[Dennis Wise NWO Communism]


Communists = Jews Neo Cons (Did 9/11 & 7/7 ) = Jews Zionists = Jews Subverts = Jews Kabbal = Jews Mass Immigration of third world to exclusively White European homelands (USA,Canada,Europe,Australia) = Jews Payday Loans with compound interest = Jews to impoverish Whites Kosher Tax = Unwanted tax to enrich Jews at expense of Whites Affirmative Action (Disenfranchise Whites in their homelands) = Jews Political Correctness (Keeping the White Man down) = Jews Feminist and Manosphere (To destroy hemogony between White men and Women) = Jews Defooing ( Destroy the traditional family home) = Jews Climate Change Scam = Jews CASH COW again white countries only EU = Jews destruction of Europe the home of whites UN = Helped create Israel for Zionists NATO = Jew Army of goy for toppling Israel’s enemies Freemasons = Jews school for wealthy shabbos to further the Jew Agenda Ivy League Schools = Academy set up by Jews Black fascist groups (BLM) = Set up by Jews to destroy Whites or race war Central Banks = Jews CASH COW Main Stream Media = Jews propaganda machine against whites Porn industry = Jews humiliating Non Jew women on camera CASH COW Casinos and Bookmaker and other rackets = Jews LGBT = Set up by Jews to destroy Whites Police State and FEMA – Set up by Jews to victimize and finally imprison whites Holocaust Industry (White Guilt) = Cash cow for Jews and self destruction of whites PACS Political Activist Lobbyist Groups for Jews to control politics Anti Gun Lobby = Jews trying to disarm whites so they are defenseless Crashing the Markets and Housing and Dotcom Bubbles = Jews theft of American resources CFR and Federal Reserve = Jews theft of American resources Military Industrial Complex = Cash cow for Jews whilst killing millions of Non Jews. ADL = Jews targeting and threatening Non Jews and Jews who out the Jew Crimes. Samson Option = Proving how evil these psycho Jews are. I see Genocide.