‘David Kelly Murder’


Part 1 and 2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0QbDTtl2A4

Blair, Hoon Campbell, Straw – STILL need to answer some questions.

Revealed: How a Blair fixer picked the judge for the David Kelly Inquiry just three hours after the weapons inspector’s suicide


Maverick minister Norman Baker, who believes the MI5 covered up murder of Dr David Kelly, will not see top secret files


3 Responses to ‘David Kelly Murder’

  1. Rutlander says:

    A scurrilous report by the BBC promoted by Andrew Gilligan/ Erroneously suggested that we had sexed up a dossier with a big ‘un/ We’re honest and truthful, courageous too – what the hell were we supposed to do?/ We briefed the press and spun the lies, traced the man painting us as bad guys./ Told the world he was a nobody, an egocentric man, an oddity,/ A low rated official, a nonentity, with a proclivity for black porkies./ then the guy who’d eaten all our pies, goes for a suicidal walk and um huh DIES/ With Blair on a plane to the Bahamas, the MOD wasn’t going to get caught in pyjamas,/ Announced that Lord Hutton would sit and get the Government out of sh…/ No inquest was called, we weren’t going to get hauled over the coals and mauled. / The fact he hadn’t lost enough blood, a mere quarter coproxamol couldn’t land us in mud,/ was studiously ignored and we implored, we’d had a thorough enquiry and matters should rest,/ good old MI5 gave of their very best, no dirty dealings by Security Services gone west./ Totally exonerated so why don’t The believe us? A busload of fuss and we’re thought of as suss./ Ah Mr President Sir what can we do for you?
    Hail to us the thieves of oil
    And woe to those who wanna spoil
    Let this be a Lesson to y’all
    Cry stomp kick your heels and bawl
    Point the finger at us or accuse
    And you’re six feet under
    Then you’re old old newsThis ain’t an offer ye can refuse.
    From Rutlandshire.blogspot.com

    • fanofootball says:

      Thank you for the rhyme. Really Mr and Mrs Gen Pub know what happened. In fact Bliar advised RB to set up an enquiry to take ‘the heat’ off her troubles.

      • Rutlander says:

        Yup. The point is the politicos set up enquiries and we, the general public think: “Oh Good, they’ll find out what really happened.” Whereas the parameters of what the enquiry is allowed to investigate are set before it begins in such a way as to prevent the enquiry discovering any truth. Several months / years and millions of pounds later a suitable whitewash is delivered. The problem with Hutton’s enquiry and the biggest weakness was three brave medics insisting it wasn’t suicide and the non-medically qualified Hutton insisting it was but giving us no evidence of how he arrived at that conclusion. Hutton blew his reputation out of the water in the eyes of the general public. I think any credibility so called enquiries once had has been thoroughly trounced by what Tony Benn called the Button enquiries. Helen

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