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The Book of Giants (A History of Eugenics)

The Book!! of the Giants!

Daniel Croteau
Published on Dec 31, 2016
The Book of the Giants!
This mythological association tells us not only that there is a connection between the Pantheon of the Greek and Roman gods and the Deluge, but also with a mysterious planet inhabited by “the sons of God” that has broken out in the past. These Nephilims or Disgraciated were of the descendants of Cain and inhabited the planet Nod of the time of the apocalyptic war between Cain and Abel.

Unlike the Armageddon War (Rev. 16:16), a spiritual war in which all enemies of God will be defeated by the glorious appearance of Yeshua Christ, the beginning of the history of the human race was marked by a war Catastrophic between the sons of the Light and the sons of darkness in which the vanquished evil the good and the balance of our planetary system was completely upset.

During the explosion of this planet in antiquity, debris or fragments struck the earth causing the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs and occasioned the Deluge. The physicist Luis Alvarez and his son geologist, Walter, showed about 15 years ago, evidence that a layer of the rare element “iridium” is found in geological strata known as kt (Cretaceous-tertiary). This layer is recorded in the fossils of the dinosaurs. The general belief now is that the earth was struck at that time by an enormous meteorite that struck the Yucatan Peninsula. The Universal Deluge would thus have been triggered by this collision of space.

What proceeds recapitulates the troubling evidence that Mars was not an initial planet, but rather the moon of a now bursting planet that occupied this orbit. Many of these points are the expected consequences of the massive explosion of a nearby planet. Particularly significant in this regard is the fact that half of Mars is saturated with craters, and the other half is marked very little.

Of the nine main planets existing today, we have strong evidence that Mercury was a moon escaped from Venus, Mars a moon escaped from the planet Nod, and Pluto and his moon Charon the escaped moons of Neptune. A recently discovered asteroid belt to the confines of our solar system suggests the existence of an old planet that some appointed Nibiru, Planet X . If we eliminate these, then perhaps the original solar system comprised of 12 planets arranged in 6 “twin” pairs. Such an arrangement would conform to the origin of all major planets and moons by the fission process.

This enigmatic planet beyond Mars is one of the most intriguing mysteries of modern astronomy. One thing is almost certain, there was, at some point, a planet in this orbit between Mars and Jupiter. The landmarks of the disaster’s impressive forces have been let loose among the stars in the past. One wonders exactly what happened there in the heavens and how to relate this to the disasters and convulsions that apparently assaulted the other planets and their members, as well as the earth itself!!God Bless You all Music.Ambient_Hum_Pitched The Book of the Giants

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