French lawyers standing up to the establishment

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TAP: How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

Thu 27 Feb 2020 1
posted by Tapestry

“When gigantic mega-corporations steal land from Third World people and then poison these people with horrific pollution, why isn’t it called murder? Is that too stark? Does it offend delicate sensibilities? Would you say that a drug gang who shoots up a bar and kills ten innocent bystanders is just carrying out ‘typical business practices in their field of endeavor’, and should therefore never be prosecuted in a court of law on a charge of homicide?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

—This article assembles facts contained in my ongoing series on the “China epidemic.” To get the details, I recommend going back and reading all those articles.

On one level, they want to cover up human harm that is already occurring. They want to explain this harm with a false story. For example, suppose a combination of deadly corporate air and water and 5G* electronic pollution is making people sick and killing them. The parties responsible are surely not going to admit their crimes. No. Instead, they’re going to claim a new virus is causing this harm in the form of, say, lung disease. The virus just “emerged.” “It showed up out of nowhere. It crossed species from animals to humans.”

So…the first thing needed is a cluster of cases in one locale. A small group of people who have the same symptoms. This is easy to find. How about ordinary flu symptoms? Fever, fatigue, weakness, with an emphasis on lung complications [from the forms of pollution]. A few of these people are very ill. Two of them die. Now, the publicity/news machine swings into gear.

It’s called an “outbreak.” It isn’t, but that’s the story. “They were all ‘exposed to something’” at, say, a riverfront dock restaurant.

The news—shoveled directly into mainstream outlets—comes from elite public health agencies like the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).


To use a technical term, this is all BULLSHIT. Understand? People in the locale of the “new case cluster” are falling ill and dying as a result of the actual pollution-causes I listed above. But the news takes a different slant: “Researchers from WHO and CDC state that a ‘mystery illness’ has emerged in City X, and they are working to discover the virus…”……….

How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

Jackson says:
When I see MPs or members of the Royal family dying from this virus, I will start worrying. Interesting to note that Zara & Mike Tindall have just returned from a Northern Italy skiing trip, but refuse to self-isolate!

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TAP: UK to withdraw from European arrest warrant

Thu 27 Feb 2020
posted by Tapestry

Government document reveals plans to ditch tool that allows for fast extradition of criminals (many are innocent and have committed no crime yet

British judges handed them over regardless of the lack of evidence against them – people like Lyn Thyer whose only ‘crime’ was to cure cancer, today rotting uncharged and unconnected in a French jail with no date set for her release)

Senior law enforcement officials have warned Boris Johnson’s government against leaving the EAW. The UK is to abandon a crucial tool used to speed up the transfer of criminals across borders with other European countries.

Acting against the warnings of senior law enforcement officials, the government said it would not be seeking to participate in the European arrest warrant (EAW) as part of the future relationship with the European Union.

In a document setting out the UK’s approach to negotiations with the EU, the government said: “The agreement should instead provide for fast-track extradition arrangements, based on the EU’s surrender agreement with Norway and Iceland which came into force in 2019, but with appropriate further safeguards for individuals beyond those in the European arrest warrant.”

The UK’s loss of the EAW became inevitable after Brexit; the treaty only applies to EU member states.

One police source stressed this was not the UK withdrawing from the European arrest warrant but the UK “accepting that it can no longer be in it after the EU made clear it could not be part of it unless it accepted freedom of movement and the jurisdiction of the European court of justice”.

“What you are seeing in the text is something that both sides have agreed they can get – which is the Iceland deal. This is European arrest warrant lite,” said the source.

One complication is that some EU member states, such as Germany, have a constitutional bar against extraditing their nationals to non-EU countries. “Their view is if they can’t get justice at home, they are not going to get it anywhere else,” said the source.

When Britain left the EU on 31 January, three EU countries – Germany, Austria and Slovenia – announced they would stop surrendering their nationals to British law enforcement. Since 2009, there have been six people from those countries extradited to the UK. Conversely it could mean the UK becomes a safe haven for EU criminals.

Under the current arrangements, police forces, prosecutors and the National Crime Agency can apply for an EAW to effect a fast extradition of a criminal suspect from any EU member state, and likewise EU countries can apply to the UK to return fugitives. The European commission has previously claimed that average extradition times have been reduced from one year to less than two months through the use of the EAW.

From 2009/2010 to 2017/2018, the UK returned 9,853 EU nationals to their home states to face justice, and brought back 1,271 Britons over the same period.

