UK Column News 20 September 2019

Lord Advocate Wolf was left lost for words when questioned by the Judge on a point of order during his presentation.

The Named Person Scheme in Scotland has  been scrapped & this has been an excellent victory for the ”little people” v the State Totalitarian System.

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Driver who killed a dad after ploughing into his car at 72mph in 30mph zone had 25 points on his licence but WASN’T banned

A CRAZED driver who killed a dad and injured seven others after ploughing into a family’s car already had 25 points on his licence – but wasn’t banned.

Ivan Girga, 27, was careering down a 30mph road at an eye-watering 72mph when the horror smash happened, claiming the life of 42-year-old Ghusanfar Illyas.

Gerard Hudson
People like this shouldn’t be banned from driving for ex amount of months/years, they should have their car seized, crushed, licence revoked, given a lifetime ban from driving and owning a vehicle. If caught by the police, breaking the ban, they should receive automatic jail sentence.

These are the mutants who rule the streets and the law in England. Nine years for all this carnage and out in in less than five. We must be the stupidest and softest judiciary on the planet, and the most liberal and asinine.

maurice libby
deport the ba–ard, 2words – tony blair p s – deport him aswell

G Moses
What an absolute joke 25 points and still driving on the road. I wonder why he was not banned at 12 points. Must have been a soft liberal judge

Joe Essex
He looks the typical ‘‘smudged origin” type we have to live with – looks Khazarian/Ashkenazi to me but the name is of Egyptian origin.

GW: Good Grief – I went 34 in 30 zone & was instantly sent on a Speed Awareness Course!  R.I.P. – It’s a shame that this driver had to cause so much havoc before finally being removed from the roads.  We law abiding motorists must drive defensively at all times – as I always do.  

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They’re On the Other Side: GOP Senators Call in Tech Giants to Remove “Hate Speech” or “Misinformation” — Will Give Tech Giants OK to Delete More Conservative Content

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Again (!) a church on fire in France: Saint Philomène Church in #Mercier

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Good News Friday: Swedish TV Attacked / TRUDEAU / MARINE LE PEN / TRUMP Meets Zuckerberg

Sanity 4 Sweden
20 September 2019

What goes around comes around eh?

Thanks to supporters: S4S also on:…

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Jeff Taylor: Boris Won’t Be Bullied – Part ii

Video Link

No, the £40 billion the EU demands amounts to £11000 each for every UK working man and woman. Kapeesh?

CA, Remainers didn’t know what they voted for!

Tony Papantoniou
The judges will be upsetting a large proportion of the population what ever side they choose, but Brexiters now outnumber Remainers 2 to 1, So it would be better to go with majority.

What is source of that info.?

Tony Papantoniou

New King
@Ninjas Unite Try reading the Vienna convention. It gets worse than the Lisbon Treaty. Remain. Or deal. Is death sentence for Britain.

Fred Neecher
@Ninjas Unite Wrong. The Lisbon Treaty was SIGNED in 2009. It contains clauses that are timed to come into effect at a later date (of the Commissioners’ choosing). Such clauses are called “Commencement Clauses”, and they are a common device in such agreements. The original plan was for ALL signatory states to adopt the Euro and become part of the Schengen Area by 2020. That plan was delayed, partly because of the Greece debacle, so according to Juncker’s State of the Union Speech of March last year it will now come into effect in 2025. But there are other clauses that will come into effect in 2020, but of course you know what they are, so I won’t bore you with details that plainly don’t interest you.

New King
@waldo197720 This happened in my quiet little Anglican town mate.
Those bastards don’t care about human life never mind human rights.
The left systematically bring in migrants to work the labour for them because the national labourers want more hourly pay. Less tax. & other things that we’re entitled to.
The left want cheap labour so the state get rich and the nationals dissolve further into poverty and jobless homelessness.
It’s Ethnic genocide. Google that.
True Englishmen are the oppressed in the UK.
Our language was outlawed our religion diluted and altered.
Our English flag isn’t saint Turkish George. Or Union Jack. That’s Plantagenet and Tudor.
We’re called British and forced to accept rulers on the English throne who are not English. Not even British.
And “English” get the blame for everything.
Ireland and Scotland will be next on the ethnic cleansing of the left’s agenda you’ll see soon.
It’s actually pretty damn sad that nobody learns history anymore.

