4 September 2018
Israel’s Fifth Column

Michael K.

“Nazis were essentially gangsters.
Putin is essentially a gangster running a government of gangsters.
Jewish Zionists are essentially gangsters.
Switzerland is a hiding place for the criminally acquired wealth of gangsters.
Bush and Cheney and Reagan were all essentially gangsters.
Japan is basically run by gangsters.
China is basically run by gangsters.

Does anyone else see a disturbing pattern?

Christians call it “the world”; it is run by Satan, the big gangster at the top.”


Anonymous 6 March 2017
Everything in the old testament, is a lie, however the exact opposite is the truth-also it is in reveres chronological order. Everything Satanists do and say is that way. In the end it will be exactly the opposite of the Garden of Eden story. That is where human life will end. Had you evolved into the next step, Angelic beings things would be different, however all of you are following the jews to devolve into psychopaths=soulless, the dead. The enemies of God and creation. You could never choose to be one with all of life. The human race is insane. In Heaven Angels have souls, everything you do on earth costs you your souls because the jews have convinced you that evil is good. Jews have one mindset=S&M and B&D in their perversion of all that they do, economically-sexually-socially-they are satan.

Anonymous 7 March 2017
real Jew vs fake Jew. Brother Hashar lays it down