More Tory privatisation at taxpayer expense. Yet people still vote for them :


GR Comment:  “One of the most shocking things about the school privatisation agenda is the number of Tory party insiders who have benefited from this scheme to give away our schools to unaccountable private sector interests. Another shocking aspect is the way that Britain’s archaic and undemocratic honours system is being used to reward the profiteers that run these pseudo-charitable academy chains.

Probably the most high profile Tory insider to profit from the Tory school privatisation agenda is “Lord” Philip Harris, an unelected Tory member of the House of Lords who is most famous for being the boss of Carpetright. His Harris Federation group now controls over a dozen schools in London (all of which have had their name changed to “Harris …”). The ownership of several of these schools was forcibly converted to “Lord Carpetright’s” academy chain against the wishes of the staff, the children and local residents.  Philip Harris has donated nearly half a million pounds to the Tory party in recent years.

Another high profile beneficiary of the Tory school privatisation agenda is the hedge fund manager and massive donor to the Tory party “Lord” Stanley Fink, who is the chairman of ARK academies, a group which now controls 18 taxpayer funded schools.   Stanley Fink has donated over $2.6 million to the Tory party.

“Lord” John Nash is yet another Tory party donor that is deeply involved in the school privatisation agenda. He has established an academy chain called Future Academies which controls four schools in London. Future Academies hit the headlines in 2013 after it was revealed that they had appointed a 27 year old with absolutely no teaching experience as the head teacher of one of their schools.

In January 2013 Nash was parachuted into the anti-democratic House of Lords by David Cameron in order that he could become Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools. The conflicts of interest in having a guy that operates four privatised but taxpayer funded schools working as a schools minister with responsibility for privately operated taxpayer funded schools is incredibly obvious.

Another obviously worrying aspect is the fact that a staunch supporter of, and generous financial donor to the Tory party is now responsible for overseeing the national curriculum that is taught to our kids.  John Nash and his wife have donated nearly £300,000 to the Tory party.”


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