All The King’s Men

A Quote from Iceni Rising’s Blog

David Icke, Russell Brand, Controlled Opposition, MK Slaves and Blackmail.


Pervert Brand with Lizard boy and son of God at the Groucho Club.

On the 10th of November 2010 it was discovered that an online member’s forum operating under the name of the Groucho Club forum was being used over a prolonged period of time by a network of paedophiles.

Mr Murphy has reams of page-capture evidence lodged in a bank vault showing links from the site to displays of child sex, bestiality, anal rape, and other forms of pornography.

The Catholic Church local to the Groucho in Dean Street has an upstairs room which, it appears, has been used for the production of paedophile porn.

infantsorrowMurphy contacted Nominet, the UK domain registry authority in relation to the domain name He was informed by Nominet that the domain was registered on the 22 of July 2009  (11:11) in the name of the Groucho Club Limited by the former Managing Director Margaret Levin.

The Groucho club, in case you didn’t guess, is named after the Marx brother, a satanist and member of the church of satan as outed on a death bed confession of the head of the Alpha lodge in Sydney, Oz in 2010.

As is almost cliche to many now, Icksters and Infowarriors et al etc need to be lead, they will believe anything their leaders say, more or less, when all they have to do is look, but they cannot / will not, in fact they even pay to hear it! look at Brands eyes, always a tad vacant, His career has rocketed since the jewish holy wood heard of his tendencies, here you can see how pleased he is to be with closet gay Cruise, Brand almost looks besotted, handled?


Brand is I believe, handler and handled,  holy wood and media ‘stars’ nearly always marry their handlers until their shift ends or they’re told to move the agenda on, Katie Perry is under monarch programming as so many of the beautiful young women and pretty boys are, to sexualize our children, bombard them with ‘gay is ok’, performing nearly nude, twerking, thrusting, grinding, anything goes for the goyim.

Bi Polar pervert, coke head and sex addict Brand is signing to his jewish paymasters that he has Perry under control, or is it VICE versa? OBEY held just by his Willy.

2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

‘OBEY’ is seen in lizard boy’s ‘People’s Voice’ studio.

               Brand was Willy Wonka in the occult fest that was the Olympic ceremony.

2012-Olympics-Closing-Ceremony-Russell-Brand-Willy-Wonka2                                            Appropriate, cos Brand is a total wonker.

Brand and Icke are aligning with Silky Carlo, Charlie Veitchs ‘ex girlfriend’ who I saw at Richerd Gage’s  AE911 circus at Cambridge University in 2011, once I twigged how rigged it was , actors in the audience , love police etc, we kept a lower profile than intended,  Veitch is another slimey little shite who would benefit from a sally winder to the snout, just for the sake of it, and the youtube comments.


Actor, liar and coward, Veitch.

These ‘celebs’, ‘stars’, and Icke, Brand et al are no different,  with massive ego’s, they will resort to anything to keep their ego’s and bank accounts fed and watered and turning a blind eye is, and always has been required for a boost in their career, especially in the BBC, Apathy and greed then is obvious, they are no better than a monster,


Jamie Theakston, Zoe Ball, monster.


Theakston with monster, again.

Theakston didn’t know?…..sure he did and So vile is ‘pointing him out’, One of the gang Jamie?… got your number!

The dickhead on the right is Dermot Oleary,  Simon Cowells ‘man’ on X Factor, the same closet gay cowell who bailed out paedophile DJ Jonathan King with £50.000 of his own money back in the day. Zoe Ball certainly knew, her father was big in the beeb when so vile and his network was in full swing.

savilleballtheak                 Ball is big on Strictly with fellow presenter and BBC legend ‘Sir’ Bruce Forsyth.

Below, sIX  FV pointed stars go into infinity, Bruce also flashing a Six, pointing, and showing his hand.


Pointing up, hand

infiniti                                                                   Piece of Pi


Pointing, two suns?

Bruce is in the know, in the gang!? he is under investigation by the alternative media for allegations involving young girls.


hands, two suns?

Count the pedos , BBC Radio 1 DJ’s, Wright, on the right’s career is going just dandy!?

