Rendezvous on Alte Mainbruecke:

Wiki Würzburg: The town of Würzburg was the seat of a Merovingian duke from about 650 and was Christianized in 686 by Irish missionaries Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan. The name is presumably of Celtic origin, but based on a folk etymological connection to the German word Würze “herb, spice”, the name was Latinized as Herbipolis in the medieval period.[4]

What wonders we have here in our heritage.  What amazing builders our ancestors were.

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Rock n’ Roll at Sunset Sound with Charles Manson and Walt Disney

Jason Goodman
Published on 19 May 2018

Done Voting
I remember seeing, I don’t know I guess it was kind of a documentary on Mick Jagger and it said that Mick was from a privileged background. I believe his father worked in government at a higher level in England. Mick Jagger apparently is from a prominent family in England.

Tracey Thomas
Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14th. . .you could be on to something Quinn!

Gary Mercer
Listen to John Todd interview, talks about demons in music

Rick D.
All societies form an alliance through association and agreement concerning the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of each member. There can be no privilege without responsibility. The combined strength of the union ensures the protection of the members. The leaders must at all times seek to administer the general will of the people and when they fail to do this the social contract is broken and the people are forced but not bound to obey. The people are controlled by power for the purpose of devouring their labor. Force of will to secure obedience will always include deception, manipulation and coercion. The necessity to compel the population to obedience by those who wish to profit from their labor, do so by any means necessary. The advantage goes to those that are not constrained by moral conviction. They are all mafia style traitors, protecting each other. SES is several layers from the top. The top is an occultocracy (council of the nine) and their minions are the corruptocrats of a kleptocracy.

There are only two religions. There is the religion of law (focused on man’s achievement) and there is the religion of grace and mercy (this is a relationship not an achievement).

Mark Passio is not qualified to speak on behalf of Jesus. Judas should have followed Barabbas not Jesus. Barabbas wanted to throw off the yoke of the Romans, Jesus didn’t care about the Romans because his kingdom was not of this earth. You can choose to belong to the kingdom of the earth or the kingdom of heaven but you can’t fix the kingdom of the earth.

sprintcarsn guitars
hendrix born on nov 27 and died at age 27.

carefulcarpenter (edited)
Stevie Nicks suggests in her song, Priests of Nothing that most Rock Stars she got to know were not curious to engage in creative concepts outside of their Music Contracts(fame, fortune, culture).

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A-Male Clooney @ Royal Wedding 2018

GW:  The usual stalk-line figure which is NOT proper female.  Use of tucks at the waist to give the impression that there are some child bearing hips there somewhere which there are not.

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Iraq hero Tim Collins’ firm ‘blew £40m of US army cash on Bentleys and perks’:

  • Colonel Tim Collins, 57, set up New Century Consulting to offer military training
  • The company was hired by the US military to train Afghan intelligence officers
  • An audit suggests it showered employees with huge bonuses they didn’t earn

Anonymous @ AAG 29 April 2018
The US gave its client states hundreds of millions for anti-terrorism, then crooked UK military contractors ripped it all off

” Defense Secretary James Mattis has announced a criminal investigation into the misuse of $458,000,000 that the US government gave to Iraq and Afghanistan to build out mass-scale domestic surveillance apparatus and other “anti-terrorism” capabilities.

An audit by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction found that, since 2007, New Century Consulting had taken most of that money, without any indication that it had performed any of the work for which it had been paid.”

NCC, which is headquartered on the self-governing island of Guernsey in the English Channel, did not respond to an emailed request for comment Thursday.”

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Why governments are pursuing DEPOPULATION to save themselves from financial collapse.

”Three generations ago, governments wanted more people to run the factories, settle rural lands and generate economic productivity that could be siphoned off by the political elite. Over time, continued promises of entitlements such as social security, Medicare, pensions and welfare payouts caused large populations to become financial burdens to the sustainability of those same governments. As a result, governments now want to kill off their own citizens in order to prevent their own financial collapse by drastically reducing entitlement payouts.

Populations of entitlement beneficiaries have become such an enormous threat to the fiscal sustainability of governments that many governments simply cannot remain financially viable if the “entitlement class” of non-producers continues to expand. The situation has become so dire that many governments are now actively seeking to initiate early deaths off their own citizens before those same citizens can collect pensions, social security and other “entitlement” benefits.”
Governments are pursuing DEPOPULATION to save themselves

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Rochdale – It hasn’t stopped has it.

I saw these girls deteriorate because of the terrible abuse’: How hero NHS worker uncovered the Rochdale grooming scandal

Sara Rowbotham and her team won a Special Recognition honour at the NHS Heroes Awards, brought to you by ITV and the Mirror, which will be screened on Monday

She was just a girl. A white British teenager, dressed in a sari, injured, distressed, her body covered in cuts and bruises.

She had been dumped on the Pennine moors in the middle of the night and told to walk home.

Distraught and terrified, she instead made for the Rochdale Crisis Intervention Team’s office to wait for Sara Rowbotham to arrive at work.

The Rochdale abuse scandal shone a light on other towns and cities and helped expose other child grooming rings in Telford and Aylesbury.

But while Sara is pleased victims are now taken seriously, she says still more needs to be done.  A local paper reported recently that:

”A 12-year-old girl was walking down the street in a state of distress.

“Some people came out to make sure she was okay – she was upset because her boyfriend had finished with her. But her boyfriend was 25 and he had groomed her online. So it hasn’t stopped, has it?”

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‘I hope it’ll be REVERSED!’ German banker claims NOT one person in Europe wants Brexit

GW:  But 17.4 Million in UK want to leave because the Brussels Bureaucrats are sucking the UK dry.  And a lot of Europeans are ”on the run” from Europe living in UK what’s more.

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