Police arrest gang of six migrants in Sunderland after woman, 26, is ‘abducted and raped’

“The incident sparked violent protests a week later in the city and the windows of the terrace house the woman claimed she was attacked in were smashed.”


GW: The woman thinks her drink was “spiked”. Always buy your own drinks ladies! One never knows where a bunch of “loser cretins” will turn up next!

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A socialist is in the running to replace Cameron as an MP in his Oxford constituency

“Sanders, who The Mirror reports left the Labour Party for the Greens during Tony Blair’s leadership, has previously worked as a councillor for a number of years. He ran for the nearby Oxford West and Abingdon seat in the 2015 general election but only managed to attain 4.4% of the vote.”


Green Party Candidate Larry Sanders is in the running to replace David Cameron as MP for Witney – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bernie-sanders-brother-larry-run-8895648

A socialist is in the running to replace Cameron as an MP in his Oxford constituency

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The curious case of Courtroom Four – or Ally McBeal meets the Tooth Fairy


“The essence of Justice for Health’s case is that Jeremy Hunt has acted illegally and beyond his powers by seeking to impose a new contract on junior doctors despite their overwhelming opposition. If successful, Mr Justice Green could next week declare Hunt’s decision unlawful and quash it.

The defence team’s case – that Hunt has never insisted on imposing a contract, instead merely making benign, non-binding, entirely voluntary recommendations to NHS trusts regarding how they employ their junior doctors – is awkwardly offset by the litany of public speeches, media interviews and statements to the House of Commons in which Hunt has described himself unequivocally as imposing his contract. Indeed, on February 11th this year, Hunt chose to inform all 54,000 junior doctors in England of his decision to use his ‘nuclear option’ of imposition through the medium of a detailed statement to parliament.”

The curious case of Courtroom Four – or Ally McBeal meets the Tooth Fairy

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“DNR Due to Lack of Funds” – Gary Barker

Meanwhile does Jeremy Hunt ever try to talk with JDs? No. He actually runs away from them. Frightened of those he has been put on charge of!

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Confronted By Junior Doctor

7 times Jeremy Hunt has ducked questions over his junior doctors’ contract


Jeremy Hunt skips all 7 NHS crisis meetings in his department despite hospitals meltdown

14 SEP 2016


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Junior doctors outfox Hunt by calling off five-day strikes due to concerns over patient safety

“Patient safety comes first, of course – and if that cannot be guaranteed, then the junior doctors are right to change their strategy.
It also makes nonsense of Health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s supercilious claim: “It is in my view unethical to potentially inflict harm to patients in pursuit of what is a self-interested campaign.”

Both his allegations are refuted at once; the junior doctors never intended to allow harm to come to patients, and for that reason their campaign is quite clearly not self-interested.

If Mr Hunt thought he was being clever, he was gravely mistaken.

Perhaps he thought he was pushing the BMA into defeat.

Instead, he has pushed them into a PR masterstroke.”

Junior doctors outfox Hunt by calling off five-day strikes due to concerns over patient safety

GW:  Comes with being fleet of foot and having nimble brains after years of academic rigor compared to the rigor mortis displayed by their ToriCon opponents Hunt & Lansley who seem to be only slightly more alive than Hillary!

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Lansley Comes Out Of Woodwork To Shore Up The Embattled SoS For Health

“Former health secretary Lord Lansley had blasted the planned action by trainee medics as “unethical”, described the BMA’s actions as “nakedly political” and condemned personal attacks on current Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.”

“Piss-up in a Brewery” springs to mind with Andrew Lansley& Jeremy Hunt in charge.


GW: Lansley the bungling architect of the hugely chaotic H&SW Bill 2012 slithers out to shore up the embattled SoS for Health? Like Curly and Larry in the 3 Stooges. People at Tori Central suffering a few sleepless nights while they await the verdict of Justice Green?

“jHunt Logic” – A completely new concept where nothing makes any sense

Amar Mashru
Sep 20
Summary: if a contract was imposed, which isn’t what happened, the NHS imposed it on itself, which it opposes #HuntLogic #JustHealth

Justice for Health
Sep 20
J4H QC: We need to ask why the DoH QC are so concerned with why we should avoid an exploration of Duty of Clarity? #JustHealth

Justice for Health
Sep 20
J4H QC:My Lord you heard the gasps in court when it was suggested that no Jr Dr thought the contract was being imposed on them #JustHealth

Justice for Health
Sep 20
J4H QC: SoS is seeking to put on an “invisibility cloak” to evade his duty of clarity #JustHealth

19 September 2016

Junior doctors take contract fight to high court


The group’s founding members are all junior doctors – Dr Nadia Masood, Dr Ben White, Dr Fran Silman, Dr Amar Mashru and Dr Marie-Estella McVeigh.



Legal fundraising campaign fighting for an #NHS that works safely for patients & staff #JustHealth. justhealth2016@gmail.com





Legal Update 21.09.2016

We are truly humbled by the amazing show of support from all of you.

Thank you to those of you that booked time off work and/or travelled from afar to come in person, and to those that showed support from afar on here and Twitter.
We don’t have all of your names but we were pleased to see you all. Thank you to our support team for your fantastic help and keeping us going.
We really would not have had this hearing without your donations and most importantly your encouragement, which have kept us going throughout.
The judgement will be announced next Wednesday 28th September.

Nadia, Mari, Ben, Amar and Fran

The hearing was tweeted live from our Twitter account by our amazing eagle-eared colleagues Taryn, Dagan & Rachel. Thanks to them, you can read the stream of updates from the court over the 2-day hearing: the good, the bad and the ugly. http://www.justiceforhealth.co.uk/

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George Osborne leads establishment stitch-up

osborne hands

Old Spider Hands still doing his Cats Cradle in the background. Plot Plot Plot. Spin Spin Spin.

Careful George or you will end up with a hole in that hand like the one on Hillary’s tongue. God works in mysterious ways.


DER Comment: Hexil
I sometimes wonder if Osborne has a bunch of minders who pull his strings. I suspect there are people who stand to make a great amount of money out of his Northern Powerhouse projects. Huge amounts of public money have already been directed into Manchester and the North West at the expense of other parts of the country.

The Brexit vote and Osborne’s sacking has meant he has to now try to derail Bexit and keep the money pouring into his Northern Powerhouse bottomless pit.

Let’s hope Theresa May tells him to get lost.

Osborne Clarke and the rest of the quislings should be locked in the Tower for the rest of their rotten lives, for treachery, they are not fit to serve as MP`s for this country they are goldman sachs place men. He’s Richard III and he killed the little princes.

GW: Regular Bilderberger and on Committee of 300 – say no more.

Know Your Enemy – “Committee of 300” Membership List


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