False Flag Power Outage Nov 14 2013


Watch Morning Sky Nov 10 2013 onwards Comet Ison is not a whopping comet he says.  Beware the spin.  Jan 15 2014 will be giving us some serious weather.  EMPs can be ‘man-made’.  He mentions those ‘lost suitcase nukes’ that Cameo was implicated in.

He says that if the Sheeplic start to understand the ‘power on the universe’ they will realise that the Banksters and Political Controllers don’t really have any power at all.  Maybe we need to get ‘off the grid’.

They are planning to throw a ‘GeoMagnetic Event’ but The Grid could be physically taken down to try to cause chaos.  No repairs are in their plan.  This is the clue.

Get Water Filters, Dried Food, Small Alternative Energy Equipment or wood burning equipment for warmth and cooking etc.

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