Music - Radio One Disc Jockeys - 1980Steve Wright was buddies back in the day with radio 1 DJ Mike Reid, below with fellow DJ Prince at Saviles funeral, coincidentally of course held on Nov 9th (9 11)


You won’t see Oleary bustin any esoteric , masonic signs, he’s too stupid, he will have dropped to his knees or bent over for Cowell to further his career, the whole of holy wood does it, and since swimming the pond, the Jewish control has taken our media into a subliminally perverted nightmare, the BBC  et al is very much about how low will you go, and as we now know, very very low.

They keep on smiling though. Note Geller is ‘pointing out’ Mark Speight, we must keep an eye on the little one, Geller has him pointed out in other pics.

msgeller            Speight never made a knighthood, he committed suicide!?  was he handled?

SOCIAL Kids' Club/Speight                                          Harris was knighted, was he handled or handler?

rolf-harris                                                       Harris, signalling back in the day he’s in the gang , with a big grin he’s pointing to the unfinished D of PAEDO?

PKT2960 - 202377 COMEDIAN ROLF HARRIS 2.94 Rolf Harris, with cartoonspharris           Didn’t anyone tell him it’s rude to point? and especially at her Maj, is someone trying to tell us something? he’s being directed to point at her broach, not her. The broach was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Queen Mother, the picture has since gone missing??!!

Rolf Harris's Portrait Of The Queen Unveiled

geller Geller is Jewish, Israeli, and has been involved with all the psychos and kiddy fiddlers for decades. There are way too many to post here.

cliffgellCliff Richard is under suspicion of child abuse due to his name appearing on the list of a boys home, Elm guest house, where horrific people did horrific things to young boys. Almost a Haut de La Gaurenne of Britain, So vile visited both.

cliff1                                            ‘Sir’ Cliff was friends with the Krays back in the day, jewish gangters infamous for being gangsters, not so well known to the public, yet, for their procurement capabilities and contacts.

cliff fing                                                   What’s he ‘pointing out’? look up?

cliff-richard_i-G-54-5488-32BWG00Z                                        The sun causes shadows, it can shade, hide, occult.

cliff richardsRichards visited many places where shady  things happened, Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square. If he, like Geller is a spook, could he, and Harris be insiders? signalling?

Or are they in the gang, a global paedophile ring run by spooks, medias and MK handlers  to blackmail and steer an agenda, to quench the sick perversions of politicians, PM’s and presidents,  and higher to God’s chosen, rulers by ‘divine right’?  Dieu et mon droit, and gods chosen does not refer to British royalty alone, read the Talmud!

Their God, the one they’re et mon droiting about, is, well, a bit of a porky to say the least and the Devil dude, ditto. Devil is Lived, Evil is Live, Live is life in every way.

LIFE …12 9 6 0 , E is cyphered as 1 to 5=15 = O letter/number, 12960 is ? keep it platonic please.

This is where we have to throw in some numbers ‘n’ stuff, a few pics to keep it less mathsy .

I C  a theme with the gesticulations/signals of the above, with mentions of two Suns in our skies and the child abuse activities/arrests, and it seems to reveal, un shadow the 3, the 33, the 7, and 11′s repeatedly, and obiously the sIX.

The first event was the Groucho Club on 10th Nov 2010 = sIX and/or 33…11 11 11

The next event was the sighting in China, and mention on the msm of two suns in the sky over Asia, the date was 4th March 2011 = 11. The time between these two events is 3 months, 22 days = 7, 322 of the Skull and Bones, and of course 66.


skulls a FaV of Brand

Sovile ‘died’ after 84 years 11 months and 29 days =7 and 12(3) 11 11 (322, skull and bones again?) this is exactly 4,434 weeks and 6 days = 6 6


two suns

After the 4th of March, Interpol ‘busted’ the biggest ever paedophile ring on 16th March 2011 = 7  7, the time between being only 12 days, 3=C, C?


Next, another reporting of two suns in china, 16th June 2011, nothing really significant until we look both ways and get June 16th 2011 = sIX 11, 9 11. From the first two suns to this one is 3 months, 12 days = 6 and/or 3 3 = 11 11 11


Two Suns, 666 or OK?

