Defend Europe: Anti-immigrant ship trying to block refugees from crossing Mediterranean has funding cancelled


Defend Europe have set off in their vessel C-Star to block refugee boats leaving the coast of Libya bound for Italy Defend Europe

European governments are doing nothing to stop this migration of gimmegrants. In fact some are doing the contrary. If they are picked up 10 miles off the coast of Libya (after the smugglers have radioed for a “pick up” NGO ship, or their coordination centre in Rome), and it is 160 miles to Lampedusa, why do they take them to Lampedusa? Are the NGOs taking money and complicit in people smuggling? Take them the 10 miles back to Libya.

If they are returned consistently, they will not try again.

It does not “insidious nature of nationalism”, it is really simple, the vast majority are economic migrants – so what do you wish to happen?

If you want open borders than that is at odds with a welfare state – you can not have both – choose what you want.

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Piers Corbyn says true Green Movement is being taken over by fake green

”With Mark Windows at Harlequin Fair Green Gathering. Free speech being shut down. CO2 taxation scam. Manmade climate change scam, being protected by Green movement managers and green festivals.

Diesel being used to back up wind power, which fails to blow in winter enough to supply power, and polluting the air. Wind is a waste of resources.

The future of energy may be cheap solar power in fifty years time. Right now it’s not, ruining fields. It’s expensive and should only be experimental for now.

Producing car batteries for electric cars produces more CO2 than petrol cars.”

GW: Good point – tend to agree with this.

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Surf’s Up For Some

Surf’s up: David Cameron helps slinky wife Sam into her wetsuit as they hit the waves in Cornwall

GW: Cameron trails about after Sam like a needy pup! He seems to be a bit insecure in that marriage. Always trying to please!

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‘He’s DAMAGING Brexit’ Demands for Hammond to quit as Chancellor over ‘lengthy’ transition

The Runnymede and Weybridge constituents have a golden opportunity here to get rid of the biggest fly in the Brexit ointment. Lets hope they don’t pass up on this chance to get rid!

Bliss – > Birdymum
i like this story, it effectively tells us how to deselect any MP, thanks Leave,eu

Ukpatriot – > Birdymum
They had an excellent chance to get rid of him at the last GE, but the fools didn’t. The way I see things is that the talks are going to stall intentionally from the EU, which give us a great opportunity to leave with NO deal and start proceeding to join the WTO as 164 countries have done. So May get on with it and let them sweat.

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‘This is OUR money’ Nick Ferrari shreds Hunt for spending taxpayers cash on £44k bathroom

“You can have water features, you can have staff, you can have Thai masseuses waiting to look after cyclists and when they come in. I don’t care.

“But this is our money.

“And what is not being disputed is that this bathroom, whether it is used solely by Jeremy Hunt, whether he ordered it, whether a half the team a Tour de France can get in there, it’s 44 thousand bloody quid, which is ridiculous.

twitter slams hunt

I’m totally with Nick on this. They haven’t got an off switch when it comes to spending hard earned taxpayers money. I just can’t understand how anyone can square the circle when someone submits a quote for £44,000 for a shower room that shouldn’t cost more than a couple of thousand?. What planet have they arrived from to think it’s ok to spend this kind of money on a shower room for cyclists. The trouble with government and local government, is they don’t actually have to earn it and think it’s ok to splash out on anything they want for themselves and sod the taxpayer.


GW: Absolutely!

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HUMANITY vs INSANITY #97 : WHO’s Screwing YOUR Kids?

Thanks to Tap Newswire for the link.

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Growing crime wave as 50 Romanians arrested a day, figures reveal

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GW: Well how would you be. Why would that be? Our police force over-stretched by these people. We can’t stop known crims from EUSSR from entering our country. Why must UK Taxpayers have to pay to house RomCrims? Why not send them to Romania to do jail time?

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