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/POL/- Q Clearance Anon – Is it #happening???

Tracy Beanz
Published on 3 Nov 2017

LARP = Live Action Role Play
a type of game where a group of people wear costumes representing a character they create to participate in an agreed fantasy world. Uses foam sticks as swords, foam balls as magic and other props to create the games world.

Given the specific and serious nature of what is being dropped on /pol/, I decided it was important to at least mark it with a video. Wether it is the most MASSIVE LARP in the history of man, or legitimate, remains to be seen. I decided that it shouldn’t be ignored.

/POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it #happening? PART II

Chet Brockett (edited)
Jimmy Kimmel is Fake News when He sticks his fake crying and Political opinions on a entertainment show… bias Leftist paid for views… Tracy… Humas family has radical group that her father runs…WTF !!! Obama was put in place by Deep State to divide America and steal its money and destroy our infrastructure and corrupt our policies… import and export !!! Campos is MS 13 and assassinated Paddock … Alice wonderland means go down the rabbit hole… research ! Tracy this is a ton of information but very exciting that Q is in trusting we the people… it’s freakin Awesome… let’s Do this… this is what we’ve been looking for… Tracy you are Awesome !!! Go President Trump Go…Draining the Swamp everyday !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Hopefully, there is an imminent, big round-up of all Clinton/Obama crime ring perps. The corruption and pedo trafficking must be prosecuted! Lock up the Podestas and everyone else involved, including the Obamas!

Recall 2010 when SA Prince Al Waleed bin Talal was second largest shareholder in FOX News (right below Murdoch). It should be noted that he was “generous” contributor to Mosque leader Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who was working to build a huge mosque right next to 9/11 Memorial (2010). In 2015 bin Talal sold all but 1% of his shares in FOX News, but retained his 6.6% shareholder status in 21st Century Fox (the Entertainment Co.). He also declared he was donating his billion dollar fortune to charity in order to foster relations between men and equality of women (yah – Just weirder and weirder). Fast forward to today, and look what’s already appearing on Wikipedia on his bio page:
“On 4 November 2017, he was arrested in Saudi Arabia, in an anti-corruption drive,[14][15] together with, among others, Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim and Saleh Abdullah Kamel.[16]”
No time wasted by someone there updating the page, and we all know how tightly censored Wikipedia is!
Coincidentally, just a few days ago I went to Wikipedia to check the exact name of the Act Prescott Bush (HW’s daddy) was indicted under (aiding/money laundering for Hitler), and low and behold … completely removed/not referenced! Amazing shuffling they’re up to, isn’t it?!

Harlow JBD (edited)
I know a lot about airports and how they work. My dad was an air-traffic controller. I worked for a privet side of airport, my other family member works for customs and I have other family high up. What I will tell you is customs on private side is almost non existent. The person can stay in car driven through gate and right up to the aircraft. It’s pretty shifty and lax on the private side just FYI. It needs to change!

Clare Wilson
I think child trafficking is going to be part of this….Huma is rumored to have gotten Hillary little children to have her way with.
I pray these beasts get taken down!

Rote Stinkefinger Armee (edited)
Tracy 400.000.000 ( Cash) of it was sent by Dutch/EU finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Obama, the dollars were changed to Euro’s in swiss and flown to Iran. they tried to keep this secret by it was leaked to the press in the Netherlands. i can show you. first the Dutch sayed it was money owned by Iran but Frozen on Dutch bankaccounts for conflict in the 90’s. then Obama sayed it was ransom for 4 us soldiers, and then changed the story that it was for the Iran Nuke Deal. wsj did also report this if i remember correct. Alternative media stated that because of involvement in irans nucleair program, the Netherlands werd blackmailed by Obama to keep this quit. the head of the uranium nucleair program had been working for a Dutch uranium company for years and lots of tech and knowledge he took with him. this might sound strange but this are all facts, i can prove.

Justin L.
Thank you for making videos about this! When pizzagate first broke last year, those that investigated it here on the net found that the whole city block of businesses where Comet pizza is are owned by a Saudi. The entire city block. Do you guys remember this? Could it be possible that one of the SA individuals arrested yesterday is one of the same who owns that block?

What a fucking time to be alive!

Michelle Owens (edited)
The black dude found dead was about the Mayo Clinic in St. Augustine Fl. The Mayo Clinic is involved in some kind of black market of child organs. Barbra Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom Brokaw and others sit on the BOD. Notice McCain had surgery at Mayo Clinic instead of a VA Hospital. Why? This shit is about to explode!!

BODY SNATCHERS: The illegal organ harvest trade…Its BIGGER than you think.

As many have by now learned, 25 March 2012: Dick Cheney finally received his long awaited heart transplant at the age of 71.

Jen Kre
There is a story circulating that Tony Podesta is in custody, and brother John is on the run. They tried to leave the country and passports were revoked. I hope it’s true. Look up James Brower on Twitter

C Johnson
“Alice in Wonderland” — Lewis Carroll was a pedo. He ‘befriended’ young girls, took nude photos, and lost interest when they hit puberty.

