Elm Guest House List


Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, Russian spy deceased.
Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedo.
Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
Charles Irving former Con MP
Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
Peter Brooke, Life Peer
John Rowe, MI5, former MP
Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
Ron Brown Labour MP
Colin Jordan, ex National Front
George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell, Monday Club
Gary Walker, Sein Fein
Cliff Richard,aged  Pop Star, known at Elm as ‘Kitty’
Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm.
Ken Clarke, metioned BUT unsure of exact role.
Richard Miles, Monday Club
Chris Denning, ex DJ, convicted paedo.
R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
Terry Dwyer
Patrick Puddles
Louis Minster, Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters, QC Foreign Office (was jailed)
Steve Everett, Westminster Social worker
Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedo therapy
Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman
Colin Peters, Police informant
D. Naismith, Chief Constable Wandsworth
DC Chris Carter, CID Richmond
DC David Lines, CID Barnes
DC Ron Thornton, CID Richmond
PC Roderick Smeaton
WPC Sheila McInnes
PC Chris Wicks
WPC Elizabeth Meredith
PC Alan Jones
Spinks said to undercover detective-I know I’m a fat old queen, but I get away with it.I get away with murder.”
Spinks operates a Gay Service from
Toucan Gay Apartments
Prague Downtown
Prague, 11000
Czech Republic
Quote ‘The owner Willem and his assistant Vladimir speak fluent English and will be present and reachable by mobile phone including a 24 hrs emergency telephone number for guests to call’.
Facebook says – We have been operating private apartments for discerning tourists since 1991 in both Amsterdam & Gran Canaria, and here in Prague since 1997, so we know our clients needs, …..
An ITECH who is a database expert has been examining the Savile links with software called ‘The Brain’.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4kmeDNd00E
That 700 Page Surrey Police Dossier – 
A GIGANTIC police dossier details the child sex secrets of some of
Britain’s favourite stars. The 700-page report, studied by the News of
the World, makes horrifying reading.
TV star Jonathan King, jailed for seven years this week for a string
of underage sex offences, is simply the first name in a gigantic
police initiative codenamed Operation Arundel.
The investigation by Surrey police grew out of the original inquiry
into 56-year-old King’s activities.
Though, for legal reasons, the News of the World cannot yet name the
celebrities, we can reveal that King’s debauched cronies identified in
the dossier or on a list held by Scotland Yard, include:* A CHART STAR: Good-looking and a very big international name. Famous
for a string of top 10 hits including teen ballads. Huge young
following. Cultivates a squeaky-clean image. He was named to police as
a ‘like-minded individual’ to King and his pervert pals. This man has
also recently found success in another branch of showbiz.* A POP IDOL: Member of world-famous pop band whose bizarre clothes
have been copied by diehard young fans. Figured on thousands of
posters on teenagers’ bedroom walls. Named as a pedophile to police
although none of the statements makes any direct allegations against
either him or the pop star.* A TV PRESENTER: A huge celebrity and known by his inner circle to
have a sickening interest in young boys. Presents family shows and is
a regular at telly charity events. One of his close pals is a convicted
pedophile whom he helped out with a £10,000 gift. The convicted
abuser targeted charities and aid agencies around the world to gain
access to ‘easy-prey’ children. He was sacked from a charity in
Ethiopia after being caught taking a young boy back to his bedroom. The
married TV presenter befriended the pedophile on holiday in Sri Lanka
several years ago and was introduced to a string of young boys. A
housewives’ favourite, he has carried out voluntary work. On trips
abroad he meets a network of contacts and is introduced to young boys
whom he abuses.* A PEER: A married earl who served in the House of Lords for more
than 20 years as a Lib-Dem. He had an unblemished record of public
service and had completed a good deal of work with children’s
charities, but his name was put forward by victims as an associate of
the pedophile. The peer, who ran a jazz shop in his youth, was a
former pupil at the Scottish public school Gordonstoun, where Prince
Charles was once a boarder.* TWO DJs: They are said to be at the heart of King’s pedophile ring.
One, a Radio 1 legend, was convicted of sexually abusing a string of
boys as young as 13 in Prague.
He served a four-and-a-half year sentence for the offences, which he
completed in May this year. But the Home Office requested that the
Czech authorities hold him in custody so they could launch a case to
get him extradited back to Britain. They hope he will face a further
catalogue of abuse allegations uncovered after King’s case came to
He refused to co-operate with fast-track deportation procedures, which
means it will be several months before he is flown back to Britain.
The second DJ has been an influential record industry figure.
The original whistleblower who told police about King’s abuse also
named both DJs as vital cogs in the circle of abuse. The victim, who
cannot be named, said he was passed around between the DJs, King and
others for their gratification.* A RECORD PRODUCER: Involved with some of the biggest bands in the
business. He is also at the centre of the abuse, cops believe.
Many of the ring’s victims were picked up at a teenage disco called
the Walton Hop, run from a former theatre in Walton-on-Thames.Last night, a police source on Operation Arundel, told News of the
World investigators: “You’d be amazed just how famous some of the
abusers are. They’ve made their names by being squeaky-clean..
“In secret they’re monsters.”


Labour 25 – http://labour25.com/

January 28 2014

“Sovereign Independent” takes a look and asks

Who is on the Tory Paedophile list?

http://www.sovereignindependentuk.co.uk/2012/11/10/who-is-on-the-tory-paedophile-list/  Interesting link to “The Aussie Digger”

July 11, 2013



17 Mar 2013



19 Aug 2013


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