Chateau Amerois

Mothers of Darkness Castle – The Most Evil Place

You Can’t Handle Truth – 1 June 2020

The ABRASAX ORDER ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ) is a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, being there applied to the “Great Archon” (Gk., mega archōn), the princeps of the 365 spheres.


AREA 17 #TheNews
19 June 2020


Mothers of Darkness Castle: The Most Evil Place on Earth

Jay Myers Documentary
24 October 2018

Dominique Z
My mom’s from Belgium and she has the same last name as that company you showed at the beginning I remember going to my grandparents house when I was like 8 and found the book the most dangerous game and read it and never forgot it. Spooky coincidence

budo r
Is there any Ashkenazi blood in that family name?

Angela Flood
We read The Most Dangerous Game in middle school

Alex Hernandez
Didn’t they make a movie like that?

Sapere Aude
@budo r is there Ashkenazi blood in the name Kuehn? Might explain Pearl Harbor…

Jason Kelly Videos
Same last name as the company? You can’t spell your moms maiden name?

pandoras box
@Jason Kelly I thought exactly the same thing lol forgot the name while writing the comment and didn’t want to go back to find it in video lol

James T
@Alex Hernandez ice t was in it

Patti Willing
@Patricia Ortega Short story–1924 by Richard Connell. First published as “The Hounds of Zaroff.” Collier’s.

@Sapere Aude Kuehn is a German name. It is a form of brave. But it can also be descended from the jewish name Kohan. Kohan – Cohan – Cohen.

Sapere Aude
@Mira have you seen the Kuehn connection to Pearl Harbor? Some people call it a false flag operation… Having the Kuehns take the blame would have been seen as such an easy way to start the war…

@Sapere Aude No, I don’t know that “documentary” yet. But I also don’t believe in the official version that Otto Kühn and his family “triggered” the attack on Pearl Harbour on the orders of the Nazis and the Japanese. That’s ridiculous. The USA provoked the Japanese attack, to declare war on Japan and Germany.

Sapere Aude
@Mira you’re one of a very few people who are willing to discuss this with me. Thank you for your insight. My family name is Kuehn and I’d never heard of Otto’s “role” until recently when I decided to find our family, my Dad is 83 and had always said his whole family died off… It was a lie, a lie that saddened my heart to uncover. My father is ashamed of his family’s connection, we don’t talk about it. My family is deeply involved with the Order of the Eastern Star, and Standard Oil so I can’t help but think it all ties together somehow. Would be lovely to help clear their name if in fact the Kuehns were innocent. Thank you for your kind and patient replies to me. I never jump in the comment sections to stir things up, just to ask questions 😊 (edited)

@Sapere Aude You’re welcome. If you are really related to the family of Otto and Friedel Kühn, there is no reason to be ashamed! It’s time to wash both of them and their daughter Ruth clean. It’s better to be a descendant of the Kühns than of the Eisenhowers. 😀 Best regards from Germany.❤️

still here on planet earth still here for the food
@budo r why? Im Ashkenazi

Just Me
@Mira what is wrong with the Eisenhowers?

@Just Me Hah, maybe this! Eisenhowers Death Camps

Issy Delon
Also the zodiac killer’s favorite book (edited)

Joe Smith
Hey you being a descendant you can go and have “Card Blanc” preferential treatment, on All their goodie$ goin on?! 😄

Patti Willing
just another Adam TY, Adam—English major/professor. I’ve taught this. Intriguing stuff for sure.

Sapere Aude
@A World of Hungry Ghosts *** bless you and sabali (a very old word meaning “patience”)

Sapere Aude
@Patti Willing wow you got to teach these subjects? I never heard about the Pearl Harbor and Kuehn connection, I wish that I had either paid more attention in school or gone to a school that taught this part of history 🔮😁

Patti Willing
LilWayneOnTheBrain LilWayne–There are many facets of literature one can polish if he dares open those areas. A curriculum doesn’t stop a teacher/prof from adding his/her own supplementary works & areas of exploration. Thank you for your reply. 😊

u no moo
@Alex Hernandez The Ninth Gate?

