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((Media)) Defamation Against Brendon O’ Connell
John Podesta
Published on 11 Nov 2017

Daniel Walker Activist News:

Zionist Report
Published on 11 Nov 2017

1 November 2017

Interview EarthChangesRadio – Brendon O’Connell

”Paul Eison talks to Jeremy Corbyn.”

”Anti-Semitism was coined as a Smear Word; as a Smoke Screen for Communism.”

by Paul Eisen

Hezbollah & Flat Earthers Form Terrorist Squirrel Cell – New York On Lockdown

Published on Jun 8, 2017

Anyone that lays down with jews wakes up with their wallet missing and a sore ass . They back stab anyone who has helped them . Look what they did to the germans .They accused them of a holocaust which never happened . They lie and steal and commit atrocities all across the world. They believe in nothing but their supremacy .

London Terror Attack Outted – Netanyahu Outted
Brendon O’Connell

Published on Jun 3, 2017
“Git ya Squirrel on!” Bi Bi has done it again. Just as knowledge is gathering in the grass roots on key words like TALPIOT and THE TECHNION and UNIT 8200…we see this and we will see more of them. One after the other. MOOOOOZLIM TERRORISTS! Lock up ya daughters!

Lets stop getting distracted.

ISRAEL is the key and these attacks are simply to get you hating Islam and supporting Bi Bi’s bitch, Donald Trump as he heads towards impeachment.

I also discuss the brilliant Russian Intelligence operation in getting a Russian Intelligence asset – Donald J. Trump – into the White House.

This is the ultimate Intelligence Operation ever carried out by any country – ever.

Via’s Putins working relationship with Netanyahu and close relationship with Russian [alleged] Jew Avidgor Lieberman (Israel Defense Minister), Putin is not only getting US high technology given to him via Israel’s military intelligence operation TALPIOT – he has his own sexually compromised agent in there – Donald J. Trump.

Putin is da man! He has them all by the balls!

Now America is BAD. Putin never criticizes Netanyahu. Putin knows who did 9-11. Putin knows what The Yinon Plan is but apparently he cant stop Bi Bi? He and Bi Bi are hand in hand.

Now Russia is “the good guy”. Bi Bi has his flank protected by Putin. Putin gets access to F-35 stealth technology. Russia is having major problems with Super Cruise mode in their T-50. I’m sure that will be solved quickly see’ing as Russian [pretend jews] are all over that aircraft right now. As we speak. HA ha ha ha. Come in sucker.

And the third element that rules them all? CHABAD LUBAVITCH. The nut case Ultra Orthodox Russian Jewish sect of Judaism that is the go between, between them all.

People cannot ignore Trumps daughter and son in law and daughter being deep in bed with Chabad. Chabad is well known as a virtual arm of Israeli Intelligence.



How the CIA was founded. Most of all watch Soviet Intelligence infiltrate the highest levels of the CIA and compromise (almost) it’s founder.


It is a “fictional” docudrama.

You must also watch…


“There is a mole, right at the top of British Intelligence. He’s been there for years.”

“Nothing is what it seems.”

Intelligence Psy Op’s are run 5 layers deep. You think it’s so far fetched that Donald J. Trump is a sexually compromised Russian Intelligence asset? That he being run through Chabad Lubavitch and Bi Bi Netanyahu and the Jewish Neo-Con crowd out of Washington?

Hillary or The Don, it wont matter. The Jewish Mafia outta New York rule. Its time they were taken out.

We need a few good men.

Manchester Bombing cf Pt Arthur Tasmania – NEW REVELATIONS…

Published on May 23, 2017

I use footage here of the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania from 1996. They immediately delete this video. They use a UMG copyright claim. Then just delete it before I can even contest it. I am screen recording the whole upload process to show you how YT employees just delete with impunity.

I turn off the sound in the hopes they cannot use the copyright angle.

Before Manchester there was the first real modern 9-11 era false flag terror attack by a simpleton with an IQ of 60 who killed 30+ tourists in far away Tasmania, Australia.

The official story is so full of holes it is embarrassing. He at least did not act alone – if at all.

“False Flag” terror op’s have been done to death. If they’re not BLATANT crisis actors with half wit fraudulent plots, they are real terror used by Israel with the patsy “Muslim half wit” terrorist with “strong links to Al Quida”. Always an Israeli security company mixed in there somewhere.

Its all part of The Yinon Plan to get YOU hating Muslims so you will help kill and destroy Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and facilitate their dreams of Greater Israel.

Our prayers go out to the people who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. Especially the girl with the sore knee. Many Apple IPhones have also been lost in the stampede out of the stadium and will require replacing. Hopefully Apple will come to the party and produce an Apple IPhone memorial phone with Israeli flag on the back and a grinning picture of Netanyahu on the front.

