The City of London – Money and Power 1 of 2 – BBC Documentary


The City of London – Money and Power 2 of 2 – BBC Documentary


Book – ‘Cityboy’ by Geraint Anderson

Craig Oxley is been threatened by Family of The Papal Bloodlines , not very long after they blocked his account , not without a reason Craig Oxley was exposing big time , just like William Cooper only in a different way but very accurate.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmU5ddFGxJg  They keep pulling vids at a rate of knots.  He must be right.  Try the one below.


Giorgi Pallavicini

Giorgi Pallavicini

“Please folks remember with this family you’re now dealing with the real power levels of the conspiracy and merchants of the highest levels. Forget the lower down levels that every man and his dog are aware of such as Rothschild. In comparison the Rothschild’s do not even come close to be able to be compared with the Black Nobility Pallavicini family who were funding wars a long time before the Rothschild’s were even accepted by the Cecil family which the Pallavicini controlled with an iron fist.

You’re not meant to learn about these Fondi families which stay in the shadows and let their puppets take all the limelight instead. They certainly hate it when I shine light on them. Notice how this, Moroello Pallavicini is a controller of the Immobiliare Toscana Agricola which manages the Pallavicini estate. Interesting to see the GWM Group based in Geneva the Canton controlled by the Doria family and the Prince of Naples. All whilst this ITA is based in Lazio, Italy where the old Jesuit war rooms of Villa Farnese were based and the origins of The Pentagon today.

Make sure you note the connection with the merchant Nattino family who’re on the board of the London Stock Exchange with, Giampietro Nattino. If we take a look at their Bank Finnat you’ll find its based at the location of the Farnese created Pizza del Gesu which houses the most powerful Church in the World run by the Jesuits called the Chiesa del Gesù. Interesting to find a Goldschmidt by the name of Leo working at Sodali with Giampietro Nattino. The Goldschmidt’s are Germanic based and very closely connected with the Rothschild family of a lower level than the Pallavicini, although they’ve now been accepted into the very powerful Aldobrandini family of Persia named after the important occultic bright star, Al-Debaran. The Middleton family who’ve married into the Windsors are Goldschmidts and quite possibly a cross of the Goldschmidt with Rothschild thus a scion of their bloodlines soon to produce an heir to the throne of England via Sforza blooded Prince William.”

-=The Unhived Mind




“I will do it a pre-eminent issue in my “to-do list”. Right now i can remember my investigations about the Stato Pallavicino. Or about Giancarlo P. the consigilere of Gorvachev during the Perestrojka.”???

 A brief study about the ancestors of Vivaldi-Pasqua.


Speaking With One Voice: Rothschild Funded Nazi Mind Science Controls Media



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