Journalists from small independent media outlets in the US uncover real stories MSM won’t touch

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UKC: Benderdick Mycucumberpatch’s Ode To Remain

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Petition 229963: ”Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019” now has 219,301 signatures & is still rolling

GW started tracking it at 185,000 yesterday.

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Are you with me Democracy – Is that your hand – Are you with me?

Dan Broder
👤🖤 are you with me democracy – is that your hand – are you with me 🖤👤

GW: Wow Dan.

Fishieable (edited)
Remember it’s our duty as voters,
to Hold the government accountable for their actions

The government serves the people
we the people do not serve the government.

not sure where i first heard that? but it was a good while ago lol

Merry Christmas all..

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Treason May’s Betrayal of BREXIT – Part??? – There’s no end to it I’m afraid

Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Will To Power (edited)
Wow look at what she wears, EU blue with a chain around her neck and head bowed down, it’s pretty telling isn’t it.  I totally agree with you about how much we put in and what we get out.

Basically what they’ve done is to increase the cost of living for the poor because of hiked food and clothing costs and we get some back in the form of pointless schemes around the country. And some medical stuff but we could produce much better stuff ourselves if we decided to fund it with what we are going to save from EU contributions.

So when they say we get more than we put in they are talking absolute crap… When people wake up and realize this has been done to them I don’t think they are going to be very happy about it.

morris rider  (edited)
If nothing else can be taken from this farce, this tragic “comedy” of errors, it’s that politicians really see the population as plebs and oiks – yes lower cases are theirs. – We the providers of their! Multi £Billion warships, fleets of usa warplanes that also cost £Billions and come with a plethora of flaws that need correcting on delivery that add further millions to costs of sub standard kit – as usual! – 😂😂😂😅.
People get by with food bank help, who knows how many homeless?
Indeed housing shortages Nation Wide.
Children leave school as uneducated as when they started, because ‘government’ has no money to provide better….
Sorry!!? 😞🔨🇮🇱✡️💷🔨😕😂😖.
It’s time people forgot the lives lived on the British Brainwashing Corporation and realised the Lack of a life they endure.
Come on Johnny English grow a pair😂😖😕😂🔨✡️🇮🇱🔨🖕😞😂

That’s only the half of it. She’s been using public money to pay think tanks and newspaper proprietors to smear the opposition.

brian jones (edited)
” Theresa May has betrayed Brexit and attempted to keep crucial information on her ‘deal’ from the British public – find out the truth!” yes she most certainly has not informed the average tax paying “INDIGENOUS” British Citizen! That she has already tentatively agreed to sign for us all our agreement to be invaded by millions more of this ”diversity” in the next years that follow its passing for the new year ! With it being illegal and criminally enforced to proclaim your non contentment to this law applied to and legally binding to all member states !MIGRATION COMPACT” research it people and spread the word, if indeed it’s not already too late !

George Rockwell
Theresa May is soulless. She’s a traitor, just like Merkel, Macron and Trudeau. They should all be dealt with as traitors.

Terry C  (edited)
At last!you just said it all for me, but i voted leave and i never meant with any deal before we left and i do not think most brexit leave voters thought leave was T May’s deal and leave?
I voted leave as in get away from the EU then negotiate on our terms at our pace with no ties and a clear slate.
Doing so i knew it would mean some hardship till we renegotiated of course but the fear and scare mongering this Government is putting into people’s minds now to stay in some sort deal before we leave is just wrong.

GW:  Of course most of us who voted Leave knew things might be ”challenging” at first & were prepared to ”do what it takes” to put the country back on track but those who have recently arrived here & have hooked up to the ”UK taxpayer teat” didn’t anticipate that ”things might get a bit tough” in their new comfortable abode. They all believed that UK streets would be forever paved with gold no matter what happened.  They followed the Yellow Brick Road & swallowed the Wizard of Oz programming – Cargo Cult etc.  Very naive indeed.

Why does the UK accept this farce of a soft brexit?
Why not just make a hard brexit and make a simultaneous contract like Canada or Norway? – or throw everything out and keep the customs union only?
Denmark only accepted the Maastricht Treaty after four opt-outs and a second referendum.  When the UK has got its house in place, Denmark and the Nordic region will probably exit the EU and retain only the Customs Union and an international cooperation. And thereby regain the country’s legislation and sovereignty. This will happen by 1 year of debate before the referendum without any interference from the EU.

