Colleen Wasner

Published on Nov 30, 2016
Contact if you wish to be interviewed. Thank you so very much for watching, all of you.

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Barclays Bankster BallsUp Part ii

Barclays Bankster Jes Staley Refuses To Step Down Even Though He Admits His Action To Unmask Whistleblower Was ”A Mistake”

baerchen 10 Apr 2017
CEOs of megabanks are capable of making honest mistakes, but this isn’t an example of one.

Anyone who has worked for JPM, or any other large bank, at a senior level knows full well that whistleblower legislation is constructed the way it is for a reason.  Staley knows, McFarlane knows, and I know that he is absolutely lying through his teeth about this and the senior directors are covering their arses and circling the waggons purely out of self-interet

Thomas1986 – > baerchen 10 Apr 2017
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, said in an interview in 2010 (about Staley):

Jes has impeccable character and integrity

I guess they just have lower standards than the rest of us when it comes to integrity and ethics…


Oath – > William D’arblay 10 Apr 2017
I always find it interesting that our lords and masters would like us to work like the Chinese, and work for Chinese wages, but they are very quiet about China’s propensity to execute senior people who commit fraud etc.

BonyTony 10 Apr 2017
Everyone working in the regulated sector, including banks, knows that whistleblowers are protected.

Whistleblowing, by its nature, involves making a confidential disclosure to an independent person or body. The Bank of England even have a webpage on this subject.

All employees have mandatory training in this area on joining firms (plus periodic updates).

The CEO should be sacked.

colddebtmountain 17m ago
And so this nasty, little, vindictive man hasn’t got the guts to resign. What’s new about City folks, huh, ain’t got a gut between ’em.

Sal2011 1h ago
What happened to the BBC recording of the Bank of England being involved in fixing LIBOR? Seems to have been swept under the carpet. The whole banking system is corrupted to the core, and a major cause of social, economic inequity in the UK and rest of the world. Needs radical reform, including the whole system of Central Banking with its monopoly control of monetary policy.

Ivankinsman 2h ago
Send him to prison for attempting to cover up wrong doing in the bank. Typical of the bad breed of bankers from 2008 who should have been kicked out a long time ago.    A complete clean sweep of unethical banking executives such as this man is required to restore public trust in the banking system.

GW:  Absolutely.  Since 2008 banking has lost all customer respect.

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Barclays Bankster Jes Staley Refuses To Step Down Even Though He Admits His Action To Unmask Whistleblower Was ”A Mistake”

”Jes Staley, the chief executive of Barclays, has admitted he made a mistake in his repeated attempts to unmask a whistleblower but said he did not offer his resignation over the scandal.”

”The American is under mounting pressure after a shareholder advisory service, ISS, advised investors to abstain from backing his re-election to the board at next month’s annual general meeting because of the ongoing investigation by the City regulators into breaches of whistleblowing rules.”

“As I’ve said I made a mistake. I was trying to protect a vulnerable colleague. I should have left the organisation to handle it,” said Staley, who was forced to take questions on the matter as he presented the bank’s first-quarter profits.

Staley refused to provide any more details about the situation, which has stunned the City since the bank said two weeks ago that his bonus would be cut after he became too involved in the whistleblowing case. This related to the conduct of Tim Main, who worked with Staley at US bank JP Morgan and was then recruited to Barclays in a senior role last June.”

”The chief executive of Barclays is being investigated by financial regulators and faces a significant cut to his pay after admitting trying to unmask a whistleblower who made allegations about a long-term associate he had brought to the bank. ‘

Gcorbs Myro117 10 Apr 2017
Bless, he should be shown the door and replaced by the whistle-blower

ferfcuksake 10 Apr 2017
Sack him.
Looks like he dyes his hair, that should be reason enough. What a spiv

duroi ID1530339 10 Apr 2017
Jail is often the outcome, but for the whistleblower not the bank execs.
When an HSBC employee revealed the list of tax dodgers hiding money in HSBC’s Swiss bank, guess who was facing criminal prosecution? The whistleblower.
The UK government, FCA and the Treasury take care of their old Eton mates. So no bank employee dares to become a whistleblower against the top management.

Andrew Johnson – > Pratandwhitney 10 Apr 2017
The Board have proven themselves to be wholly ineffectual in supervising their CEO.  As they did with Bob Diamond. After much cajoling of the Board, the PRA, under Andrew Bailey, said enough is enough and ousted Diamond as someone who was not ‘fit and proper’.

It seems the Board remains weak and ineffectual. You would think it might be keen to show after all this years that it finally got the importance of culture but apparently not.

miindofdelusioniii 10 Apr 2017
How can this kind of injustice happen in Tory Britain. I thought the rich were meant to be immune from scrutinisation?

