Mark Taylor Illegally Imprisoned in Arizona Mental Hospital – 2011


BHO Signals Trump Assassination & No Transfer Of Office of POTUS.

”So so happy the right canadate for our Country has voted. What people don’t seem to understand, is Mr. Trump, is NOT anti-female, he is NOT anti-immigrant, he is NOT anti-African American, he is NOT anti-disabled person, He was anti-to a specific woman, anti to illegal immigrants, anti specific African American, same with disabled person. And it was the media who tried to pull the wool over our eyes and put their spin on everything the man said. He believes in Law and order, He believes in honest, unbiased media, They will not brainwash us NO LONGER. He was against the media, who put their spin on everything he said, released incendiary comments he made without releasing the entire context of the dialogue. That’s why he made such and such remarks to female journalist, and Mrs. Americia-, for the perceived dishonest statements regarding his person. NOT women. THOSE women. NOT immigrants, He stood up, and spoke up for legal immigrants, who are attempting to enter the US. legally and how by bringing in millions of illegal immigrants, those who went about the process legally will be put on the back burner. NOT against immigrants, NOT racist, FOR legal immigrants. FOR law and order, FOR safety here in America. The disabled journalist, he remarked of, was his condensation of the very corrupt media in this, not all disabled people, And regardless of how pundits tried to twist everything he said to benefit their narrative, we, the American people saw right thru it. We looked around, and saw who he hired 20 years ago, and recognized how he elevated females at a time it was unheard of, and realized he was not anti-female. As for not renting to African Americans that may be true. But if he did, which I have not looked into, he would have done it as a business man, not as a canadate for president of the US. I don’t know if it was an all white area, and what renting to African Americans would have done to him financially at the time. But certainly, his decisions would’ve been what was the wisest choice to make in those terms. NOT that he did not like African American people, we see that, as we see those he has always put on the payroll, how most of his employees of all ethnicities love this man. People Want to feel safe in their country, and we want a leader who assures us that our safety is important to him or her. And Hilary was very nonchalant on this matter. She minimized the danger while he elaborated on it over and over. He didn’t sugarcoat it, and he emphasized over and over the seriousness of it. So many academics and celebrities who came out and tried to determine who our president would be. And America spoke loudly and clearly We can think for ourself.