Repulse theMonkey
Brexit is now British Establishment versus the British Electorate. Or to be accurate, the largest turnout of that electorate in our history. In theory a Democratic government governs with the consent of its people (and in the UK via Crown Prerogative) based on its manifesto. But ever since the Brexit result, traitors to Democracy, many in high government positions, have worked against it. This is treason, and cannot be allowed to suppress the legitimate will of the people. The words of ‘Rule Britannia’ say “Britons never, never, never will be slaves.’ But if we do not get a clean break from the EU, on WTO terms, that is exactly what we and our children will become.

Colin Ray
We thought we would be leaving the EU on 29th March 2019 at 11pm. Now, wait a moment. If you read down the Article 50, there is this little get out clause inserted:

“A Minister of the Crown may by regulations—

(a) amend the definition of “exit day” in subsection (1) to ensure that the day and time specified in the definition are the day and time that the Treaties are to cease to apply to the United Kingdom, …”

This would, one assumes, make it extremely easy in UK legal terms to change the date of our exit without being forced to go back to parliament to change this particular Act.

The real question is, who has the power to ask the EU to extend Article 50? The executive, that’s our ministers in government, on its own? Or does the legislature, which is our MPs in parliament, have to OK it first?

So, the leaving date under A50 could in fact be deferred. Watch this space to see what happens as we get closer to our supposed exit date.

Kronos my account got hacked
Google FCO 30/1048

This classified government document dated April 1971 remained secret until it was released under the 30 year rule. It proves Heath’s government knew the 1972 EEC Treaty would lead to the loss of sovereignty, and was therefore treason. They had a stunningly accurate picture of the EU, which never was the EEC (an Economic Community), expecting Britain to be abolished after the turn of the century.

She’s betrayed the Democratic process in our country and opted for something of her own personal choice, I’m currently reading through the “prevent Strategy” 2011 , she’s betraying us all on many levels

S White
Yes this is the same incompetent boob who “banned” Michael Savage! Why? Because he had the guts to tell the TRUTH about insane levels of immigration! And now all these years later, Dr. Savage was proven 100% right in his predictions concerning the perils of out of control immigration both in Europe and the U.S. Theresa May has been an abject failure for years just as Dr. Savage predicted.

Frederick Miles
So in essence with modern electronic screening of goods coming across the Irish sea by air or ship and passenger administration combining electronic screening with the sort of pre passport requirement for pre 1978 trans Tasman passage between NZ and Australia a medium term backstop is not an insurmountable problem.It might become so in five or six years for political reasons but it is exaggerate the moment

Wendy Jones
And she’s said there will not be a second referendum? yeah right and do bears s…t in the woods? because they’re going in through the back door and using another buzz word ” the people’s vote “ and I’m wondering has anybody heard of this word the Goverment are using ? what does the people’s vote actually imply? we are all the people and there was a referendum in Britain not a VOTE , but a referendum the people wanted out of the EU super dictatorstate, out means out of it ? you never do another referendum once it has been done, so is the use of the people’s vote like when George Soros mob who paid the British students Union for them to have a protest walk to stay in ,well all their transport was paid for I believe!  these people/ students/ leftist libtards/ were marching with the blue flag and gold stars, being paid well too!  you talk about bribery and corruption? keep your ears to the ground as there’s scullduggery afoot people!

Mark Dyer (edited)
I do hope the British people will remember that the Political Party which has behaved so treacherously is the ‘Party-of-Patriotism and Fiscal Probity’: the Tories! We need to throw the whole bunch of them out; even if it means getting CORBYN in. Surely, he can’t be LESS ‘patriotic’ than the TORIES? Of course; it would be best if UKIP & FOR BRITAIN could unite under a new, dynamic, name; so that we can eject the entire bunch of the entitled sitting-tenants occupying the benches of Parliament. Mind you, would they HONOUR that vote? They could call out the ARMY to enforce their ‘entitlement’.

barleybill again
If she deceived Parliament and the people over one thing then she is not to be trusted. She has probably deceived us over many other very important things and should resign now. Of course she will not resign because her aim is to stop us from leaving the EU. We are now in a situation where the EU want full control over our country and armed forces. The EU is forcing us to accept ever more immigrant followers of Islam who also want to take over our country. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by the far left Communists and Marxists who want to see our flimsy democracy destroyed. We are now in a worse position than during either of the two world wars when the government worked with the people to save our great nation. It is time for all the good people to stand up and take over the government.Time for the army to clear the corrupt parliament like Oliver Cromwell did. Time to put on a yellow vest and head for the nearest city.

luckyluke (edited)
What the hell happened at the short but criticial period just after brexit and when Cameron resigned? Why did Boris go all quiet? What happened to that brexit woman who was set to challenge May for the job but at the last minute pulled out? And why during his celebration drink after the win did Farage not turn his attention and pressure onto making sure the right leader was chosen to seal the deal? May of course deserves a whole heap of criticism but there sure were alot of suddenly spineless people just after Brexit.

