John Todd

John Todd– The Rothschilds are children of Lucifer

Published on 19 Aug 2016

Cathy Kate3 days ago
I quit watching alex jones …. hes’ a monster now ..all the things happening with Cabal is dead on !!!! I Believe RChild is behind this !!! Bigger then HRC and even Obama . This is huge . we need to stop them .
I came across Lance Collins (John Todd)… Interviews …. It’s worth hearing if you havent already … made me wake up even more . I’m sure you have Sainted already .
I agree with you 100% .
I’m a christian and a truther . Wanting to find the best path .
What’s your take on EyeTheSpy .??…. Love Bill Smith …
Thank you for all your amamzing work …Blessings

Spygal92 (edited)
Cathy Kate Great Suggestion…. Kay Griggs was my first eye opener… 8 hrs but worth every minute, I have listened a few times …. Same men, Kissinger/Rogue Govt/Military & Co….
John Todd’s Story really upset me aa his ending has a few stories floating around ... but it sounds like they institutionalized him, then murdered him… that was one story that seemed to be in line with how are govt has worked to keep the lies going … sometimes I wish I never woke up, it’s pretty disturbing

Crabby Appleton
I recall Todd saying the song ‘One tin soldier was a beloved # 1 hit’ , yet many are unaware of the band ‘ Coven’ who put it on the map. A coven of satanic witches… who would of imagined that back in the day. Anyway the beat goes on. Gods blessings of love and light to you.