Decline Mulqueen  (edited)
Who is doing the division of labor for research. KSA is involved in LV… it’s connected to SA Air Force. ATC Technologies is a Saudi PMC = bad actors

the arrests of the SA globalist princes is the beginning of the roundup. We must drain the desert, and the $$, before we can drain our own swamp. Kushner is in SA right now – James Bowles (sic) – he’s been on infowars, was Trumps “state director” is taking credit for being Q

Sugar Magnolia
I have no doubt the arquettes are associated with the deep state socialist Marxist elite globalists. No doubt.

Huma, Clintons, Asia, MB all interconnect with Gladio B. Flynn was trying to work out a deal to give Mullah Gulen back to Turkey.

Castle Wood
Godfather Iii. Michael C sold his LasVegas holdings to buy off NY mob bosses so he could buy into international real estate co which required vatican approval. Movie also included fictionalised stories of pope john paul I death by poisoning and vatican bank failure. Movie also had scene of helicopter hovering outside conf room where hitman shot it up. Las Vegas holdings sold reminds me of Soros. Hovering helicopter brings to mind Las Vegas shooting itself.

LJ Key
Pat Kin earlier Q hinted that Obama travels ahead of Trump overseas. Trump is in Asia right now. Huge anti-trump rally in S Korea. Obama in Asia stirring the pot ahead of POTUS. Hiding in NK?

Water Falls

Tom Nelson
My eyes were drooping from all the monotonous reading but, they popped wide open when you mentioned the two Hispanics that died in mysterious circumstances after the Seth Rich murder. This was a report that vanished from the web and seems to now be unfindable. My memory is that they were relatively low level operatives of Cuban extraction whose connection to HRC and the DNC was as “Outreach” operatives during the election. They died in separate “botched robberies” enroute back to Miami. The supposition was that they were connected to the Cuban Mafia in Miami, were “assets” employed in pressuring Hispanic leaders to support the Clinton campaign. Further, that they did the Seth Rich hit (badly) and their demise was to insure their silence. It will take more than a guy with a $100 ancient IPad ,like me, to verify this. At the time, there was an anonymous “hacker” questioning why “Gun shot audio”, crucial video and the contents of the Seth Rich laptop were being withheld. Also many questions about S.Rich’s brother, the real computer whiz in the family and his connection to the hacked emails and secret bank accounts. Sudden silence from the family indicates they got the “message” and were protecting the remaining son. I posted this a number of times and got no traction. Should all be in the public record but…the YT algorithms are relentless.

57unicorn (edited)
NZ Prime minister donated more than $12m (after stealing it from NZ taxpayers) to the Clinton Foundation as part of their pay for play scheme..and now..after the John Kerry visit to NZ…the PM stepped down and moved into his pay for play Clinton Obama cabal reward position of his dreams within the evil banking cabal.
Its time for the list of donors to be made public to the whole world…so the people of the countries of the crooked leaders will know their Leaders are crooked and part of the cabal..and then they might all wake up!
Thanks for your good investigative reporting.
God bless everyone.

Pat Hoffman
Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel said on Crowdsource the Truth on Sunday that NBC had already reported that Michael Flynn and his son were part of Twelve Sealed Indictments.….. but Bratty Revengeful $HilLIARy is STILL Forcing NBC to Pay/Make Amends for what Matt Lauer did to her 14 MONTHS ago! so tread slowly….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NfFAaPZqs8

Lars-Goran Fredriksson
Tracy, Great Work!
Much appreciated ❤
Regarding Secret Grand Juries…Here is an Excerpt from David Wilcocks latest article:


As revealed in our previous article, the 4Chan insider said in early October 2017 that they have been working on this mass disclosure for eleven months.

That puts the origin of the plan to November 2016 — right after the US Presidential election results.

This fits precisely with Goode and other insiders' leaks that the new administration has called for multiple secret grand juries investigating this.

Peterson revealed that an entire area within the Pentagon is focused just on these investigations — numbering over 1000 top staff. (DW Is referring to One of his Insiders Pete Peterson)

Their efforts have been repeatedly blocked by bold counter-moves from the Cabal.

The above was obviously one of many examples of a blockage. Sessions was undoubtedly threatened. He was also smeared heavily by the media."

Mikey Humbert
So Vegas was perhaps a thwarted attempted JFK replay on POTUS. Players exposed by their actions?

Shawn Cobgrow1 (edited)
Think we just had the false flag that he’s telling us about , big church shooting in Texas just happened saying 20-30 dead

Gordon Brand
Very interesting. The mere mention of the Potus being in Vegas the night of the shooting, brings up the thought of a possible hit (think JFK). The shooting of the concert was to be a cover of a bigger HIT. It was a set up by the white hats to expose other criminality of, take your choice….the Saudis, ms 13, CIA, FBI, Mandalay Bay, Russian mafia, clinton-Bush cartel, etc. Over a month in, and solid facts as scarce as video poker slots manufacturing millionaires…WOW!