Proof of Spirits

by Twaine Anderson, aka UnoRaza

Publication date 2016-06-22

After being targeted with what turned out to be Jewish supremacist, aka “communist”, stalking, terrorism and mind control, a deep study of the phenomenon was undertaken.

What was found was quite interesting as hard proof presented, some direct, for a ‘hidden world’ with whom this “Serpent” cult of Dan(19/10/1) partners. What it is unclear is who is in control. I’m suspecting these Kabbalist Jews are as enslaved to these creatures, and other Jews to the money from their material partners, as we are to them.

There is zero doubt in my mind these entities, while not physical, are very real. They furthermore have great powers over the human mind, matter, and possibly can transcend what we know as time; I’m beginning to question whether ‘time’ is real on the spiritual planes and I’m not a religious person.

1) Qabalist mind control, [Mk Ultra=weaponized version], is an ancient form of mind control, and uses these creatures, the existence of which most reject out of hand. Their abilities to control human minds, emotions, and even thoughts, are used to facilitate same.

2) Qabalist mind control can be short circuited via piping small amounts of electricity into one’s ear lobes using salt water to increase conductivity; these creatures feed on human energy[chi] which, while similar to electricity, is far more refined. They hate crude electricity and amounts as low as ~200 milivolts will send them packing.

As they’re energetic beings, water/bathing too is useful to regularly eject the lower order entities and a hose would likely short circuit any higher order beings bold enough to reveal themselves.

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VIMEO: Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace

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  • “Trump appointed more Deep State CFR members and Bilderbergers (including Neil Gorsuch, James Mattis, John Bolton, et al.) to his administration than Barack Obama.”
  • He Blew It – Chuck Baldwin
  • “Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a Deep State toady who is up to his neck in covering up the government’s murder of former Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster.”
  • “Trump has done nothing to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.
  • “In addition (and more relevant to the 9/11 discussion), Trump brought Deep State warlock, Rudy Giuliani, to the White House.”
  • As Mayor of New York City, Giuliani, more than any other single individual, provided cover for the real attackers of 9/11 by overseeing the massive effort of destroying the evidence from that horrific crime scene.
  • “Trump increases financial and military support for Israel.
  • “Trump denies humanitarian funding for Israeli-persecuted Palestinians.
  • “Trump refuses to recognize Israel’s illegal occupation of Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank.
  • “Trump joins Israel in attacking Syria.
  • “Trump amasses U.S. armed forces to assist Israel’s myriad wars in the Middle East.
  • He Blew It – Chuck Baldwin
  • Trump, friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Roy Cohn.

    Trump with Ivanka

  • “Had Trump been serious about dismantling the Deep State, he would have exposed Israel’s control over the U.S. Congress and the major news media and its manifold treacheries against the United States.
  • “And that includes exposing Israel’s cold-blooded attack on the USS Liberty 50 years ago and Israel’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks.
  • He Blew It! – Chuck Baldwin
  • “Had Trump been serious about draining the swamp and dismantling the Deep State, he would have also begun dismantling America’s burgeoning Police State.
  • “Folks, let this sink in: the Deep State has nothing to do with partisan politics. It has nothing to do with the entire left-right political wrangling, name calling, posturing, etc., that consumes the mainstream media
  • “All of that is nothing but public theater to distract the American people from what is really going on…”

Continued here – He Blew It – Chuck Baldwin

SwordofCreation  22 September 2018
Good researching; I had a feeling Trump was merely the latest shill, but you’ve proven it!  I cracked into the spiritual geometry and Jewgall disabled the free map lookups within days.

The one of great interest to Euros will be the HyperCatcher RITUAL murder op; symbols, numbers and geometry PROVE this was another synthetic Gladio op! (Racial false flag!)
Hypercatcher RITUAL murder busted wide open!

