Epstein’s Black Book

Gerald Ronson VP of NSPCC and friend of Greville Janner – is related to Leon Brittan of Barnes Common and Malcolm Cash-for-Access Rifkind of Dunblane.

What Epstein was up to – Not much left to imagination

20 August 2019: Were the Recent Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell a Possible Coded Message?

Click to access Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-unredacted.pdf

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Anonymous 11 September 2019
Aang, Ed Epstein (in little black book) was a friend of “Jeff:-


He also posted a photo of a “Spring ritual” on his FB (it’s not been taken down yet off his FB) on a Manhattan roof….including a sheep.

He also seems to like Eyes Wise Shut masks:


FBI Raid on Epstein’s & CDs & Tapes -Evidence!

Spiritual Tarot by Yvonne
25 August 2019

Jacinta Kelland
It’s people that have been involved with the bad treatment if these girls, they will be doing everything they can to stop this. PA, Mr & Mrs Clinton just three people I can think of. I agree with Debbie Pop. I read that Epstein set up a charity days before he took his life.(edited)

Victoria Spencer
Barr is covering up for his boss, trump. I was also assaulted by trump long ago. In NYC. Its so hard for me to talk about this, everyone. So hard!!! Guys, he’s bad. He did very bad to us, when I visited New York. I met Ghislaine. Where can I go, safely, I am ready but scared… I need to report this. Please help me. Im 😨…

Jennifer HuffHembrow
Hi Yvonne, and Jacinta, that is very strange what just happened here. I’m with my cousin here, Kristin Kimberly, and she showed me what she just wrote, that is very serious to this case; and either Yvonne or Jacinta deleted my cousin’s comment under here. Theres proof! I can still see it, shown, under her account on her phone right here,, but when I read this, she told me to see if she wrote it out correctly and I went to look, some one deleted it. Listen everyone,, let’s all be honest here. She is telling the darn truth, from all her own research with my Sister, who is a lawyer in New York City here?? Why would you all want truth to be deleted? This is serious stuff, everyone, no matter anyones politics, who cares?? We need to get ALL the bad people involved. My cousin is so upset right here- she loves Yvonne, but feels very hurt that someone deleted her?? We all need to be together on this.

Jennifer HuffHembrow
@Victoria Spencer ohhh Lord… I am so sorry, Victoria!! I can possibly help you, dear. My Sister is an attorney in New York here. Can we please contact you on your YouTube email, you have listed? She works at times, with Gloria Allred. She helps alll women victims so much. Omgosh im so sorry idk what to say here. Please; stay safe dearheart! Are u with anyone now?? My Sister, I can call her?? Would you like her to email you first?? Gosh, God’s blessings to you. I know, my cousin has alot of research on the cases re epstein/trump. Please, please stay safe.. Just let us, get in touch with you, if you want her to. Love, J xx

Victoria Spencer
@Jennifer HuffHembrow yes please. Please tell your sister, to say in email, your full name please. Yes thanks, I am safe. But I’m extremely scared of doing what I know, needs to be done. I’m crying so much. If at all, this can help any girls, I will. I am just so afraid he’ll threaten my life too. Just like he did to those other 2 girls. Thank you so much Jennifer. Yes she can email, just have her say your name, and I’d want to talk to you both. I’d feel safer, because u are the one who reached out to me.

Jennifer HuffHembrow
@Victoria Spencer ((Hugs))

Prince Andrew & What is the truth?

Spiritual Tarot by Yvonne
24 August 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell made secret visits to Buckingham Palace to …
A former police officer has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell visited Andrew at Buck House & wouldn’t sign the visitor’s book. Andrew reported as visiting Epstein on the Island & at Zorro Ranch. Andrew is getting unwell with the stress & feels he should tell what he knows – but can’t. Fraud investigation as well. He will have to be sent away.