New King
@Eoin English That’s just one town.
But it’s happening in all of Ireland’s small towns.
Sadly media is not being reported – these anti EU protests.
Just covering the remain propaganda.
Look at antifascists waving foreign flags with masks on.
Screaming up the RA.
They’re the definition of fascism.
George Soros cronies.
We all need to unite as people screw politics. And politicians.
This Is about our freedoms. And democracy.

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Boris will not be bullied over Brexit????

Jeff Taylor
19 September 2019

The demands by the French President and Finnish Prime Minister for a formal Brexit plan by the end of the month have been rebuffed by Downing Street saying that the UK will table its proposals when we’re ready to do so!

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The government has rejected the French and Finnish deadline for tabling written Brexit proposals by the end of September, with a government spokesman saying: “We have been having detailed discussions with the commission’s Taskforce 50 in recent weeks. We have now shared in written form a series of confidential technical non-papers which reflect the ideas the UK has been putting forward. We will table formal written solutions when we are ready, not according to an artificial deadline, and when the EU is clear that it will engage constructively on them as a replacement for the backstop.”

So, basically it’s we’ll let you know when we’re ready, not before.

Now, these ‘non-papers’ as they are called, are a method of floating ideas for discussion but without making any commitments.

But the EU now wants a firm, formal, written position that it can presumably leak to the press then watch our own UK Remainers do their best to rubbish it, while stepping in occasionally to add their tuppence worth.

The UK Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has told business leaders in Madrid that more flexibility was needed by the EU to strike a deal and that some risks needed to be taken by them.
“A rigid approach now at this point is no way to progress a deal,” he said. “and the responsibility sits with both sides to find a solution. “We are committed to carving out a landing zone and we stand ready to share relevant texts. But it must be in the spirit of negotiation with flexibility and with a negotiating partner that itself is willing to compromise.”

And he went on to remind them that the French soldier and former president of France, General Charles De Gaulle had said that “…a true statesman is one who is willing to take risks…” so a refusal by the EU Commission to take a risk would be ‘a failure of statecraft’ said Barclay.

Not sure the Eurocrats see it quite that way though?

And I’m not sure Brexiteers want the EU to take the sort of risk that might saddle us with a version of Theresa May’s Surrender Treaty.

But while the government sets about negotiations with the EU, the whole Remainer push is back home in the Supreme Court trying to get the prorogation of parliament ruled unlawful so they can then attempt to get it recalled to complete its anti-Brexit work.

But although the court case itself ends today the reports coming out are that a judgment will not be forthcoming until next week. And even if the advice, which I’m not sure anyone has actually seen, that Boris gave to the Queen is deemed unlawful, there is still no guarantee that the prorogation itself can be overturned or terminated.

According to reports, it looks like the Supreme court decision might come out as an overall view of the court to take account of any splits in opinion, with different sections being written by different judges.

I will say though that the Remainer press is reporting that most pundits are calling it against the government, especially as there seems to be very detailed discussions on possible legal remedies to the situation, but they would say that, wouldn’t they? We’ll just have to wait and see.

But the judges are going to displease a good proportion of the population, whichever way they go with this.

Now, I recently reported that the European Central Bank (ECB) had lowered its deposit rate further into negative territory in the face of growing economic problems in the eurozone and that it had restarted its quantitative easing programme at 20 billion euros a month to stimulate growth.

Today it was the turn of the Bank of England to get its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) together to decide on what the UK would be doing. Well, the MPC voted unanimously to maintain the bank rate at 0.75%. It also voted unanimously to maintain its current stocks of £10 billion of corporate bonds and £435 billion of government bonds.

So we seem to be weathering the global economic storm a bit better than the eurozone as a whole at the moment, don’t we?
#Brexit #SupremeCourt #InterestRates


Jordi Dunn
It shameful that we have a UK Parliament that works in collusion with the EU to undermine the UK interests.