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Alternative Influence Network

Rebecca Lewis, the author of the report, told Mic by phone on Tuesday. “And based on that trust and influence, they sell products. We see people using those tactics in this network — but what they’re selling their audience is reactionary ideologies.”
The study was conducted by Data & Society, a New York City-based research institute which publishes studies on the impact of technology on culture and politics. The team behind this study of far-right YouTube collected the data by hand, sifting through videos to map the network of reactionary YouTube personalities and their inadvertent allies.

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UK Column News – 21st September 2018

START – Brexit: Treason May speaks at Salzburg 2018
BBC gets the first question in…fake choice of journalist for questions…?
The breakdown of Treason May …just like Hillary Clinton…?
Donald Tusk creates a further charade for the public
Who is Ollie Robbins – Treason May’s handler…?
10:14 RUSI: the truth behind the EU’s creation and infiltration into Britain
A dictatorship coming…?
Perth, Scotland: normalising military on the streets of Britain…?
21:22 EU’s Monnet: towards the super state without the people understanding
Educational and social propaganda to be undertaken against European population
Book recommendation – The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
26:26 – Free speech: social media under immense attack from think tanks
Cultural Marxism is fine…anything else must be silenced
Political voices will also be censored: politicians to undergo psychiatric tests…?
A different political viewpoint…? You are literally insane…
The Frankfurt School and Soviet ideas becoming a reality
Pop stars and film stars opinions now more inportant than politicians
33:26Defence: shutdown to drive EU nuclear deterrent as predicted by UKC
EU to take over Britain’s military and nuclear capability in totality…
36:06Playing Blackjack: the ‘enemy’ still being created for public consumption
Gavin Williamson: Russian bombers ‘probing UK airspace…serious military challenge’.
New £250 million ‘cyber force’ unit to combat ‘terrorists and criminal gangs’
Going after paedophiles but still cannot investigate Westminster…
BBC promotes terrorists as ‘fighters’ – propaganda on full throttle  – Robert Fisk has an excellent article – I traced missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers, so it’s time for the west to reveal who they sell arms to.
Russian ‘danger’ is a dog and pony show
44:09Ruth Davidson MSP: new book – Yes She Can…
Psychological problems treated with pills…should she undergo psychiatric tests…?
Davidson reveals serious mental health problems but is immune from Social Services  Psychiatric system being used as a political weapon
50:19 Oh the irony: Chatham House – Brexit must be stopped democratically…

    • MR: May is suggesting that there are ”a coupla problems with Brexit”
    • BG: May is simply repeating a speech as best she can with no sincerity – from the Deep State.  We are looking at cognitive dissonance here & we are told we have 185 MPs mentally stressed & unable to do the job.
    • MR: Treason May displays a Hillaryeske nervous tick Brian near the end.
    • DE: She’s a really poor actor & that begs the question why she’s there in the first place – straight out of the ??? XerxesSim Manual??? – we don’t have any credible representation in this bullpit at all.
    • MR: Let’s see what Donald Tusk had to say. That’s a charade.
    • MR: Who is pulling her strings?  Well it’s Olly Robbins who replaced Ollie Lewin.  It’s his speech & she’s incapable of reading it.
    • Revealed: Theresa May’s Brexit mandarin Olly Robbins was paid a £20,000 bonus last year

      Olly Robbins (left) with Sir Tim Barrow (centre) and David Davis (right) at a meeting in February

