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Police Harass Disability Activist in Wales Plus Welfare to Work Video

Hmmm, the PTB trawling Facebook for activists?  Maybe this is a bit desperate?  Why are they so frantic about protest? Welfare to Work classified this individual capable of work. Pat’s Petition

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For Those With a Bit of Time On Their Hands

Guardian explains the conflict at the moment between Tories and FibDems. EU Energy Policy Documents Mind wanders – ‘We’re just interested in the facts Mam’ Comments Section is heavy going today … Wading on ….. we get given this … Continue reading

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Tax Avoiders – Time to Put On the Pressure

Asda, Google, Apple, eBay, Ikea, Starbucks, Vodafone: all pay minimal tax on massive UK revenues, mostly by diverting profits earned in Britain to their parent companies, or lower tax jurisdictions via royalty and service payments or transfer pricing. Amazon, Facebook, … Continue reading

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Lord Ashcroft Has a Hissing Fit Over Criticism of His Private Hospital Interests

How so?  Well he had a substantial interest in a chain of private hospitals called ‘The Priory Group’ but divested this in March 2011 because I suspect he was expecting bad news.  Sure enough, the CQC Inspection of the Priory … Continue reading

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Louise Collins Interviews Alessio Rastani

Alessio Rastani the London trader who went on the BBC and said “Governments don’t rule the world, Goldman Sachs rule the world.” Greek Civil Servants haven’t been paid for 4 months and they are still turning up for work.  We … Continue reading

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Sinkhole in Louisiana Grows to Four Acres

Locals wondering what has caused this sinkhole.  More discussion about Obama having to postpone the election because of Frankenstorm ‘Sandy’.  Election was due on 6 November 2012.  Speaking of dates and numbers, Savile passed away on 29 November 2011.  Well, … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s Inbox Today

Firstly, his aide follows Louise Mensch by quitting before the next election.  Heading for ghastly WONGA apparently.  Oh well, everybody gotta be somewhere.  Christmas drinks invites dry up. House building program probably illegal. Child Benefit cuts also in … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy the Frankenstorm Hits US East Coast

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It’s Time to See These War Mongers For What They Truly Are

‘”Sacrifice” is the word continually used to associate this cynical and relentless carnage with public nostalgia for the glory of past victories. There are, however, two meanings to the word. One can sacrifice, in the sense of willingly giving one’s … Continue reading

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Tory Fear is Seeping Into the Spotlight Through the Actions of IDS

IDS’ 2-Child Cap Idea Shows Tory Fear As Well As Stupidity Apparently Tories fear being over-run by the 99%.  At Bilderberg in the Summer, those at the meeting ie Ken Clarke, apparently referred to protesters outside as ‘cockroaches’.  Language getting … Continue reading

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