UK Column News 23 July 2018

  • Netanyahu: Trump & Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate White Helmets from Syria
  • VB: Just did an interview on El Mayadeen & this is what I learned from the other guests in Damascus & Jordan about the White Helmet exodus from S Syria:
  • Out of the alleged 800 White Helmets who were given ”exceptional assistance” by Israel only 442 have arrived in the camps in Jordan.
  • These ”exceptional” refugees would not accept Amnesty & be evacuated to the North because this would mean they would have to undergo inspection of their equipment & nationality which would expose the regime change coalition states who were controlling them.

  • Penny Morduant: UK agrees to take in some White Helmets evacuated from Syria by Israel
  • Peter Ford: The White Helmets are NOT volunteers however often this label is attached to them.  They are doing jobs for which they are paid by Western Governments.  They have a Press Dept of 150 bigger than the whole of UK Ambulance Service.
  • Their claims of saving 115,000- lives have never been verified.
  • They have received 38 Million from the UK up to March 2018.
  • He said they have NOT assisted all sides of the conflict from their founding in Turkey in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a former British mercenary with links to the Gulf States & employee of Mi5.
  • They have only ever operated in rebel held areas.  The real defence bodies are Syrian Civil Defence & Syrian Red Crescent.
  • Will local councils be given the backgrounds of these fugitives for resettlement?
  • PH: Hunt & Morduant have told 4 lies about the White Helmets in their recent statement.
  • AirWars: ”Civilian casualties from US-led strikes appear to be at their highest level since Vietnam, and yet there is little or no official effort made to track the overall death toll from urban fighting.”
  • NoviChuckle Poisoning: Charlie Rowley’s brother ‘very surprised’ by his quick recovery – Charlie is now under ”police guard at a secret location.”  He said they found something & Dawn sprayed it on her wrists.  PH: It had been sitting there for 3 months after they searched the area in HazMat Suits??????
  • No-deal Brexit risks ‘civil unrest’, warns Amazon’s UK boss  PH: This story was on the front of the ”Deep State” newspaper The Times today.  There is nothing of any substance in the article – so the CIA have waded in with some propaganda.  What does a company that delivers electronic goods & trinkets to you door know about civil unrest & BREXIT?  Apparently very little but even so the UK head at Amazon UK has briefed the Minister Dominic Raab.  Smile.  Does this really belong on the from page?
  • Two so-called ”captured Britons” known as The Beatles have been fighting for Islamic State
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Our community was failed by the banks, so we’ve started our own and put local heroes on our notes

The HSCB’s Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn (Picture: Peter Searle) 

It was while watching a documentary that declared that 97% of the real money in our society is created out of thin air that we decided to start printing our own cash. Most of the money in the UK is created as interest bearing debt when banks make loans. Our group decided that if the Bank of England and high-street chains can create money out of nothing, then why couldn’t we? However, rather than using the proceeds of our money creation for buying up corporate bonds, we would help the people most in need.

We therefore created the Hoe Street Central Bank (HSCB). It’s an artist-led scheme printing its own money as art. Half of the money we make will fund four local causes that are fighting the fallout of our country’s debt-based economic system; the proceeds from the other half will go on buying up and destroying £1m of local payday debt on the secondary market in Walthamstow. Our first run of notes was made by my partner, artist and printmaker Hilary Powell, from the shed at the bottom of the garden in December 2016. Since then we went on to scale up the enterprise, moving into the Hoe Street Bank in March of this year, in the old Co-Op bank in Walthamstow, in order to print out £50,000 worth of our own banknotes/artworks Hoe Street Central Bank was dubbed ‘The Rebel Bank’, and the name has stuck as a shorthand for our community-oriented, subversive, artistic confrontation.

Our community was failed by the banks, so we’ve started our own and put local heroes on our notes

GW: What a great project.

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I’ve just completed a record-breaking paddleboard journey around the UK and was shocked by the plastic pollution I saw

My journey truly started in 2015 on the tiny, remote Scottish island of Tiree. Its white sands and turquoise waters are home to an incredible amount of wildlife, but its beaches were strewn with multi-coloured, indestructible plastic.

