‘Blood was everywhere’ – Eritrean Migrant arrested after pensioner raped and beaten in Portugal



Eritrean national Ibraham Salem was arrested on suspicion of the horrific attack against the 67-year-old, which took place in the Portuguese city of Albufeira, 159 miles south of Lisbon.

The authorities allege the migrant, who arrived in the city at the end of October, approached the woman who was sheltering from the bitter cold in the doorway of a bank just before 5am in the early hours of Thursday.  The judicial police said that “through the use of physical force” and “in the face of the victim’s resistance” he beat her, “causing maxillofacial and nasal fractures”.

He is said to be one of 15 migrants who was relocated to Italy and granted asylum in Portugal in October.

Earlier this year another Eritrean migrant was accused of raping a 79-year-old woman in the German town of Iddenbueren.”


GW:  Why?  These people must have severe mental problems.

Five Afghan migrants arrested after child gang-raped at knife-point for over an hour in Swedish forest.

migrant-rape-746979The horrifying incident took place in a forest in Uppsala, a town in south-east Sweden, during the night of October 24 and 25.  Court papers say the perpetrators are suspected of “grabbing the defendant, covering his mouth and dragging or carrying him into a woodland area.”

The victim was also beaten, bitten and spat on.


GW:  And this?  Absolutely orchestrated and vicious.

Iranian and Pakistani gang arrested in raid after posing as fake police to rob tourists in Madrid

Spanish police say the gang, which committed 21 crimes in six months, carried Iranian and Pakistani passports.  Dressed as fake police, the group targeted cars with foreign number plates and even stole from an embassy official.


GW:  Using Police Uniforms and knowing law abiding tourists would fall for it.  What do the real police do about it now?  They won’t be able to hire foreigners will they.  Getting ridiculous now!

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BBC News Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack In Syria

“Israeli murderers are called ‘commandos’…arab commandos are called ‘terrorists.’ Contra killers are called ‘freedom fighters!’ Well if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight? They don’t tell us that part do they?”
-George Carlin

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Out of Time
Published on Feb 24, 2016
Alan Mark Grayson who is the United States Representative for Florida’s 9th congressional district and a member of the Democratic Party asked some hardline questions to Zionist Jew Ben Bernake Chairman of Federal Reserve about the missing of $500 billion dollars.

Alan Mark Grayson is also of Jewish descent but not a pro jewish zionist whose main concern is the jewish homeland.

Published on Jul 31, 2012

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UK Column Advises To Take A Look At ”Women 2 Win with Prime Minister David Cameron”

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OSU Terror Hoax Hero Cop Busted!! “Hero” Officer was in OSU Active Shooter Video year prior

Shooter/Stabber/Machete Wielder/Nutcracker Thrower/Psycho Doodad/CIASIS/MOSSADSIS Gangstas etc  This is the ”Script” that you must learn folks to be good little serfs for the tptwtb – the only ones powerful enough to save you from all the their False Flag terror threats.  Got it?  See the pattern in their stories.  Watch what Aaron Russo had to say about all this years ago.  He said it is all a false construct.

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Ordo Ab Chao – Gaslighting – Continuing the Right/Left Paradigm

Comments from Jeff Rense Site

24 Karrots
It’s effin’ batsh*t crazy

Kath Christian
….just turned vegan!…. Thanks guys for making sense of the whole meat industry. Growing my own food but it’s not easy stopping what falls gently from the atmosphere. God bless

james baker
It’s no shock to me Mr.Rense.Remember the Franklin cover-up?How about the McMartin case in LA?This SHIT was exposed by Ted Gunderson(former head of Memphis/D/FW/L.A F.B.I.) back in the 80’s…Poor Ted was wacked ,For exposing the spraying of our Atmosphere.

Diallo Straight Talk
they sure do have genetic specif weapons. see a.i.d.s. , but it backfired on them. it ended up killing more whites. sarrs for the orientals. that went away, didn’t it? wake up, people.

cynthia rouse
Le Cabal du Psychopaths: http://cynthiarous.webs.com/excerpt-from-blacklist

why not tell your story Jeff? I’m intrigued…also, interview #donaldmarshall whether you believe him or not. it’s well worth your scholarly consideration. cheers, been listening for years

As in the days of Noah.

