‘Olga Maria’

olga maria

Olga Maria – Have you seen this smile before?


“An interesting variation of the search for distinguished ancestry has emerged from Portugal in the shape of a claim by Francisco Manoel, a 43-year-old antique furniture restorer in Lisbon, that he is the great-grandson of Princess Alexandrina Victoria’s illegitimate son (born when the future Queen Victoria was 15 and the alleged father, the Duke of Wellington, was 64).

The full story is told in “The British Crown’s Great Secret”, a 400-page book written in Portuguese and fractured English and published in Lisbon.

The author has used circumstantial evidence to advance a case which does persuade an open mind to accept that something bizarre might be hidden in Victoria’s early life, but that oddity, if it did exist, would not necessarily involve Wellington directly. He had been Prime Minister recently and was soon to be Prime Minister again, so, if the story is true, his alleged assistance in the smuggling of the little boy to Portugal would not necessarily be owed to his fatherhood of the child.

The author is attempting to arrange DNA tests on the bodies of Victoria’s known descendants, and has on his website published photographs that, we must admit, do hint at the possibility of an unknown blood connection (not necessarily the one claimed) between Victoria’s family and his. The photograph of the author’s mother, Olga Maria, claimed as second cousin to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, has been found persuasive by some. Royal smile ?” http://www.baronage.co.uk/nl/nl-01-12.htm



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