[Agenda 30]

This is going to sound crazy but please listen to what I have to say. There is a plan to depopulate & destroy the world & it’s no conspiracy. I’ll give you a bit of history so it may make more sense to you.

Back in the beginning of time, God banished Satan & his followers from heaven. These are your ancient Gods. They ran riot & mated with humans so God flooded the earth to rid it of evil. The nephilim remained in spirit. Their souls still had powers so they remained gods. God will not allow their souls into one of his children so they had the ancient people create mutants. The baphomet, Egyptian gods with dog heads etc were the nephilim.

God got sick of them so he banished them from earth for 70 generations. With calculations & the longer lifespans in the past taken into account, the 70 generations ended in 1900 or there abouts. This explains the reduced knowledge man has had from the ancient generations.

Then as you have seen, we’ve had a 100 years of vast gains in technology but also a complete change of life & values. These nephilim are the Freemasons enlightenment & the gods of the Zionist false jew movement. They control the world in which we live & they do live amongst us. You need to study the male & female frame & it’s proportions as the host bodies they now use are transsexuals or genetically modified.

Look out for men with narrow shoulders, high waist pivot, short arms & longer ring finger. Females have broad shoulders, slim hips, low waist pivot, long arms & longer pointing finger. There are literally hundreds of these creatures running the world & being worshiped as gods. Many sports stars & world leaders are nephilim as well as scientists & tv presenters.

I’ll list the ones I have checked so you can see for yourself. Some proportions cannot be changed so measure the length of the head. For a male, their height is 8x that figure & a woman it’s 7. The shoulders should be 3x the width of the head for a man & 2.5 for a woman. Use this with the arm length & waist pivot point to spot them.

The Rothchilds are definitely in the mix but my guess is they’re retaining the bloodline from the olden days of the nephilim as are, Prince Philip & the other world royal families. The tranny nephilim to look for & check for yourselves are Barak & Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Putin, Prince William, Prince Philip, Brian Cox, Cliff Richard, Venus & Serena Williams, LeBron James, Usain Bolt, Caster Semenya, Bill Gates, to name a few.

So what are they going to do? They have to complete the bible prophecies & open the gates of hell to release satan. To do this they need a cataclysmic event. Either a nuclear attack or a massive earthquake will do the job. When this happens & it will do very soon, you need to be prepared. Stock up your cupboards & store as much water as you can & have weapons for defence.

They want a 500,000 population that is easy to control & they want to brand you with the mark of the beast in your right hand. Fight for your life before you allow this. Do not take any vaccinations & be wary of the tap water. I have a feeling they’ll poison it. You will see what you think is an alien invasion but believe me, they are not aliens. These are the fallen angels & they want to destroy you. They look like the aliens & characters you’ve been fed through the media to condition you for their arrival.

The only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ. Do not trust any other religion or false prophet. Jesus has white hair like wool & feet like polished bronze. The Catholic image is a lie & is not jesus, he will try to fool you but do not trust him. All the ancient gods are coming but they are not gods, just evil angels.

You need to believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is your saviour, he died on the cross & resurrected from the dead. Confess this with your mouth & you will be saved. I pray you’ll share this far & wide as people need to know. Even if you don’t believe, just pass it on to everyone.