Inside Epstein’s Strange ZORRO RANCH

24 August 2019

inside the Zorro ranch… If those walls could talk! (That’ll be the ONLY thing that does) Stay around, we have so much more to talk about ☕💐 Thanks so much … Epstein is NOT dead …

Brabantian @AAG 15 August 2019 at 07:27
As Russ Winter points out re the ‘Epstein investigation circus –

The team of Epstein lawyers has hired Jewish ‘autopsy expert’ Dr Michael Baden (born 1934) to oversee the autopsy of their ‘dead client’

In the 1970s, Dr Michael Baden was involved in the cover-up of the 1963 President Kennedy assassination when the US Congress was investigating that, Baden the head of the ‘Forensic Pathology Panel’ supporting the absurd ‘lone gunman‘ official story

Baden has had a long career on politically-connected deaths, including in the trials of O J Simpson and Phil Spector ... his career being recounted by the lead media on the Epstein arrest, the ‘Daily Beast’ founded by Jewish media mogul Barry Diller & Jewish-grandfather Tina Brown

Russ Winter also points out that the ‘patsy’ is already at hand to ‘convict’ for Jeffrey Epstein’s murder. Epstein was given as a cellmate a physically imposing man, Nicholas Tartaglione, facing the death penalty for the murder of four drug dealers. The murder of a fifth person can easily be blamed on Tartaglione, given the general notion that convicted felons – often abused as children themselves – are inclined to destroy paedophiles. Tartaglione claims cordiality with Epstein.

Tho ‘official narrative’ is now shifting toward Epstein ‘being murdered’, there is still overall reason to think Epstein is perhaps already arrived in Israel after a ‘Mossad jailbreak’, given all the fraudulent-seeming anomalies in the accounts of Epstein’s arrest and imprisonment

9 months since the Miami Herald revived ‘Epstein’ attacks, Dershowitz court moves against him etc, the hammer clearly falling, yet Epstein flew back to the US to be arrested?

4chan post – with USA Pacific West Coast timestamp, so about 10:44am New York time – on how it seems Epstein was put in a wheelchair and driven out of the New York jail in a van, accompanied by a man in a ‘green military uniform’, shortly before his body was allegedly ‘found’ around 7:30am

Prisons and jails are a black box today

  • We do not know if claims that certain people in prison are true, ditto for claims about what happens in jail
  • We know that prisoners can be drugged and mind-controlled
  • We know that lawyers for prisoners can be corrupted, bribed, threatened; and we see lawyers disbarred, jailed, destroyed if they do not cooperate with governments and intelligence agencies, if they make court filings exposing truth

The seeming Epstein political blackmail of hundreds of major political figures, with Epstein receiving millions and his NY mansion from Les Wexner of the Mossad-supporting Jewish billionaire ‘Mega Group’ –

Would be one of the 3 largest Mossad projects of the last third of a century in the USA, along with ‘9-11’ and the creation of the Zionist-Jewish internet monopolies of Google, Wikipedia & Facebook

Photo with text – Italian President Cossiga exposes that Mossad with CIA did 9-11, & European governments know this

Mossad needs to reassure all Mossad agents that Israel will not leave them behind, just as the arrested ‘dancing Israelis’ of 9-11, were returned to Israel by rabbi’s son in US gov Michael Chertoff

“Epstein is a hero in Israel and they would do anything to save him” – Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

Sarah Ferguson & daughter with her “good friend” Howard Lutnick of Cantor Fitzgerald (BGC Partners) and Howard’s wife

Anonymous 15 August 2019 at 08:39
“Howard Lutnick did not lose his life on Sept. 11, 2001 because he took his son to school.” YOU CAN SEE ON THE FOLLOWING WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE THESE JEWS ARE, FAKE CRYING! FAKE TEARS! REAL EVIL!! https://www.metacritic.com/movie/out-of-the-clear-blue-sky/trailers/3770234

Submarines, Ghislaine Maxwell, 7 tons of Cocaine, Tunnelling Machines, Elon Musk etc

Ray Chandler is much worse then Alison Mack

Friday, 16 August 2019

Friday, 9 August 2019

Anonymous 9 August 2019 at 11:11

According to the court documents released today (August 9th, 2019), Ghislaine Maxwell’s PR representatives are ROSS GOW and BRIAN BASHAM, both of the public relations firm ‘Acuity Reputation’, owned by Gow.



