Boys For Sale I and II

Part 1 –

Dr. Tom Philpott and former Editor of The Daily Texan, Mark McKinnon, who has written articles on the subject. Philpott found that these children are frequently physically abused, even tortured and killed. Many of the men who participate in this “practice” are among some of the most respected people at the top levels of the U.S. corporate and governmental structures. We discuss prominent cases of sexual abuse of boys and possible connections between child prostitution and the murder of black children in Atlanta.’

Dr Tom Philpott Texas

Dr Tom Philpott Texas.

‘In 1991 it was alleged that Tom Philpott had commit suicide, but back in 1982 in an in-depth article published in Texas Monthly, Tom revealed that he had been shot at and had received death threats concerning his active role in exposing this organized criminal activity.’

DynCorp’s ‘Boy Play Parties’ –

Rumsfeld questioned about the Sex Trade and DynCorp

Guardian Story in 2000

Comment:  ‘what Tom Philpott said about most of the boy’s sexual ‘clients’
being from the higher strata of society, in leadership roles, and actually not being gay is quite fascinating when you interpret this in the sense of the occult.
What would attract these highly competent/highly competitive men to use boys sexually if these men are not gay?

What could be behind this activity other than some sort of sectarian/occult belief in some sort of power that can be accrued from these acts?

These are men are of the type who are habitually motivated to increase their own competence, their own power, intelligence etc., so what is it that they feel they are getting out of this sexual contact with boys?

Semen? Could this be pursuit of what Aleister Crowley and the hermeticists and other occultists claim, which is that consuming semen boosts one’s intelligence? There have also been claims made that certain acts of aggression/dominance
provide an adrenalin/endorphin rush which also serves to enhance the health(brain/blood chemistry) of the dominant male.

Could Philpott be reluctant to come out and flatly state that the people behind this are masonic occultists?’

Comment:  ‘interesting that Tom Philpott’s ‘suicide’ occurred October 9th,1991, soon after ‘My Own Private Idaho’ was released September 29th, 1991.

Odd the way the film sort of white-washes the whole street
boy life. For example compare Tom Philpotts stark revelations
on what happens to these boys in reality, to Van Sants ‘My Own Private Idaho’ version of events , where nobody dies, no one is found dead for ‘talking’ about it, and a pimp of the boys depicted as a harmless, bumbling mild-mannered old pauper. Even the armed robbery scene in Private Idaho is depicted as little more than a ruse and a practical joke.
None of the attendant sexual violence is encountered by the main character played by River Phoenix, and is reduced to little more than the rumor and gossip casually recounted by older survivors of the trade.
A white-wash released ten days before Tom Philpott’s ‘suicide’.’

Comment: Teddy Bears Picnic….was just thinking about this song the other night as I remembered it from childhood and it always sounded a little scary. The oddest thing was that it came to my mind the night before I was supposed to run a 5K on behalf of the NYPD for charity!

Takes on new meaning with what we know now about Bohemian Grove and the like. i also recall Springmeier saying something about “picnic” being a cult term for sacrifice.’

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