4 Things You Need To Know About The Diebold Voting Machine

1. The origins of Diebold voting machine came from a push for electronic voting that occurred after the chaos of the 2000 presidential election.
2. Diebold conspiracy theories began percolating in 2003. .
Leftists said that Diebold voting machines stole the election in 2004.
4. There are definitely concerns about Diebold voting machines, though according to a recent piece in Politico
Full Article @ Tap Newswire.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 08 Election

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German Whistleblower: ”Let the world know: Germany is going down”

Link to Full Article.

George Soros Invested USD 500 Million In Migrants

Full Article @ Tap Newswire.

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Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds In Leaked Email

Full Article

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Excellent synopsis !
Clinton history = psychopath.
This is a person devoid of human emotion, habitual liar, parasitic, manipulative, grandiose, self absorbed etc.
is this the kind of person who should be in charge of the USA !
Sounds more like a dictator of a banana republic ! 

Richard Perez Bello
Presidents are selected by the elitists not voted for by the citizens like your government leader’s would have you all to believe they are selected by the corrupt central reserve bank cartels Rothschild, David Rockefeller patent owner of the Zika virus, Henry Kissinger, Bilderburg group – these are just a few names of the corrupt elitists. How is it takes so many millions of dollars for a job that only pays five hundred thousand dollars a year? Well where do you think that money goes? We have a fascist government. Big corporation’s, pharmaceutical industries, big oil industries and the corrupt war machine manufacturers – these and many more big corporations are your government. Hillary like all the rest is only an employee of the corrupt elitists.

talile ali
I have never seen a candidate, so disliked and distrusted by everyone, perpetuate themselves upon this nation with such maniacal ego as Hillary Clinton! With a Billion Lies and Billions of dollars laundered thru their fraudulent charity foundation from the corporate and business world, Hillary is stealing the USA election from the duped masses, blatantly, with her exhibitions of pompous, indignant pride and righteous superiority over the trivial, and so-ignorant, menial minions!! And the people following her are so foolish to eat up this slew of dirty tripe this pompous demonic banshee heaps upon them with the shovel she will later use to bash in all of their remaining dreams and hopes for their futures with!!

Tracy Beckett1
The way I see it Mr and Mrs America, Vote this psychopath in and you get fried, whilst she and her cohorts watch it happen from the protection deep within Cheyenne Mountain.

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GW: What happened to all those hideous coats Clinton was wearing a while back?

Thanks to Abel Danger @ Cloud Centric for one on left and Daily Mail for one on right.

13 September 2016

What would happen if Hillary Clinton dropped out of US election race after being diagnosed with pneumonia?


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Hacked Colin Powell Emails Reveal Bohemian Grove Info

Mark Dice
Published on Apr 4, 2016
”One of Hillary Clinton’s newly released emails contains a reference do making a sacrifice to Moloch, the Illuminati idol best known from the Bohemian Grove. In an email to Hillary from Cheryl Mills, who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings, she ended an exchange saying, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch.” There is a little known Bohemian Grove meeting for women called the Belizean Grove, which most likely conducts similar Satanic rituals as their male counterpart. © 2016 by Mark Dice”

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Stealth BUAP MH370 · War Game Exercises · Serco Flash Override of Cope Tiger Search & Rescue

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The crew are cutting each other’s throats on Mrs May’s leaking ship – Andrew Rawnsley

”In her early days at Number 10, there was an ambition to achieve a grip over government more steely than that achieved by Mrs T even at the zenith of her power. Ministers reported that they were being forbidden to make any statement or give any interview unless it had first been cleared through Number 10. I wrote at the time that Mrs May would discover that she would not be able to impose such a stifling level of control. What I did not foresee – and neither did she nor anyone else – is just how rapidly cabinet cohesion would unravel. Discipline is now breaking down in a way that Mrs T would never have tolerated.


