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Azaria’s Dress

It appears that tptwtb are really trying to hide this image & one would wonder why that would be.

RE: A DINGO ATE MY BABY!! Marina Abramovic vs Lindy Chamberlain (First Satanic Sacrifice?)
Posted on August 11, 2018 by fanofootball

Bill Smith – 8 August 2018

”Marina Abramovic, Meryl Streep & Hillary Clinton are the lead witches for NWO.

Guardian 19 February 2015: ”Marina Abramović in new Australian tour: ‘she’s like the Beatles’ – “I have been many times in Australia since 1979 to study Aboriginal culture, to do residencies with different academies, to work with students and do different research,” she said. “But this time I’m coming for a completely different thing.”

Marina Abramović: ‘I had a profound experience in Australia.’

Was Azaria Chamberlain (‘A Dingo Ate My Baby’) RITUALLY SACRAFICED by Marina Abramovic and Ulay?
No Body or skull was ever recoverd. Clothes recovered 3 years later after Lindy exhausted her appeals and was going to do LIFE IN JAIL – Clothes HAD NO DINGO DNA or SALIVA.

Lindy was found guilty of murder, exhausted all appeals, but then the missing baby clothes show up in the open, on the ground, with NO DINGO SALIVA or DNA present?? ..ok

You belive that??

Because everybody says the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 80s was Fake News.
I don’t think so.


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Bill Smith
Ping Pong Table with a boomerang in the middle.

Marvin Boggs
You keep going on, Sir.
I thought I was aware of the “whole” story. I now know that I was not. (I am a retired NJ Judge, and a NYT columnist – about 3,000 by-lines.)
You are onto something.
Something that ties-into much of what is going on in the world right now.
Keep doing what you are doing.

Rebel with a cause
A dingo named John Podesta ate her baby.

Delta Dog
So many comments. This is like the Podesta brothers being in the same place as Madeline McCann. Also these satanists (Free-Masons) want us to be afraid of nature. And they are all transgendered (Marina is a man). Were they trying to tell us this in the 80’s? Or are they so cocky that they were just laughing at us? Ugh.

melissa Guggi
I think Oprah’s on that list of witch’s..

Crotch Mushrooms
The list of witches should also include Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, Thersea May, Oprah Harpo Winfrey, Madonna. Ha

Sweet jesus
Meryl Streep is on the board of the Art in Embassies Program that is used by government elites to transport “live art” without passing through customs.

Jamie N’Louisiana (edited)
Azaria…god has helped……Ayers…heir to a fortune…..
Sacrifices to their god clearly…. they are going to reap a whirlwind…. THE MOST HIGH GOD IS COMING WITH BOWLS OF WRATH THEY HAVE FILLED WITH THIER ABOMINATIONS. WOE UNTO THEM

Wow Bill! How’d u even connect those dots? Maybe we can track Marina’s whereabouts throughout her life with strange deaths/disappearances of babies at those locations.

John Runion
red & black. black = eternal night. red = eternal flame. aka hell ?

Anonymous – > R1nky d1nk (edited)
“Men’s hearts will fail them.” Non-disclosure is for protection of the normies, maybe special access will be granted to the perpetrations of evil-wuz-high based on psychological type. I agree that essential and ugly truth must be digested by a certain number of souls able to ground/process the information spiritually, or The Divine’s purpose in humanity was for….. ? I’m guessing; this is my first planetary spiritual war(-.O) God bless you.

donnajo catlady (edited)
Holy moly! Coincidences???????? No such thing. Is that a dingo in the background of their “art”??? And, it’s not the same, but what’s that symbolism with Meryl?

Heard a rumor that marina is related to Rasputin. 🤷🏼‍♀️

lulu speers
Bill Smith they found the baby’s clothing but the guy who found it threw himself off the giant rock.

Andie D
Another tid bit of interest perhaps is Meryl Streep starred in the movie about the dingo case which I believe was very sympathetic to the parents…

The Rebel Cryptozoologist and Paranormal Investigator
That location is an earth chakra point

Scott Braconnier
This was referenced on the show Seinfeld! I never had any idea what it meant. Maybe Jerry should be questioned.

Olenna Tyrell
Scott Braconnier it’s how satanists communicate their crimes to other satanists and have a good laugh at us sheeple, they cannot help themselves from bragging and telling us what they’ve done, Q said their symbolism will be their downfall.

Anonymous (edited)
So far Isaac Kappy, Crispin Glover and Michael Jackson have emerged from Hollywood with their divine souls intact. It’ll probably be a short list. Hope I’m wrong.

Crispin Glover 13 November 2017: Steven Spielberg Is A Pedophile

Crispin Glover Film: What Is It? (2005)

Ava Rey
If Merryl Streep and Marina Abramovic are in fact high ranking witches involved in black majick then it is important for them NEVER to be photographed together. In black majick one can utilize a photograph to invoke said curses and being high ranking witches, they have to control their power over the masses. They will not risk weakening the overall darkness they influence collectively. Another reason why Hillary Clinton and “the rest of the witches” will NEVER be in the same photo. If they are together in the same location they must do so in darkness and with their “protective” demons (seems like an oxymoron) at hand. That is the reason why evil deeds are done in the darkness. It’s a tactical and strategic spiritual move.