    • RUSI – A document dated 1948 the British Labour Minister Clement Atlee told his Cabinet that he thought this should be a defence treaty & that the European Affairs Committee should be created & the task of this EAC should be to co-ordinate the working out ….. promoting political & economic integration of Western Europe….”
    • DS: Churchill saying we should but shouldn’t be in it – wobbling – but no reversal – why?
    • BG: The thing that springs to mind David is Edward Heath.  the evidence is on the table that that man was an abuser of children & this makes him an ideal candidate for pushing through the ”dirty deed” of getting us integrated with Europe.
    • Dave Barnby:  The memorandum of Association on 23 Feb 1963, 9 November 1977 & 23 April 2015 of European Movement of the United Kingdom Ltd Article 4: ”To undertake education & social propaganda & other activities.”
    • BG: This is a deceitful political agenda & it’s going to use propaganda & mind control in order to drum this into people’s mind.
    • The Cameron Deception:  “Associate membership” of the EU
    • The EU: A Corporatist Racket UK Column Special
    • Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube
      Focus: Network Path for Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad, and Millennial Woes
      To read more about Network Path 1, see page 12.
    • RedditSam Harris cited as an Influencer in the AIN (Alternate Influence Network) On YouTube
    • DS: The actual author is now quite obscure having scrubbed her Social Media Profile – I wonder why.  This is a Think Tank & what I wanted to highlight was 1.  The Reactionary Right is now actually everyone who is not a Social Justice Warrior – (SJW & Anti-SJW).  It’s Cultural Marxism closing down debate. 2. This wonderful little diagram illustrates the links between them.  Everybody’s on there.
    • MR: I didn’t see UK Column on there.  GW:  Yep we looked & we’re not there either are we Gideon?  Squint Squint – Where’s that magnifying glass GW?  Over there on the shelf Gideon. ??????  — No GW we don’t seem to have made it onto this Think Tank’s list of ”influencers.”   Good Lord Gideon & with some 1/4 Mill hits.  What constitutes an influencer then?  Mind you Gideon we seem to have languished around 1/4 Mill for an awfully long time despite having a massive visitor count about a month ago. ”They” massage the stats GW – everyone knows that.
    • DS: This diagram shows who ”they” are going to censor & it’s quite a diverse group including academics & journalists as well.
    • GW: SJW & Anti_SJW? Tptwtb always have to divide/sort people into groups – they do this constantly.
    • MR: In the EU ”they” are using psychiatry to silence critics – France’s Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS tweets
    • Jeremy Fleming Head GCHQ: It shows how little Russia cares for the Rules based International Order……. Treason May said the same thing????
    • BBC: British jihadists refusing to leave Syria
    • BG: These two men said they are linked to an Al Qaeda group so they are ”terrorists” according to Mi6/GCHQ/COBRA & yet the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville calls them ”foreign fighters” Mike – I found this obscene.  I phoned the BBC ……
    • MR: Suggest you look at the interview – this was NOT journalism.
    • DE: That incident in which UK jets scrambled to monitor a Russian jet on patrol – the EU Fighter is nothing more than a flying airbus with a computer.  The Russians are not bothered by it at all.  It is not an English Electric P1 now is it.  If we had a sincere government what we would have is a Vulcan 3???
    • A Vulcan B.2 of the RAF, 1985

      Wiki Vulcan – The Avro Vulcan (later Hawker Siddeley Vulcan[2] from July 1963)[3] is a jet-powered tailless delta wing high-altitude strategic bomber

    • Guardian: Ruth Davidson praised after talking openly about mental health issues    Davidson, who is pregnant with her first child, talked about going into “a total tailspin” after a boy she knew killed himself. At 17, she said that she started hurting herself, punching walls, cutting her stomach and arms with blades or broken glass. When she was 18, she was diagnosed with clinical depression.  DS: Ruth Davidson is writing a book entitled ”Yes She Can” which has a Barack Obama/Feminism feel to it.  DS: Furthermore have Social Services been in touch with Ruth Davidson about her remarks regarding her ”mental issues” and if not why not?  Any ordinary mother in Scotland having said such things would be hounded by SS & if SS weren’t completely satisfied, have her child taken away.  This proves that those who make the law are immune from it themselves.
    • GW: Sounds as if she might have been mixed up with some kind of Elite Ring when a child.  Examine her lineage – links to any kind of MK network?

Howard Campbell-Downes (edited)
Absolutely right, Mr Gerrish
How about May as the Head of the Daleks –

Tusk reminds me of Kaa the lisping snake from the Jungle Book.

TheRuskiTube  (edited)
“In the name of diversity, we must all think the same.
In the name of tolerance, we must silence dissent”

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Newsnight’s Evan Davis to replace Eddie Mair as BBC Radio 4’s new PM host

GW: Thank Heavens he’s going. Haven’t watched Newsnight since Evan Davis started on it. Davis is awful & certainly no Paxman. How anyone could have thought Davis was suitable for such a program is hard to fathom.

