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Brussels Decoded: NATO’s Jihad Operation
xiaoming chai
Published on 3 Apr 2016

”Investigative journalist Yoichi Shimatsu looks at the criminal record of the Brothers Bakraoui, the ethnic Moroccan felons who allegedly bombed Brussels Airport, uncovering their links to Belgian police intelligence under NATO command and to the Israeli-run security firm ICTS, which recruited European youth for ISIS and its brutal Syrian paramilitary campaign for the oil majors.”

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B – Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AARtO88G5Ag&index=1&list=PLN6xa7kD9dZ_qXHAmm4dx-Bqqy10mSVDZ corbettreport
Published on 19 Feb 2013

Anon @ AAG: 20 October 2017 at 03:17
Anonymous @ AAG: 20 October 2017 at 00:43

Daphne Caruna Galicia stated that the Russian mob laundered money in Malta via Azerbaijan.

Sibel Edmonds says that Gladio B killed the journalist and Gladio B is also laundering drugs money in Malta and Cyprus via Azerbaijan.

Per Edmonds, Gladio B = US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC). There was a cross-over of membership between sister organisations, American Turkish Council & AIPAC, and USACC. Edmonds work for the FBI involved translating Azerbaijani/Turkish transcripts relating to bribery of US politicians, which related to 9-11. Farzhad Ahimi, USACC was an aquaintance of Wally Hilliard who owned the airport where the 9-11 pilots were training (to fly airplanes with drugs from Afghanistan).

This all sounds like the relationship Diligence had with Far West LLC. Diligence is CIA/Halliburton. Cheney was on the USACC. Far West was ex Soviet KGB/Ukrainian members IIRC.

IIRC, Putin’s brother, Igor is laundering money via this route. Kissinger, also USACC, has a working relationship with Putin. I suspect Putin was recruited by Gladio, maybe in Germany.