Ley Lines

Ley Lines in Hertfordshire


London’s Ley Lines


Earth’s Grid


‘Alred Watkins, an Englishman photographer who noticed many prehistoric places aligned on the same straight line across the country. He decided to write a book about his discovery, The Old Straight Track. Many believe the prehistoric sites around the world were just aligned by coincidence. Others believe it was spiritual energy, known as ley lines’


“Ley Lines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ley_line) go through sacred sites to druids, satanists and every other type of Whicker Man burning weirdo.
Not surprisingly the Paedo Isles of Great Britain are covered with these things, they all go through familiar places at the exact same longitude.

Glencoe (Savile/Prince Charles/Crowley), Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Savile/Diana) Bryn Alyn childrens home in Wales (no comment I don’t want to get sued *innocent face*) and…..

BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane, London.”  http://forums.nodoubt.com/archive/index.php/t-3261.html

Comment:  “Interesting that the Grove is situated in the same neck of the woods as the Harry Potter experience. Does anyone know if this part of London has occult significance, I.e. laylines?

Read all the pages and u will find I have posted about leys several times.

Yes is the answer, this part of London is very interesting. Harrow on the hill 7 miles south of Watford has a pentagram of leys linking all the main leys in the UK, this is also known as an occult private school, also what Hogwarts was based on. NATO Hq is also in this vicinity on one of the key lines.

The Blue pyramid built by blockbuster video in the early 90’s is on the same ley line as St Mary’s church in Watford and it seems The Grove is also on this line.

Chris Street has written books about the ley lines of London. Type ‘earthstars’ into Google.   I feel the whole leyline thing is very significant. I found the above post on the Bilderberg thread regarding the Watford area. ”  http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1061548488

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