Ralph Curtis
It has a name Jordi….Treason…🤨

Lee Cullen
Shameful, that’s putting it mildly mate.

Mark Hogan
@Ralph Curtis Absolutely … IT IS TREASON!!!

Ericka Norris
Treachery………….’TO THE TOWER’!!!…………

Lee Cullen
@Ericka Norris oil the guillotine.

Mark Hogan
Treason is the most serious offence in the country and was punishable by hanging, drawing and quartering until the 19th century. Today many countries’ laws forbid acts that are called treason, including insurrection and attempted coups (internal treason) and cooperating with foreign powers and enemies abroad. Why then is this being ignored?

jim bob
@Ralph Curtis Is lying to the Queen treason ?

amy grace
They don’t care about people. Only themselves. But I don’t think they have another choice, otherwise their heads will roll. Blackmail + Brainwash + Corruption

Ralph Curtis
@jim bob Go find out. And while you’re at it, find out if treason’s been committed by our home grown Quislings who have signed away our Sovereignty to a Foreign Power via the EU Treaties. By the way….one of the persons concerned signed all 6 of ’em.

Jek Kill
@Mark Hogan Because you don’t control the police, the judge, the lawyers, the medias, the gouvernement etc etc… Before being able to applicate this, you have to create a secret organisation, and infiltrate all power position, then you can punish them. But since, they are the one who control those position, they make the rules.

Mark Hogan
@Jek Kil Every usurper had those thoughts until the will of the people surged over them as the tsunami of truth swept them away. The truth is coming for Britain.

Spot on Jeff don’t trust the e.u or any remainers…ever.

Jack Kruese
But you trust Boris ???

Mat Helm
Including most likely, Boris himself…

Spinler Muckflitt
@Wichnam Blair Mandelssohn Campbell Branson Soros all feature in Jeffrey Epstein’s phone list. Remoaners need the protection of the EU courts that’s why they’re screaming for a deal.

Andrew Sarchus
I guarantee that any ‘deal’ which is acceptable to the EU will not be acceptable to Brexiteers. There is only one ‘deal’ and that is no deal.

@Andrew Sarchus absolutely correct. No deal is the only way. Nous avons. Sir gehen

Farhaan :T
@mclanaford “…We’re off!” -Scotland

Terence Clark
@Andrew Sarchus … Appeaser May was a walkover for them … Boris is showing true British spirit, but time will tell, if he reheats May’s deal this will go on and on. (edited)

NO ‘deal’ proposed by Johnson is acceptable to the Commons.

Dan Gleeballs
@Farhaan :T Please, feel free to go off with the EU, and when the world recession hits in the next six months and Germany, France and Italy all want bailing out because they all totally rely on manufacturing for their GDP, there will be nobody to buy their products, they will be hit harder than most, dig deep because it’s coming!!!!

John Doe
That much was clear since May defined her red lines.

Alan Robinson
Out now No more negotiations Dish out the cake

Iain Dennis
Boris gets us out of the EU – he will be our next Churchill

Please do not EVER make such an insulting comparison towards Churchill…

Andrew Reynolds
What about the millions churchill let starve to death in africa? I would rather not have anyone compared to churchill.

@Andrew Reynolds Churchill was 3mason….never do anything good as far as I can see.

Bojo the Clown voted for Theresa May’s deal, but you think he’ll get us out of the EU? 😳 Any chance I could have some of what you’re smoking? It must be fab.

Andrew Reynolds
@FIDIRONU, you must be the one smoking as what you are doing is just blowing smoke up my arse you divot, Please read what is written and engage your brain before commenting I wrote a warning, i did not express an opinion of what i thought of boris johnstone other than what he would be perceived as, he is the pm now not treasonus may, if he tries to fenagle her old surrender treaty into any deal, his balls will end up in a sling and the tories will be finished.