To YT – I’ve screen recorded your little game so…go on then…delete the video on copyright grounds before I even get a chance to contest it – like I’ve contested and won 4 times before.


Putin Is A Fraud – “New Lies For Old”

Published on May 17, 2017
ON GOOGLE – my postings on Operation Talpiot have disappeared off Google search for “Operation Talpiot”. Now you get a “flat earther” website at the top and a pathetic YT hit piece video by a jew and his mate.

ON PUTIN – They have a lovely harbor in north Syria now. A nice base in the Mediterranean.

Trump to be impeached. US economy collapsed. Maybe Bernie Sanders will make a come back with some New Age “nice guy” Communism?

Trump’s pathetic Christian credentials to be raised as an issue…pesky nationalistic Christians. His whore Slovenian Jewish wife and “The Lords Prayer” on the stage will get a lot of air play.

Everyone hates the US. Snowden won’t say Israel. Assange won’t say Israel.

Trump stated he would get rid of NATO. Russia went…”thanks very much.” Refer Golitzen, “New Lies For Old.” Pan European/Russian alliance from the North Sea to the Vladivostok. Golitzen, KGB defector warned about this in the 1970’s.

Russian Jews running Israeli high technology sector MASSIVE transfer of US high technology back to Russia via Israel.

US manufacturing sent to China. Now US high technology sector being sent to Israel.

Everyone will hate America and in particular American Christians.

Putin – The Saviour – with his 15 Dachas and personal billions. Former (is there such a thing?) KGB Agent and mentored by THE top Soviet spy ever – Yuri Andropov. Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Christian Church a KGB Agent – admitted. Owns PERSONALLY billions in vodka and cigarette factories. The people who love to bash the Catholic Church are strangely silent on this rather large elephant in the living room.

Its time to drop the messiah figure we can “vote” for. They are going to play us all day. We’ll have to save ourselves.

Start demanding more of your internet warrior class. No more copy and paste articles in their glossy websites that repeat the same shit as a 1000 other websites. Make them get out on the street. Dont send them money.

Transhumanism – Hard To Get Doco – “Human 2.0”

Published on Apr 29, 2017
Jewish Power is not the end of the fight – artificial intelligence and the rise of the machines is the end game.

Once we’ve dealt with the Jewish neo-cons and their minions we will have a much harder fight, the endless march of over powering technology. The robots are coming. For the 0.1%…there is no need for you, or me. Not even cleaning toilets.

Once the Temple is prepared and Greater Israel established…they will place the anti-Christ there. A Quantum Supercomputer. Sounds far fetched? Watch these extracts of “Human 2.0”. Then find “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” and “A.I”.

You will “get I.T”.

Full doco here –

OPERATION TALPIOT. I kinda remember that Israel were in control of security on 9/11…? They sure were in the London Bombings of 7/7. So hmmmm. I would love you to do a video really talking about that and its connection, and the latest global hacking ‘wannacry’–Zacahry Hubbard, who covers their code/gematria links it to the Bavarian Illuminati

Putin Is In Bed With BiBi Netanyahu

Published on May 15, 2017
1. Russia will handle north of Syria. Nice new harbor for their ships. They’re very happy. Come in sucker.
2. Assad to retire to Swiss Alps.
3. Large “refugee camps” and “safe zones” to be prepared. These will not house Syrians. They will house Palestinians.
4. Israel preparing to wipe out Hezbollah and make southern Lebanon into a ruin. Hezbollah is about to get a taste of Israeli high tech. There $800,000 Sprial anti-tank missile systems will not help them as radar mapping of their tunnel system is finished and they are bombarded with specialist artillery.
5. Egypt Gaza Strip border going to get bombarded to pieces. Gaza “flushed” of Palestinians. Something they never quite pulled off in 2008-09.

They might spare the West Bank as they own it all anyway. They’ll need some “slaves” to boss around. Chop wood and carry water.

You need to stop giving time, energy and money to people who lie to you.

Vladimir Vladimirich Putin controls the President of the United States Donald Trump. He does so through his intermediary Bi Bi Netanyahu. Trump is not in bed with “Russians”. He is in bed with Russian “Jews”. Mobsters, one and all.

Rysn Dawson defends Steve Bannon as an oasis of common sense because he once said to get out of Afghanistan. Of course he does. Those troops are needed to invade Syria to further the Yinon Plan.

Why do you people give money to this cretin?

Bannon is best friends with Bi Bi. Brietbart was founded in Jerusalem and London. Fancy that.

I’m most likely heading to Ireland to apply for political asylum. See if I can salvage a life and let the miscreant idiots give you their fine “analysis”.

