Ron Keeva Unz – Rebel

Brabantian 29 September 2018

Ron Keeva Unz of the Unz Review (2 million site visitors monthly), has become one of the major rebel Jews of the world, with a recent series of detailed articles, arguing that the Jewish establishment is one of the most corrupt and dangerous groups to have ever existed in world history.

Ron Unz, a Jew himself, has thrown down the gauntlet against Zionist Jewish leadership such as the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), and it seems the Jewish establishment is – so far – unwilling to engage him or even do their typical ‘anti-Semitic Jew’ denunciation … A calm, measured, scholarly-sounding but easy-to-read voice, indefatigable Ron Unz with his copious footnotes and methodical argumentation, is a tall order to confront

Here is what Jewish Ron Unz has written against the Jewish establishment in just the last 120 days – these pieces having a half-million views –

Links to all the below are near the top in Unz’s new article Has the ADL Gone Into Hiding?:

  • The Remarkable Historiography of David Irving

June 4, 2018 • 1,700 Words • 563 Comments

Unz praises the British historian who did jail time in Austria for holocaust denial

  • American Pravda: The JFK Assassination, Part II – Who Did It?

June 25, 2018 • 8,000 Words • 984 Comments

Describes evidence pointing to Jewish-Mossad involvement in the 1963 murder of US President Kennedy.

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  • American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion

July 16, 2018 • 7,800 Words • 1,633 Comments

Detailed account of Unz’s horror at learning about central aspects of the Talmud and Jewish rabbinical activity throughout history, Jewish Ron Unz finding that Judaism at its core is supremacist, racist and predatory

  • American Pravda: The Bolshevik Revolution and Its Aftermath

July 23, 2018 • 6,900 Words • 912 Comments

Describes the leading Jewish role in major crimes of Soviet Russia

  • American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism

July 30, 2018 • 5,500 Words • 664 Comments

  • A Jew’s critical look at ‘anti-semitism’ claims
  • American Pravda: Jews and Nazis

August 6, 2018 • 6,800 Words • 554 Comments

Unz looks at the historical cooperation between Jews and Nazis

  • American Pravda: Holocaust Denial

August 27, 2018 • 17,600 Words • 2,271 Comments

Most astonishingly of all, Jew Ron Unz goes through an extensive evaluation of holocaust literature, and finds himself in the denialist camp

  • American Pravda: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

September 10, 2018 • 11,000 Words • 2,012 Comments

Ron Unz looks at the evidence that Israel and Mossad, aided by Jews in the US establishment, were the prime movers knocking down the NYC towers on 11 September 2001

Stewart Fair

Kaivey30 September 2018 at 14:17

Yeah, it’s a good site. It even has an article on it about the nonsense of race and IQ. It proves that the heretarians have it all wrong. ?

Rob Unz is supposed to be very right wing, but he has leftist stuff on his site. He has an article by the Marxist, Michael Hudson. I love that guy.