UK Column News – 24th May 2017 – TeasMaid Puts Para Military On UK Streets

  • Joint Terror Assessment Centre – Mr Alex Thompson was not impressed with them during his time @ Mi5
  • Operation Temperer now in force but none of this has been discussed in Parliament.
  • Military Personnell will be ”helping” the police at events. Remember what happened to Charles de Menezes – 7 bullets in the head.
  • Federica Mogherini has already talked of merging the two – so we are still marching to EUSSR’s tune under TeasMaid.
  • The UK Government is breeching the Bill of Rights
  • Pat Henningsen remarked that everything seems to be in place in advance and then along comes a ”trigger event” – how sweet.
  • With The Armed Forces Deployment Bill the ToriCons are attempting a coup – To make provision for the deployment of the Armed Forces by the PM.  It is for the PM to determine if the ”emergency” condition or the security condition is met.  UK heading towards imposition of the French Style permanent ”state of emergency”.
  • Macron is working for the extension of the SofE yet again.  Cameron has locked UK into an 50 yr agreement with the French.  this is a coup.
  • The Queen will be breaking her Coronation Oath if she signs this.
  • Conservative Party candidates are being told ”You are Theresa May’s local representative” and not the representative of the constituents.
  • Crisis Cast ran the Terror Drill in Manchester leading up to 22 May 2017.
  • Peter Sutherland said we need to encourage mass migration to undermine the homogeneity of the population.
  • This election is being conducted to targeted groups and online rather in real centres where killer questions could be asked.  Running scared TeasMaid?
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Political Timing Of Manchester Terror Attack Is Suspicious

Manchester Bombing 22 May 2017 – ”Kill Switch Diplomacy”

”The ‘deep state’ in the UK (and in the ‘West’ in general) seem to be anxious – desperate even – to maintain their control over a population that is increasingly waking up to the reality of outrageous government corruption and lies. As respect for government mouth-pieces in the mainstream media justifiably wanes, these self-styled ‘elite’ will increasingly resort to the blunt force object that is state-sanctioned terrorism to redirect the population’s attention and force them ‘back in line’.

But such brutal tactics come under the law of diminishing returns. This kind of repeated, covert physical and emotional bludgeoning of a population can only work for for so long before people start to notice the complementarity of the establishment’s push to consolidate its power over the people, and the alleged agenda of “ISIS” in bombing Western citizens into submission.”


Tom74 says:
Correct. And if our mainstream media included real journalists rather than propagandists, they would be asking why Isis would apparently want to indirectly boost ‘strong and stable’ Theresa May’s election campaign instead of ‘terrorist sympathiser’ Jeremy Corbyn’s.

The reality, of course, is that it is Corbyn the deep the state criminals are terrified of, because he has the integrity to end their warmongering, and depraved terrorist acts.

Please Please Manchester Ask Pertinent Questions

”We have an election 08 June and this will help the political powers to remind us how important they are. I just heard Theresa May declare the terrorists will not prevail. What utter bullshit.

The Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham says they are extremists – what like my government that invades and kills in foreign nation states? Andy Burnham is a typical official arsehole politician”

Oh My!

Bigmoo says:
Russianvids on YouTube. Great critique and analysis. Another false flag/hoax etc. Just like Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice, Munich, Sandy Hook, Orlando et al. All contrived tripe.

How to simulate a terrorist atrocity

Mock terror attack staged at Manchester’s Trafford Centre – video

Thanks to Richmond Peace for the information.

No More Bullshit (edited)
Chris, you are right. Absolutely 100% fake. This hoax bombing has been BLOWN to bits by other channels. Changing stories, bad eyewitnesses, fake injured crisis actors, and no evidence of any bomb. No doubt the same crisis actors that took part in the 2016 drill ALSO took part in the fake bombing yesterday.

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Ashkenazi Roots?

Ashkenazi trace their DNA and bloodline to under 100 people in Eastern Europe during medieval times.

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Salman Abedi was known to intelligence services and it ‘seems likely’ he didn’t act alone admits Home Secretary

”The confession raises new questions about the security services’ work after claims Abedi had been to Libya and returned within the last week.”