PayPal still works but they are making it difficult – boc@boc.rocks

Western Union –


Email me the answer to the secret question – meeting@ boc.rocks

Or – tarqwin@boc.rocks

You could also try direct money transfer to –

Brendon L. O’Connell
St George Bank
Perth Central Business District
Acc: 055164731
BSB: 116879
International Transfer Code: SGBLAU25

Pablo Escobar’s Top Transporter Roger Reaves Gives Interview From Australian Prison – 2016

Published on May 15, 2017



Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)

The Communist Strategy of Deception and


1. Robert David Steele The Open Source Revolution & the 1 Percent
2 Christopher Bolyn
3 Dr Alan Sabrosky – BBC Censors Dr Alan Sabrosky
4 USS liberty
5 clean break strategy + oded yinon plan = 911 and the war on terror. same countries general Wesley Clark thought the neocons came up with.
6 operation talpiot
7 Amdocs
8 the technion
9 zohar zisapel
10 rad group
11 verint
12 black cube
13 CIA/saudi/israeli/British/french/german intelligence = ISIS
14 george soros color revolutions + antifa + EU laws = refugee crisis + business with kushner.
15 Cynthia Mckinney – Blasts US on Libya & Pro Israel Groups in Iran
who exactly is in control of America’s foreign policy ?

Trump Is A %100 Owned Pedo Run By Bi Bi Netanyahu – No WW3 – Relax

Brendon O’Connell

Published on Apr 15, 2017

VIMEO HEREhttps://vimeo.com/213342415 – Video

Vimeo Accounthttps://vimeo.com/user61739571

There is not going to be WW3.  There will be no war with Russia, China OR North Korea.

North Korea is “required” to keep South Korea and Japan in line. The thought of North Korea being attacked is a joke. But thats not stopping idiots from spreading the hippopotamus poo.

The DMZ is 20km from Seoul. War means the destruction of Seoul. North Korea, like Iran has miles of tunnels in it’s mountain system and ballistic missiles. North Korea is a bad joke. It is “paid” to behave like an idiot.

North Korea is TOTALLY under the control of China and China does as it is told. Chines exchanged $6 Trillion of concrete “goods and services” to the United States in exchange for worthless “US Treasury Bonds” – “bits of paper”. So, who is the “dick”? I tell ya what, YOU give me $5000 in laptops and mobile phones. I’ll write on a piece of paper…maybe put a pretty gold edge on it – “IOU $5000”. You are 5ft2 and 120 pounds. I am 6ft and 200 pounds. I am armed to the teeth. Who is the sucker? I don’t bother paying it back. What ya gonna do about it?

China is TOTALLY dependent on the west. Wall Street can collapse the Chinese stock market in 20 seconds. China can barely feed it’s people. It can barely provide them with enough water. In fact, China is in a water crisis. It can barely control it’s population who are pissed off.China has 10,000 man “police divisions” to keep order in the central provinces. China has been “kill switched” by Israel.

Does anyone SERIOUSLY think all these leaders with their expensive weekend retreats, mistresses, expensive cars, hookers and private jets are going to risk a nuclear war? I mean, seriously. They have to live here.

The soul aim of this bullshit theater is to get YOU into line. To scare YOU to death and keep you distracted. People are waking up – not just to Israel – but to EVERYTHING. YOU must be put in your place and Donald “serial rapist” Trump is a part of that and most likely always was. We were Trumped.

The Middle East conflict will be contained. They are ALL in on it. This is ALL agreed. In two weeks, most likely less, Assad will be asked to leave by PUTIN. In the interests of…”peace”. He will be retired to a Chateau in France with a nice Swiss bank account.

Syria will be split into three. Deaths will be limited to Shia and Sunni Muslims killing each other because Netanyahu gets off on that. No precious white people will die. Relax. Just the usual brown people. You should all be used to it by now.

Once Syria is broken up, Hizbollah will be cut off from Iran. Israel will go to work on Hizbollah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. However, it may be that they get the US to threaten Iran back into it’s box first. If that does not work then a “false flag” will have to be carried out. Provoke Iran to attack a carrier OR, a false flag IN Israel. Maybe drop a bomb on a Jewish Day School and kill 200 kids. That will be enough to nuke Iran with tactical s they dress up as “MOAB” cover stories.

Raytheon and Elbit Systems will be throwing giant parties.

The final aim – “cleans” the Gaza Strip completely – under the cloak of war and lots of dead jews…or the “appearance” of dead jews as they are experts now at the old crisis actors. The West Bank is finished anyway – completely broken up. Israel will just throw everyone over the border into Jordan but they must have a giant excuse to do it so there will have to be alot of “dead jews” or at least the appearance of “dead jews”. The word “HolocaustTM” will get alot of use.

Everyone go back to sleep. Its business as usual.

The Yinon Plan unfolds.

