And For The BREXITeers: Heave Away Me Hearties

Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends – South Australia

Leave Her Johnny Leave Her
“The voyage is done and the winds won’t blow. It’s time for us to leave her.”

DE: In-depth Report “Healing a Divided Britain” suggests – “Millions of voters made a “heart-felt cry” at the ballot box after years of frustration at the Westminster establishment’s failure to listen to their concerns about the impact of mass migration on wages and crumbling public services”

Theresa May must now reverse community decline, curb the influx of migrants and mend the torn fabric of British society.

GW: But will she? Look how hopeless she is with the Child Abuse Enquiry. It just drags on and on a bit like her dealings with BREXIT? These people have had long enough to get “things started”. UK population are rowing like mad and Treason May is dragging the anchor! We need an election Theresa!

DER Comment: morningstar
Our corrupt pro EU councils also gave ballot cards to EU citizens that did not have citizenship so the right to vote they cheated constantly but the righteous still won, I know this for a certainty I canvassed throughout the East Midlands for leave for 4 months and was told repeatedly by EU citizens they were voting remain I have received a ballot card .

I contacted several council electoral departments and was given the same if they do not tick the box to say they are not British citizens they are given a ballot we do not have the right to question them,

This is how corrupt our nation has become under communism

DER Comment: flash harry
I really have nothing against the handful of French, Dutch, or Italians living here in the UK, they are Europeans like us. And Australians and Kiwis are also very welcome, they are not putting our system under any pressure, and they are not making any demands… or threats. It is the millions of unemployed trouble causing ones that are the problem.

What are they doing here….? Most of them are unemployed claiming benefits, most refuse to learn English so remain unemployable. And those that are supposed to be Doctors or specialists have such an attitude, and make so many demands that they create an unworkable atmosphere for British Doctors and nurses. And the strain on the NHS will soon be unsustainable and will cause its collapse.

The Teaching profession is the same story…. there are British schools with muslim teachers teaching White British children. Yet muslim children MUST be taught by muslims, mostly in their own schools.

We have had DECADES….! with various PM’s and countless ministers all refusing to acknowledge the problem. They have ignored our calls for an end to uncontrolled immigration, and they have called us bigots and racists. In reality, they are f.-u.-cking cowards….. terrified of addressing the looming problems for fear of losing their jobs, or being called racists themselves. The result of this is, the BBC only wants BAME candidates, the NHS hospitals and surgeries are dominated by headscarve wearing doctors. Many local mp’s are muslims voted in by increasing numbers of muslims, indeed London has a muslim Mayor.

And as the UK slips further into decline, those in power are wondering whatever happened to speaking proper English with correct grammar. Why are thousands of White Brits leaving the cities……. and why are our nursing staff going to work abroad…. and we end up with second rate nurses speaking broken english ?

DER Comment: ronfromyork
Let’s not fall into the trap that Brexit was only about immigration. If we did it would only take the EU to make some minor free movement concession for us to be still be trapped in the EU nightmare.

There are many issues that offer a brighter future, financial costs and worldwide trade for instance, outside the monstrous organization and we should be careful that Mrs May does not down play these to keep us into the so called ‘free market’.

GW: Yes it is a brighter future and we will all have to work harder probably but t least we won’t be in reverse gear anymore and in Lord’s name GET ON WITH IT! Deutsche Bank going. Commerzbank going. UK going – TSB May – “pull it owt luv!”

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For All Those EUROphiles Out There

Ramones – I Want You Around (Legendado)

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Nicky Morgan and Ken Clarke are under attack for their anti-Brexit views

GW: An Oldun but a Goodun.

Gary Kaye & The Enemies Of Promise “Nicky Morgan’s Eyes”

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Fury as Syrian rapist flees the UK during trial

“During the trial Amari was granted bail and allowed to keep his passport.

But last Sunday, the day before he was due to give evidence, Amari, of Flint, North Wales, emailed Warrington Crown Court saying he had no intention of turning up.

That night he flew to Istanbul and vanished.”

DE: Comments Unavailable
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Yes Minister — Why Britain Joined the European Union

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A Labour party of the future is beginning to emerge – John Harris

GR Comment: Amazing. After a whole year of slagging off Corbyn, even to the extent of blaming him for the Leave vote. What is happening to the Guardian?

Gr Comment: Pipotchi robinjgraham
John left just before we sacrificed a goat to our dark communist masters, can’t blame him really the incantations always take forever

GR Comment: Hopefully with Corbyn we are beginning to see a whole new vision of how our country could be run, as an alternative to the failed neoliberal policies which have blighted many of our lives.

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Louise Mensch brands Green Party politician Jonathan Bartley who was waiting in hospital for his son’s operation a ‘scumbag’ in Twitter row because Mr Bartley criticised Jeremy Hunt

Jonathan Bartley, who is work and pensions spokesperson for the Green Party, sent out a single tweet from his son’s hospital bedside saying a cheer had gone up among the staff when it was said Jeremy Hunt had been sacked.

Jonathan Bartley
I’m on a hospital ward with my son, awaiting a delayed and postponed operation. Huge cheer just erupted at news Jeremy Hunt has been sacked.

But alas not.

So he then said the decision by new Prime Minister Theresa May to keep Mr Hunt in the post after all was unlikely to encourage NHS workers.

Jonathan Bartley
Didn’t think it was possible to lower morale of doctors and nurses any further. Theresa May might have found a way to do it😦

ToriCon Louise Mensch, who has been accused of sending offensive tweets before, tweeted a number of responses to both Mr Bartley and his defenders before concluding he was a “loathsome tit”.

IR Comment: It does rather seem, doesn’t it, that at a certain point the right stopped simply pushing an agenda of selfishness and division and simply began glorying in everything savage and wrong, from environmental destruction to the contemptible abuse of a man for reporting the truth. It seems that they have accepted their role as the villains of the cvilised world.

IR Comment: She should return to the US where she fits in with other members of the Clue Cluxe Clan!

GW: Mr Bartley is absolutely correct Louise. We all cheered when we thought Jeremy Hunt had been sacked! In fact we cheered so much we created an earth tremor Louise, and the crystal cabinet here at Watch Under the Willows shook so much during that tremor that the sherry glasses clinked. Gideon thinks the cheer even caused a landslide in Japan! It was on the BBC Louise.

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