Trisha Dishing
The spiritual is more real than the physical and SRA is completely real and happening. The BIGGEST thing that the devil did was to make the world to believe that he doesn’t exist. He used the Illuminati to evangelize his evil NWO and the main to keep it in hiding!

Mark Kirshner
Hollywood Cannibalism Hiding In Plain Sight: Rocky Horror Picture Show – Dinner Scene – Eddie!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f53Dq35BN8&list=RD9f53Dq35BN8#t=4

Ronald Ray
check out why the obama’s lost their law licenses. possible extortion in chicago?

Nate Daren
John Titor (of course a pseudonym) warns us ALL of this multi-titled condition dubbed Mad Cow. He specifically claims the avoidance of feeding any form of material of one kind of deceased creature to the same, albeit through a colloquial verbalization. It’s seemingly an irregular plane my friends.

kevin max
Clive. Yes, Egypt (Kemet) is very old, however, there was a female leader ( I can’t recall her name right now ) that put a huge expedition together because she wanted to journey to the land of her ancestors. The journey took her South (up the Nile River) and into more of Central Africa. The journey was documented in writings and artwork. If one looks into very ancient civilization of Central / South Central Africa, there were extremely large and thriving city civilizations there. Egyptian / Kemet civilization has a grandparent civilization that predates it. Egypt is fascinating though, especially the vast knowledge and the Mystery Schools. The Greeks and many others journeyed and lived with the Egyptians in order to learn from the great civilization. Many people make the mistake that the Egyptians were obsessed with death, but actually, it was Life they were seeking. Not this life we call life around us today. They were after alchemy ( al chemy, or al kemy ((Kemet))…..to be able to enter spirit form without having to die first ).

John Barnwell
Edward Heath, UK Prime Minister between 1970 and 1974: Wiltshire Police defend their “Operation Conifer” investigation into child abuse claims that started in 2015. Article: Dec. 3rd 2016: http://www.news-al.com/2016/politics/edward-heath-abuse-claims-police-defend-investigation.html

William Hall
At the same time as the Kanye West story was breaking, less attention was paid to the Selena Gomez confession that she was “broken” mentally. See her getting a big hug from one of the top members of controlled entertainment, Lady Gaga. http://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2016/11/21/selena-gomez-ama-speech-vstop.cnn


#1 It is the Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST who ‘”runs the planet” #2 “With God all things are “possible” #3 singing “lions and tigers and bears” while walking through the woods at night has never been an effective strategy to defeat evil.

karen mcardle
Don’t be Negative , KTF, Keep The Faith. We all need eachother more than ever . The Truth will light the Dark side . That light is much stronger , than the dark side. Donald Trump , might just blow our heads away. Astonishing. Think positive , we need to , shed the light on the Dark . Lead by example . I even doubted Trump , even saying (in a negative manner) Trump was a Trump Card. easily operated, owing to be TPTB . What a mess these politits have made & lead us in /on a merry dance. It’s Not our Faults what has been, but we can help mend & help the ppl to see our sorrow . At what has been done by “Elite”(cockroaches). mad cow disease , & if you go to hospital for any thing ,? you get asked if you’ve ever had this disease . I joke I have always been a mad cow lol . That’s my sense of humour . we need it when times are like this & that will help us no end . laugh &, the world laughs, with you, cry & you cry , alone . I even woke up crying 2 nights ago

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The Mafia State By Chris Hedges

““The great Roman historians Livy and Plutarch blamed the decline of the Roman Empire on the creditor class being predatory, and the latifundia,” Hudson said. “The creditors took all the money, and would just buy more and more land, displacing the other people. The result in Rome was a dark age, and that can last a very long time. The dark age is what happens when the rentiers take over.”

America’s Snopes-like elites have no external or internal constraints. They are barbarians.


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