Martin Grundy
What utter cack Andrew. You are far too emotional, you sound like you just came off a playing field. Why do you have so much confidence in Boris? Have you not been listening, in almost every speech he has made since he took office has has papped on about a deal. Which is of course May’s turd of a deal rolled in glitter. That is why he has been pissing round going to Europe. Boris will ONLY get us out under a no deal WTO rules Brexit if things go tits up and there is no choice or alternative and his hands are basically tied. It will not be through actual intent. I very much doubt this will be allowed to happen.

john a
And if he doesn’t.. He’ll be our next guy fawkes. About the right time as well. 👍 Better do your best Bojo cause I’m doubting at the moment.

john a
@Andrew Reynolds 👍 there’s a chance of that.

Jack Kruese
@unplugged And what’s wrong with freemasonry? May I ask

Churchill the dog?

Templar Royston Of Vasey
Andrew….I think you mean Bengal famine in India. Anyway, I think this link below, thoroughly debunks this leftist BS, Winston Churchill was a white supremest and all white people should hate themselves…

Boris is already like Churchill. Both bumbling puppets with big mouths.

Templar Royston Of Vasey
@ALA…How so, please tell me you have more than just some leftarded white hating news article?

jack hewitt
I’m not too sure because he’s part of the reason the uk is in this this mess

Stephen Farrow
@Templar Royston Of Vasey Learn to spell dear.

Templar Royston Of Vasey
Stephen…And what spelling is so bad, that it warrants a pinprick like you, to make vague comments, instead of adding anything of value?
4 hours ago1

Stephen Farrow
@Templar Royston Of Vasey Supremacist. Why don’t you take your Pink Pussy hat Feminist Bullshit and shove it where the Sun doesn’t shine.
4 hours ago

Templar Royston Of Vasey
Steve…Well fork you much you dopey dipschmidt.

Boris is a bumbling chancer who seizes every opportunity to further his political career – the only reason he chose the Leave campaign was so he could lead that side of the argument. He will fail to take us out of Europe on the 31st and he will be exposed for the lying, self serving, bumbling cock womble he really is

steve vye
I’m worried about Boris, he’s deal might slightly be better than jelly leg’s deal, he might be blackmailing the remainers by saying take my deal or we leave with a no deal, if he’s being slippery he won’t last long.

Roy bob
fat bumbling boy buggering drunk that sends millions to die for fun?

Marion Moore
Thank you Jeff Pleased to hear Boris isn’t going to be Bullied by the EU. 💪🏼🦁💂🏽🇬🇧🇬🇧👸🏼🍀

Conrad Swadling
good, still wary of brino from bojo though

john gordon
Me too Conrad!

Same here -Boris will not deliver a clean break Brexit.

So Angry
Same here. I was hoping he was only making noises about May 2.0 but it’s beginning to look that way.

jimmy s
The Tories will Pay the price if they do.

The Jim Reaper™
@So Angry Boris knows he can’t just run through a Maybot 2.0 deal… He has stated many times that its a bad deal that has failed 3 times so far, and that he wouldn’t try to put it through the house minus just the backstop

Peter Green
@The Jim Reaper™ – I hope you’re right !

Gary Dansie
@jimmy s They won’t! We will!

jimmy s
@Gary Dansie They will come the GE.

Gary Dansie
@jimmy s Brexit party is the only way!

jimmy s
@Gary Dansie Absolutely without doubt.

So Angry
@The Jim Reaper™ I’ve seen no such comment. He wrote to Barnier explicitly stating that it was the backstop that was the problem and that if that was bounced he’d get the rump of it through Parliament. There isn’t actually time to do anything else.

So Angry
@Gary Dansie You need an election for that.

Lee Cullen
Believe it Mr swadling, sadly for us leavers banjo playing Bo Jo is in the EU’s back pocket.

The Jim Reaper™
@So Angry lol no he didn’t Also there are video clips of him saying all i’ve said, even the BBC posted up about it… Come on man stop chatting crap, the backstop isn’t the only issue, Boris has said this many times, also you really think the worst deal in British Parliamentary history, that has failed 3 times and by the largest margin in the house ever no less, will suddenly be accepted because the backstop is removed??? The whole point of getting the EU to budge on the backstop is to then get them to budge on other things too, its negotiating 101 buddy, get them to move something they said they will never, and once they have done that, whats to stop them budging all together??? Have you never haggled buddy

Jack Kruese
BRINO from Boris yes let’s hope so

Mike Biggs
Too much talk of a ‘Deal’ for my liking and certainly won’t accept anything to do with treason may’s God awful surrender treaty. WTO only acceptable now.

