Treason May

I wish to offer a suggestion about this prime minister (call it a theory if you like). It is that she is not ordinarily disastrous at her job (i.e., through mere hopeless incompetence and blinkered misjudgment) but wilfully so. Because if she was ordinarily disastrous, she might have even accidentally made one logical (or even sensible) decision out of many, since she assumed office. On the contrary, it seems to me that whenever she’s faced with any set of options, she invariably adopts the most illogical and most disastrous – predictably so. Moreover, almost any leader whose misjudgments have been as serious as hers would at least offer to resign in shame. Yet, in her case, each seems to make her more determined to repeat something similar – complete with the same robotic, meaningless utterances.

My point is that she is wilfully adopting these positions to demonstrate how disastrous the Brexit process is, with the aim of preventing it. Before you dismiss it, recall that she was famously a Remainer, and had publicly warned about the dangers of Brexit. Why would she set about inflicting those very dangers on her country?

I have no dog in the race, to be clear, not being a Brit myself. I’m merely trying to find a possible explanation for the predictable illogicalities inherent in her serial, obdurate misjudgments. But if I’m wrong, then Britain’s problems are much more serious than they think – with someone so hopelessly unsuitable for leadership at the top, not to mention at the worst possible time in its history.