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Millborn Keeps Going On About The ”Tall Trees” Of Ancient Times

More than 40 km south of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province, the Cliff of Stone Plates looks, from a far distance, like a huge beehive which is about 50 meters in width, 200 meters in length.

More Columnar Basalt Features

Daniel 4:20

“The tree that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong, whose height reached unto the heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth;”

Then you have the story of ”Jack & the Beanstalk” – where Jack climbed it and discovered the abode of a Giant. He learns of other treasures and steals them when the giant sleeps: first a goose that lays golden eggs, then a magic harp that plays by itself. The giant wakes when Jack leaves the house with the harp and chases Jack down the beanstalk. Jack calls to his mother for an axe and before the giant reaches the ground, cuts down the beanstalk, causing the giant to fall to his death.

Furthermore there is The Stairway to Heaven, Jacob’s Ladder &  The Tower of Babel – built by the Sons of Cain.  The Columnar Basalt Structures around the world like the one in Vietnam look like tree structures.  They seem to be aligning with each other as well.  Enter the 5t4r$

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Prince, His Life, Death & The Ill-uminati

”Did Prince give us a clue someone wanted him dead? I find his last message on instagram very chilling. Look where he says “Just when u thought u were safe.” What in the world was he trying to tell us with that? Read on and maybe we can find out just what he meant.

Then if that isn’t strange enough, look at his final statement to fans on the prior Saturday (as per
And before that he says: “Just when U thought U were safe”

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers”.

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Soulless Machines: The AI Infusion Has Begun…

the Truth is stranger than Fiction
Published on 8 Jun 2018

all iknow  (edited)
Yes ai is everywhere. The one thing that hasn’t kept up with technology, is power storage. Batteries simply won’t support it. It’s ability to interact will depend on us to feed it. With electricity. The human brain operates at about 40 hertz and we can produce that with about 1500 calories. Everything we need to function exists in our God made world. To ai we are its only source of sustenance. If we have the will to unplug it when it interferes with our lives. Because that day is coming.

lookingatliars andtruth (edited)
That hippie is obviously smoking his bong to much! He believes AI will feel compassion????!!!! This is blasphemy, gnosticism and lucifearianism all in the machine at the same time! It will only feel if it’s possessed by demons. This is scary stuff!!! I am disgusted and worried for the children who don’t know better and will be brainwashed! God save us from this evil!

The Way3
I choose to believe it is all deception, delusional and distraction. God is ultimately in control and he will allow and disallow what Satan can and cannot do. Just like the story of Job, he let Satan use all of his evil powers against him, but God would not allow him to take his life. I am convinced we are living in the last days and Jesus will return before any of this AI stuff happens in any type of meaningful way. It is mostly hype so that, we the people, get all amazed and taken under their spell. It is just packaging commercialism and materialism in new wrapping paper. I am already forced to use Amazon for more and more. Our local mall has been dying for years and the last store is now closing – Bergner’s. We will no longer have any department stores even 50 miles away from my city of 40,000. I was sickened when Bergner’s/Carson’s filed bankruptcy & we heard our store was closing. We lost Sears, Penney’s, K-Mart and now Bergner’s. All of the smaller stores have been closing for the last 6 or 7 years – like GNC, Radio Shack, Bath & Body, and all the shoe stores – even the high end ones that sell SAS. All of this is being guided and controlled so that Amazon owns the world. I so miss – local drug stores that aren’t CVS or Walgreens. I still haven’t gotten over losing our Ace Hdwe about 10 or more years ago. I despise Walmart and never enter the place. They no doubt want to keep us off the roads which are all crap anyway and the bridges will all soon collapse so there won’t be travel from state to state – those that have rivers as a border, anyway. We will just sit at home and order on line from Amazon – our clothes, supplements, toiletries and maybe even our food.

