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UK: Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

UK: Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

October 24, 2016 at 6:04 pm – Edit
Communist Traitor Alf Dubs, baronized, let off after falsely claiming parliamentary expenses of £26,000, whose only employment seems to have been as a sometime local government officer, who was inexplicably given high positions in the Fabian Society, Refugee Council, Immigration Advisory Service, and British Humanist Association, has repaid the British people who welcomed him by doing his best to destroy them with the notorious “Dubs Agreement”. Please see the excellent article by Francis Carr Begbie in the Occidental Observer entitled, “Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors”, from which the following is a quote:

“There is another little awkward fact about the Jewish refugees taken in by Britain before the war. And that is the remarkably high proportion of them who chose to actively betray the country which gave them sanctuary by acting as spies for Britain’s deadly enemy, the Soviet Union.

They not only ensured that many British agents were sent to their deaths or capture, torture and long periods of imprisonment, but played a crucial part in stealing the atomic bomb secrets that allowed the Soviet Union to catch up and have its own atomic bomb by 1949. Their treachery compromised the security of Britain and the West and probably extended the length of the Cold War and the enslavement of the subject peoples of Eastern Europe.
What is more astonishing is that in many cases the British authorities took no action against them to avoid official embarrassment. As a result some of Britain’s foulest traitors were left free to enjoy their retirements in comfort and security.”