Jack Kruese
@Mike Biggs Yea but you don’t get to choose

Jim Ivey
@Conrad Swadling Aye, we shall see if and when it happens.

does bojo play the banjo?

So Angry
@The Jim Reaper™ If one applies a little logic it’s pretty obvious that cannot be right, though I’d love to have your faith in Boris. How on earth is a whole treaty going to be renegotiated in a few weeks? It simply cannot happen. Removing the backstop? Easy. Completely revamping the terms in a 500+ page document? Impossible. Boris told Barnier in his July letter that the only way a deal was possible was by the EU removing the backstop. This is well documented. Boris has also repeatedly emphasised the backstop and little else. My faint hope is still that Boris is (as Barnier states) ‘pretending’ to negotiate knowing full well that no deal will be struck. This will almost certainly lead to an election I think. Hope I’m right because the EU are unlikely to budge on a single element of the deal and it’s a real pig, even without the backstop.

Jax Jax.
Boris ..please DON’T bring back Theresa May surrender treaty….it’s not brexit.

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GHSA???? Pushing vaccination for all??? HUATHEI????


These are the people that have decided that the whole world has to be vaccinated with as many vaccines as possible. Thanks to Melissa @ Grand Torino for the information.  This is going to cause some damage to children & it is also linked to the development of the Cabal’s much longed for ”Digital New Age.”

Melissa’s Links:

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Irish Citizens refuse to stop protesting until there are assurances refugees will not be accommodated at a hotel in their community.


Grand Torino
19 September 2019

Simon Coveny, Leo Veradkar, Alan Kelly Min of Environment & Others – Sellout Irish Bar Stewards – pushing Direct Provision for their own gains. They are subverting notifications for the local communities.

The Asylum Industry:
Parse the Noise:
Clip used from “Occupied Irish State”:…

Susanne Sheffer
Refurbishing the hotels for the newly arrived. Hey. Nothing but the best, right? Big hello to GT from Arizona, US.

silver fox

Patricia Seery
These politicians are so sneaky going behind the back of the Irish people and forcing this on them without their permission . This is communism by the back door. (edited)

To counter these traitorous slimey politicians, it is time to introduce a new name into Irish pilitics by the name of Barrett to bring them into line……Barrett .50 Calibre, that is….

Lieutenant Starbuck
Patricia it’s a corporate take over. These people are at best champagne socialists. It’s a all a scam communism and capitalism will be gone and the will replace it with the New Socialism.

Endless greed and corruption, it’s hard to get your head around it, that old so called do good Minister on there telling people they shouldn’t say no if they want to dump immigrants in their Towns, take them to a place near him if he’s so keen to help.

Thames TV did an investigation into Larry Goodman in the early 1990s. He is a ruthless businessman. It’s on YouTube. Brilliant reporting Rowan. God bless

bogger 51
We need to march on govt. buildings and hound them out!!!

Up Your LaLa
I have been saying this for months everyday.

kt mc
I am in

Up Your LaLa
@kt mc Nice to hear. I will be in front . It will happen. and it’s gonna happen soon.

bogger 51
@kt mc I cannot believe there’s a kindred spirit out there!!!! Good for you! Where are you based? Need to get in touch though I don’t do social media! I’m based in Kilkenny!

Carol Carr
@kt mc me too

Seamus Burke
@Up Your LaLa it’ll never happen in a million years. I’d be more than happy to eat my words but very doubtful.

Go on then…

Yes. But WHEN??? It won’t “be grand sure!”

harry Hunt
And Coveny the traitor, his brother was the CEO of Greencore when the beet industry was closed down!

Which is now a €100 million Euro a year business largely dependent on cheap immigrant labour to make it’s convenience store sandwiches. Maybe it”s time to start boycotting businesses that trade with the enemy? (edited)

Carl Valderrama
Youd wonder how these bastards get into power. They must be marked from an early age as evil traitors

@Carl Valderrama Don’t forget that two FG politicians died tragically/strange circumstances. Maybe they just wouldn’t sell out unlike their children?