Just look at how in a few hours ”Amber” has morphed from a fragrant lass into a ………  She has developed a 5 O’clock!  Good Lord!  We two queens from oriental are ….  Note the chequerboard black & white – tout à fait appropriées!

”reported CCTV showed him placing a bomb-packed suitcase on the ground”

GW:  The ”operative” was known to the intelligence services YET again!

And our friend Mr Abedi was ”friends with an ISIS recruiter”.  Well was he now.  ISIS = Israel Secret Intel Services.

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#GE2017 Part iv

A political master stroke – taking money off old people – scrapping triple lock – privatizing care homes – and changing the adage – ” the only certainty in life is death and taxes ” to “the only certainly in life is – ” taxes – death and taxes” .

The split personality of the Tory party is alive and well whenever Mr Hyde has a chance he pops out and does his little nasty deeds, they cannot stop him , in fact they miss him , he appeals to their base, it’s all apart of their “conviction” politics.

Maggie never went away you know, she is within the soul of the party, pushing along the narrative instilled in the party elite.

It was a Conservative who in the early 1900 fought against baths for the coal miners hovels as they “would only use it for keeping coal.” and now in the new millennium we are treated to conservative proposals on heating allowances to stop the aged freezing to death in winter.

The money is available for HS 2 and Trident and for the mass of immigrants from the EU now claiming benefits for children back home, for foreign aid to help the world’s poorest and yet not an iota of recognition of the tax payers who built the nation on which the abundant generosity to the world and interested parties are indebted.

There is something rotten in the state of Westminster.

I hope you lose more than six seats, a lot more. How dare you allow our Elderly and our Schoolchildren to be ripped off.
And this year’s Foriegn Aid bill is how much more than Ten Thousand Million Pounds?
With no accounting to know where it’s gone.
You don’t deserve to be in Parliament.

”You mean how dare a government use the assets of the elderly to pay for their care, as opposed to hand it all down to their offspring to blow … after inheritance tax”

Those elderly people have paid tax all their lives to be looked after when when they are sick and in their old age. The taxes they paid have been squandered by such things as Overseas Aid which amounts to some Ten Thousand Million Pounds per year. Just think about that figure for a moment. You are without common sense if you believe that is the right way

Many would like to care for an elderly parent but it all depends on what the parent is suffering from. Sometimes professional medical care is needed sometimes not.
I can see with May including any kind of home care which presently does not take any property assets will boost that carers allowance to figures she has never dreamed of. Many will give up full time employment to be a carer that’s taking away tax revenue to then claim an allowance it basically defeats itself as an idea.

time to change Britain, stop voting for the globalist and vote for freedom UKIP is the only ones will take us out of the corrupt EU.


”its only their offspring who would moan about not being able to blow as much inheritance as they want.”Not sure if you’re a parent or not but most want better for their kids than they had themselves. Rather than thinking greedy kids moaning how about thinking the sick will keep it hidden from family and not get the care they need.  100k is a terraced house in the cheaper areas like say the NW it’s nothing as far as property prices are concerned. May is broadening the goal posts to include as many as she can to collect from.

Social care is really health care for the elderly, we’re talking about people whose health is too bad for them to look after themselves. Making people pay for it themselves is privatising the NHS by the back door.

Were Theresa May to cut foreign aid, except for disaster assistance, I would have accepted the necessity of the steps proposed in her manifesto. Prior to seeing the manifesto, I had decided that Conservatives were the only electable party. I now realise that none of the parties are electable, and might consider writing “None of the above” on my voting slip. It appears that she does not wish to be returned to office, perhaps because of the complexities of Brexit.

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#GE2017 Part iii

England Is a Slum Under this Government, The air stinks, the Gardens are grown over, there’s no where to park, It’s Hard to find a Policeman, women put makeup on for CCTV,………… Under the Burka,
Rat Infestations, No one speaks English anymore, makes you sick What this Government has done to our Towns and Cities, yes our Towns, we want them back, The English Garden Is Full of Rats( It’s a metaphor) The Sun Don’t Shine In Lancashire, It’s had a Black Cloud stuck over it Since the David Camaroon Days, Get with it ! What will it take to get the ball rolling another Exit vote I’m voting Labour I just can’t get any satisfaction Living In a Slum of Ignorant Rats & Tori Lying & Abuse of Power that’s as plain as the nose on your face.