DonaldHenley – > GCday 10 Apr 2017
Either Staley is a congenital halfwit in which case he really should not be in charge of the bank or he is a lying sack of crap – in which case he needs to go and quite frankly face prosecution. There isn’t a 3rd option of chopping a bit off his bonus. You cannot get a little bit pregnant son..

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Fakebook & Goggle were conned out of $100m in phishing scheme

”Last month it was reported that two major tech companies were tricked by a Lithuanian man into sending him over $100m (£77m). Evaldas Rimasauskas, 48, was charged with wire fraud, money laundering and aggravated identity theft for impersonating Quanta Computer – a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that includes Google, Facebook and Apple as clients.’ ‘

GW:  Well so long as they do NOTHING about censoring any of the dreadful videos they host involving the online bullying of teens; pornography; and even murder of children being shown it is alleged – it’s probably bad karma paying them back.  And they have the NERVE to insinuate that the AltMedia should be policed for pumping out Fake News!

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Brexit or Die – Rodney Atkinson

George The Greek Trucker

Published on Apr 26, 2017
1-11-2014 Rodney Atkinson at the British Constitution Group meeting.

Antonio Teixeira (edited)
Excellent!! Well stated indeed!
Europe = social engineering labotomization conditioning for the perpetuation of a ponzi pyramid caste economical serf/slave system of debt!
Promoting ALL kinds of debt!!!
Germans…well, actually, inbred Rothchiiiilld (and others – the Black Nobility Lombard Banksters) Nero peadophile compost c****…….😤😤😤😤

Will our incarnating species of awareness…incarnating upon these highly complex Self Organising Bioverses, will WE ever be able to actually BE a PROPER Advanced TYPE 1 Civilization????????? Or just slaves to inbred entities…????

Oh My Goodness

penny fulton
The only way to ever get rid of extraneous powers, is for the public to EXPECT to vote for POLICY not persons, and to APPOINT sackable facilitators of the POLICY. owned by the public : not ‘parties’ ( sic ) on the terms and conditions set by the public, their employer .

Public Expectation rules the world, no power exists unless the majority of the public EXPECT to give their own power away to them.

penny fulton
We aren’t in the EU, since the late 80’s we’ve been in the European United States of America. Bound, and if we don’t get out now, bound forever by The Lisbon and Maastericht treaties, to rule by the EUSA .

A friend (edited)
shared . xx #fan of Rodney Atkinson !! Except the UKip Movement.. as that’s just controlled opposition… due to freemasons.

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EUSSR Mafia Part ii

”A European parliament budget control report found the rental contract for the EU medicine agency based in Canary Wharf does not lapse until 2039.

The report said: “The payable rent for the remaining period from 2017 to 2039 is estimated at €347.6million (£292million).”

The budget committee said it was “noted” there was no break clause entered when signed in 2011, yet nothing was done by EU bureaucrats.”

Is this made up? The UK has invested 1% of GDP or 3% of all Income Tax Revenue into the EU for decades, The net worth of the EU agencies’ fixed assets were hence paid for by UK tax payers. I doubt it’s passed the EU’s attention that the UK has been a positive contributor to the EU for over 4 decades. so circa 10-15% of the EU buildings were paid for by UK tax payers, so that’s a big divorce credit note. Plus the UK has one of the lowest EU employee count in Brussels, astonishing as the UK ranks as the second largest EU net contributor! So the UK taking over the responsibilities of things like EU pensions for UK staff at the EU will work out very well, pay back time for them employing so few British staff.

Someone please explain what we actually get from the EU apart from being a cash cow, what do we really get in return. We are told free movement but I have worked in Europe and other non EU countries and travel isn’t that much different, a few visa’s but so what as they are not that hard to sort out. We are told we are racist for not allowing free movement but it is not the race of someone that bothers me but people with radical beliefs and criminal history, I wonder do all remainers leave their houses unlocked when they are out and home at night? if not then why not since they obviously think all people are safe, isn’t it racist to lock people out of their homes since free movement is their ideal, remainers should just offer their wives and daughters to immigrants since they obviously don’t have a problem trusting these people.

It makes you wonder how many potentially invalid EU contracts there are both here and all across the nations of the EU. The EU can’t just write conditions into the deal afterwards.

They should sue their lawyers who left them exposed to this risk in the first place.

The UK has told the EU that their agencies are welcome to stay here after Brexit.
If the EU chooses to move them, at their own cost, then that’s their business.
Of course, the UK will expect the EU to pay for the pensions, redundancy costs, and other liabilities of all employees within the agencies.
Source for the goose . . . . . .

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