Finola O Murchu
The corruption would make you sick.

P carey
Burn all vacant hotels to the ground, problem solved

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19-09-19 Supreme Court’s reaction to this case cf that of Gina Millar

Daddy Dragon
19 September 2019

DD: How anybody can say that this case is not about Brexit – which is what Lady Howe has said – the logic that she is using escapes me.

Marjorie. Rob Gibb May
We have to remove Parliament altogether and get a democratic Parliament that won’t take our rights a and liberties away from us.

Joseph Baldwin
in a civil war we need to get the armed forces on our side

Marjorie. Rob Gibb May
@Joseph Baldwin We would if T May hadn’t signed our Armed Forces over to the EU behind our back. I don’t ever recall it going through the HouseOf Commons. T May was an evil bitch.

terry morris
best rant yet Graham, I agree, the time is upon us. They’re not listening, I predict a riot.

Christine Knight

Marian Walters
One thing we can do, and spread the word, stop buying French perfume, face creams, shampoos, cheese, apples, brandy, wine, champagne, yogurt. The works. Stop buying anything German, cheese, wine, white goods. Buy anything else or go without. We are not the only country who voted to leave, others were forced to vote again until they got a remain vote, we have to get out for us but also for our European friends.

Diana Hall
Already started. Check your electricity supplier isn’t French!!!!!

Engleman Bluenose
English Democrats need to get Politically Active to become 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Parliamentary! (edited)

Tracy Cartwright
I have always classed myself as English first and foremost, and am proud of my national identity, I always tick English in forms. (edited)

christine Grace
Well I was late tonight and missed you live. Wonderful rant certainly got the lowdown on the British.. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Jim Gill
Heads will certainly roll once the anger takes over because we have been stuffed by Miller and her cohorts, financed by Soros, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Shaun Yearsley
Now you are the best , cider and real ale 🍺

Catrina B Cross
They are ignoring any legal patriotism.

Catrina B Cross They are classing us as terrorists and agitators!

Scotland has a parliament, Wales has a parliament, Ireland has a parliament. ENGLAND IS NOT REPRESENTED. I refuse to be governed by a foreign power, I do not consent.

David Watters
Prepare for Civil War! Brothers and Sisters the time is coming when we must reclaim our Democracy, The enemy has Parliament and our Country the time to fight is coming Call to arms is all almost upon us! (edited)

That time is Here on 31st Oct at 11:01 pm. People will Kick off all over the country.

@Gemmi People are kept so busy with they daily lives & don’t hv time in what is happening the Country is been under occupation. Ppl need to wake up now. Agenda 21 is here complete enslavement is upon us. EU is run by Banksters!!! We left on 29.3.19…………..

@Ollie Wake up all those still Sleeping. The Best Method is to Read out the Lisbon Treaty. & Tell them about the EU army.

robert dixon
I’m ready and willing to lay my life down now, I’m sick of this, I have lost respect for government, democracy no longer exists and they are trying to enslave us. I may die quick but satisfied.

Anoni Mouse
Eerrrrr what arms

David Watters
@Anoni Mouse Two arms you have attached to your body!

David Watters
Cricket Bat, garden fork , Catapult, slingshot, Bow and arrows, any thing that will protect you and can strike a blow?

David Watters
Ideally something that render unconscious! not to kill taking them out of the war! Unless things get that bad! hopefully we win before hand. And clear Parliament of these traitors to have a English Parliament for the People! (edited)

Good old English ale and cider!! you can’t better that!

Charlie B
The Supreme Court means by ‘‘it isn’t about Brexit” because it’s about signing our army and public services our parliament and lords and our English constitution handed over to a foreign power that’s what these court cases are about, these court cases are a cover for something far more sinister😒👀😒👀😒👀😒👀😒👀  (edited)

Christine Knight

They are poisoning us all with their chem trails and they are going to finish our kids off with 5G

The Supreme court Has already shown itself to be a TOTAL MOCKERY of LAW.

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