Xtal Syren
@¿SeriouSly PeoPle? I think they were trying to say “White Card,” referring to “White Privilege.”

Carol Weaver
Glad you and family got away many years ago. Might have been very dangerous someplace in the history, perhaps?

@Jason Kelly Videos May be referring to “Solvay” discussed at the very beginning of the video. Really sucks because my company uses some fluoroelastomers from that company. And I’m the one who makes the raw material rubber so I got my hands deep into it. Need a shower just thinking about going to work monday.

Stephen Roberts
@Sapere Aude your family were spies contracted as agents of the Japanese government with the assistance of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels! They were spies against America! Your dad was correctly ashamed!

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts yes I understand the accepted version of events are not implications that should ever be taken lightly and many people would love to crucify me for the acts that my family allegedly committed. Heck when I found out, I practically struggled with thoughts of crucifying myself! I used to struggle with guilt & a horrific generational curse that was placed upon me, but I decided long ago that I will NEVER hide or lie about my family name. Hiding in the dark does not keep you safe, exposing what brings the darkness can however. When someone dies in a horrific way, it is the most profound thing in the world to search & bring forth the facts in their death. The crimes of my ancestors here, or in Nazi Germany were despicable, some of their biggest scientific developments have come back to haunt me in my life. For a long time, I lived as one big internal conflict, but instead of being conflicted (with things of the past of which I can not control) which is what causes division, I started researching and finding facts. Which led me to find a company called IG Farben, and also a little company called Bayer, you may have heard of them? These companies profited off of chemical production in Nazi Germany. Their developments are currently poisoning Americans, and it’s happening today, as we speak. Bayer profits off the poison of America. Ever heard of the Opiate crisis? More like a planned Armageddon, with methadone being used as it’s biggest weapon. This poison, is disguised as medicine for addicts, and yes it eases withdrawal symptoms but it also creates a state sponsored slave. In a way I’m fighting my own blood in this battle. You will probably never understand what I mean but please just understand that I am me, I am not my family. All I can do is fight to bring the truth to America as I pray for forgiveness for any act of war that my family may have participated in. I have come to understand that he who controls the past controls the present. The guys who have been in charge of how history is told, for some time now, were never very truthful so maybe there’s a mass agenda being pushed? Maybe my family were scapegoats, perhaps they were ignorant, perhaps the story books are lying to us all, perhaps I’ll never know but for now I know I’m an American, I am very proud of my country, I respect our current President and I do not agree with killing, gassing, or poisoning any race of people, and this is why I fight for Americans every day by taking on big pharma. Look up IG Farben, they developed Methadone, and now it’s spreading across America like the disease it is. Instead of bickering about whose family were spies in the past, let’s get out there TODAY and MAGA.

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here is where you may find many links to what I’m on about 🎃…

Sapere Aude
@Patti Willing you may find this interesting, if you find the contents useful then please share it far & wide

Dominique Z, so maybe you have Nephilim fallen Angel blood / genetics in you if you come from the same family … that worrying. I would never want to be connected by genetics in any royal family or elites because that’s way long for divine fallen angel bloodline which has no part of God’s salvation as in the Book of Enoch says. Just hope you are part adopted or your family line, not even genetically connected with these people. They have the curse from the beginning. The unveiling has begun and the unveiling of who are doomed is. (edited)

Sapere Aude
@littlesparrow34 What’s your opinion on RH negative bloodlines? Many Presidents and Royals have this bloodline, I am of this bloodline.. but I’m an empath.