Dennis Randall
Well spoken Mark
I would like to add that Brussels keeps on about the Irish backstop has anyone asked them how did they overcome the Cyprus border? Did they get a backstop with the Island of Cyprus as the Turks took took over the North (outside the EU) and the Greek Cypriots took over the South (inside the EU) and like Ireland Cyprus too had their share of troubles when the Turks took over the
houses belonging to the Greeks living in the North. We should just tell Brussels we’ve had enough we are leaving under WTO but we will offer them a free trade agreement under our rules and laws, no £39 billion take it or leave it, let Brussels come to us with proposals acceptable to us or not.

E S i Earth Space Investigations
Tell EU Go F themselves and make Britain GREAT Britain again. FFS it’s not a problem, do NOT buy German cars, buy UK made cars only and a novelty !!  Start manufacturing stuff again, GB can make everything it wants, and what it can not make, it can buy from China ,USA , whatever NO Problem ..we have farms for foods etc. A 10 year old could sort this crap Brexit out..

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Treason May’s BREXIT Betrayal – Part vi

Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

They say in the event of a nuclear war, the only thing to survive is the cock roaches.
Which means the UK will still have a functioning government.

martin corderoy
It has just occured to me what May and her supporters remind me of. She hasn’t realised how much the E.U dislikes and despises Britain. It is like someone at a party whom nobody particularly wants there so finds himself ignored. Now anyone with any pride or dignity would realise this and quietly slip away. But some (Like May) would keep going up to other partygoers and keep trying to talk to them and ingratiate themselves, and not even realise the others are sneering or laughing at him – No dignity some people

tls TR
They did the same bullish!t in Greece.
Actually Greek politicians are too bored to read all that and so they follow the party leader’s decision.
Actually if someone tries not to get in line & do what he have to do and try to refuse a party leader’s line he’s kicked out of the party.
So no-one tries that.
So EU tried to do that in Britain too.
I wish and hope that you will not have the Greek destiny

John Jackson
May hasn’t even started screwing us over yet.

  • The pound will be abolished,
  • We’ll get dragged into the European army and be forced to send our young adults to EU boot camp,
  • She’ll sign up to the UN migration pact and throw the English borders wide open. Thousands of Muslims will pour in and start treating the UK like an 18-30 holiday with all the girls they can chase down.
  • And because of all the cheap labour, wages will plummet.

Gena Clarke
Guys, Treason May sold white South Africans out by stating that ”I agree with expropriation of land, if it is done in a legal and democratic way.”
1) The ANC have since changed the constitution to make it legal.
2) The ANC is a Communist Party with a Democratic face. Read their manifesto, you will see.
3) If we lived in a Democratic country, as we pretend we do, then the mass population vote, in which 70% of the country voted to not change the constitution, would have stood but the ANC government changed it anyway.

tompo1975 (edited)
Marx; Mao; May; Merkel; Macron; Stalin; Lenin; A.H.; Juncker; Spinelli; Timmermans – all leftist are cancer.
But what did you expect from a globalist woman who voted to STAY? What could go wrong?

How it is possible that it took TWO years to find out you have an anti-Brexit parliament, an anti-Brexit prime minister?  Ignoring your own people at large?  This is political contempt on the voters, who are collectively always smarter than the WHOLE parliament all together….

  • Just out the keys on Tusk’s desk; head for the train to London. HOW difficult can this be?
  • You will NEVER “GET” a reasonable deal with the devil…….
  • At the moment you arrive in London Great Britain is actually “liberated”, a great feeling.
  • From then on YOU, and you ALONE decide how, when, what goods, persons and commercial services, are entering your country.
  • YOU keep the border with Ireland open as open as can be BUT for Irish passportholders only.
  • YOU decide everyting then……and all is under British law ONLY.
    How difficult can it be?
    I could do this today, and give the British people the BEST Christmas gift ever, since 1945….
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Treason May’s BREXIT Betrayal – Part v

Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Broadside john   (edited)
Greetings from a patriot in America. Always enjoy your well thought out videos.
The globalist elites view the working class people with disdain & want them to just go away.
Their constituency is the government bureaucrats and unions, wealthy leftists and poor (lower class) & 3rd world immigrants with no understanding nor love of the Western or British institutions & traditions.

That’s why Donald Trump, The Great Disruptor, was elected President.