I’ve just completed a record-breaking paddleboard journey around the UK and was shocked by the plastic pollution I saw

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WOTW: The New Age of Illusion

Windows on the World

Published on 22 Jul 2018
Following on from our shows The Cult of Unreality and The Rise of Narcissism and New Agw Agenda Explained we look at the present and what in the recent past lead into the New Age of Delusion.

  • Fake Gurus and Cult Leaders
  • Gods of the New Age – Documentary – Full Version
  • The UN got their hooks into manipulating the gullible into Global Enslavement.
  • Nostradamus predicted the formation of a ”commonwealth of nations” that would allow the human being to emerge into the state for which he was fashioned.  This has come to pass with the resulting UN being above international law as was clearly stated by the Swiss/Irish lawyer Peter Sutherland – “The Father of Globalization”
  • Robotic cults without any enlightened thought going on.
  • This New Age emphasis on ”positive thinking” means one might not engage with someone such as a down & out broken person who may actually have great enlightenment.  The +ve thinks would say Karma led him there – not the fact that he lost his job or had some kind of mental breakdown.
  • This ”positive thinking” idea is an easy way of avoiding responsibility.  Don’t talk to him he’s got – ve karma means that the problems he is facing are nothing to do with me & my attitude or how I am behaving in society.  It allows for a smug superiority.
  • They don’t want to engage in anything that involves the brain.  It has led to such doctrines as ”think & grow rich” & has knitted in perfectly with those occupying Stazi Type positions.  You now find that narcissistic really thick people are in these really well paid jobs.  One of these types in a local authority tweeted that she had been to a ”visioning session” and that they had been ”really creative” – now this is a leader of a Council with a borough of 250,000 people & she is also openly working for a property company.
  • The ”narcissistic cult of me” & its self appointed self-help gurus was kicked off.  The Secret Teachings of All Ages was actually published in 1928. There’s no difference between a windows salesman & a fake guru.
  • 26 October 2016: Daniela Quicksilver joins Marston from NM Rothschild & Sons
  • 10 January 2017: Marston Holdings acquires NSL
  • 22 December 2014: Five Arrows Credit Solutions, a fund managed within the merchant banking division of the Rothschild Group, and Marston have just completed a £63 million funding package.
  • Marston Logo has changed from a square standing on its point to an upside down pentagram.
  • Victorian optimism has been completely wiped out as well as their love of language and their hope for the future.  The fall of mankind is actually here when you get to a point where the population think that putting a balloon effigy of Donald Trump up above London is a radical political idea.
  • You know that we are in ”the last days.”  The Sadik Khan one though, is a great idea as it has some irony attached to it.
  • @41:21 Piers Corbyn explains that the Global Cabal ergo the Wall Street SuperCorp brigade are in Crisis & they have to increase their profit rates.  So there’s got to be more social control of people in the West & exploitation of them.  Agenda 21 is an international idea implemented at local level.  Basically replacing working class communities with blocks of flats for the super rich and one of the most important ideological strands they use to justify their activities is ”man-made climate change.”  This has been used to de-industrialize parts of Britain, Europe & North America where under the Emissions Trading Schemes e.g. the EU one – companies like Tata Steel bought up steelworks and ran them down getting carbon credits which were then used to set up new works in India.
  • Thus the British have paid to de-industrialize themselves losing jobs in the process.
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Secret Service: Hillary and Obama stink like sulfur

17 October 2016

Obama made light of the rumour saying ”There’s a guy on the radio who apparently said me and Hillary are demons, said we smell like sulfur. Ain’t that something? Now, I mean, come on people!” (CNN)

However Obama loses his cool during speech when a pesky fly assails him

Daily Mail reported that ”many viewers were baffled because the fly landed on Hillary Clinton’s face and she did not even flinch, leading some to suggest she was a robot like one of those on TV series Westward.”

GW: It doesn’t bode well for the Democrats though, does it, if flies land on their representatives and people are saying Obama & Killary smell bad.
Secret Service: Hillary and Obama stink like sulfur

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George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing.

GW: Goodness Gracious.  How very sad is that.

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