“They Live”

The truth will Set you free 2 May 22, 2018
Fruit for thought

If you are confuse and you don’t know what’s going on because it does not make sense it’s happening because the people who we made in charge of our affair they handed it over to Satan in golden plat so let’s go back to the Basic and it goes like this

If you want to know the hierarchy of our existence, first there is God, then the angels, then the Jin (Demons) and finally the humans.

God the supreme created all the hierarchy and the the angels have always done what they are told. They were not given the gift of ‘free choice’.

The Jin(demon) live their lives in a mirror existence to us in a different dimension so we cannot see them. they can see us,
Born from within the worst of the Jin came Satan and his tribe as they too were gifted with a choice between good and evil.
Then there are humans who live on earth and they were also gifted to have the choice between good and evil. Animals on earth do not have this choice.

There is interaction between humans, bad Jin and Satan. Satan and the bad Jinn seek only human destruction and have joined forces with the Jews=(illuminati – Freemason – Zionist- Rothchild and so on) to conspire against humanity. Satan has promised the Jews he will make them rule the world and in return the Jews will make humanity worship Satan instead of God. They call that (The new world order)

Satan and his tribe have the ability to shape-shift into humans and animals to possess them even though we can’t see them so don’t be fooled by them.

Judaism equal Kabbalah equal Freemason equal Zionist equal illuminati equal Rockafella equal Rothchild they all descendent Of the Jewish ideology and they are conspiring with Satan to take over the world there is no aliens

if you wondering where I got my hypothesis it comes from the specific guidance from God within the Quran and a lifetime of practical observation of many cultures, the demise of the family and worsening behaviours in society. The Jin are known as ‘demons’ or ‘ghosts’ in western culture and God has told us via the Quran that they live just like us but in a parallel dimension (similar to the multi-verse that eminent physicists now proclaim to be logical).

Denying the facts will not make them go away. Let me give you an example: if you go to University you have to obey their laws and conduct yourself according to the rules and regulations of the University in order for you to achieve a degree. In these Universities there are bad people and good people; good professors and bad professors. You wouldn’t normally wish to let these bad people distract you from achieving your degree so why is it so easy for a person to accept man-made laws but reject the fundamental Laws of God? If you consider the analogy that the whole world is a University and we are all in it for a short period of time as students and we have to obey the rules and regulations of God in order for us to go Heaven then this is the fundamental position we each have to deliberate upon. It’s essential though for you first to believe in God.

Therefore, the choice is simple: do we accept only man-made Laws simply because they are recent and developed by legal systems supposedly designed to keep us ‘civilised’ or do we notice that despite our man-made Laws we are drifting further and further into inequality, injustice, war, envy and wars? Should we not recognise the wisdom and intent of God’s fundamental Laws, which are aligned within the Holy Quran as well as the Bible (where the text has not been changed by man)? These Laws when followed, result in tolerance, respect for others, sharing of resources and peace. Each of us has the freedom of choice.

We all belong to God and to God we shall return.


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