The Trouble With Barnier & The Incredible Burgeoning ”Leaving Bill”

”Dave Davis is at the golf club returning his locker key when Mr Barnier the membership secretary sees him.

“Hello Mr Davis”, says Mr Barnier. “I’m sorry to hear you are no longer renewing your club membership, if you would like to come to my office we can settle your account”.

“I have settled my bar bill” says Mr Davis…….

GW:  Ah Tap very true.

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Slaughterbots are the LOCUSTS from the pit.

RichiefromBoston II
Published on 20 Nov 2017

It sounds like its a NEW thing, but these bots are OLD news, and if the masses are finally finding out about them, well thats great but its old news and very old technology.

KJV-Charlie (edited)
Wow I just did a video on related subject . With A.I. as a coming “god” which I think is the image of the beast from the Bible, it’s possible that drones are the coming locusts. Love your channel bro keep it up!

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”An article by The London Economic, tweeted this afternoon by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, quotes Labour MP Lisa Nandy – who three weeks ago reduced Theresa May to incoherence with a question about Tory whips’ cover-up of sexual harassment and abuse allegations – alleging that Rudd,

told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyril Smith inquiry for national security reasons

There are no ‘national security reasons’ in the world big enough to justify yet another Tory cover-up of the abuse of our children by Establisment figures.

If Nandy’s allegation proves to be correct, Rudd and her boss/predecessor May must resign – and preferably face investigation for potential criminal charges.”

Rudd, May accused of withholding child abuse evidence ‘for national security’

Maria 21/11/2017
I ask what is national security in practice? it appears to be security of the British establishment and wealthy vested interests from scandal and transparent and open investigation.


GW: My Word – Ms Nandy is proving to be good value for money lately. Thanks to Skwawkie for the link btw.  Whenever TeasMade is on shaky ground the voice goes down a register and the stuttering starts.

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Tory MP hails clampdown on student visas – after getting one for his Brazilian girlfriend

TC MP Halfon’s keenness for stopping foreign students coming to the UK on non-degree student visas doesn’t seem to stretch enough to include his own Brazilian girlfriend (from Halfon’s blog, 2009):

Not only did Halfon obtain a non-degree student visa for his own girlfriend, but he also seems to have made an exception for her when it comes to other immigration policies.

Halfon’s girlfriend is now described as his long-term partner and is living in the UK permanently with him. Which is a bit odd, because Halfon is on record as saying foreigners from outside the UK should only be allowed to stay here permanently if they are football players, scientists or senior managers:

Steve said:November 13, 2017
This guy is the brains behind the Tory social media movement for ‘workers’ their twitter
handle is @toryworkers

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@richyphillips – > @Conservatives – Not all jobs are created equal…

Thanks to Vox Political for drawing attention to the tweet.

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Notts Warriors Meeting – Troy Explains How TPTWTB Use Language As A Means Of False Control

Published on 20 Nov 2017

Barbarossa (edited)
Explain to the policy officers that you are exercising your lawful right to remain be silent but under no circumstance will that be implied legally as being acquiescence by silence. Anagram of Silent is Listen and to listen is to pay attention , if you don’t it will cost you. Anagram of Silence is License AKA as a Permit. To exchange a right for a privilege is to ask permission for something (in the form of a governmental permit or license) that you are free to do anyways. A privilege is granted by some authority, and equally it can be taken away by some authority.

Licentiousness – Acting without regard to law, ethics, or the rights of others.

Listening is an action in which the miracle of understanding takes place.

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Red Gum – Poor Ned

”You know they took Ned Kelly
And they hung him in the Melbourne gaol
He fought so very bravely
Dressed in iron mail
And no man single-handed
Can hope to break the bars
It’s a thousand like Ned Kelly
Who’ll hoist the flag ‘a stars”

Redgum – Poor Ned Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Quick Clips
The thing I love about Ned is that after his brothers were killed in that house fire by the cops, the cops thought Ned was dead as well and he could of just walked away, but he put his helmet back on and showed them what his made of.

Daryl Watson
At his trial in Melbourne, Ned appeared before Sir Redmond Barry, the same man who sentenced his mother to three years imprisonment. Judge Barry sentenced Ned to death by hanging. Ned told him that they would soon meet in a fairer court in the sky and that he would meet him there where he goes. Twelve days after Ned’s death, JUDGE Redmond Barry passed away.

when Jesse James and his brother killed an unarmed office clerk, 10 people of that town became so enraged that he and his brother ran and left an accomplice their friend to die, when Ned heard three hundred troopers had surrounded his, he rode back to the town and charged into them almost making it to Glenn Rowan inn.

“I am reckoned a horrid brute because I had not been cowardly enough to lie down for them under such trying circumstances, and insults to my people” Ned Kelly

greatsoutherncowboy1 – > Dale
Do you even know the full and “correct” story of the Stringybark Ck fight? Hardly cold blood give that Scanlon Lonigan & Kennedy were all armed. Mcintyre was unarmed and made his escape as he was never shot at. Nobody kidnapped was harmed or mistreated either at Euroa, Jerilderie or at Glenrowan. It was Sgt Steele who shot at the women and children as they were released and called out they were as such woman and children. I know who deserved to be dropped.

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