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts No worries at all man, I like finding great people in the comment sections. I’m sure you are a great person and I’d like to say that I am so sorry that you were ever exposed to this evil drug, I was exposed to it as well,and I understand you are in an actual fight for not just your life but your freedom. It is SO hard, but it is not impossible my friend. Pain is progress in this war. You can battle this enemy, for you are not alone, you will never be alone, people are waking up to the darkness daily, so you have people like me on your side, you have people on your side who have never met you but who understand the battle you’re fighting.True therapeutic medicine was never meant to make a patient feel worse when they stopped taking it, know this truth. I know it’s such a battle to fight for your freedom from something that was marketed to the world as a miracle drug, I have a long history with methadone, this is the curse I mentioned above. I was prescribed this medicine for over 10 years, I studied addiction to become a Certified Addiction Counselor, going on to work at a clinic, I understand this love-hate relationship and I battle with it as well, more than I’d like to admit in the comment section but the realization that I was an addict myself, while working for the company is what granted me access to the belly of the beast. I learned some horrific facts about not just methadone but Bayer and vaccines and so many other truly satanic elements of the medical system. I applaud you for fighting for your freedom. It is not easy to titrade down, and that’s why most stay on it for life. But you can do it. Do what works for you, I can offer you a few tips on how to be more comfortable as you come down if you’d like but the best advice you can ever get will be to read the Bible verse on Pharmakeia, and to fully understand what it is you’re dealing with. If you can put a name on something then you can ask for God’s help I’m battling it. I will be praying for you to be released from the invisible cuffs that have held you, I will pray that you are released from any pain, curse, or poison that has ever entered your body. If I can help you in any way please reach out. Some things that can comfort you- Binaural Beats, Marijuana, Kratom, Gabapentin, Split-doses (if your clinic requires a peak and trough test I can offer you a suggestion as a way around this), aromatherapy, essential oils, etc. Now when you get really low down on a dose, there’s a wonderful Dr that I know who can help you to find a “secret” regiment of supplements that you take for 2 months as you wean completely off, it helps tremendously. Sorry my grammar sucks in this, I just typed it quick, my heart hurts everytime I hear of another person who has been caught up in this. Lots of positive vibes and love coming your way friend.

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here’s a playlist on Pharmakeia, sorcery of medicine...

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here’s an easy one to start with, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone 🙂

Stephen Roberts
@Sapere Aude I’m really glad I met you. When I first got on methadone about 3 years ago I kept increasing my dose because honestly, I was still chasing a high! The doctor never advised against it. Neither did the counselor! It’s like they wanted me to go higher. I went up to 215 milligrams at my max. I live in Colorado where marijuana is legal and I smoke daily. It’s all I do now is pot and methadone. But because I smoke pot they will not give me take homes. I’ve been a slave to methadone all this time. Hard to go on vacation or anything. I finally decided to try to get off. At the end of July I started dropping my dose 2 milligrams every other day. So far I’ve went from 215 milligrams to 134 milligrams. And yes it is starting to get very hard! Constantly nauseas! Sweating hot flashes and chills! It’s torture! I see why people stay on for life. And it’s like my counselor doesn’t want me to come off. She keeps telling me to slow down and take a break. But I want off so bad that I don’t care how bad it feels. I will get off this drug. Thanks for your advice! You seem like an intelligent person. I will take all the advice you give.

Stephen Roberts
@Sapere Aude wow I watched that last video you sent. It’s a real eye opener! I used to do mushrooms quite often, and I thought it was almost a religious experience but I don’t think so now. Haven’t done mushrooms in 15 years probably. I really am trying to be sober now. I’m trying to drop the methadone and smoke marijuana only. Then maybe quit that also eventually. I started reading the bible daily back in February. I just had the feeling I needed to read it all from cover to cover myself. I’ve learned a lot. Got baptized back this summer. I’m gonna start on some of the videos in that playlist now. Maybe you were put in my path for a reason???

@Dominique Z who was the author of ”The Most Dangerous Game?” I would like to get my eyes into it.

