adams, check your privilege. Think critically. Stop spreading harmful fallacies that support white supremacy. Most importantly, listen to people who actually understand and study racial disparities as they pertain to healthcare, like @uche_blackstock.

— Theanne Griffith, PhD 🇭🇷👩🏽‍🔬🇧🇧 (@doctheagrif) April 10, 2020
Speaking late Friday about these tweets, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted that they call into question Corbett’s “commitment to scientific inquiry and rational thought.”

“To to be clear, she is not an intern for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This is one of our top coronavirus vaccine researchers, and she is agreeing that helpful medical advice is a fallacy that supports white supremacy,” he said.

But it’s not about politics, or whom Corbett voted for or what she believes.

“No matter what she believes, no matter what she says on Twitter, we hope, we pray that her work is successful because it’s important, but none of what you just heard was science or even related to science, and it’s not what scientists ought to think. It’s not rigorous, it’s not rational, it’s not sane — it’s bigotry,” he said.



GW: Never heard of this Vaccine Perp and Coronavirus has been about the only topic of conversation since October 2019.  It’s taken a bit of time for her to come to the fore.  Even the censored Dr Mikovits has been interviewed several times.  What took Corbett so long?

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Mass Migration and Commercial Integration- Loss of Commercial Trust

Tacitus Today – 1 January 2020

Op-ed. Globalist Forced mass migration has created parallel racial economies in the west where imported races only spend money within their ethnic group but meanwhile feel entitled to take white folks’ money.

Big M
I have friends and relatives who’ve done consulting in India. They couldn’t wait to get out of there. They will never go there for a holiday and advise others to stay away. They found that the main impediment in dealing with Indians was this attitude of not wanting to appear foolish, or not wanting to be seen making a mistake My son’s experience was that they even refused to answer questions about new software systems that he was teaching because ‘they had read the manuals ‘. Of course they couldn’t perform the most basic task. Don’t get me started on the ones who come out here.

Tacitus Today
Thanks for posting. Pls share the vid with a few like minded folks. TT

Traditional Food
Mass, uncontrolled immigration will never end because the Central banks need it to continue their system of fiat currency backed by nothing. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the end of the gold standard. The West & the 3rd world will be one and the same.

Benjamin Shapiro Esq.
Wall Street also needs more human units to buy Smartphones and data plans.

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Profiling the Globalist Activator CV

SJW NGO agitator. There are thousands of them all about.

Tacitus Today – 9 December 2018

CLC Florida
The globalists use a pool of trained agitators and clandestine recruiters which are shared between leftist political parties, Union, NGO’s, charity scams and media propagandists. The central American migrant “caravans” are full of such agitators.

I don’t know why everyone can’t see the Big Picture, enough of the Puzzle Pieces have been put together so you can See WHAT IT’S GOING TO BE without finishing it… a Globalization, a Worldwide Dictatorship… with all their little brain dead minions carrying out their Agenda mindlessly…

Amy Joyce
I fear the goal of their perverse agenda is much worse and scares the chit out of me, although I don’t think I’d naturally live that long to see it. However your point is a good one: How can anyone exposed to liberalism, nationalism, and some world wide news not recognize that there is a current movement in action that’s exceedingly non beneficial to our culture? Seriously, what is in the water or our food? For a while I thought that people were staying willfully ignorant because they are a bit too spoiled. Then I thought it must be fear. Now I’m inclined to think that along with deep brainwashing and propaganda we are being dumbed down in some way.

CLC in Florida
@Amy Joyce I remember the 70s and How parents had to have their Kids Deprogramed after they had joined a Religious Cult called the Moonies, What’s going on now reminds me of that, I don’t think the Left will ever see the Light until the are Deprogramed…

@CLC in Florida Pity no one had their kids deprogrammed from school. Sadly though nothing can get back those developmental stages that were entrusted to the government to oversee. Like when children’s hormones activate and they start being impelled to … well they used to pair bond and often for life between 12-23 by and large. John Gatto Hidden curriculum, teachers teach dependence. Freemason Johann Gottlieb Fichte, creator of modern education – education will not depend on freewill. Cults don’t depend on freewill either, they just need you to be vulnerable to them. Schools manufacture people that will be, everyone is different however, and familial aid can mitigate it so not all turn out the weakest, not all are prime SJW ANTIFA nut bag candidates. However it did leave its mark on all that go through it.

Ethno-Nationalism is the New black
@CLCinflorida that’s why

@Amy Joyce ~ What comes to mind is a spread of what’s going on in South Africa, planned for the whole world… That is scary. The same NGO’s are behind all of it… 👎

Thomas Jefferson
✡ globalism ✡

Real Eyes
@CLC in Florida I often think of the book I read called “Dark Side of the Moonies” when talking to most people today all across the West. I tell them to get off msm and Hollywood movies as they’re propaganda vehicles. People really are such mindless minions.

CLC in Florida
@Real Eyes I remember in the 1970s when people had their Kids kidnapped back from the Moonies, then Deprogramed, I think that’s what it’s going to take again…

Brendan Chapman
There are literal NPCs that don’t have any soul and therefore, no autonomy of thought. So it makes sense that the Moonies would have had to be reprogrammed, look how the left are, no soul behind any of their eyes.

