Savvas Savouri: We should make the most of foreigners owning houses here

17 March 2017
A PRO-BREXIT hedge fund manager Saavas Savouri has ridiculed the idea that Britain is stronger negotiating trade deals alongside the EU – questioning how Britain would benefit in talks with China if Croatia and Bulgaria were involved too.

This person – a Brexiteer – is also in favour of letting foreigners ”park their money” in empty UK property???? What’s his real game?

The pro-Brexit chief economist of the Tascafund Asset Management

18 October 2016

Facetious arguments with no substance or basis in fact. This sounds like someone wants to protect the market. Foreign buyers who park their cash in empty London property should be taxed at 100% of the property value and properties that stand empty for more than 6 months should be taxed at 200% of the value and after a year 500%. London has been a virtual tax haven for rich foreigners for too long. Property prices have rocketed partly due to the massive amount of money these people have pumped into London as a means of protecting their wealth. This is why every new residential building going up in London is priced out of reach of people earning normal salaries.

GW:  Which is it Saavas?  You on the side of UK population or the rich foreigners?

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Timothy Holmseth Update – Serious Findings Disclosed
Sarah Westall
Published on Feb 24, 2018

Timothy Holmseth update: Holmseth was arrested and jailed on February 19th, 2017 and released the following day. This video explains the circumstances around his arrest and case. It also includes case evidence that caused MN judge Tamara Yon to VACANT the restraining order. The restraining order kept Holmseth from researching or publishing any information on his findings surrounding child trafficking. After the judge Vacated the order, Holmseth was free to continue his investigative reporting into the case.
Learn more and support Holmseth’s efforts at

East Grand Forks, Minnesota resident to testify before international commission’s inquiry of human trafficking and child sex abuse in London

Agent KiltedFox(timber fox): Holmseth has a target on his head now, GCHQ will take him out

Jackal (edited)
Christianity and freedom are the enemy of the marxist UN and it’s supporters… why do you think they are paying so much to undermine the Constitution especially the 2nd A?

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BREXIT LATEST: Federalist dream will ‘cost EU citizens a fortune’ says top City adviser

Barney Reynolds, one of the UK’s leading voices on law and the City of London says that the idea that the EU can somehow replicate the City is “just absurd”.

He said: “There have only been four global financial centres in the last 400 years – Antwerp and Amsterdam, which were destroyed by war; London, a third of which was destroyed by war; and New York.

The City of London is Europe’s global financial hub.

You might want the EU to have a global financial centre of its own, but the cost of building this out – even if do-able – would be exorbitant and would be at the expense of the living standards of citizens across the EU27 for decades.”

Frankly, the EU is run by a small group of extreme ideologues way out of touch with what’s best for the people in the Union. Hence the damage they’ve inflicted on Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.  They created a regime that isolated them from democracy so they could do whatever they like. Finally the ”house of cards” is coming crashing down. Fortunately for them the peoples of the EU are using the ballot box to do it.

All you need to know about how the EU operates is if a policy makes a million unemployed but transfers power & wealth to Brussels then the EU regards it as a success. The EU is not concerned about prosperity or the rights of the people only the acquisition of power & wealth. It’s mantra is simple first create the problem then sell the only solution being more Europe more centralization.

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Tapestry: Skripal had penetrated Clinton’s anti-Trump Russia Dossier Operation

13 March 2018

”The Telegraph revealed that Sergei Skripal, the Russian “double agent” who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last week, has ties to Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier and former British spy, who is tied to Fusion GPS, which is directly connected to the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

All of this begs the question, was Skripal the latest victim of the Clinton mafia’s murder machine?

The poisoning was carried out in a sloppy and amateurish fashion, and screams of a private contractor, knowing that the UK government (and blowhards like Boris Johnson) would immediately link this to a state (Russia) sponsored attack.”

”The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier.” –Telegraph

A recently deleted LinkedIn account revealed that the British security consultant is based in Salisbury, and his employer is Orbis Business Intelligence – Steele’s firm. Steele notoriously assembled a series of memos containing anti-Trump opposition research to Fusion GPS, the first seventeen of which were compiled into the unverified “Trump-Russia” dossier which the FBI relied on to obtain a spy warrant against a Trump campaign associate.

Sergei Skripal in Bargain Stop, Salisbury, on 27 February. The double agent and his daughter Yulia remain in a critical condition after being exposed to a mystery substance that has prompted crisis talks in Whitehall.  Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intel on the right.

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Telford: Police were tipped off about ”Keith” Khan as far back as 1996 but he was allowed to run his ‘Rape House’ for years.

”She told how ”Keith” Khan would loiter in betting shops looking for men who had won cash before offering his teenage sex slave to them for money.  Khan would punish her if the men did not finish quickly while he waited outside in his black Mercedes.”

”Our investigators discovered Khan was reported to police over sex abuse fears in the mid 1990s.  Officers were tipped off by a female neighbour who believed he was selling young girls in the town for sex.

She had seen him take a 12-year-old girl from a children’s home into a car.”

GW:  Unbelievable.  This perp died without ever being brought to justice.

‘Worst ever’ sex gang case cop claims his bosses thought stopping Telford child abusers was ‘too much trouble’

“Two senior officers had a conversation about going for Sexual Risk Orders. It would have meant they would be monitored by the police. It can be effective with a low reoffending rate.

The question was, should we apply for 20 or 25 of these orders? The view from the senior officer was it was too much trouble. A lot of us were horrified when they didn’t want to do that.

“It would have been a lot of work but what price do we put on protecting these kids?”

Becky Watson was one of the victims of the Telford child sex ring and her mother had informed the police

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Mar 15 2018: Abel Danger discuss Novichok & other matters

David Hawkins ”There are supplies of Novichok at North Western University


Sue McBride: The steel issue, is terrorist activity, Pres. should seize company’s assets that sell inferior steel to the military.

Agent KiltedFox(timber fox): Hi from Scotland.

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What kind of world do we live in where people carry a machete in a backpack?

Reveller attacked with MACHETE at a bar in Deansgate Manchester while trying to CALM yob

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