‘No, I don’t want this’ Nine migrants gang-rape teacher in NYE Vienna attack, court hears

NINE asylum seekers from the same family have gone on trial in the Austrian capital Vienna for the New Year’s Eve 2015 gang rape of a 28-year-old German teacher.

1.Mohamed Al-A;  2. Nazar Al-J; 3. Mohammed Al-T; 4. Alaa Al-J;  5. Hader Al-A; 6. Mustafa Al-J; 7. Nael Al-J; 8. Marwan Al-J; 9. Sabah Al-J.

Most of them deny the charges but DNA proved that sperm from six of them was found in or on her body.

  • The court heard how the victim arrived in Vienna on December 28, 2015 to spend the New Year with a female friend in the city.  Shortly before 3.00am the friend of Sabine noticed she was no longer there and was told by another patron that the men she had been talking with had “taken her away.”
  • The defendants, aged between 22 and 45, all arrived in Austris between May and December 2015 via the Balkan route.
  • Judge Petra Poschalko heard how the woman was taken by four of them to an apartment in Vienna’s Rustenschacher Allee where five other men were waiting.
  • After the attacks, which went on for several hours, the victim needed in-patient treatment at a trauma clinic and now is under psychiatric care for post traumatic stress disorder.  She had another breakdown at the weekend and was too fragile to be in court to face her attackers.
  • They spoke only Arabic throughout the attack.
  • Only one man, Mohamed Al-A., 31, admitted his role in the rapes and he sobbed in court and said he was “really drunk” on vodka at the time.
  • And he further admitted: “This act is a crime in Iraq.”
  • Medical experts testified she was raped multiple times and sodomised.


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Migrant couples told human rights HAVEN’T been breached in Supreme Court ruling on income


It infuriates me, the money that gets handed out!

I calculated that, at today’s prices, my own and my employer’s NI Contributions have added up to around £1 1/4 million. For that I now receive the princely sum £129 a week State Pension. There is a gross injustice over all this and it is we Brits who are on the wrong end of it!

Those politicians demanding rights of residency to be guaranteed now for EU citizens currently living here are wrong. The Bill before parliament is only about triggering Article 50. Residency rights need to be thought about long and hard. When talking about residency rights which date do we use. The date of the referendum or the date Article 50 is triggered or the day after we leave the EU. Then we have many more vexed questions about the rights of spouses and children living in the EU to enter the UK. How is it all going to be administered? Will ID cards be required or merely a stamp in a passport. What about health insurance and the continuation of benefits paid to EU dependants living outside the UK. If we don`t get it right and non EU citizens and EU citizens, for the purposes of immigration post Brexit, are treated differently than the government will be spending all its time at court. The Lib Dems and the peers should not be putting forward an amendment prematurely guaranteeing residency rights for EU citizens when so much work has to be done on the subject. Cameron singularly failed by not planning for a vote to leave the EU. We don`t need a second failure on immigration.

13% of people in the UK were born abroad, that’s 13 in every hundred, that doesn’t include immigrant groups such as Asian or Caribbean who invaded in the 60’s and 70’s and so have generations of sprogs who were born here and so are not in the figures. My primary school aged daughter is one of four white British in a class of 30 – an ethnic minority in her own country ! looks like the figures have been doctored down from where I am.
Migration Watch UK reported a week ago that in the 12 months to December ( so that includes 6 months of Brexit) 188,000 East Europeans have arrived to work ! !
They say the total of foreign workers in the UK now stands at 5.5 million.
Come on Stoke, give the remoaners a good hiding and speed up Leave and then repatriation.

Whist fully endorsing most of your arguments, please take on board the fact that the Caribbeans who came in the 50’s and 60’s did so by invitation, as we were so short of manual labour and they came to work.  That is far different from the unwanted, uninvited invaders we have now.

Being allowed into our country is a privilege, not a right. The aggrieved”single parents” can always go and live in the country of their partner.

The liberals on the pay roll of Soros want to have open boarders, doesn’t that make it a right!!!!!

