Kabbalah/Freemasonry/Khazarian Mafia

9 December 2020: Rothschild’s New world Order – China – and the Destruction of UNITED STATES of AMERICA


Wardo Rants

10 December 2020: The Khazarian Khaganate – Rothschild’s JEW WORLD ORDER


Wardo Rants
As it turns out this documentary had been completely scrubbed from the internet including deleted from BitChute.
This is basically part 2 of “The Greatest Lie Ever Told – History Is Not What You Think” .. This was Originally Released in spring of 2016. This work is especially important to the understanding of the Russia Israel U.S. and other European nations and the Jewish Mafia connection.


Anonymous @ AAG 20 August 2019 at 03:55

  • Keating the former Audtralian PM….is a crypto jew hence being buddy buddy with the jewess Maxwell.
  • Turnbull a more recent vintage Prime Minister…an extremely rich jew who naturally doesnt advertise his ethnicity.
  • Supposedly Morrison is some sort of weird Christian…..rather like the “nueva christians” of Spain five hundred years ago.
  • Bob Hawke….also known as the Silver Bodgie….hard drinking….known for his seemingly put of the ordinary support for Israel.
    NO WONDER GENERAL MONASH LED AUSTRALIAN TROOPS IN PALESTINE WW1….MONASH WAS A CRYPTO JEW…..the jews were using Australian lives to achieve Jewish objectives in the Mid East….much as Americans do today.

Kabbalah or Jewish magic at the core of the New World Order

Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo
Published on 19 May 2018