From the Interpol bust of March 16th to the second sun sighting of June 16th is 92 days =11, or exactly 3 months.

Next in the timeline is the death of the monster Savile, on 29th October 2011=7

From the first two suns, until soviles ‘death’ is 7 months 25 days, 7  7

From the interpol bust until soviles ‘death’ is 7 months 13 days = 7+4=  11

Then we have the date for Operation Yewtree, Oct 19th 2012 = 7, The two pillars of masonry are Boaz and joachim,   Boaz represents the hebrew king David and is the oak tree,  Joachim represents king Solomon and is the yewtree.

echoes-of-samson             On the day after 911, brand appeared on MTV dressed as Osama Bin Laden


Monsters united,

If you think Geldof wants to feed the world, why is he buddies with psychopaths, war criminals, traitors and child rapists? Take a proper peek at the death of INXS front man Michael Hutchence, who had an affair with Geldof’s ex, Paula Yates.


Brand is to help steer the revolution, ‘Sir’ Brand?

From the Groucho Club to Yewtree is 1 year 11 months 9 days = 12 (3), and as  sIX’s are 9′s and vice versa, so going to the belly of the snake we get 6 66 6

From Soviles death to yewtree is 11 months 20 days, 4, 11, 22 and 13, the M,  where you’ll find Adam and Eve, ( s eve n, 007 reports to M)

The Interpol bust to Yewtree is 1 year, 7 months 3 days, 11,

The contemporary warnings, reportings of two suns were from China and Russia, Revelations 1.1 – 1.4  (6)………’Asia’s SEVEN churches were warned that the revelation must soon take place’ 66AD .

69ad,(two suns) the burning of the capitol and storming of Rome, 21st December (solstice)

Asia was warned in 66ad that the revelation must soon take place, Revelation 1:1 and 1:3 (reactor 1, 11/3?)

70ad, Jerusalem falls, The Whore of Babylon needs her new throne of old…..Gog and Magog?

China’s ‘Two Suns’ Video Unexplained By Science

The above clip was the third mention of two suns, this time over Russia on 25th Nov 2012 =14 and 7 7

The first China two suns to this one is  1 year 8 months and 21 days =12, 3 or 90 weeks and 2 days 11

The Interpol bust to this date is 1 year 8 months  and 9 days =18 9 sIX

The second China two suns to this date is 1 year 5 months and 9 days =15 sIX

The Groucho club and soviles death to the Russian suns throw the only anomalies, an 8 and a 10. We can however, say the 8 layed down is the Logo for Infinity and 10 being the diameter and circle is Pi


piece of Pi

Yewtree to this sighting is 1 month and 6 days 7 or 5 weeks and 2 days 7

It is however what i c and I may have missed something glaringly obvious, but I’d wager the few who’re linked to all this will be exposed, indeed they are being. Will Harris be found not guilty, and everything turn out OK?

365335-rolf-harrisRolf-Harris-The-Platinum-Coll-437423                                                                       And Webb?

550w_starsnaps_cliff_richardcliffard                                                         Research Operation Ore

balirok651318-tony-blairtony_blair                                                                        Et tu Brutus?

brandhypocrite                                                            Wonkers


bessotted again? handled?

Icke is a proven liar after more donations when he’s made how much? he is linked to the Rockefellers and Bronfmans though he’s trying to keep it shtum. Brand? can you say Rothschilds?


Handled or on the sniff?

On a last note regarding dates ‘n’ stuff, I remember a phase of studying reverse speech of certain elites, and Charles saying on jewish festival Purim, 12 March 2009 sIX 11  that we only have ”100 months” to save the planet, 100 months is 3,044 days 11 or 434 weeks and 6 days 11 sIX, 911

jimmy-savile-1-zsavblair100 months on takes us to July 12th 2017, The glorious 12th, orangemans day, When William of Orange won the battle of Byrne over King James 2nd and  became King William 3rd.

They Back Cons Labour an Liberals – it’s what you call a stacked deck

Body Language

Unfinished footsteps
Eye Direction. There are a number of studies that talk about the direction of eyes during lies. Typically when people look up an to the right they are lying or tapping into their imagination. When they look up to the left they are remembering or recalling something, tapping into the memory part of the brain.

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