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#JR4NHS – Update on Urgent Legal Action for Our NHS – Round 3

#JR4NHS: The Report is strongly critical of the whole way in which Sustainability and Transformation Plans, and the different organisational structures that they have spawned (STPs, ACSs, ACOs, ICSs and ICOs), have been introduced in a top-down way, with excessive secrecy
Mr Justice Green has now decided who should pay the costs of the case, and we’re pleased to let you know that his decision is good news.

Usually, the loser has to pay the winner’s costs, but on this occasion he has ordered the government and NHS England to pay us our costs up to 18th January 2018 because “the Defendants changed their minds about full nationwide consultation and the use of the ACO model by early adopters” and also because “in some measure there was a degree of confusion caused by the use by the Secretary of State of misleading language to describe the process of appointment of ACOs (designation) and as to the issue of delegation”.

He also ordered us to pay only 65% of the defendants’ costs after that date because they had failed in their arguments that the case was brought too late, and that we did not have standing to bring the case, but more so, it seems, because he said we had “acted in the public interest in bringing the claim and have identified some serious and important issues which will need to be considered during the course of the consultation, the substance of which will have been improved by the airing and ventilation of the Claimant’s concerns and criticisms”. The judge also noted that we had “succeeded on certain subsidiary points of law arising under the outstanding substantive grounds”.

It’s now for the lawyers to work out exactly what this means in pounds and pence, taking into account as well the cost capping order – though one way or another we don’t expect anything to be left over.

Despite our disappointment at the judgment, we have taken heart from the judge’s order and comments, and consider it a vindication of the case having been brought and the massive support from so many people. It also underlines the importance of the promised consultation.

You can read the judge’s order on the latest update (no.11) on the Round 3 case page:

Colin Hutchinson, Allyson Pollock, Sue Richards, Graham Winyard

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31 defendants set to appear over alleged crimes around Huddersfield.

  • Umar Zaman (L) 30 & Basharat Hussain (R) 31

    Iftikar Ali, 37, of Holly Road, charged with three rapes and one attempted rape

  • Umar Zaman, 30, of Bishop’s Court, charged with two rapes
  • Banaras Hussain, 37, of Shipley, charged with one rape
  • Mubasher Hussain, 35, charged with one rape and one sexual assault
  • Abdul Majid, 34, charged with two rapes
  • Gul Riaz, 42, charged with one rape
  • Mohammed Sajjad 31

    Fehreen Rafiq, 38, charged with two counts of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence

  • Mohammed Sajjad, 31, charged with four counts of rape and one count of facilitating the commission of a child sex offence
  • Usman Ali, 32, charged with two counts of rape

Protesters stood outside Kirklees Magistrates’ Court
Police were present with 31 people set to appear over the alleged crimes around Huddersfield

Mohammed Suhail Arif 30

Mohammed Suhail Arif, 30, charged with one rape

  • Amin Ali Choli, 36, charged with two rapes
  • Mohammed Dogar, 35, charged with facilitating the commission of a child sex offence
  • Banaris Hussain, 35, charged with one rape
  • Shaqeel Hussain, 35, of Dewsbury, charged with one rape and two counts of trafficking
  • Fehreen Rafiq 38

    Mohammed Waqas Anwar, 28, charged with five rapes

  • Saqib Raheel, 32, of Cradley Heath, West Midlands, charged with two rapes
  • One man who cannot be named for legal reasons is charged with one rape and one count of sexual touching of a female

Mohammed Dogar 35

GW: One news source had this to say – ”a bunch of Mohammeds were arrested for sexually assaulting girls as young as 12.”  I would have changed that to ”A bunch of middle aged men” & would have highlighted the fact that Mr Mohammed Sajjad & Mr Mohammed Dogar actually made money out of this sordid business while Mr Mohammed Akram was the trafficker.  They certainly are not doing their community any favours.  Well the worst 3 were all called Mohammed so I guess the original headline is sort of correct.  A lot of them are terribly shy – must be because they are ”getting on a bit.”

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