There is NO double cross coming from Donald trump. He is owned %100 by Bi Bi and always was.

PayPal – boc@boc.rocks

BitCoin – meeting@boc.rocks

Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/boc_oz



3 – The Case In Full – “Why You Must Support My Case To The High Court”

Brendan O’Connell
Published on Feb 19, 2017
In a 15 minute video I get into the gritty details about why my case must get to the High Court.

Cyber Woo
Jews and Muslims are historically allies theyre blood cousins from the
edomite race what were you expecting?! 1500 years ago jews opened the gates of Europe to muslims to invade her and they erased the white man
from the southern countries the majority of the populations of those
countries nowadays are a mix of mourish (krypto-jews), muslims, jews, and a little bit of european due to miscegenation in those times they were under their rule. Why would you trust an edomite to protect you from the other edomites?! I follow your case here in jewtube since 2012 and i allways had this thought in my mind, you were allways defending the muslims saying they were “good guys” but now you see, theyre just the nearest cousins of those who became your eternal enemies. Hope you stay safe and away from these edomite devils.

2 – The Case In Full – “Why I Left Iran”.

Brendan O’Connell
Published on Feb 17, 2017

1 – Brendon O’Connell Pulls Apart The Last Eight Years

Published on Feb 15, 2017
I must head back to Australia to organize the High Court.

Brendon O’Connell
Please make sure to download and read these documents –

Brendon O’Connell arrested for hurting someone’s feelings

Ryan Dawson
Published on Nov 21, 2016

Frank Drebin (edited)
What a great episode, Ryan. Thanks for featuring Brendon, he’s a great reminder that Freedom of Speech doesn’t extend to very many countries at all and that Australia is really a police state that has been taken over by an alien group that is hostile to its native population. I’m reminded of what I read in the D.C. Holocaust Museum — When Germany was looking for countries to offload their Jews onto they asked Australia, and Australia’s response was “We don’t have a racial problem here, and we don’t want to import one”. How times have changed! Clearly the same people aren’t in power anymore.

coltraine (edited)
Back in the late 1700s and then all throughout the 1800s there were thousands of Jewish criminals sent to Australia by England… There’s a book about this by a Jew named Levi... I haven’t read it yet but I plan to very soon… Here’s the link on amazon if anyone else is interested:


Sure Deal
The Deputy Commissioner of Police in Perth. WA, Australia is also the top Freemason in WA. Same applies to NSW, VIC, QLD etc.  Australia is a police state of the highest order. It is a testing ground for the NWO.

Stand4 Liberty
How to be a supremacist, traitorous, Talmudic Zionist Jew? :

1. ?Be a miserly money hoarder.
2. ?Promote abortion, pornography and homosexuality for Gentiles.
3. ?Be proud of your big nose, and sniff everybody else’s business.
4. ?Have your penis mutilated by a creepy pedo rabbi who then sucked your penis.
5. ?Think you are special. Actually you’re the seed of Satan, but claim that you’re of the chosen people.
6. ?Hide your hate for Muslims and Christians when you’re outnumber, as Your Jewish Talmud teaches. Be cruel and mean when you are in position of power.
7. ?Hate and ridicule Christ who your people had Crucified (John 19).
8. ?Control financial markets thru usury (commercial banks) and speculation (Wall Street). Use gold to manipulate market.
9. ?Milk the Holocaust lie for all it is worth. Make the Gentile feel eternal guilt.
10. ?Control global affairs, by bribing politician and by spying, bullying and blackmailing commercial competition.
11. ?Control Hollywood and global media. Use propaganda to brainwash the Gentiles.
12. ?Promote decadent music and film to corrupt the youth. Promote hyper sexualisation at the youngest age for Gentile.
13. ?Mount every peoples against each other, wage war thru deception for the benefit the greater Israel.
14. ?Be loyal to Israel’s best interests only and your fellow Jewish brethren, not the GENTILE country you live in. Help your fellow Zionist in their crime by offering help and comfort, destroy any evidence left behind.
15. ?Try by any means possible to shut down or discredit anyone who try to spread the above list. Use police and judiciary against anyone who dare exposing the Zionist agenda. Use swarm tactic if anything else fail.

The Video That Led to the Arrest of Brendon O’Connell by Australian ZOG


Brendon O’Connell talks to Jim Fetzer about the abuse of Jewish power

Anti Troll
Published on Mar 18, 2017

BTV 1 – A Chat With Brendon O’Connell


BTV2 – A Chat with Brendon O Connell


Re-arrested October 2014http://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/my-email-to-department-of-corrective.html

Jews Have Brendon O’Connell Arrested & Charged Again


Brendan’s Blog http://isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.co.uk/


Episode #16 (25-Jan-2015)Aus Round Table



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