HMS “ToriCon” in treacherous waters.   http://dawlishchronicles.com/the-wreck-of-hms-wasp-1884/

There are almost daily ”leaks” of confidential papers prepared for internal discussions between ministers, especially of anything touching on Brexit. Mrs May says she will not give a “running commentary” on how she plans to approach the negotiations. We don’t need one because we have a running tap of leaks from within her cabinet. These are being accompanied by a drip feed of poisonous briefings, as some ministers try to promote themselves and their ambitions at the expense of rivals they seek to thwart or damage.”

”Some of Mrs May’s problems with managing her government are down to her style. She is famous among colleagues for what one minister calls her “long silences”. She lets other people babble on, while giving away little about what she thinks. Many of us have encountered managers who think this is a clever technique. The trouble with it as a way of running a government is that it leaves ministers without a clear guide to what the boss really wants and encourages the pursuit of individual agendas.”https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/oct/23/tories-cutting-each-others-throats-on-theresa-mays-leaking-ship

this country is run by tooled up rats.

The truth is she’s weak, indecisive and woefully inadequate for the job. Every time she opens her mouth the pound drops and that will put up the cost of everyone’s food, petrol, clothing, rail-fares, rent and mortgages. Inflation is rising and Theresa May’s lack of grip will compound our country’s troubles.

She wasn’t elected by the public. But she wasn’t even elected by the Tory Party, she was imposed after secret deals behind closed doors with a few Tory grandees. Nobody knows the promises she made to them.

100 days in, the carefully crafted image gloss is fading away. “You can’t polish a t*rd” as they say. Theresa May is a weak leader at a time of national crisis.

Her comments and performance at the EU meeting last week indicates that she is a delusional and as out of touch with reality as the rest of the 38%, whose mast she appears to have firmly pinned her flag to.

GW: Will it be all hands to the pump or is it time for the salvage teams to work up a new fairer kind of politics and save Britain?

The UK is a real union. Tax and public jobs are moved to Wales, N Ireland and about £1,800 a head to Scotland.

The EU is not a true union. It is forcing poorer EU areas to become poorer, they take on more debt to fund the EU itself, and become still poorer.

The UK politicians who are complaining about Brexit need to check the real facts. One benefit of the argument, is their exposure does reveal who knows the real truth and who is supporting a unified position with the PM, and those who ignore the facts and want another greasy, and well paid, pole for failed politicians to join the EU gravy train.

The Remoaner losers are going against the run of history. The EU is a failed project. Aside from the EU problems of jobless and collapsing trade, the EU banking situation is very serious. Italian banks have about 20% of loans in default. That will cause a major crisis. Germany’s two biggest banks are failing badly. That will cause another huge crisis. The EU and Euro are in costing financial crisis, with increasing social problems and political unrest.

When the next global recession strikes, in mid 2017 as the US slows, China debt rises and growth collapses, then the EU will become even more chaotic. The UK will be fortunate to leave the EU in time to avoid bailing out collapsing EU banks as a key member of the EIB.

This government does not deserve to survive and govern this country. Peace, security and good governance are contingent on having a stable climate, climate justice. This is a moral and intergenerational issue, and the most significant existential threat and challenge humanity has faced. Climate change effects are analogous to adding an accelerant to a fire….. it makes existing problems much worse, and creates new ones. Brexit is a massive distraction from what ought to be a top priority, the transition off of fossil fuels, and the healing of the biosphere. It may be that Brexit is a necessary step in the disposal of the sorts of thinking and living that are largely responsible for humanity getting into the mess it has with regard to the life support system all life is utterly reliant on. This government is not trustworthy. This government has poor judgement, incapable of setting a course that leads to a place where people matter. So how can they be trusted on assessments of the potential effects on peace and stability resulting from Brexit? Tuition fees; their review of welfare and benefits (see I, Daniel Blake, the new film by Ken Loach); having a referendum on EU membership; designing the referendum so badly that it has left this colossal mess; fracking; grammar schools. I am sure there is much more.

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