T>May is Mentally ill and not right in the head, she couldnt run a shoe shop never mind a Country, ( If you could find one now) there are no shops In Accrington they have all gone, all over Lancashire there is Hardship & poverty while London Tories flourish well no more Lad, Labours weak is it, the people are weak starving and sick of it I’m going for Labour & F,,,,,,, Conservatives, we have never been so poor and down In Lancashire, If you hear different then they are Lying. People working hard all week Two people are still on the poverty line, work that one out, Listen I could go on and on about what these clowns have done to Lancashire! If they get back in Then Me, Mr Englishman, I am moving out like all the rest, We are Moving to Pakistan seems they have a better quality of Life over there & they are not over run with Rats just yet. Yeahman I’m for Labour what’s the alternative need to do something before They Tax the Air I breath & heyman That stinks round Lancashire esp at Night when they burn pink Diesel Fuel to heat their homes in paraffin heaters, and cut down trees to heat themselves up, that’s how sad this Place is, have a nice day London You dirty tori bed blockers.  Nice one – throwing their rhetoric back @ them.

GW: Cripes!

Well said. Everyone please look at the Corbyn twitter stream about his love of the ex Venezuela leader and the absolute mess of the country that hard line socialist leader made of his country. Search “Jeremy corbyn Venezuela”.

Can’t find it???

Do some research before you vote for JC. Also read on Wikipedia about the British economy in the 70s and 80s and what a mess we ended up in as a result of years of old labour policies.

I voted labour when I was around 20 years old, but experience of life taught me that these old labour policies of nationalisation and out of control very left wing unions brought ruin to the country.  How is it wrong to have nationalised rail with profits going back ti UK Treasury instead of offshore?

I can see why the idealist policies appeal to the young, but try and take in the experiences learnt from the older voters who have a big majority NOT voting for JC.  Yes but the Tories must not be handed a large mandate either.

Arabella Blue, up to the last part of what you were saying I agreed with, but Labour, the party that has broken us more times than we’ve had hot dinners, no way, no to labour no to the lib/dems and absolutely no to the greens or snps, no I will be voting UKIP and I am hoping that most of those that voted to leave the EU will do the same, but I do not suppose they will as they are to scared to take a chance on a party that only wants the best for us, no they would rather put our lives in the hands of traitors which those party members are, it is up to the rest of you, but we will all be sorry in a couple of years see if I’m not right then.

Good point PT 19 I just don’t think they are that bright,

They may just succeed anyway, some one should start a political party called Logic, where what you pay in you get out. This will stop none UK people creaming off the state benefit system at the expense of OAP while paying nothing into our system iTS THE INJUSTICE OF IT ALL .

This election is about Brexit and nothing else. I don’t believe for one moment that the conservatives will take school dinners away from children, re-introduce fox-hunting or impose the dementia tax. These manifesto points are no more than a manipulative, calculated, premeditated attempt to reduce their majority in Parliament in the hope it will allow them to stall or dilute Brexit in some way. It is the follow-on strategy to the nine months they gave to remoan to organise and regroup after the referendum. We must not allow ourselves to be taken in by it. We must all vote conservative at the election to give May such a crushing majority that she will have absolutely no choice but to take us quickly, cleanly and decisively straight out of the european union. I think they’re getting cold feet. We must not play their game. Hard brexit is inevitable. Make sure we give them no choice but to deliver it. That’s all that counts in this election.

May won’t have a clue in Brussels. She’s indecisive, weak and massively outnumbered in Brussels. 27 – 1 – and that ‘one’ is a woman who can’t make her mind up, surrounded by Davies who doesn’t even know we can’t do trade deals while we’re an EU member and Bojo the clown.

Plus she has business breathing down her neck about Brexit – she’ll give in to everything the other heads of state shove in front of her.

GW:  But with FLEXIT we would have taken it step by step but of course where’s Mr Richard North?  Of course the ToriCons won’t engage with a sensible option like FLEXIT will they.

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