Putin’s Brilliant VICTORY SPEECH in Syria: Makes NWO MAD!

Streamed live on 12 Dec 2017

”Syria has been preserved as a sovereign independent state
Refugees are returning to their homes
Conditions have been created for a political settlement
Under the auspices of the united nations
In accordance with international agreements
The Russian center for the reconciliation of warring parties continues to operate in Syria-two base stations have been established and will operate on a permanent basis-in Tartus and here in Khemeymim
And if terrorists raise their heads again we will strike them with such blows in which they have not yet seen
In little over two years Russian armed forces together with the Syrian army defeated the most efficient group of international terrorists
In this connection I’ve made a decision a significant part of Russian military contingent in the Syrian Arab Republic is returning home to Russia
You are returning victoriously to your native places to your loved ones, parents, wives, children and friends
To the ministers of defense chief of the general staff I order you to begin the withdrawal of he Russian group of forces to the points of their permanent deployment homeland waiting for you
Thank you for your service!”

Vladimir Putin 12-11-2017

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Corporate totalitarian state rushing headlong into Britain

Fracking Mission Creep …

First Jim Ratcliffe & INEOS attempt to shutdown all dissent against their Unconventional Gas (FRACKING) Agenda, now both BARCLAYS BANK (trading as Third Energy) & Cuadrilla finally ADMIT that they do not have the capability to process toxic flowback water on site and will need to transport to a suitable treatment facility … IF ONE ACTUALLY EXISTS!
… & this is just the tip of an extremely TOXIC iceberg!!! http://tapnewswire.com/2017/12/corporate-totalitarian-state-rushing-headlong-into-britain/

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A&E Waiting Crisis Deepens As ToriCon Cuts Continue


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Russia-gate Turns out to be Israel-gate (Imagine my lack of shock)

Ryan Dawson
Published on 1 Dec 2017
Film Exposing the Kushners and how Jewish Billionaires use bribery blackmail and threat to fleece money from the state https://vimeo.com/ondemand/kushner

Ryan Dawson
Jared Kushner is now under investigation. Like father like son. Break out the popcorn!

Escape the Matrix
Have you heard the latest? Harvey Weinstein and Bibi NuttyYahoo are dating!

Victoria Layrisse
The Pope owns The Temple Mount. The Jesuits, their Freemasonry, as well as Papal Court Jews, control the world’s top spy agency. This is a spiritual war, the world is waging as a temporal one.  See F. Tupper Saucy’s Rulers of Evil.

Étienne de La Boétie
What people like Ryan fail to understand is that there are many many more malevolent actors than just Israel and Zionists. He, just like Corbett (a total charlatan) and a few others, never mention the EU elite. They have no conception of the difference governance systems in the West. There is no UK? No Ukraine? Get some perspective.

Jim G
Étienne de La Boétie No you’re wrong. A corrupt system always has a head, like a drug cartel has a leader. there is always a hierarchy of evil

Jim G
Étienne de La Boétie well you have put a lot more thought into analysing these matters than I have but my bedrock belief is that the USA and Israhell bear most of the blame for all the migration into Europe by destroying and destabilizing countries like Syria; fundamentally for the greater Israel project, spoken or implicit

urban moving
Problem is Flynn isn’t the problem, Did Soetoro condemn Israelis settlement NO, did Soetoro not just wage 8 years of war against israel’s enemies including Syria YEP, did that psycho try pushing war with iran until the phony deal to set them up and infiltrate them was decided on by the same ukraine overthrowing people at State you betcha

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Donald Tusk was Hemming & Hawing Upon Arrival At EU Council Summit 14 December 2017

”Mmmerrr Only when we are united …. hmmmm ….can we successfully errr deal errr perform the most errrr difficult errmmm issues and errrr tasks ….”

Goodness what on earth was on HIS mind today?

UK Column News 14 December 2017 for full details.

Alex Thompson explained that ”Courage” – which Tusk used – actually means ”betraying your electorate” on the continent.  ”The Polish Elites have this arrogance within them” he also said.

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Milk Drinkers Anonymous

The RockNo
Published on 4 Nov 2017

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