As in the UK, the Marxist/feminist establishment in the US is pulling out all the stops to destroy anyone whom they view as an “enemy.”
Even our once respected FBI is monitoring people’s on-line activity and raiding whistleblowers’ homes.

Those of us who even pay attention support the brave citizens of the UK in their desire for sovereignty of their nation.

Baz Brown  (edited)
She was put in power to do one thing, scuttle Brexit and force a second vote. That’s what she:s best at deceiving the public. Like trying to hide the grooming gang scandal when she was home secretary. Britons have to wake up fast before it’s too late. Also don’t you find it concerning that Savid Javid is set to succeed as PM in 2022?

John Blake
Those who BETRAY the democratic vote of the people, democracy, and the sovereignty of the nation deserve to reap the consequences of this treacherous betrayal in the courts of justice. A very clear and strong case of TREASON. The damage to the public TRUST in the BRITISH political arena will destroy the very foundations of DEMOCRACY at Westminster. The price of BETRAYAL will be great indeed.

GW: Well tell all the career MPs that when the EUSSR Federalises they will become obsolete & will thus all be looking for another job.

Philip Croft (edited)
MAY, is clearly INSANE, and or, EVIL. She deliberately and intentionally, with malice aforethought, conspired with a foreign state and others, to enslave our nation indeffinateley, , by preventing OUR nation, via the legally stated will of the people, to extricate itself from a previous illegal act of entrapment. Thanks to the actions of former P.M Anthony Blair, our last remaining statute, of capital punishment for proven treachery, was removed. The last say and action, in this disgraceful debacle, MUST, and WILL, be in the hands of the electorate, at the next General election, and, all future Elections. THEY MUST PAY FOR THIS. THE TORY PARTY SHOULD BE CONDEMNED TO HISTORY. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. U.K.I.P. IS A TRUE PATRIOTIC PARTY, THEY FOUGHT FOR 25 YEARS, TO GIVE US A REFERENDUM, IT’S PAY-UP TIME, TO SHOW OUR GRATITUDE AND TRUST.

Ole Nielsen
This is the face of treason.
How much has Soros paid her, and her banker husband?
Selling England by the pound…

James Potter
We fought 2 world wars to prevent German domination and now Teresa May is seen in Brussels asking the German Chancellor please can we rule ourselves. Did those millions of soldiers and civilians die for nothing. Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave

  • UN migration charter, the right for the migrant to chose the country, and upon arrival be given the same rights as that countries citizens. More than that – can be given legal aid to challenge anything they find onerous in that country of choice – as they have been given UN citizenship.

Its all about the European Army. PESCO.. – > EU armoured vehicle in Paris recently.

Veronica Edmonds-Brown (edited)
As we have had free movement in Ireland for nearly a century and the only time we have had physical checks was during the ‘troubles’ where it was for security purposes rather than trade. I don’t see where the problem is or why a backstop was ever required. Everything that comes into southern Ireland & into Britain goes through customs, every parcel we receive can be tracked. In addition, we have had two elections & one referendum on this. We are seeing across Europe what is happening when governments don’t listen to the people! These negotiations have either been incompetent or not carried out in good faith with regards to the electorate. Getting fed up of being lied to.

siddle jack
It smells of conspiracy, with May embarking on 2 years of serious hyperbole, the civil service wrote the fiasco, and in colusion with the EU. The EU and May created a problem with NI border, a red herring, but the conspiracy incorporated the Irish border and muddle it to create a problem that did not exist. LAW SAYS NO AGREEMENT THEN IT’S AUTOMATIC THAT THE UK LEAVES PAY ING NOTHING.

soo i heard something about a mace recently that you can take it up and personally duel the queen to death.

  • ”During medieval times, the Royal Serjeants-at-Arms were distinguished by their power of arrest without a warrant. To an increasing extent, their Maces – originally ordinary weapons of war, similar to a club – became their emblems of authority. They were stamped with the Royal Arms; and in an age in which few men could read or write, the Serjeants effected their arrests by showing their Maces and not by producing any form of written warrant.”

Steed EOW (edited)
I expected all of this from day 1; I’d seen how other nations were made to vote again on treaties, or were simply ignored. I knew that the same would happen to us. What is surprising and disheartening though, are the lies and cognitive dissonance of our fellow countrymen. Remainers who essentially claim Brexit could never have been executed well so we shouldn’t have even tried to leave… or that we’re in this mess because of Leave-voters… or that Brexit is the will of the Banking and Corporate world. The truth is exactly contrary to all of these, but try telling ardent Remainers that. They’ve dispensed with all logic, sense and fairplay.