The problem is that we are all lumped together in the same pot. I am British, so are my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on and so forth, back to the Middle Ages and beyond. I have been married to my white, English speaking south African husband for 28 years (do not a marriage of convenience then), our daughters are British citizens, BUT because he is not ‘European’ we have to have GBP62500 in the bank before he can get a spousal visa. He is is main breadwinner and can easily get a job in the UK for well over the criterion amount but is not allowed to even apply for positions until he has his visa. We are also paying GBP600 for his NHS requirement. No EU immigrant has to abide by these regulation so it is patently unfair……. please do not tar us all with the same brush!

Nor have any of the freeloading pseudo-refugees who jump straight to the front of the welfare queue when allowed in.

Major Cox-Tiff
The same requirement should apply to EU migrants, they are fleecing us of billions by bringing their dependents to maximise their benefit income.When we leave, all migrants should be barred from claiming benefits full stop.

Should apply same ruling for EU people and family members. EU migration should have always applied to one person, not one person and all his family members and his dog – complete abuse of a system that was mis-used  And his elderly father straight into a UK care home!

Jilly Brexit
Their is their free house and bundles of free benefits and free NHS that’s why they want to stay here and never having to work and no way should any immigrant be allowed legal aid I’m British born and I can’t even get legal aid so why the bloody hell should they?

Yet any piece of rubbish can crawl in from the back of a lorry and are told by police to report to the nearest police station, knowing full well they will disappear into the black economy ! What a contradiction in border controls this country is running, it is a joke!

Without these laws put in place …our country is doomed…we cant offer the world and its inhabitants a free life income education and housing..when the rest of us are paying for this for ourselves and for them.

Paying for it but don’t get the service paid for by GB citizens – everything crumbling.

The elite are beginning to sense the plebs are revolting and just eating cake won’t cut it.

GW: No need to worry as the idea is that we are not really BREXITING from EUSSR – all the HofL theatre etc and name calling is just for show apparently.

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UK Column News 22nd February 2017

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An Informed Peek Into The Geo=Political Landscape Regarding Relations Between Iran & Russia & Israel

Vineyard Saker

MOSSAD Officer Juval Aviv Predicts Trump Will Be Impeached.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn – People have forgotten God.

UK & USA have been stupidifyed

Thanks to Tap Newswire – Full Article 

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The Holodomor – Starving Ukraine’s Population To Death 1932-1933


”Rare footage of the HOLODOMOR. The man-made famine/genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933.
Plz share so the world can ask/learn who really was behind the bolshevik movement.”

Bolsheviks Plotted The Ukrainian Holodomor


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MILO Yiannopoulos takes Himself [OFF theINTERNET]


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WARNING: Do NOT watch The Docu – GRAY STATE!


Published on Jan 24, 2015

The real movie called ”Gray State” was being made by David Crowley who is now dead.

I KNOW!!! David Crowley was murdered and that’s a no brainer!!

William Peddy
“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God.”

allen-joseph: stein
I also watched half of the alleged documentary by Crowley. I noticed the same things you mention, the sounds, the subtle suggestions, the quick flashes, etc. I felt like I was being controlled, anxious, and my mind seemed very stressed and tired. When I paused it and stepped away from the video I noticed a feeling of relief. I then saw your Youtube video message and the title of warning. You are right… there is something very wrong with the video and the Spirit of God within makes one sensitive to the evil programming it contains. You are right… releasing this video doesn’t make sense, and it is way different from the movie Crowley was developing – the movie trailer shows that the movie was to be a fictional story revealing truth. Why would Crowley make a documentary in support of a fictional story? These agents of evil are capable of doing anything to get their way and achieve their goals. Sandy Hook is a perfect example; I have personal knowledge that the event was fake and theatre for the mind. Thank you for your warning; and this is another reminder that we need to guard and protect our minds and stay energized with the Holy Spirit through study of His Word. This present evil world is using technology to attack our minds so as to separate us from the living God and be subordinate to Satan’s agents. May God bless you and keep you safe. I appreciate your alertness and efforts to send out a warning. Allen

A ”Yarg-un’s” Guide To Dealing With The ”Gray State”:


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