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here’s a little motivation to start your day off the right way …

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here’s some more motivation thru music friend. Wishing you a wonderful week filled with strength and taking your power back 😃

Stephen Roberts
@Sapere Aude thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I’ve got your back too if you need anything. Yesterday I felt nauseas all day to the point of almost vomiting but I still dropped my 2 milligrams this morning! I want off so bad I feel like crying sometimes! A friend of mine introduced me to that haystack song a while back but I never really listened to it! Wow it definitely hits home! Thank you for everything

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts I’m gonna make you a kick-ass playlist when I get home a little later, keep fighting the good fight man, you got this! Here’s the song I meant to send earlier 😃

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts p.s. also check out the song Silver Spoon by Haystack, it’s insane 🙂

exploited fight
@Stephen Roberts there are helpful videos how to gradually get off methadone. You have to do it slow, supplement with vitamins and minerals, exercise (i know it’s hard when you are having a withdrawal but try at least walking and doing exercise in bed). Also force yourself to go outside, spend time in the sun. It’s gonna be hard to sleep but please do not take benzos, those are way harder to quit. Try cbd oil for sleeping. Taper off gradually. No more than 5mg a week. Hardest time will be the next two years (after you are done with methadone) till u can recover natural dopamine production in your body. You might feel depressed. So buy some StJohns-wort in powder. Take like 1/4 of a spoon at a time, it will make u happy and laughing. But it makes your skin sun sensitive so wear mineral-only (zinc based) spf. Whole foods, grass-fed organic butter, milk and kefir is important, also cod liver oil. Good luck! You can do it!

Jeffro Bodine
@Stephen Roberts Hey Stephen! I have a good friend named Stephen Roberts here in Georgia. Also, I’m on subutex myself, & just turned to Lord also! We have a lot in common. So glad the 2 of us were saved, & maybe now we can help others going through the things we’ve gone through. I’ll pray for you brother! God bless you and yours! (edited)

Health is a Choice! That evil is in America through AMA doctors. Murder and human sacrifices is common place.

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts I’m going to try to add you as a friend here on YouTube, I don’t use Facebook or other social media but I have some seriously good info for you on easing the symptoms of titration, you need to go slow friend 🙂 Words of encouragement and lots of positive energy is being sent your way 💪🙏❤️ If things start to get hard remember that with this battle, pain equals progress. You can & will overcome this pain with God on your side. I continue to pray for your release ❤️

Sapere Aude
@Stephen Roberts here’s a link so we can be friends on here

Nerd Painter
dude, i read it in middle school and have never forgotten it. i don’t remember anything els we read in school. this was like 12 years ago at least but i remember that one. fucked up stuff.

Krysten Chambers
The old ‘‘Hunger Games!” Also ”Atlas Shrugged” is one of their books. Written in witch language. John Todd his information is vast and probably the most complete in terms of the satanic side of the illuminati.

Jennifer Adams
The solvay’s?

Val Robinson

Val Robinson

Val Robinson

Val Robinson

Yoninah Yisrael
Mother of darkness “altered carbon” women wear red shoes. They cut off each others heads to get the shoes and take control of the coven or whatever you call it…

Chateau Amerois involved with NATO

Published on 17 May 2009

Able Bodied
I just researched Mother of Darkness, day before yesterday.
Hillary and Chelsea go to every one of the 8 high dates.
That’s when Hillary goes “missing in action”.

Satanic Triangle near Little Switzerland with Dead Bodies of Tortured Children Sacrificed in Castles

Central Intelligence Agency
Published on 19 Apr 2018

Lindey Coombs (edited)
These elite are descendants of khazar nobility who are descendants of the ancient sumerians. Most if not all have RH negative blood. These elitists are all distant relatives of one another. Masonry is a creation of khazars. They practice ancient Babylonian mystery religion. If u look at people like Vlad The Impaler, Elizabeth bathory, these khazar descendants have a history of this behavior. They were adept in the black arts

Chateaux Des Amerois (Mothers of Darkness Castle
Goggle Location

Secret and hidden Mother of Darkness chateau ( Chateau des Amerois) in Belgium. One of the biggest cover-up of Belgian history
Chateau Amerois Mother of Darkness Castle Belgium – Re-upload

Priya Maharaj
Chateaux Des Amerois Illuminati Pedophile network Castle;Mother of Darkness

