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Explosive CTM Full interview – Robert Snodgres

John T Wells
Published on 10 Dec 2017

Who were the controllers who recruited Clinton’s, Bushe’s, and Obama’s? I realize GH Bush’s father was CIA, also, but Kennedy’s managed to get John (Jack) elected and they had plenty of dirty money, weren’t saintly people no matter how often they went to mass, there were a lot of perverts and criminals in that family. Yet, JFK wanted to get out of Vietnam, cut taxes, stop FBI ops, Fed.Reserve, Central Bank reform or elimination perhaps? But did he cross those he had already sold his soul to? Or did he have naïveté and go into office winning via the good guys getting him there, hand picking and promoting because they thought he could win and help all patriots even if he was morally bankrupt and compromised, flawed in so many ways?

I mean, the Kennedy’s seem to have always been very closely tied to the Left, the commies, CFR, globalists, Hollywood, ran with the same families as the Bush’s, Clinton’s, so never figured out how they say he was the last of the “real” elected presidents, or how the Kennedys’ could continue to promote Clinton’s, Obamas, while only singling out George H.Bush on John Jr.’s magazine title, who represented the GOP, surely they aren’t that naive to believe only Papa Bush and the GOP killed JFK.

Why would Jacqueline marry another man who was a nymphomaniac, had sold his soul to get rich, engaged in underground drug smuggling, sex trade, abused women, had been sodomized as a child by a powerful man like Soros, who programmed him via abuse, to use or be used, was so amoral? So many amoral men in Kennedy clan, Joseph, on down. Maybe there’s two evil bad sides warring each other, but the Bush’s weren’t conservatives nor Christians, by their own lack of knowledge revealed in their so-called testimonies. They believed all religions had a path to God, Jesus was not the only way. Once I heard GW say that, I knew for sure, along with him and Kerry never willing to denounce their fraternal allegiances as Eli’s to the Skull & Crossbones. You can’t serve God and satan, mammon.

There are globalists who are conspiring against us, and us. I don’t know how any of the Kennedy’s, including John Jr., Carolyn, all the rest, could’ve been enlightened and still to this day, advocating for the Democrats which have been completely infiltrated and changed, doesn’t even resemble the same party of the 50’s, 60’s, all the constitutionalists, non-racists, pro-America, social, economic conservatives, freedom loving patriots, enlightened ones, left the party. I think the last election drew out all but may 5% of any remaining pro-American voters, supporters. I’ll give those 5% benefit of doubt, still naive. But the Kennedy’s? If they weren’t dirty, I mean look, I thought John Jr. was handsome, rooted for him and Carolyn to rise up and expose the shadow gov., but look who raised them. Jacqueline was also very amoral as many elite, had secret affairs with many powerful men, chain smoked, was very close to homosexuals, bi-sexual, perverts, and greedy tycoons, leftists and communists in media, many probably CIA operatives, who hated Christ, abused children, sabotaged good Christian politicians, were in CFR, and took her children to Ari’s house of Satanism in Greece, an ominous character if ever there was one, to escape the ominous ones here? I’d have looked for a Christian sanctuary, not run to a hedonistic man and endangered my children spiritually, mentally, emotionally. I’d be shocked if those kids weren’t raped by those in their own family or their step fathers. They’re all so debased, corrupt. Could the Kennedy’s every last one of them, all be that naive, ignorant? So many questions and points to connect.