Svengali Falls
I believe you are correct I think many people can see the writing on the wall. if you believe in the Bible this will be even more scary due to the fact that the Bible calls for a one world government before Revelation can happen.

RađĐ Đađđie

Sharon C
I fear for my kids. Maybe homeschool or private school is the way to go.

they want to turn the Trocadero into a mosque in central London, that’s how emboldened they now are

CLC in Florida
@D JL Wow, did I call it correctly a Year ago… If they aren’t stopped soon, there will be no stopping them…

You paint a vivid picture, but it is very depressing. We on the so called “Right”, just common sense hardworking folk, cannot hope to compete in terms of organized activism. We don’t have the time or the inclination. We must gain political power through the ballot box and do as you suggest – end funding for all this activism AND put a stop to the Leftist propaganda and indoctrination in our schools. Earlier I was watching some other videos that outlined how the Left is destroying itself with internal conflicts. This is how the old Soviet Empire ended. We didn’t defeat it so much as it defeated itself. However, I don’t know that we can count on the far Left destroying itself in time to save our nations that they are so determined to destroy.

Kevin O
@TropicalCoder – I think the only way is war. They have way too much influence over our election processes. I would also add that this is the way the Soviet union began, not ended. It will only end when the countries money dries up, or we go to war. On a positive note, we are definitely more aware today than ever before. Knowing is half the battle. Not just for GI Joe.

Ireneusz Pyc
@Kevin O ; I think you are as clueless as doctor William Luther Pierce, who expected a race war in the 1970s & 1980s; he’s dead now; and there’s no race war

Kevin O
@Eryk Pyc – I hope you are right, but wars do happen. They were predicted as well.

Wolfgang Shrenk
@Ireneusz Pyc There was a Race War in Rhodesia and Angola.

Ireneusz Pyc
@Wolfgang Shrenk spend more time with hipsters at Starbucks – it will alter your perspective, and you will stop “identifying race wars”

Wolfgang Shrenk
@Ireneusz Pyc What? and talk to Brainwashed idiots? that wouldn’t be any fun.

Ezra Pound
Kevin O And education and central banking these are Cain’s seed Evil degenerates who claim to God’s chosen

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The Anglo/Franco Ferry Service Exposed By Nigel Farage After Threats From UK Coastguard

WE GOT A PROBLEM – 21 May 2020

GW: That’s why the Brits have been told to stay away from the beach so no-one witnesses the scale of the operation.  Again it is up to us as individuals to raise this with those responsible & MAKE them take action.

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Angela Merkel losing grip as German state ignores her order and immediately ends lockdown


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TAP: Stop clapping the NHS. Look at reality.

Mon 25 May 2020
posted by Tapestry

More NHS crime to be reported. Keep on clapping while doctors kill your parents with morphia for the crime of being over age, for wrongly diagnosing illness as Coronavirus to help the news narrative, and not reporting the numbers of patients who recover.

Here the doctors withdraw life-saving treatment from a lawyer, Edward Ellis, for exposing corruption. No more clapping please. The poor lawyer describes his symptoms.

News break 74: Whistleblower Update with Edward Ellis & Neelu Berry

Ramble D Reports – 24 May 2020

Stop clapping the NHS. Look at reality.

Prometheus says:
Stop clapping the NHS… hmm. I think slapping the NHS would be a better title as they are clearly unfit for purpose.

Patient Films #NHS Idiots Perform COVID-19 #Hubris Dance With MOPS _ Revenge of the Anti-Brexiters?

Enchanted LifePath – 19 May 2020

Not only is this disrespectful to the patients, it’s disrespectful to those who have lost their jobs due to the covid tyranny. It’s mocking those who are out of work, while they are being paid by the tax payer to tiktok dance. Then the space clap Thursday.

GW: My own mother was a nurse & quite a few years ago admitted that [[[they]]] use morphine to hasten some patients on their way.

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Why Barnard Castle?

Barnard Castle Site Norstead

Why Barnard Castle

27 July 2016: GSK Invests UKPDS 92 Million into County Durham site

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Sniff, Sniff, Sniff – Erm – What’s that smell GW? Did I sit in something? You’ve picked up some Corona CRAPP on you phone mate!

GW: The Nazis never were defeated after all. That was just another lie in a whole series of lies told to the General Sheeplic by tptwtb. [[[They]]] just swapped one set of spots for another set.  Now they are all ”philanthropists”.  [[[They]]]’re all still leopards at the end of the day.  It follows then that SOME leopards DO change [[[their]]] spots after all.  We were always told that [[[they]]] didn’t.  Hiding in plain sight all this time.  Kill Gates just another Nazi – would have really enjoyed some time in the death camps no doubt – counting the folk onto & off the trains.

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Speaking The Righteous Truth | This Doctor Exposes Bill Gates Wicked Agenda | Viable Tv

Viable Tv – 21 May 2020

  • Gates Foundation supported by Georgie Swartz – Well what do you know?
  • Vacs have never been tested properly for safety?
  • Liability waivers for vaccines must end!
  • Show us these Vaccines you intend to use for CV Immunity are safe.
  • Do you know what a Hep B Shot is actually for?  Do you think babies are going to be needle sharing when first born?
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