Before the arrest warrant existed it took 10 years to extradite Rachid Ramda from Britain to France over his role in the 1995 Paris metro bombing. In 2005 it took just 56 days to bring the failed 21/7 London tube bomber Hussain Osman back from Italy to London using an arrest warrant.

Yvette Cooper MP, the chair of the home affairs select committee, said: “The government’s new proposals for security cooperation with the EU are extremely worrying.

“The announcement today made it plain that the UK is no longer seeking the kind of access to vital EU databases and security tools that would replicate our existing relationship, despite its own analysis stating repeatedly that failing to participate in existing tools would mean a serious loss of capability with damaging consequences for public safety.

“The government’s new red lines make it exceedingly difficult for anything more than the standard third-country relationship with the EU on security cooperation to be negotiated. That is not good enough and marks a huge scaling back in ambition.

“The government only have six months before our existing security arrangements run out but the committee was told that it could take up to 18 months to ratify a new security treaty and possibly much longer for new extradition arrangements to replace the European arrest warrant.

“It is completely astounding that the government says that these new plans will make the country safer when we have been told time and time again by senior police officers and security experts that the opposite is true.”

After the EU referendum, the then NCA deputy director general, David Armond, said losing the EAW would be a “tricky” issue.

“If we can’t stay in that we’ve got to negotiate a series of new treaties with overseas territories about what extradition will look like,” he said.

What has the EU ever done for my … security?

Stephen Doughty, a Labour MP and member of the home affairs select committee, said: “It is extraordinary that the government is willing to put the security and safety of our citizens at risk – all in the name of ideological obsession – by pulling out of the European arrest warrant.

“It is also deeply irresponsible to threaten to walk away from talks in June – which would not only threaten our economy, but also our safety and security. What price are they willing to pay? Or is it all an idle threat?”

The Brexit spokesman for the the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the deputy assistant commissioner Richard Martin, said: “Throughout the Brexit process police have been clear that we want to retain the capabilities of the EU tools we currently use and that remains the case.

“We will continue to work with the government and EU partners in support of a deal that maintains close cooperation – in the interests of all UK and European citizens.”

Lawmakers have previously warned that any delay in agreeing an extradition treaty could result in a return to criminals hiding out on the “Costa del Crime” to escape justice. The EU extradition treaty with Norway and Iceland took 13 years to enforce after it was signed in 2006, although both sides will want a post-Brexit agreement in place much faster.

The UK is not seeking membership of Eurojust, an EU agency that works to coordinate investigations and prosecutions between EU member states when dealing with cross-border crime, the future relationship dossier says.

In addition, the government says it wants access to information-sharing and exchange systems “similar” to those in place now, but stops short of seeking ongoing access to current arrangements including the Schengen information system II (SIS II), the real-time alert mechanism for fugitives, the European criminal records information system (ECRIS) and the Prum system used for DNA exchanges.

The Home Office said the safety and security of UK citizens is the government’s “top priority” and the alternative arrangements it was seeking would include greater safeguards than those within the European Arrest Warrant.

“The UK will continue to be one of the safest countries in the world,” a spokesperson said.

TAPCan the case of Lyn Thyer be reviewed, the lady who cured cancer who committed no crime, yet rots away in a French jail with no conviction, handed over by a British judge. End the Blair judicial no-justice system. Perverts out.

UK to withdraw from European arrest warrant

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Dominic Cummins, The (not) so Civil Service, The Rape of England