Krav Maga
The Obamas wore black and red when he won. They all look like tarantulas!

R1nky d1nk
Krav Maga……Yes, Michael’s dress reminded me of a “Red back” spider as soon as I saw it.

Michael Jones
Blood red shoes!,…..What about – ”The Blue Suede Shoes VS THE Red ??? The Royal colours” also being the representation of purple? As clear as day!!

Kristin Gallo
What’s with red shoes? Remember Schindler’s List? Black and White scene with little girl in red coat and shoes.

Marina Abramovich is like Yoko Ono all over again. Why does Abramovich say that she, OWES EVERYTHING to the aborigines of Australia? — From Marina Abramovic’s Wikipedia page:

Becky K in Australia
Check out Seth Green’s character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (1996-2003), His name is OZ and his band is called A DINGO ATE MY BABY. So Seth is called Oz (Oz means Australia) and the band A DINGO ATE MY BABY? Is this a coincidence? Seeing as Isaac Kappy called SETH GREEN out for being involved in child trafficking/abuse?

Stephanie Guntle
It brings to mind Podesta…Didn’t I read somewhere that he said “the hunter has captured the witches”????? Does that have anything to do with this…connection wise

Generik Napalm
The kid was most likely exactly 66 days old (GW: 77 days actually 7 x 11). 17 august. 1+7= 8 aug =8 – 88. Movie released 3 nov 1988. On the digit, 3000 days later, or 72 000 hours (3, 72 and 88 being significant numbers in occultism). Wonder if they had a ritualistic preview screening on halloween night, 3 days earlier?

EmpressJahmoonah Spears-Jackson
Wow! Amazing find! That baby was born to be sacrificed. Her name, etc, and now the museum has a collection of the babies belongings???? Because she was a huge sacrifice that’s why! Azaria 77 days old was sacrificed on 8-17-80 = 8-8-8 if you know numerology. Great find. This is just getting so deep in the system.

Lea Mcallan
Also the name Azaria means ”sacrifice to god.” Which god? Not mine!

William English
MA was 33 when the child was sacrificed.

Chris Batty
Bill, I am an old Aussie and I watched the lies unfold here in Australia when this happened. You have even told me things that I didn’t know, and will look into further. But I have to mention, RE: babies clothing they did find her babies jumpsuit. it had blood all around the neck. As if decapitated. The problem with the clothes, was the jumpsuit was intact and like you mentioned , No dingo DNA, but also the jumpsuit was still fastened from neck to toe. some how our amazing dingos managed to drag the baby out of the suit without a rip. Which is to say someone took the baby out of the suit and re fastened it before placing it neatly on the ground.

Soro St Ube
Very, very interesting! You might be onto something as what you’ve said makes a lot of sense and explains the piece of clothing much better than law enforcement ever did – I never thought of it like that, a handkerchief ‘map’ trophy souvenir but it makes perfect sense.

Boomerangs are/were used by indigenous mob to kill prey (mostly roos). The contemporary use is mostly ceremonial, but the longstanding mystique of this iconic Indigenous australian tool is how to get it to return to the thrower. Like this very topic Bill Smith…the boomerang has RETURNED TO THE THROWER. Totally blown away by this video research. Re the Red Shoes, see: Wizard of Oz, the very visible motif in the ‘immediate evacuation frenzy’ of Pulse Night club event, the Poop, and recently in vogue as Tony Podesta’s group, Search ‘Red human skin shoes’. I have been watching red shoes for some time and have pis on file if you want to go further. Subbed.

Irving Silverman
Is Streep one of the Mothers of Darkness?

Nik B
The painting Streep is standing in front of is of the swirly boy lover symbol. Thanks for the video.

Meryl Streep, along with Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Katy Perry, and more, are all members of The Cannibal Club in LA. Meryl’s cousin is the lady who owns the restaurant that kicked out Sarah Sanders.

Yorkie Lover
@billsmith You should look for the connection between Marina and Avicii (the dj that died 2-3months ago). On Marina’s Instagram most recent pic everyone is writing Pizzagate, Justice for Avicii and Mk Ultra. 🤔🤔🤔

Avicii Did Not Kill Himself

AviciiOfficialVEVO – Published on 3 Sep 2015

EyeKnowThatEyeKnowNothing Plato
Azaria or Azarya is the moshav which was established on the land of the depopulated Palestinian village of Al-Barriyya on 30 October 1949. The Jews invaded Palestine. These people are truly demonic…this baby was sacrificed, just feeling i get.

Trump keeps tweeting that there is a “WITCH HUNT!”
Get it now?

Kylie Jane
worthy of further research, Pine Gap is very close to Uluru

Sean Kennedy
Uluru is 450km/270mi away from Pine Gap. Hardly ‘close’

Kylie Jane
you’re right, in haste I mentally confused with MacDonnell Ranges. Still, interesting to me with Abramovic’s military family background and declaring she spent at least 5 months travelling between Aboriginal communities in the outback. She would have spent time in or around Alice as well.

Telegraph 17 February 2012: Humans were involved in disappearance says lead Azaria detective