Former barrister Ross Gow is an Old Etonian who was AT SCHOOL WITH BORIS JOHNSON and DAVID CAMERON. Gow’s company, Acuity Reputation, is chaired by Brian Basham.

“[Ross Gow] specialises in working with oligarchs and high-ranking foreign HNWs [High Net Worths] … He also helps non-UK nationals, typically from Africa and Russia, to become part of London society … His clients seem happy, with one saying Acuity ‘is very well connected AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF WESTMINSTER and AT THE INNS OF COURT’ … The boutique firm has an office in Moscow and is considering opening a branch in West Africa; it already has operations in Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria, Namibia and Angola …”

“[Ross Gow] is the Founder and Managing Partner of ACUITY Reputation. He is on the advisory board of the Moscow International Finance Committee and an honorary member of the European Executive Council.

“He is A FREEMAN OF THE CITY OF LONDON, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and his pro bono work includes advising the Sir John Cass Foundation, supporting STREET CHILD OF SIERRA LEONE and the launching of services charity Coming Home.”


Westminster public relations insider Brian Basham has represented MOHAMMED AL FAYED.

The late Simon Regan, who edited and published the investigative magazine ‘Scallywag’, wrote about Basham at some length, referring to Basham as a “DIRTY TRICKS” OPERATOR.

Brian Basham, who is reportedly gay, quite suspiciously ‘befriended’ Simon Regan’s brother, Angus James, and indeed accompanied Angus James to gym work-outs.

“Angus was shamelessly heterosexual but I, and he, had very serious doubts about Basham’s ‘crush’ on Angus … But Angus had come to see Basham as a mentor and Basham had clearly seen Angus as a protégé. It was Basham who fixed up the deal between Angus and [Mohammed Al Fayed].

“Basham was on the huge ‘expenses unlimited’ gravy train which Al-Fayed had created and was in receipt of roughly £250,000 a year, plus expenses, just as a retainer. There is no doubt in my mind that BRIAN BASHAM IS A DANGEROUS MAN WITH NO SCRUPLES …

“Apparently (a story strongly backed up by Stander) Angus had been offered compromising pictures of MICHAEL PORTILLO IN EXPLICIT SITUATIONS WITH A YOUNG BOY.

“The pictures had been shown to both Angus and Stander and the vendor was asking for £100,000 for the negatives.

“*** BASHAM HAD BEEN BROUGHT INTO THE CONSPIRACY *** and had approached Al-Fayed who had turned the whole concept down as being far too underhand …”

Well, well, well.

And now Brian Basher – this time with his business partner, Ross Gow – finds himself, YET AGAIN, in the midst of an alleged scandal involving Westminster (and Washington, DC) politicians, other VIPs, and sexually exploited and trafficked children…

If Brian Basher and Ross Gow are indeed as ‘well-informed’ and as well-connected in the political and legal worlds as the reports suggest (school with Boris Johnson, on first-name terms with the QC’s and barristers in the London Inns of Court, etc), spooky Ghislaine Maxwell could not have found herself more capable PR men to whitewash her reputation and conceal the alleged crimes that she and Jeffrey Epstein have committed.

http://acuityreputation.com (click the tab ‘Our People)

Ross Gow


Lots of Info About Epstein

Dame Alun Roberts
Jul 10 201
A gaggle of giggles: David Blaine, magician, Epstein contact and friend of Uri Geller, was present at the Palace of Westminster when Greville Janner, Peter Bottomley and Paul Boateng welcomed Michael Jackson to the mother of parliaments.

Cremation Diamond Epstein Victims – S.C.A.B Submarine Trafficking With Ghislaine Maxwell
Enchanted LifePath
Date: 2019-07-19

Epstein is the Glue: How NXIVM & Pizzagate Are All Connected

Memory Hold
24 July 2019

sam day
Big names behind the scenes mentioned by Giovani Cirucci in his book ‘‘Eaters of Children The Pedocracy Exposed.” Interview on William Ramsey youtube channel ” Johnny Cirucci Eaters of Children.

Johnny Cirucci: Eaters of Children, The Pedocracy Exposed

William Ramsay Investigates
14 September 2017


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