Treason May

”Being transgender is not an illness” Theresa said

Treason May Finally Resigns

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Published on 24 May 2019

“To serve the country I love … the EU

Lady Boy
Serve the EU
Pi55 all over the working class


@captainmaim isn’t that what I said?

I recognise the EU as a country as much as Palestine. Not at all.

Pheonix Sheppard
Her nation is ISIS occupied Syria.

the fucking fake crying tho

@asaenvolk yes, the fourth reich, I’m agreeing with you.

gtfo utube
@Lain Palestine has more legitimacy as a country than the EU.

The Postman
To serve the country she loved…to destroy.

Evil Toe
Honestly, I think she did the best she could. She was just very much the wrong person for the job. I wouldn’t be surprised if the EU establishment was blackmailing her in some way.


M 27
To serve the (((country))) she loves.

Theresa should be grateful she lives in current year.
200y ago she would be publicly executed for treason.

Calin Misaras
@Lain I see you jew.

Some twisting in understanding I guess – we love the country too, it’s why we’re so pissed off with her

casual complaints
@Nocure92 I believe her crying was real but not for the country she “loves” but her loss of power she so sweetly enjoyed

@Evil Toe Its possible, though often more likely she was being offered some back door deal. Then again, she could also just be a globalist ideologue.

Randy Lahey
Looks like her retirement career in the eu is finished no wonder she was so upset.

Thatcher proved that it doesn’t take a man to be a good prime minister.
May Proved that it doesn’t take a man to be a bad prime minister.

moon dog grey

@RoosterCogburnPhD man or woman idc the next prime minister NEEDS to be a brexiteer otherwise were just gonna have the same betrayals as we have with this traitor

Was you alive in the 80s, i think the nostalgia of Thatcher is deluded, people where dirt poor and the only people who benefit from her policies was the bankers. She destroyed the north and it has never recovered….

Mikey B
@dreddykrugernew Thatcher didn’t kill the heavy industry that many in the north relied on, she merely turned off the life support. The patient was already dead. And Harold Wilson closed more coalmines than Thatcher.

She set millions of ordinary workers free. Freedom from the State. Literally half the population lived in social housing when Thatcher came to power, and when she gave them the chance to finally own their own home, and the land it was built on, millions jumped at the chance. She gave ordinary people ownership of the means of production through share ownership. Unfortunately she didn’t foresee that many of those people would sell their shares for a quick quid. Yes, bankers did well in that era, but they largely weren’t the old guard, top hat-wearing toffs. They were working class Essex barrow boys.
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Rigard Radaghast
@Mikey B theyre a bunch of old guard rats now though. fucking toffs. i like top hats but damn they are just tainted by the image a fat cat bankerwanker. ugh. its like that with so many accessories nowadays, so many pieces of apparel, and so little style.

everytime a woman comes to power, the world toss a coin and hold its breath.

Masked Badass
@RoosterCogburnPhD You have a catchy username and pic. Goombella for prime minister.

@Mikey B very true ppl forget this labour closed more pits than the conservatives,, labour could of bought the pits for 1 pound and didn’t

Henry Siegertsz
Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Outstanding Doctor!

@conan263 well she stands out, even if a woman isn’t any better or worse than a man, I mean we are talking about compare a sample of 2 vs a sample of a few hundred. While the general population is half/half. The error rate is pretty large in the assessment let me just tell you now.

Iain H
Thatcher did the national equivalent of pawning all the family assets so mam and dad could party while the kids starved.

We should dig her up like Cromwell and put her bones on trial.

While Thatcher is controversial no one can deny that she was able to play the politics game with the best of them.
Love her or hate her, she was not weak. The same can not be said for May.

Matt Jones
Both were pieces of shit

Ensiferum Fan
@RoosterCogburnPhD No both are trannies. All establishment approved “female” politicians are male-to-female trannies. Same with the wives of the above.


loser face
@Iain H come on the cromwell is the best tank

you prove that it doesnt take a smart person to vote

loser face
@pseudaeles lol how

“to serve the country I love.”

Which country would that be Theresa? Germany?

The EU

Odd Deity
@Zeyr0There’s a difference?

Rigard Radaghast
@Odd Deity always has been. you just havent been told properly.

Mr. Thong Song
@Odd Deity Brexit voter doesn’t know the difference between the EU and Germany. Truly the retarded side.

@Mr. Thong Song Woosh…that one went right over you head.

Lori Hensley
New World Order globalist wh@re.

noxxi knox
@Mr. Thong Song yeah mate, the thousand of hours of videos of remainers says otherwise, keep telling yourself that though

Mr. Thong Song
@The505Guys “My joke is that my prime minister is working for another organisations best interest. I do actually believe that but I claim it’s a joke because then I don’t have to prove it.” You truly are the retarded side hahaha.

Jesse Mathis
@Mr. Thong Song That’s a lot of bait

Mr. Thong Song
@Jesse Mathis Everything is Internet culture when one engages the retarded side. You try to pretend that the opposition doesn’t hold the beliefs they defend because you yourself are to dumb to defend your own. That’s what happens when your worldview i fed to you by camboys. 😉

Michael R
How to calm things down in three easy steps:
1. Hard Brexit
2. You don’t need step 2 nor 3.

I wish to offer a suggestion about this prime minister (call it a theory if you like). It is that she is not ordinarily disastrous at her job (i.e., through mere hopeless incompetence and blinkered misjudgment) but wilfully so. Because if she was ordinarily disastrous, she might have even accidentally made one logical (or even sensible) decision out of many, since she assumed office. On the contrary, it seems to me that whenever she’s faced with any set of options, she invariably adopts the most illogical and most disastrous – predictably so. Moreover, almost any leader whose misjudgments have been as serious as hers would at least offer to resign in shame. Yet, in her case, each seems to make her more determined to repeat something similar – complete with the same robotic, meaningless utterances.

My point is that she is wilfully adopting these positions to demonstrate how disastrous the Brexit process is, with the aim of preventing it. Before you dismiss it, recall that she was famously a Remainer, and had publicly warned about the dangers of Brexit. Why would she set about inflicting those very dangers on her country?

I have no dog in the race, to be clear, not being a Brit myself. I’m merely trying to find a possible explanation for the predictable illogicalities inherent in her serial, obdurate misjudgments. But if I’m wrong, then Britain’s problems are much more serious than they think – with someone so hopelessly unsuitable for leadership at the top, not to mention at the worst possible time in its history.