TAP: Bank Of England throttling Britain

Sat 18 Jan 2020
posted by Tapestry

Members of the Monetary Policy Committee are now telling us that maybe they should cut interest rates after all. Having watched as their tight money policies predictably slow the economy, they now express surprise at what they have done and seek some change of tack.

I am not proposing a 25 bp rate cut. I would urge them to look at the substantial tightening their Bank has undertaken through changes to the capital buffers, tough guidance on lending and the cessation of the Funding for Lending scheme. There is practically no money growth in the UK, implying continued slow performance from the economy.

Meanwhile the reintroduction of Quantitative Easing by the ECB has led to a spurt of money growth which probably heralds some pick up in the economy later this year. The Fed has stimulated a sharp rise in money growth in the USA which probably means a decent recovery for an economy still growing faster than the other advanced countries as the year advances.

Why has it taken the Bank of England so long to notice the obvious? Why are they still so out of line with all the other major Central Banks of the world? This institution got the ERM comprehensively wrong, the banking crisis and great recession hopelessly wrong and now is getting the world slowdown wrong.


Bank Of England throttling Britain

18 Jan 2020
sharphelix says:
The question John Redwood is why the BOE and other CB’s our masters that we never needed and have destroyed the financial system have kept rates too low for too long. Because that’s what they always do to fleece us and keep us in perpetual slavery. The BOE and other Central Banks are private Criminal Rackets.


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Paul Joseph Watson: London is a Sh1t Hole.

Fri 17 Jan 2020
posted by ian

Love him or loathe him, he tells it how he sees it.

Paul Joseph Watson. London is a Sh1t Hole.

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The water crashed through the service from Exeter to Paignton in Devon, while 161 flood alerts were issued across the country.


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Moment great-gran, 72, wrestles stolen £1,200 bike from 6ft thug who tried to flog it to her

The heroic moment when a tiny great-gran wrestled a £1,200 stolen bike from a 6ft thug who came into her shop trying to sell it.

Supergran Mari Parker, 72, knew the bike had been stolen having read about its theft on Facebook and refused to let the cyclist leave the store with it.

Incredible CCTV footage shows the 5ft 3in pensioner hanging on to the bike for dear life during a gruelling minute-long tug-of-war with the man outside Barnsley Antiques Centre, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The hooded man – who eventually fled empty-handed – can been seen violently pulling at the bike and even trying to mount it to cycle away, but his efforts were thwarted by the determined OAP.

“I think he must have watched my son leave and known I was in the shop on my own so he came back.

“He pulled me outside and we were fighting in the street.

The gran-of-eight – who works part-time in the shop – said she was “delighted” to later reunite the bike with its 13-year-old owner – who, shockingly, had it stolen from him in a broad daylight robbery.

“We do get a lot of undesirables coming in here and we have done this before,” she concluded.


GW: Good work getting the bike back to the actual owner.  A lot of similar incidents happen in Watford.  Bikes stolen on a regular basis by ”undesirables.”

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Ferrari and Porsche drivers spared jail after £300,000 crash at roundabout

Two supercar drivers who crashed into each other after allegedly adopting ‘racing style’ behaviour will not be going to jail.

The collision on the Tinsley roundabout in Sheffield on May 20 last year involved a grey Ferrari 458, costing up to £200,000, and a red Porsche 911, worth around £100,000.

The Porsche driver, Henry James Hibbs, 27, suffered minor injuries in the crash that happened at around 7.55pm, while the Ferrari driver, 32-year-old Carl Hartley, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, fled from the scene prior to a police officer’s arrival.

Witnesses told police the two men had been adopting ‘racing style’ behaviour in the lead-up to the crash.

Ferrari and Porsche drivers spared jail after £300,000 crash at roundabout

GW: Thank goodness no-one else was involved. There is so much of this behaviour these days. Who cares about others – All that matters is self gratification!

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Kier Starmer Failures

Anonymous @AAG 15 January 2020
Starmer’s Litany of Failure as Director of Public Prosecutions

Starmer’s Litany of Failure as Director of Public Prosecutions

  • Decided not to prosecute John Worboys for 75 sex assaults
  • Yet spent four years failing to prosecute 23 Sun journalists
  • Insisted on prosecuting Paul Chambers for making a light-hearted joke on social media (the infamous Twitter joke trial)
  • Failed to build a case against Jimmy Savile and forced to apologise after being damned by report into failings
  • Repeatedly championed the innocence of convicted murder who later admitted that he was actually guilty
  • Failed to prosecute police officer who killed newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson
  • Ordered the CPS in Wales to drop the prosecution of a primary school teacher who had been accused of sexting a 16 year old boy, who went on to commit suicide
  • Damning report into Starmer’s tenure at the CPS showed it was performing well below the necessary standard, with the report attributing part of the blame to a ‘overload of initiatives’ from the CPS’ national leadership
  • Survey of CPS staff found that just 12% of them thought that the organisation was being well managed under Starmer’s leadership
  • Accused of reopening a spurious sex abuse case involving a friend of Tom Watson – the accused was cleared in an hour
  • Chose not to prosecute two doctors accused of carrying out abortions on grounds of gender
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R.I.P. Victoria, who died in 2003.

  • Victoria, who died in 2003.
  • Who runs the child abuse rings?
  • For a time, Victoria Agoglia (also known as Victoria Byrne) lived in a children’s care home in Rochdale, in the UK.
  • A report, commissioned by Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, found:
  • “Social workers knew that 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia was being forcibly injected with heroin, but failed to act.
  • “She died two months later.
  • “Abusers were allowed to freely pick up and have sex with Victoria and other children from city care homes, ‘in plain sight’ of officials.
  • “Greater Manchester Police dropped an operation that identified up to 97 potential suspects and at least 57 potential victims.
  • “Eight of the men went on to later assault or rape girls.
  • “As recently as August 2018, the Chief Constable refused to reopen the dropped operation.”
  • A paedophile grooming gang was left to roam the streets of …


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DD: ”Elements of Treason on both sides of the Atlantic”

Daddy Dragon
16 January 2020

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Finally! EU chief Guy Verhofstadt leaves Brexit role after three years of interfering


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Couple turn boring caravan into dream holiday home with furniture from skips and secondhand shops

Couple turn boring caravan into dream holiday home with furniture from skips and secondhand shops

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