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19 April 2018

LINK TO “T.R.U. Reporting”:

Linda, are you getting my messages about Looking Glass? I’m not sure I can upload my segment on this because it was done on a major MSM network. There are several levels of rabbit holes regarding this, and if you haven’t heard of the analogies in the movie “Paycheck” yet, then you have barely scratched the surface.

17 April 2018

Meet Kimba Wood, Former Playboy Bunny and Soros/HRC Favorite! OVERSEEING THE MICHAEL COHEN CASE! Welcome to #MatriarchalSatanism. #FemiNazis #QAnon #GreatAwakening

This also plays back into a concept I want to talk a little bit about, regarding #QAnon and one of his “catchphrases:”

Q has often delivered this rejoinder to us, and one of the things I think he is trying to communicate to us is how this evil, Satanic cabal is an inversion of the Natural Order established by God himself.

After all, it has to be, if it’s truly Satanic.

And I realize it goes against all modern sensibilities to even suggest that a “Natural Order” exists in the first place… But go read the banner on this site, if you haven’t already.

So “Think Mirror” means – reverse the Natural Order.

What did Q say?

Even look at the Shezen drop from just last night.

Yeah, that’s the Shenzen Stock Exchange.

And yes, it’s an inverted cross.

Which, if you’ll allow me one more brief detour… brings us to the architect of that tower:

(Bigger image, if you need it: https://imgur.com/a/thIMB)


Yeah, no, if you ask me – that’s a perfectly healthy and stable architect, who has nothing to do with the Cabal, right?

But to bring this back around, this Upside-down Mirror-world is showcased in everything the Cabal does, from their power structures, to their rites, to their media, to their iconography.

Take children, for instance. Instead of protecting and nourishing children – they sacrifice, degrade, and cannibalize them.

  • It’s a Satanic Inversion.
  • Are you understanding yet?
  • This is a Spiritual War.

#Anon expounds:

Did you catch that?

  • Bill was never the President.
  • Hillary was the one picking out candidates for Attorney General in 1993 – not Bill.

Another Anon adds:

Is the picture becoming clearer, now?

  • Does Q’s repeated injunction to “follow the wives” suddenly make more sense?


And I have to give El Rushbo credit because back in the day, he NAILED it with a linguistic killshot when he coined the term “#FemiNazis.” I’m not sure he realized how right he was…

Because when you take into consideration the origins of the CIA as being largely leftover Nazis imported during Operation Paperclip…

And combine it with this #MatriarchalSatanism that’s being exposed more and more every day, with events happening like Hillary and Feinstein going to a literal Witches’ Coven…

Yeah, you’ve got actual Feminazis trying to plunge the world into chaos and destruction here.

They are attempting to turn the natural order upside-down, and inside out.

  • Left is Right!
  • Up is down!
  • And you are made to feel like you’re losing your mind.

Reminds me of a quote from St. Anthony the Great:

Say a prayer for Sean Hannity right now. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with this Michael Cohen raid, but it’s clear to me he’s under a spiritual attack, so rally your prayers to him and push back the darkness.


April 17, 2018 at 10:58 am
Excellent explaination of the Chinese stock market Q post. I didn’t get it yesterday and was hoping someone could shed some light on it.

Re: The mirror and how Satan always has the opposite of the Natural Order–years ago I watched the series called “The Truth Project” by Del Tackett. It was brilliant. In it he made the point that when the Bible says that God says something is true, the world (Satan the father of lies) says the opposite. It is the battle of world views. Examples:

  • Responsibility vs. blame
  • Freedom vs. bondage
  • Diversity vs. unification
  • Roles vs. jealousy
  • Authority vs. rebellion
  • Delegation vs. tyranny
  • Created in God’s image vs. evolved from a primordial goo

Once you are aware of it, you can spot those lies, but you must also be grounded in God’s Word.

Anyway, thanks again. Super glad to have stumbled across your work here!
God Bless you!






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