This is HOW People Will Lose EVERYTHING — Bill Holter


Bring your focus all the way down to yourself, and your immediate family near you, for protection and survival.  medical supplies, preserved food, water filters….weapons, plastic sheeting, cordage, camping supplies, and learn as much as possible about wild foods.

“kittensugars”These are the things I’ve been working on. Also a bicycle or two and baby trailers for them in case water isn’t close by. Bleach. Eyedroppers. Tincture makings and ingredientsCanned meat and Hard liquor.

If the system really collapses it’s food, water, guns and medicine that people will be looking for.

I’ll add that humble skills such as sewing, plumbing, carpentry, first aid and naturopathic medicine, martial arts, and therapeutic communication skills like the ability to negotiate and de-escalate, etc. will offer great trading and RE-BUILDING potential. Our biggest assets however, exist as positive attributes like the willingness to learn, to help, to be flexible, honest, level-headed, fair, kind, and reasonably cooperative in social situations–skills that sociopaths and psychopaths dominating within the parasitic banking & ruling classes notably lack, and which have for too long have been associated in these circles with weakness and inferiority.

what they call an ELECTRONIC RUN ON THE BANKS that happened  *LAST THURSDAY*  … So how long will it take for any ‘ripples’, if any, to begin in the ‘cash’ side of that scenario, I wonder?   think I will share a video on my g+ pagethat I really felt to be informative on that subject for my g+ friends

YouTube- Hyperinflation Nation Part 3 of 3


I am not a regular church-goer anymore but consider myself a God-fearing Christian and believe all this has been foretold in the Bible. I have a 25% portfolio in P.M’s, steadily withdrawn 20% of savings to keep at home as ready cash, accumulating food, drink and other essentials to last us through at least 6 months, bought a generator set with some fuel stored, have a little step-through motorcycle I can screw 150 mpg out of and just converted my rear garden lawn into a vegetable patch with plenty a varieties coming along nicely.

Aussie has a piddling 30 Trill  dollars in derivatives; put simply a 0.5 percent loss in these will wipe out every aussie bank. Too bad I say; can’t happen fast enough, there is no way this can be changed neither should there be. Let the stones fall where they must. Humanity will then be able to stand without the chains; remake this satanic planet in heavenly Gods image….we’ve all had satan and his murderous hateful reign here on earth. Bring on the Kingdom!

Farmland clean water good people have the greatest wealth potential

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