Daddy Dragon
26 February 2020

Mike the Knight
I missed the bulk of the first hour…..but I am going through the live chat comments and have seen some references to the “last days”. When reading the Bible, it goes through the story of the battle in heaven, between Satan and his angels (followers) and God himself, with Michael (Jesus) and Gabriel, the archangel. When Satan was defeated, he was cast down to earth and God said (effectively), “if you think you can do better, then go ahead and try”. Hence the frustration of people when they say “why didn’t God visit Auschwitz”? It is understandable, because God could easily put a stop to it all……however, God justifies this by saying to Satan (eventually), “you had your chance and you blew it”.…then He takes over and all is put right. Please remember that the time it is taking is, to us, a heck of a long time…..but to God (who is timeless), it is a mere fleeting second or two. Therefore, it WILL be put right, but in God’s own time, not in ours (we have an average life of 70-80 years). This does two things: God is justified in putting a stop to Satan’s efforts on earth, because Satan cannot say he didn’t have a chance. Secondly, Satan is put into the abyss (jail) forever and the world is put right in light and goodness – the ultimate “swamp clearance”!! In other words, they are apprehended, put on trial, the evidence is presented and they are found guilty, all in a just way. There can be no appeal, because the trial has been carried out in the most fair way, even though they have been evil. Yes, it is sad and painful to see such death and torture going on, but the wages of sin is death – in other words, whatever you have done in your life that is not so good, is forgiven when you die – you are resurrected at the time when Satan is put in jail and ALL the dead are given life again – forever. The “innocent” babies we hear of being abused and killed are now being taken straight to God’s side, where He repairs the damage done and cares for them until the time for resurrection arrives. Satan and his followers on earth know they can never win – that is why their anger grows, so their methods get worse and more inhuman in its savagery. The difference with these monsters is that….they will NOT be resurrected. They will go into the eternal jail that God has prepared for them, with Satan and his former angels…never to be released.


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Distant flashes on the horizon

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Anyone see Chris Leslie in Islington last Friday?

Fairport Convention – Shuffle And Go

GW: Pretty good. Well Stormzy beat that!

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AP: [[[They]]] helped boring technocracy sell its message via the hippie psychedelic culture

Cracking Your Skull

Amazing Polly
25 February 2020

Wild ride. Some might say “trippy” – but this is about exposing the counterculture of the 1960s for what I think it really was: an attempt to redirect humanity – John Brockman, John Perry Barlow, Hunter S Thompson & Owsley Stanly etc [[[Their]]] strange fascination with Minerva & Owls & much more

GW: Yep those NWO goons looked like a real ”hoot” back in the 60s. LoL.

Polly, just name them …it’s not pagan, Christian or Islam …it’s they, them, those ….. Kabbalah, Pharisee, khazar, ashkanazi…. 💯

Read Romans 10: 9-14
Have you seen this story? Nov 2019 Turkish Police Recover Stolen Jewish Torah Scrolls Decorated With Satanic Illuminati Symbolism, including the OWL & Baphomet The scroll is said to have been constructed with embroidered gazelle leather and multiple ruby and emerald ornaments of various sizes. Christians For Truth Web site has link

Frank Murrell
Good evening. Polly once again a great show thank you keep up the good work and God bless you and be safe I’d watch it twice very interesting thank you I’m . Going to share it right now.

Count DuBlevay
7:26 Paymon (See hereditary)

holly wiley

@Read Romans 10: 9-14 ha, I watch Adam too 👌

Matthew FredrickMFKRZ
FYI is a good resource for information about drugs…

Lots of gravy today, Polly. You left us on a cliffhanger though. 😛 Can’t wait to see the next installment.

What’s in the middle of the Gonzo symbol is a Peyote cactus (Carlos Castaneda), (it also looks like a sacrificial knife doesn’t it..). I have a feeling you’ve started going through my email about the Grateful Dead, Hunter Thompson, Podesta, adrenochrome connections. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this series. Amazing Job, Best regards –

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Prince Andrew’s pal Peter Nygard ‘may have hundreds of sex trafficking victims’, as he agrees to cooperate with FBI

The Finnish-born tycoon is the second of the Duke’s former associates to be accused of sexual misconduct following his friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The suit alleges the girls would be entertained at so-called “pamper parties” where Nygard would have bartenders at his Mayan-themed Bahamas vacation home spike their drinks with Rohypnol.

Nygard supposedly runs a department store in New York which allegedly maintains unusual opening hours?????  See McAlisterTV for further information.

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The most frequently stolen car models in the UK

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Sadik Khant Destroyed For Incompetence & Would Spend Money On New Deals & Stormy Rather Than Crime Victims

GW: You know what bags under the eyes are a sign of Mr Khan. Whose bitch are you I wonder?  Globalist Fabian bitch.  For more invective on the subject of Mr Khant & the Mayoral Election see WE GOT A PROBLEM’s latest.  He can’t stand SK either.  Mind you SK is not the only one.  Practically every political personage as far as I can see is doing the same.  The most obnoxious part about this class is – they are ALL screwing us!!!!

And you know what U can do with C.A.N. (Climate Action Network) Mr Khan – stick it in the Garbage Can!  Khan Khant Can Can – CAN he?  Can Khan Count?  Khan Khant count either.  Really????? Goodness Me.  Khan Khant …… Oh never mind.  Fabian Shield depicts the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

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