Mother of Darkness Chant

Jan 1, 2017
Queen Elizabeth Missing Presumed Dead

Joe Knightus (edited)
I had this exact thought as well. Actually I had visions of the Chateau Des Amerois and them sacrificing her on 12-24-2016. I was wondering what was going to happen on that date and when no “terrorist attacks” happened I began to doubt even simple numerology had a part in this. Now I am not so sure. 12=3 24=6 2016=9 just as 1224=9. Nine is the end of a cycle, 10 restarts the cycle. 1224+2016=18=9 King Diamond’s Abigail comes to mind for some reason….. AAAAAaAa Also, last Christmas she did say this was the “last Christmas”…. and it makes me wonder…..

Aimee Curry
Isaiah 13:22 ►
And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

Son of The Most High
hmmm after thw death of princess leaia…. she could be the last sacrifice for the anti christ

Chateau Amerois

Chateau Amerois has 365 windows. –

Chateau Amerois – Mothers of Darkness Castle – Previous Property of the Saxe Coburg family.  Contains a big book of their acytivity written in blood.

Octogon Castle

Castle in Shape of Octogon Del Monte Italy.

‘Between age 16 and 19 the deep satanic alters are working on “pathworking.” This pathworking will be completed before they are 19. The ceremony at 19 will include the 1,000 points of light ceremony at the super secret Mother-of-Darkness castle of Chateau des Amerois (Castle of Kings) close to the Belgium-French border in Europe and about 20 kilometers as the crow flies west from Luxemburg. This will be a sealing ceremony with the Mothers dressed in black. Guards and heavy forest protect the large castle from view. The people in the nearby spooky village of Muno, Belgium, basically belong to the castle. The castle has a cathedral inside with a dome with 1,000 lights. The words 1,000 lights is an Illuminati buzz word.’



Now ‘owned by Solvay family, the people who provide us with controversial antidepressant, for example Prozac and Paroxetine. Drugs which have been held responsible for the spurge of mass killings being witnessed in schools and universities around the world. Solvay also provide Children’s camps across the globe and interestingly in Brussels. Would you trust these people to look after your child?’  This site said to be run by a misinfo spook however.

A Swiss citizen Lifts the Lid on Pharonic Bloodlines – Switzerland is the Motherland and they have their rituals in Castles in Belgium.

The Ruling parasites of the past are still around with the same bloodline – 33 percent and the same structures.

The Pharaoh Show –


Octogon The Empire of Darkness

Rothschilds are Really Swiss and they are Pharonic Bloodline

mother of darkness

Mother of Darkness – Princesse Stephanie de Windisch Graetz related to Katalin zu Windischgraetz?

‘Francis Bacon – He was recognized as the “founder of Free Masonry (he was Grand Master of the London Lodge)…the guiding light of the Rosicrucian Order, the members of which kept the torch of the true universal knowledge, the Secret Doctrine of the Ages, alive during the dark night of the Middle Ages.”   Bacon established the Order of the Knights of the Helmet for the purpose of the “advancement of learning.” Their symbol was the goddess of Athena, who wore a helmet which made her invisible. To represent that vow of invisibility or secrecy, all the “knights” had to kiss her helmet.’

House of Welf – Chateau des Amerois II – Black Nobility

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 19 (Marc Dutroux)

GW Bush – Thousand Points of Light

Dragon Court

The Satanic Centre

The Black Hole Ceremony

Mother of Darkness Castle – The Bavarian Illuminatis HQ

Château de Pregny, Geneva, Switzerland

chateau de pregny”Speaking of “them” 46.243412, 6.137194 Chateau du pregny, near Geneva. Benjamin de Rothschild. Is doing some farming, obviously. Benjamin, however seems much less of a problem than David of Paris. However, Edmond, Benjamin’s father “fled” to this castle. He substantially financed the zionism movement and the building of the state israel. May have died in the awareness of the mistake that zionism is and that he built a dangerous regime.”

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