Franken Stein
Great video and commentary Mark. Is May wearing a dog collar in this picture? Sure looks like one to me LOL! I live in the US and believe me, we are watching Britain and Brexit very closely. It’s quite an outrage to us here that the first vote has not counted. We stand with you against the traitors in Britain and the EU, and I know that you all stand with us against the traitors here in the United States. Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

Mandy/Colin fryett
Do you think Putin or Trump would be going over to the EU all the time kissing the EU’s arse I don’t think so she is a weak leader

Lelouch vi Britannia
– > Mandy/Colin fryett. I think Trump would but Putin is boss, he will probably kidnap or kill someone to get the EU to be his bitch

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TM BREXIT Betrayal – Part iv

Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Gabriel Swift
I have started to stock up on essentials and bought yellow vests. I refuse to be ruled by those multi millionaire parasites sat in government and those unelected corrupt bureaucrats sat in Brussels any longer. Deliver Brexit or do we have to follow our French cousins and bring this country to a stand still? I will not ask again. WTO…. Sometimes you have to FIGHT!

get the lorry drivers on side, they could grind the country to a standstill within 24 hours…

GW: Dial back to the 2000 Fuel Dispute when Bliar was PM.  That nearly brought him down.

  • ThisIsMoney 16 September 2000: Blair loses votes on fuel fiasco – Evidence that the fuel crisis has severely damaged Tony Blair’s Government emerges in a Daily Mail poll today. Three-quarters of those questioned lay the blame on ministers rather than the truckers. Eight out of ten believe Mr Blair handled the dispute badly while only 3% back him.

It’s not over yet
Just ordered my yellow vest 😉

fin rambo
Lord Monkton was talking about withholding taxes from the government, that if enough people signed up to it it could bring down the government. Don’t know how it would work in practice. Every time I eat a bacon sandwich the government takes a bite!

Rory Lion (edited)
She is a traitor to the British people and like Blair should be treated as such. She will be remembered as the worst PM this country has ever had. She was a failure as Home Secretary and she is a failure as a PM. Please leave MAY…..go…just go before you damage this country irreparably.

Jon Smetana
Theresa May, Merkel, and Macron are the Kalergi Plan in action; all doing what Barbara Lerner Spectre talks about, that is, the long term ((( )))ish plan for Europeans and it’s NOT good. GWBLB has called for the Destruction of Christianity.

Before people start blaming the Irish people you need to realize that our unelected government is completely pro EU and has even less loyalty to us than the UK. It’s just doing what Brussels tells it. Most Irish people realize that we can’t afford a United Ireland let alone police it. Our army has half the strength of British forces based in the north during the troubles.

Will Smit
This stick insect is treacherous, she makes snakes look cuddly. The worst PM to have stepped foot in No.10 and could possibly cause more problems for the UK than Bliar could in 5 life times.

It’s not just her alone though, the whole establishment needs a huge overhaul, it is archaic, it is no longer fit for a modern world where people have information at their fingertips, their lies are now easily exposed, we no longer doff our caps to them, in fact, I wouldn’t employ them to walk my dog, that’s how useless most of them are.

But, whose fault is it for the situation we find ourselves in? Half of the UK are politically thick and the rest of us have ourselves to blame for allowing the charade to go on for so long, for the scum to ignore 17.4 million people is either political suicide or the arrogance of people who know there’s nothing we can do about it.

WE are the remnants of the Huwhite Apocalypse
I’m in the accelerationist camp.. this will burn things down faster and bring native brits to our side.. the establishment are thinking of using farage again to create a new party to lead people into the wilderness, FARAGE IS A SHEEP DOG HE MUST BE IGNORED

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Peter North: ”Tell that fat lady she’s on in five”

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Treason May’s Betrayal of BREXIT – The Next Move – Part iii

Video Link
Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Kain Reaver
It’s wrong to frame this as the result of ineptitude. This situation is calculated to make Brexit appear utterly hopeless/not achievable, paving the way towards a second referendum. The referendum will inevitably be a binary choice between remain and May’s deal. It’s all a lot more sinister than the government being sh!t.

Leo Bz99
Next Video: How the Tower Of London will host the hanging of these traitors

Of course she betrayed ”brevet” – did anyone ever think otherwise? She’s a globalist reptile.

Brexit is only in a mess because the government hasn’t implemented the wish of the majority. How are they allowed to get away with it?

GW: Yes it could have been very orderly – remember the FLEXCIT Group – Richard North & Colleagues?

Frederick Burger
May, Macron and Merkel the Axis of Evil.

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